10 Things We Can’t Wait To See In GoT Season 7 (And 5 Things We Don’t Want)

There are certain things that fans are greatly anticipating this year, but there are also certain things that could happen that no fan wishes to see.

With access to movies, novels, theater, comics, live sports, video games and television, we currently live in a world that is filled to the brim when it comes to different methods of entertainment and ways to pass the time. In the past, these entertainment methods stayed within their own medium. But as time went on, they began to overlap following the birth of many movies and television shows based on each other or on games, comic books, or novels. With regards to TV shows based on novels, there have been several shows which have failed miserably, either because there were too many bad changes made that diverge greatly from the source material or because the adaptation was poorly executed due to bad acting and terrible pacing. Many book adaptations may fail on television, but there are still some that turn out to be massive successes, and HBO's Game of Thrones is by far the best adaptation in television history.

Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama series based on the Song of Ice and Fire series written by George R.R. Martin, and aside from having a medieval setting, the show deals a lot with politics, selfishness, magic, and the idea that every single person is capable of doing both good and terrible things; plus it has dragons. The show first premiered on April 17, 2011, with its seventh season premiering later this July, and for most of its existence, it has been regarded as the best show on television. That title is well deserved, as the show features superb acting, detailed characters, and a complex and enticing plot, but like all great things, the show is ending, and with only thirteen episodes left in total, fans are really hoping that Season 7 will be especially memorable. With that being said, there are certain things that fans are greatly anticipating this year, but there are also certain things that could happen that no fan wishes to see unfold; and the purpose of this article is to identify the 10 things fans cannot wait to see in the show's seventh season, as well as 5 things we definitely have no interest in witnessing.

What We Cannot Wait To See:

15 The Destruction Of The Wall

We were first introduced to The Wall in the second episode of Game of Thrones' first season, and although we have seen it numerous times since, we are still in awe of just how massive this structure actually is. Over the course of the series, we have learned that The Wall is 300 miles long and 700 feet tall, and that it is in fact a magical structure which was raised in order to keep the Night King, his White Walkers, and their army of reanimated corpses from returning and laying waste to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. With only two seasons left, it is a pretty fair bet that the finale season will deal entirely with the war between the living and the dead, and in order for that war to take place, The Wall needs to be destroyed. The Wall coming down will probably be the final sequence of season seven, and will likely include a battle which will feature the complete annihilation of the remnants of the Night's Watch; and whether it is brought down by pure physical force, or a magical item (which the Three-eyed raven may have been protecting), the sequence will indeed be a haunting and bloody affair, which will make it the perfect lead-in to season eight.

14 The Starks Reuniting

House Stark has been through A LOT of terrible things throughout the series; with Bran getting thrown out of a window, Ned being betrayed and beheaded, Robb and his mother being betrayed and murdered at The Red Wedding, and Rickon being toyed with before being killed by Ramsay. We were introduced to the entire Stark family in the show's first episode, which happened to also be the final episode in which the whole family was last seen together. But this upcoming season will finally see the remaining siblings meet up again after years apart. Since going their separate ways, Bran has seen close friends die in front of his eyes, has learned to warp into other living beings, and has seen important past events, while Arya was present at their father's beheading and the Red Wedding, and was nearly stabbed to death while training to become an assassin. And let us not forget about all of the physical abuse that Sansa had to endure from Joffrey and especially, Ramsay. With all of the things that have happened to these three characters, it will be a truly heartfelt and emotional moment when they come together again, and if there is one thing most fans of the show want, it is to see the Starks come out of the whole story united and stronger than ever.

13 A Gendry Payoff

A major plot point throughout Game of Thrones has been the fact that Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen Baratheon were actually the bastard children of Cersei and her twin brother Jaime; but as we learned early on, King Robert had numerous illegitimate children as well. One of those children is Gendry, the young blacksmith who befriended Arya after they both left King's Landing. Although he's still alive, viewers have not seen him since near the end of Season 3 when he was rowing a small boat towards King's Landing, after Sir Davos saved him from being burned alive by Melisandre. Although he is a bastard, Gendry happens to be the last living descendant of House Baratheon, which is why there is a popular theory that Gendry will be legitimized by whoever the series' final king will be, as a result of his actions in the upcoming war and through his relationship with Arya. Being legitimized would also allow him to properly marry Arya, which is a relationship all fans can get behind. And if all this were to happen, then the Starks and Baratheons would finally be linked through marriage, which is what Ned and Robert alluded to in Season 1.

