10 Things We Already Know About AHS: Cult And 5 Questions We Need Answered

*Spoiler Alert* This article discusses the first three episodes of American Horror Story: Cult so if you haven’t seen them yet – go watch them and come back!

After months of anticipation, rumors, and speculation, AHS is finally back and it’s everything we’ve come to expect. This season is definitely not for the faint of heart and anyone with a genuine fear of clowns would be advised to steer clear. But one thing is certain – AHS: Cult has us all hooked and you can’t look away for a second this time. Here’s a list of a few of the most jaw-dropping scenes so far this season: a man urinating into a condom and throwing it into a crowd of people, two clowns having sex in a supermarket, a screaming couple getting locked in coffins, and a hamster in the microwave. And that’s all just a backdrop for one of the scariest characters we’ve ever seen – the blue-haired Kai, and his power has nothing to do with the supernatural.

So far we’ve established that Ally is being tormented, although we’re not sure why yet, that Kai is building (or already has) a following, and that almost no-one is who they appear to be. Here are a few facts we are certain of and a few burning questions we need to be answered:

15 Not All The Characters Have Been Revealed Yet

14 Could Ivy Be Part Of Kai’s Cult?

13 The Opening Sequence Is Back

12 The Glowing Green Gas Is Real

11 Who Are The Clowns?

10 Ryan Murphy Used Sarah Paulson's Real-Life Phobia’s To Create Ally

9 Twisty Is Back

8 There Are No Supernatural Elements This Season

7 What Exactly Is The Nature of Kai’s Relationship With Winter?

6 It Has A Political Power Theme

5 What Does Kai Want With Ally?

4 There Are Almost No “Likeable” Characters

3 Is Dr. Rudy Vincent Really Who He Claims To Be?

2 Nothing Is At It Seems

1 This Might Be Evan Peters' Best Performance Yet

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10 Things We Already Know About AHS: Cult And 5 Questions We Need Answered