10 Fashionable Looks From Rita Ora (And 10 She Should've Never Posted On Instagram)

Fashion can say a lot about someone. People often turn to fashion to express their creative side. It is the way people use clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup and hairstyles to represent who they are as an individual. Even though fashion can be used to express yourself, it also changes with the trends, therefore fashion is always evolving into new styles.

English singer and actress, Rita Ora is known for her daring looks and fashion choices. She uses fashion as a way to express herself as an individual. She does not care what others think about what she is wearing and will wear whatever she wants and whatever she thinks looks nice. In 2010, Rita collaborated with Adidas for their casual sports clothing line called Adidas Originals. She designed her own collection for the brand that included accessories and footwear. Rita has also collaborated with an Italian fashion brand and worked with them to create a lingerie collection. Known in the fashion industry, Rita is often looked at under a magnifying glass, but she has nothing to worry about because she always looks red carpet ready.

Fashion can be subjective and everyone has different tastes when it comes to the clothes and footwear they wear. Not everyone is going to like what you are wearing and everyone is entitled to their opinions. With that in mind, not all of Rita's fashion choices were liked by the public. Here are 10 most fashionable looks from Rita Ora and 10 she should have never uploaded on Instagram.

20 Fab: Posh White Dress Look

via: Marie Clair

This look shows off Rita's posh side and displays the classy lady she is. This white dress is knee length and has a cute black bow to add a little detail. The look does not include much accessories letting the clean white dress and black bow do all the talking. Rita paired this outfit with her hair all put up, which is ideal so you are able to see the collars at the neckline and the bow. If her hair was down it would be covering the top half of the dress. Rita was spotted wearing this outfit during a day out doing business. She knew she was going to be photographed so she made sure she looked good and surely everyone can agree on that. This look may be simple, but it is very elegant and perfect for afternoon tea.

19 Drab: Questionable Grey Tracksuit Look

via: Instagram

Not all of Rita's outfits are fashionable, some are more questionable. This outfit has four different shades of grey. It looks like she is located somewhere cold, therefore we can assume her fashion choice is based on the fact that she does not know how to dress for the cold weather. Can we blame the girl who is used to living in London, England? This outfit includes what looks like a striped white and black shirt under a white dress shirt. She tops it off with a grey poncho style, sleeveless sweater. To add to the grey scheme, she pairs it with above the ankle grey sweat pants. The confusion definitely looks real. However, to stay warm she adds a grey beanie and black boots. Not one of her best looks.

18 Fab: Teen Choice Award Red Pantsuit Look

via: Pinterest

Everyone knows that Rita can pull of a pantsuit and it is often an outfit she wears. At the 2015 Teen Choice Award, Rita was sporting a red pantsuit. However, this is not the first time Rita has been spotted in this fashion. She has also been spotted wearing a baby blue, black and white pantsuit. The red suit is one of the best pantsuits she has worn. Not only does Rita look great in this outfit, but she also looks comfortable and that is always a plus when having to dress up for an award show. She paired this outfit with red open toe shoes, which ties the whole outfit together perfectly. She also did not want to do anything over the top with her hair and kept it down and straightened. However, there is a little pink in her hair to add a little spunk.

17 Drab: Oversized Scarf And Blue Tracksuit Look

via: Instagram

Wearing oversized scarfs are very popular, especially in the colder areas of the country. Rita is wearing an oversized scarf that has a lot of details, which is why she would pair it with a plain blue tracksuit. However, this is not one of Rita's finer comfy looks. The scarf is not the best choice to pair with this outfit. Rita looks like she is ready to hit the slopes, however it is going to be tough to ski or snowboard with that huge scarf in the way. Rita definitely does not look unhappy wearing this out, so she must have picked it herself. When fashion is life you do not care how you look.

16 Fab: Elegant Gala Dress Look

via: Marie Clair

Shimmering in a beige coloured dress, Rita is camera ready and looking fabulous. She is rocking the high slit and she knows exactly how to show off her legs. This look already stands out because of the shine of the dress, therefore there is no need for that many accessories. Rita does not want to take away the attention from the low cut on her dress, therefore she does not add any necklaces. Instead of using flashy jewellery to add detail to this look, Rita pairs it with a red lip and lightly curled hair. It works for Rita and she looks amazing. It may be a simple look, but it is elegant and perfect for a gala.