12 The Jon & Daenerys Relationship

Game of Thrones is known for having a lot of nudity and fairly explicit scenes involving sexual intercourse; and although the seventh season will consist of only seven episodes, we will still be getting our dose of nudity from the show. This season though, will likely feature at least one intimate scene between two of the show's biggest characters: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, and the main reason for this will be because Westeros will need to be united if everyone hopes to defeat the White Walkers, and in order to solidify an alliance with the north, it only makes sense that the dragon queen will have to marry the king in the north this upcoming season. Ironically, fans have been shipping these two characters since the end of the first season. I mean, who can blame them for wanting that? Both characters are attractive individuals. Plus, based on how all the story lines are converging, it is looking more and more likely that the two will end up together. Another plus...Targaryens would always marry members of their own family, and knowing that Jon is her nephew, it only makes sense that the two will be innately attracted to each other when they finally meet in the first few episodes of Season 7.

11 Sansa Kills Baelish

Throughout the history of the show, there have been certain characters who fans have wanted to see get killed off, sometimes in very brutal ways, and although many of those characters have already bit the dust, there are still a few hanging around. Petyr Baelish has been on the show since the first season, and over the course of the show, we have seen him betray Ned Stark and the Lannisters, help to kill Joffrey, kill his own wife, convince Sansa into marrying Ramsay, and we even learned that he was the one primarily responsible for pinning the Starks against the Lannisters and igniting the War of the Five Kings, which took up most of the show's story. Based on how we left things last season, Baelish is trying to get into Sansa's head to try and convince her to betray Jon Snow, which may or may not work for a time. But, his plan will inevitably end in failure thanks to Bran. We saw last season that Bran witnessed a whole lot of things that happened in the past, including his father's death. So it only makes sense that he also saw that it was Baelish who betrayed his father and ultimately caused the death of several of his family members. Upon learning this, everyone in the North will want Baelish dead.

10 A Major Naval Battle

In each and every season of Game of Thrones, there is always at least one episode that truly stands out, and that episode tends to focus around some sort of battle. Well, Season 7's big battle will likely be of the naval variety. We have already seen ships get destroyed in Season 2's Blackwater episode, as well as last season's ninth episode which showed the three dragons destroying one of the ships attacking Meereen. However, both those instances will pale in comparison to what will occur in Season 7, because there may be over 2,000 ships involved in this battle. Based on the final shot of Season 6, Daenerys has three huge dragons, all the ships she took from the slavers, as well as the ships from the Greyjoy fleet, and the navies from both Dorne and House Tyrell, which make up at least 1,000 ships. While on the other side, you have the King's Landing navy, the Lannister navy, and the rest of the Greyjoy fleet led by Theon's uncle who will likely join forces with Cersei in order to kill his nephew and niece. We all know how much money and detail the show puts into its battle scenes. Now with very few episodes left, there is no doubt that the show-runners want to go all out and give us an even better episode than last year's Battle of the Bastards.

9 Flashbacks Involving Rhaegar

Rhaegar Targaryen may have died years before the events of the show's first season, but he has been mentioned numerous times throughout the show, and with good reason because not only is he Daenerys' older brother, but he was the cause of the rebellion that put Robert on the throne, which caused a lot of animosity between many of the major Houses. Rhaegar may have been accused of kidnapping Lyanna Stark, but in reality, the two likely fell in love, got married, and went on to conceive Jon Snow. And since certain lords in Westeros would question this, they would need proof, which is where Bran and flashback sequences come into play. Bran discovered Jon's identity through a flashback in last year's finale, so he can also go back and show what actually transpired between Rhaegar and Lyanna, which will both legitimize Jon and make Rhaegar a truly beloved figure again. The people of Westeros genuinely adored Rhaegar because he was the complete opposite of his father, the Mad King; also, because he happened to be a gifted warrior who loved to play music. Musician Devin Oliver will be appearing in Season 7, and he looks A LOT like how Rhaegar is described in the books, which is why many fans are excited about potentially seeing the Targaryen prince in the flesh.

