10 Strongest Mutants In X-Men (And 10 Weakest)

In 1963, a legendary team of heroes was born by writer Stan Lee and fellow artist Jack Kirby. The X-Men first started out as a series of comic books, but quickly turned into a timeless work of fiction. Throughout the years, X-Men comics have been revamped into movies, video games, and cartoons, making it easy for anyone to enjoy. Whether you got into X-Men as a child or an adult makes little difference, as there is a place for these lovable characters in everyone's heart.

The X-Men are a league of powerful mutants seeking to save the world from their evil mutant counterparts, despite the fact that humans wish to eliminate "mutant-scum" off the face of the Earth. These comics tell tales of bravery, love, dedication, and pain, something that we all can relate to.

If you are a fan of the X-Men comics, you have surely yearned to discover mutant powers of your own, and you are not alone. This inspirational body of work has managed to influence different people from all over the world. Despite the X-Men being a work of fiction, there are many realities hidden inside its message.

The following is a list of the strongest and weakest mutants found throughout the X-Men comics, some of which can surprise even the most dedicated of fans.


20 Weakest: Douglas Ramsey — Cypher

Douglas Ramsey is another mutant whose powers are quite mundane. Going by the name of Cypher, Ramsey is a mutant who has helped the X-Men translate old languages and speak to foreign enemies. Cypher's greatest and only power is omnilingual translation, a gift that allows him to speak and write to all sentient beings. While this may be useful at times, many X-Men are gifted with telepathic powers, rendering his voice quite mute.

Also, many of the foes the X-Men have encountered have been machine operated, making Cypher's powers even less impactful. To make up for his shortcomings, Cypher has spent hours of his life learning hand-to-hand combat. Sadly, he is no match for most mutants.

19 Strongest: Gabriel Summers — Vulcan


Gabriel Summers is the child of Scott and Alex Summers, however, he was never born into this family as he was abducted by the evil D'Ken when he was still in his mother's womb. Summers goes by the alias of The Vulcan and is often described as one of the strongest mutants in the world by Professor X. However, on several accounts, it is speculated that Vulcan's powers are far greater than any found in the Omega-Level Mutant league.

Vulcan has the ability to absorb and manipulate energy, siphon powers, resist psionic advances, breathe in space, regenerate, detect forms of energy, suppress his powers, and fly. In the end, Summers is not a mutant you want to mess with.

18 Weakest: Colin McKay — Kylun

Colin McKay was abducted as a child and brought to a world called Ea'rath. During his time on this planet, McKay was raised by the Queen Ai'sha's counselor, who taught him physical combat skills. As the years went by, McKay began exhibiting mutant qualities, which helped turned him into a better warrior. However, these powers did not come without a price-tag, as they transformed his appearance completely, giving him with a lion- look. McKay eventually shed his name and took on the alias of Kylun.

While he may look like the last person you'll ever see, Kylun's powers really aren't that great. The mutant can mimic sounds, fight like a lion, wield a sword, and that's about it. Unfortunately, these powers would do better in a circus than they would a war.

17 Strongest: Matthew Malloy


The life of Matthew Malloy is not a happy one, which no doubt contributed to his intense powers. Malloy's wife was killed before his own eyes, during a Skrull invasion — an event that forever scarred him. Malloy is what many would consider a late bloomer, as his powers did not kick-in until his emotions bottled up and imploded. Malloy's mutant abilities were so pent up that when they were awakened, they destroyed the city of Newberry.

Professor X refers to Malloy as "the largest mutant power source Cerebro has ever registered", which is why he is deemed an Omega Level Mutant. Malloy's powers consist of reality warping, telekinesis, telepathy, energy generation, teleportation, self-resurrection, and space-time manipulation. Despite all this, Malloy's powers are often too much for him to control, resulting in deadly outcomes.

16 Weakest: Danielle Moonstar — Mirage

While it is true that every mutant has something to offer, there are some who pale in comparison to their X-Men counterparts. Take Danielle Moonstar as an example, while the Native American mutant does look like she can whoop some butt, she is pretty much useless when fighting against foes like Magneto or Apocalypse.

At one point in time, Moonstar (Mirage) was able to channel quantum energies and waves, giving her the ability to change the physical nature of things. But this power was short-lived, as it was a result of another mutant's powers. On a good day, Mirage can catch glimpses of the future, ride her horse, and beat up anyone who isn't well-versed in hand-to-hand combat.

15 Strongest: Robert Louis Drake — Iceman


Robert (Bobby) Louis Drake's mutant powers began to manifest themselves in high school when he was being bullied by a group of kids. Fearing that he was a mutant, his hometown organized a lynching. Fortunately, Bobby was soon contacted by Professor Charles Xavier and united with people of his kind. Bobby, who refers to himself as the Iceman, quickly became an X-Men team member, choosing to put his powers to good use.