15 Drab: Martha May Whovier Inspired Look

via: Instagram

Not sure if this is what Rita was going for, but this outfits looks like an outfit Martha May Whovier from How The Grinch Who Stole Christmas would wear. Rita wore this outfit for a holiday concert, so there is a good chance she was channeling her inner Martha May. As much as Rita looks good in red, this outfit has a large collar and sleeves that almost cover Rita's face. One can only imagine how heavy those shoulder pads are. Maybe it was a dream of Rita's to feel like she lives in Whoville. To finish the look all she is missing is a Santa hat. If you are going for a Christmas look it is go big or go home for Rita.

14 Fab: Grammy Awards Metallic Look

via: Elle

Wearing a metallic dress can be very bold and it is something not everyone feels like they can pull off. Paired with her short bleach blonde hair, Rita looks amazing in this metallic silver dress. A metallic dress can be very dramatic and it looks good with a dark smokey eye. This floor length dress is perfect for a Grammy Awards outfit. Even though metallic colours are probably not something most people would pick out, this dress fits Rita perfectly and is very flattering. She really knows how to work this outfit and is bold enough to show her confidence in it.

13 Drab: From Sofa To Stage Look

via: Instagram

At the 2017 Europe Music Awards, Rita took the "I woke up like this" look to a whole other level. She showed up at the red carpet in a robe and a towel in her hair, however she was rocking a nice bejewelled necklace. Even though this look was a part of the opening scene it is still a questionable look and if you did not watch the award show you would have not understood the look. This outfit has minimal effort put into it, however her makeup is the only part that looks well put together. There is definitely no way she wakes up with a full face of makeup, but when you are hosting an award show in a robe you would want at least your makeup to be on point. At least she did not have to get her hair done.

12 Fab: Pre-Grammy Roc Nation Brunch Look

via: The House of Fabulous

Before the 2014 Grammy Awards, Rita attended the Roc Nation Pre-Grammy Brunch in Los Angeles wearing this Alexandre Vauthier dress. This dress gives off a tribal feel and includes gold and black tiny details. The outfit is paired with a matching jacket to go with the low cut dress. This dress is the perfect length for Rita as it shows off her legs. She paired this look with red lips and with a pulled back low pony tail, which allowed for you to see the detail on her jacket and dress. This look also includes white and gold Christian Louboutin sandals and a small white and gold clutch. This look is the total opposite of what she wore to the actual award show.

11 Drab: Outer Space Inspired Jumpsuit Look

via: Instagram

This outfit makes Rita look like she is about to take off into outer space in a spaceship. A lot of people have a dream about becoming an astronaut, maybe Rita is one of those people. Paired with this jumpsuit are retro styled glasses and a gold chain around her neck. If she is going into outer space she is going to make sure she looks good doing it. Orange is also a colour that is hard to pull of and teaming it up with blue only makes that task a lot harder. However, we cannot fully hate on this outfit because Rita is wearing it with confidence. Rita looks out of this world with this outfit.

10 Fab: Multicoloured Floral Black Dress Look

via: Hawt Celebs

The floral look is a look that not everyone can pull off. However, Rita looks amazing in a nice floral print. This black and multicoloured floral dress looks chic and with so much detail it also photographs very well, making it a great look for the red carpet at any event. Since there is already so much detail on the dress, this outfit is paired with a thin necklace which does not take away from the floral print on the dress. This low cut, short dress fits Rita perfectly and shows the shape of her body. Some may think that the floral print may be too much, but floral print is in and if done well it looks good on an outfit. Rita's fashion always resembles current fashion trends.

9 Drab: Disco Style Jumpsuit Look

via: Instagram

Taking it back to the 70s and 80s, Rita is rocking a disco inspired jumpsuit. The print on the jumpsuit is straight out of the disco era, and pairing it with her curly hair only adds to the theme. It looks like she paired this outfit with orange shoes, which may not be the best choice, but maybe she thought no one would see them. Some fashion that was popular in the past does make a comeback, however disco inspired jumpsuits probably are not one of them. Let's keep this one in the past. However, we should give Rita some bonus points as she did go all out when recreating disco fashion. It may not be the best fashion choice, but she still looks good.