8 The Final Battle Between The Clegane Brothers

Sandor Clegane, otherwise known as The Hound, was considered by many fans to have died when Arya left him bleeding out after his fight with Brienne. But last season, we all discovered that he was very much alive. The Hound is a character that the audience grew to like because beneath the rough, harsh, and violent exterior, he proved to be a good person by taking care of Arya and helping Sansa whenever he could. We also know that the towering behemoth known as The Mountain is his brother, and that their relationship is filled with disdain and hatred, especially since it was The Mountain who purposely burned his little brother's face. The two briefly faced off against each other during a tourney in the first season, and now that the Hound has seemingly joined the Brotherhood Without Banners, while The Mountain is now a zombie serving on the Kingsguard, their final confrontation is close at hand. There is no telling just how the fight will start, or who will come out of it alive; but one thing's for sure, people have been waiting for "Cleganebowl" for more than two seasons now, and whether he wins or loses, fans want to see The Hound's character get a proper send-off.

7 Cersei's Demise

Cersei Lannister has been a part of the show since the very first episode of Season 1; and in all that time, avid watchers have really grown to hate her character because of the things she has done. Yes she was terrible to Sansa, and yes she has hated and mistreated Tyrion since he was born because his birth caused the death of their mother; but her worst act, of course, came in last season's finale where she blew up the Sept of Baelor and killed hundreds of people including most of the Tyrells, and her own uncle and cousin. Ironically, she blew them all up to put an end to the religious group that she herself helped put into power, who were putting her on trial for things that she ACTUALLY did. The result of all this was her son committing suicide and her taking his place on the throne as the new queen of the Seven Kingdoms. The Night King may be the show's final villain, but Cersei will be the villain of Season 7. And in order to unite everyone against the dead, she needs to be taken out, which is why this season will mark her demise. Cersei will definitely die in the battle to take King's Landing, but the only question is whether it will be Tyrion who delivers the killing blow (it deserves to be him), or if Jaime will do it by betraying her like he did The Mad King. Whoever kills her, one thing is for sure, the scene will be incredibly emotional and worth the wait.

6 A Zombie Dragon

As a show, Game of Thrones has a lot going for it, as it contains superb acting, a complex story, very interesting characters, and some of the best battle sequences in all of television history. However, the show also has something that no other show has—three massive dragons. Fans of the show have seemingly been in love with Daenerys' dragons since the moment they hatched out of their eggs in the finale of Season 1, probably because they foresaw that those dragons would grow to become enormous in size and burn the hell out of all of Daenerys' enemies. We have seen her dragons barbecue quite a few people already, but based on the fact that they will now be in Westeros, where several big battles are expected to take place, their body counts are definitely going up in Season 7. This is Game of Thrones, though; the show that has taught us not to get attached to anyone, and as it turns out, the dragons are not immortal. And since they will be entering into a battlefield with a lot of arrows and spears flying around, it would not be all that surprising to see one of the dragons be taken down permanently. Although, if theories and alleged script leaks prove to be true, even if a dragon gets killed, it will not stay dead for long because the Night King could resurrect it to fight for his army. The dragon in question will likely not be Drogon, but even if it is one of the smaller ones, it will be amazing to see a zombie dragon flying around and fighting its siblings.

What We Don't Want To See

5 The Dorne Characters Taking Up Major Roles

Anyone who has read the books will be able to point out all of the changes made for the show; changes that are usually small in nature like name changes or minor characters either being written out or killed off. However, the show has also made huge changes that have completely ruined certain segments and characters from the books. The worst of these changes was the entire Dorne storyline, which the show-runners completely butchered, because not only did they remove several characters who actually played roles in the story going forward, but they also changed all of the characters who actually did make it to the show. The Sand Snakes and their mother were not supposed to be hell-bent on killing Myrcella to avenge Oberyn Martell for dying in a fight against The Mountain (which was literally a fight to the death that he agreed to enter). The prince of Dorne was also not a painfully annoying pacifist who did nothing, to the point that it caused his nieces and their mother to betray and murder him and his son. These specific changes angered many viewers who read the books, and even non-readers did not like how Dorne turned out. So seeing as these women are now allied with Daenerys, it will upset a lot of fans if they have any kind of major role in the alliance, especially if that role allows them to attempt something that will negatively impact the stability of the alliance-like going after Tyrion for being a Lannister.