While Booby Iceman might not strike you as one of the most threatening mutants, he is, in fact, an Alpha Level Mutant. However, his true powers were awakened during a battle against Loki and Emma Frost. Iceman has the power of thermokinesis, thermal vision, cryokinesis, hydrokinesis, and ice clone generation.

14 Weakest: Jubilation Lee — Jubilee

Jubilee is a mutant who is barely ever mentioned, and this is because she is mostly used as filler. While her flashy yellow outfit and funky hair might lure you in, you'll soon find out that she isn't all that and a bag of chips. When you think about it, Jubilee is like a tired version of Gambit, but only when taking visuals into consideration. She can put on a pretty pink light-show for her foes, but these lights offer little bite when in the face of true competition.

Throughout her time with the X-Men, Jubilee suffers many power surges and outages. In some comics, she is able to manipulate matter at a subatomic level, and in others, she is completely stripped of her abilities. After all of this, Jubilee retires to become a robot-vampire, but that isn't as cool as it sounds.


13 Strongest: Illyana Rasputina — Magik


Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina may look like she's ready to cause havoc, but she's actually one of the few mutant's who has remained pure despite her intense dark magic. Rasputina is the younger sister of Colossus, who was also a member of the X-Men. Rasputina is by far one of the most gifted mutants of all time, as she has some very unique abilities. For one, she can transport both herself and others through space and time, which is a power that has come in handy more than once.

As a sorceress, Rasputina (Magik) has the power to enforce limbo control, while protecting herself with a mystical armor and psionic shields. She is highly trained in white and black magic, can speak multiple languages, and is armed with a Soulsword that she can summon at any time.

12 Weakest: Xi’an Coy Manh — Karma

Xi'an Coy Manh was born in Vietnam alongside her mutant twin brother. From an early age, she learned that she could possess the minds of others, which she thought was pretty cool — until she met the X-Men. She eventually took on the name Karma and started putting her powers to use. While her actions were honorable, Karma proved to cause more problems than she could fix.

For starters, whenever Karma possesses another body, she leaves her own vulnerable on the battlefield. Time and time again, the X-Men have gone out of their way to save Karma's body from evil forces, only to jeopardize their mission in the long run. If that's not enough, Karma's mind control is so weak compared to other telepaths, that she often gets trapped and tormented inside of their minds.

11 Strongest: Jean Grey — The Phoenix


Jean Grey is by far one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe, which is why she has been deemed an Omega-Level mutant. While she had a strong grasp of her mutant abilities, she was unable to fight off the advances of the Dark Phoenix — ultimately succumbing to her alter-ego. Grey's powers were so unmanageable as a child that Professor X telepathically blocked her from accessing them until she came into adulthood.

Grey – or The Phoenix, as many people like to call her – is adept in telepathic defense, astral combat, telekinesis, cosmic fire manipulation, and much, much more. All in all, Grey has the power to destroy entire galaxies in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, her power proved to be too immense for her to manage them on her own.

10 Weakest: Angelo Espinosa — Skin

Like most mutants, Angela Espinosa (Skin) does not have a happy beginning, or a happy anything really. His strange mutation caused him to have to flee his hometown — choosing to be declared dead instead of showing his true form. Despite his malaise towards his looks, Skin is a fun and loving Generation X member.

Espinosa has the ability to stretch his skin for miles, but unlike Mr. Fantastic, his skin does not snap right back into place. Instead, it hangs downwards like grey bags, something he is not too fond of to say the least. Skin's powers are basically just that, he can stretch his skin and withstand a great amount of pressure. However, this mutation seems more like a curse than a gift.

9 Strongest: Nathaniel Grey — X-Man


One of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe is none other than Nathaniel Grey — the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Nathaniel isn't the product of his parents' love, however, as he was artificially created by Sinister, who used genetic material to bring him to life. Sinister's goal was to raise the perfect weapon and take down Apocalypse, but Nate soon escaped his clutches with the help of Cyclops.

Nate eventually became X-Man and joined his biological parents in their fight for a better future. At one point in time, X-Man was one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvelverse. Sadly, his powers were eventually destroyed by the Omega Machine. X-Man's powers consisted of telekinesis, telepathy, telekinetic blast, charisma, meticulous mind, weapons specialist, expert survivalist, and combat skills.

8 Weakest: Brian Cruz — Tag

If you're wondering why you've never heard of the mutant Tag, it's probably because he isn't the most exciting addition to the X-Men team. When it comes to Tag's abilities, there are pretty much only two of them. He has the power to "tag" an object, making anyone in its surroundings run away from it. On another note, Tag can also tag an object to make it desirable.