8 Fab: Video Music Award Red Silk Dress Look

Via: Pinterest

Red is not a colour that everyone thinks they look good in, but as you can see in the red pants suit above Rita looks amazing in red. This red silk dress also fits Rita perfectly and shows off all the right parts. The high cut slit on her dress is high enough to show off her leg and her open toe high heel shoes. The outfit is paired with a diamond choker to give the look some bling. Rita has her hair slicked back and teams this look up with a red lip. It looks like Rita is loving life and knows she looks good. It may not seem like there is much to this dress, but Rita is definitely rocking it and she looks great!

7 Drab: Baggy Beige Suit Look

via: Instagram

This look was for one of Rita's music video's, so surely she was trying to create a look that would catch people's attention when watching her music video. It definitely caught people's attention, but for all the wrong reasons. Not too sure if Rita would ever wear this outfit on a red carpet, but it is definitely not an outfit we will be seeing everyone wear. From the waist up this outfit has some potential, but those pants are not fashion friendly. A common theme in Rita's fashion choices are whatever she wears if she can pair it with a red lipstick she will and this outfit is no different. There is no outfit a little red lipstick cannot fix.

6 Fab: Adidas Floral Jumpsuit Look

via: Pinterest

Not all of Rita's most fashionable looks are dresses and pantsuits, Rita can also look fashionable in a tracksuit. This Adidas floral tracksuit shows off Rita's stylist side and the fact that she can look stylish in anything. This look shows a less flashy side of Rita and portrays her laid back sense of style. Since there is a lot going on with the tracksuit, Rita paired this outfit with small cute necklaces and a red lipstick too. Since the track suit is Adidas it is only fitting to team this look with white and black Adidas campus shoes. Rita looks comfy and ready for a full day of business.

5 Drab: ANTM Rita Takeover Look

via: Instagram

While Tayra Banks was absent from America's Next Top Model, Rita Ora was there to take her spot. In one episode Rita wore this purple jumpsuit, which compared to her previous outfits, was a questionable one. We all know that Rita has a nice figure and this jumpsuit hides it and makes everything look baggy. She kept her accessories limited and allowed the jumpsuit to speak for itself. However, I do not know what that outfit is saying. If her face indicates anything, Rita does not look happy wearing this outfit, or that is just her serious face. Either way that outfit is not doing her justice.

4 Fab: Denim On Denim Look

via: Foot Wear News

The denim on denim look, also known as the "Canadian Tuxedo" is not a look everyone likes. For some it reminds them of 2001 Justin Timberlake and Britney Spear's American Music Awards double denim outfits. However, Rita is far from a look made popular 15 years ago, with rips and strings this look is more current. Jeans may not be known as fashionable, but put them together and pair them with the right shoes and a double denim outfit can be runway ready. Rita paired this outfit with nude open toe high heels and very minimal jewellery. She is rocking the denim on denim outfit that would make any Canadian proud.

3 Drab: Wine And Wilderness Look

via: Instagram

Enjoying a nice glass of wine in the wild sounds like a great time. Of course you would need a nice outfit to wear during this event. Rita chose a Native American inspired vest, grey sweater and jeans to this event. This picture has everyone wondering where exactly did she find a vest like that. The outfit does not look particularly well put together, but maybe that was the look she was going for. Without the need to look glamorous, Rita opted for a more traditional wilderness vibe. To make the outfit look classy she added a glass of wine. Rita is wining and dining in the great outdoors.

2 Fab: Elle Style Awards Look

via: Chic Trends

Rita looks beautiful in this Marchesa white dress. To avoid the bridle look, the dress includes a black belt, which is perfect to display the distinction between the top of the dress and the ruffles on the lower part of the dress. To add a little colour into the outfit, Rita is wearing red lipstick, which is something we see Rita wear often. The top part of the dress has a lot of detail, which is why Rita is not wearing any jewellery and has her hair slicked back out of her face and away from the dress. Rita knows that when her outfit already makes such a big statement, the fewer accessories the better. She knows when jewellery is necessary and when she should have more style to her hair.

1 Drab: Worst Burberry Look Ever

via: Instagram

At the 2017 BBC Radio1 Teen Awards,  Rita was named the worst dressed celebrity. Rita chose to wear Burberry from top to bottom. This outfit included a matching Burberry top and shorts duo with a matching Burberry printed hat. She paired the outfit with white socks and black loafers. It also included gold accessories to add to the outfit. The outfit was said to be very over the top and due to the size it covered up Rita's well known curves. Rita may be known for her daring looks, but this look took a turn in the wrong direction. Fans on social media questioned her fashion style.

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