4 More Of The Greyworm & Missandei Relationship

With only a combined thirteen episodes left in the series, the show-runners literally have no time to waste on pointless subplots involving minor characters who are unfortunately far less important to the story. Some fans may not want to hear it, but both Greyworm and Missandei are not important characters, because even though they are both close friends and advisers to Daenerys, they are both in fact very much replaceable. And over the past three seasons, time has been spent focusing on the romantic relationship developing between the two. This focus would make sense if they were actually romantically involved in the books, but they are not. In fact, you can barely call them friends in the books because Greyworm was thoroughly trained to genuinely not be interested in anyone sexually. These two are never supposed to end up together, but the show-runners decided to change that, even though not many viewers actually care about their relationship, which is why it will irritate people if some of the limited time left is used to build upon their fabricated feelings for each other.

3 Bronn Being Killed Off

Over the course of six seasons, we have seen several of the show's more beloved characters get the axe, a trend that will definitely have to continue in season seven because of the battles set to take place. Of the remaining beloved characters, we know for a fact that Jon and Daenerys will live until next season, because the main story will end with them, and Arya will live because George R. R. Martin has promised that she will be alive when the final book is released. This means that essentially, every other character's fate is up in the air, including the fate of everyone's favorite sellsword, Bronn, who has gained the love of fans because of how good of a fighter he is, his funny moments, and his friendly relationship with Tyrion. Bronn has appeared in every season of the show (29 episodes in total); and in those appearances, he is probably the only character aside from Tryion who has been allied to the Lannisters, yet did nothing to make the viewers hate him (which is actually an amazing feat). It will be an incredibly sad moment if we were to see Bronn killed, because not only will the show lose a cool character, but fans may in fact also be denied seeing him and Tyrion have one last conversation before the end.

2 Sansa Making Another Stupid Decision

Sansa is one of the show's last remaining Stark, and every fan can agree that she has been through some traumatizing ordeals over the course of six seasons. But as much as people like her now, they cannot deny the fact that she has made some terribly stupid decisions. The first of these decisions came in the show's second episode when she lied and took Joffrey's side over her own sister's, which resulted in the death of her own direwolf. She also decided to stay in King's Landing instead of leaving with The Hound, which led to her getting forced into a marriage with Tyrion. Then, she got blamed for helping to kill Joffrey. She also decided to listen to Baelish about marrying Ramsay and we all know how that turned out. Last season, she made an incredibly stupid decision when she turned away Baelish who was offering her the army from the Vale, at a time when she knew she needed men to fight Ramsay's army; and when she finally decided to accept Littlefinger's help, she did not tell Jon about it so that their army could wait for the much-needed reinforcements before charging into battle. Over the course of Season 6, we saw that an uneasy chemistry developed between Sansa and Jon, which was not helped by Baelish telling her in the finale that Jon will be taking everything that rightfully belongs to her. And based on her expression during the "King of the North" segment, it is possible that she may try to betray Jon in some way that will cause senseless repercussions, which is something that no fan definitely wants to see.

1 Tyrion Being Killed Off

When a group of people is asked who their favorite character is in Game of Thrones, some will say Jon or Arya, but most of them will answer by saying Tyrion, and rightfully so, because he is by far the best character in the series. Tyrion has been in the show since the very first episode, and aside from being incredibly smart and cunning, he also had to persevere in a society that viewed him as a monster throughout his entire life just because of his dwarfism. Over the course of the show, Tyrion has become a very complex and at times a sad character, mainly because of how much hate he had to endure from his own sister and father. But, he has managed to overcome all of that to become Daenerys' most important advisor. Peter Dinklage masterfully portrays the character and it is because of Dinklage's performance, and how important the character is to the overall plot, that no one actually wants to see Tyrion get killed off in Season 7. However, because this is Game of Thrones, we cannot just assume that everyone's favorite dwarf will be able to make it to the end, especially if this season's final reunion between all three Lannister siblings results in the death of their family's bloodline.

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