While these powers can come in handy when trying to handle situations in the human world, they're pretty lame on the mutant battlefield. All in all, anything Tag can do, a basic telepath can do better. Either way, the X-Men were happy to have Tag on their team, that is, until his powers were taken from him on M-Day.

7 Strongest: David Haller — Legion


As the son of Professor Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller, one can only expect to find David Haller on this list. Despite having one of the greatest father-figures in the world, Haller did not uncover his father's identity, nor he his, until after the founding of the New Mutants.

Haller's mutant name is Legion, and he is amongst one of the few Alpha Level Mutants in Marvel. Legion's powers are so strong, that at times, he spontaneously mutates himself, forming a new Omega Level split personality. It is said that Legion has thousands of different powers locked inside of himself, and that new ones are being created every day. With over 200 personalities, it can be difficult to list the powers that Legion holds. Instead, it is better to ask; which powers does Legion not carry?

6 Weakest: Trevor Hawkins — Eye-Boy

Trevor Hawkins, aka Eye Boy, is a mutant teenager who attended the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. When it comes to mutant abilities, Eye Boy has little to bring to the table, but he still enjoys putting his two cents in. Eye Boy's magic may not be grand, but they sure as hell are something. He's like a walking- talking security system, which is why he usually contributes from behind the scenes.

Eye Boy has hundreds of eyes covering his body, allowing him to see from every which way. On top of this, he has the ability to sense strange magic in the air. This is only heightened by his psychic intuition. Sadly, when powers are concerned, Eye Boy is better at seeing them than using them.

5 Strongest: Absolon Mercator — Mr. M


Absolon Mercator found out he was a mutant when he turned his cousin's bully inside-out by accident. This incident caused him to be sent from Belgium to America, to live with distant relatives. While he is regarded as an Omega Level Mutant, he has often proved that he is much stronger than this category entails.

Mercator, who often goes by the name of Mr. M, has the power of self-regeneration, machinery-control, augmentation, energy and matter manipulation, evolution, telekinesis, telepathy, superhuman durability, and more. While his physical strength is not something to fear, his opponents often have difficulty reaching him in the first place, making this a minor issue.

4 Weakest: Barnell Bohusk — Beak

Barnell Bohusk is the kind of mutant you feel bad for. Unlike Beast, who suffers from his mutant appearance, Bohusk does not have superhuman strength and intelligence to compensate. Instead, Bohusk's only power is to repulse his opponents with his birdlike features.

Bohusk, or Beak as he is formally known, is a mutant with little to offer, but one who enjoys being part of the gang nonetheless. Due to his hollow and frail bone-structure, however, Beak isn't one to start throwing punches around. One rare and quite disturbing ability this character has is the power to create hybrid baby versions of himself. While it may not be practical in any way, Beak seems happy being a "father figure" to his offspring.

3 Strongest: Quintavius Quire — Kid Omega


Quintavius Quire easily distinguishes himself from other mutants by his style and wit. His intelligence and demeanor are what instantly caught Professor X's eye when he first joined the Xavier Institute. So much so, that Professor X decided to take him under his wing. While it has been hinted that Quire is exceptionally gifted, the extent of his powers has mostly been left to our imaginations.

What we do know, however, is that Quire (Kid Omega) is both an Omega Level Mutant and an Omega Level Telepath. He can do anything from track other mutants to create telepathic illusions. His super-genius intelligence and telekinesis have often gotten him into trouble, as he is not one for following the rules, as Professor X would soon find out.

2 Weakest: Hector Rendoza — Wraith

Hector Rendoza had his entire life planned out. He was going to become a doctor and save the lives of thousands of people. Things didn't work out as he'd planned, however, thanks to the mutant genes running through his bloodstream. After being brutally jumped for his appearance, Rendoza, aka Wraith, sought refuge with the X-Men, leaving his old life behind.

On a good day, Wraith could cause himself, and others, to turn partially transparent. On a great day, he can cause his enemies to feel mild discomfort. Whether it's a good or bad thing, Wraith eventually loses his powers on M-Day, becoming a normal human being again. It's safe to say that he will not be missed.

1 Strongest: Franklin Richards — Kid Richards


Franklin Richards may just be a boy, but he can cause some serious damage. As the child of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Richards was not born by mutant parents, but instead, parents who had received serious levels of radiation — which proved to be consequential towards his growth. While most mutants begin experiencing powers during puberty, Richards was an early bloomer. His deep psionic powers only seemed to strengthen as he aged, which quickly gave him the title of an Alpha-Level Mutant. Richards, who sometimes goes by Kid Richards, has the power of metifery, molecular and energy manipulation, chronokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, precognitive dreams, dream projection, force manipulation, superhuman durability, and more.


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