10 Star Wars Theories That Make Zero Sense (And 10 That Could Be True)

Created by George Lucas in 1977, Star Wars has gone on to become the greatest franchise in movie history (yeah, I said it!). Taking place in a galaxy far, far away, Lucas’ space opera of good vs evil all drenched in the hue of the mystical Force instantly grabbed the attention of audiences, and has become a firm staple in the lives of many a moviegoer in the decades since its initial release.

Fast forward 40 years, and we’ve been treated to eight Star Wars pictures to date plus another four confirmed – starting with this December’s The Last Jedi. In addition to that, there’s been animated series, novels, comic books, video games, and any sort of toy and merchandise possibly imaginable.

Now while what’s been and done is in the history books, what’s still to come is the subject of that ever-interesting (and often totally bonkers!) topic: the fan theory.

From the bizarre to the brilliant, there are so many varying theories out there as to how things will play out in the future of the Star Wars franchise, particularly when it pertains to The Last Jedi and the mysteries surrounding the likes of Rey, Kylo Ren, and the looming figure of Supreme Leader Snoke.

So with all of that in mind, here’s ten of the most bizarre and ten of the most believable fan theories out there as we get set to head back to a galaxy far, far away once more later this year.

10 Theories That Make Zero Sense

20 Undercover Agents Of The Rebellion

If you asked fans who their favourite Star Wars character is, a high percentage of them would lean towards walking carpet Chewbacca and the ever-prepared R2-D2. And both of those just so happen to be characters who were utilized in the prequel pictures as well as George Lucas’ initial Holy Trilogy.

Now, how about if, having lived through the events of the prequels, Chewie and R2 have been serving as undercover Rebel Agents throughout the rest of the films?

After all, when Revenge of the Sith’s closing moments saw C-3PO’s mind wiped, R2 was still allowed to keep his memories – meaning that when Luke meets the astromech droid on Tatooine in the 1977 original movie, R2-D2 knows all about Anakin’s descent to becoming Darth Vader.

So, would it be plausible to think that R2 purposely led Luke to Obi-Wan so that they could meet up with Chewie and Han at Mos Eisley in order to take down Vader and The Empire?

19 Rey Came From An Egg

Arguably the most outlandish, bizarre and downright odd Star Wars theory is yet another one that ties to the origins of Daisy Ridley’s Rey.

Ready for this?

Well, certain barmy theories out there have it nailed-to-rights that Rey actually came from an egg. Yep, no mother or father to speak of, no outright cloning even, but one of the centre-piece characters of this latest Star Wars trilogy was actually hatched!

This idea stems from Marvel’s Poe Dameron comic title which featured a strange culture known as the Creche; a culture who worship a huge blue egg that will one day hatch and deliver the savior of the entire galaxy. That savior? You guessed it: Rey.

It’s one thing to have Anakin Skywalker magically born without a father, but bright blue eggs? Just no.

18 Rey Is A Multi-Person-Infused Clone

Going one further with the ‘Rey is a clone of Luke Skywalker’ theory, an even more bizarre take on this notion is that Rey is actually a clone made up of the DNA of various people.

Tying to the theory that Rey was actually hatched from a giant blue egg, this logic claims that Rey had been left to mature inside of the egg until she was a fully-formed adult – which is when she exploded out of the egg like something from Monkey Magic.

The source of her cloning in this theory is the lightsaber that Luke lost when his hand was severed courtesy of Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. That 'saber was apparently found - the twist, however, being that the lightsaber actually has the DNA on it of every person to ever hold it, meaning that Rey is a clone that’s made up of the DNA of a whole batch of various people.

17 Rey Is A Clone Of Luke

Mark this one as highly unlikely, but one of the more out-there theories out there is that Rey’s real heritage ties her to Luke Skywalker in a way that’s slightly different to the more popular theory of Luke being Rey’s father.

Whilst more logical sorts out there are open to the idea that Rey could be the daughter of Skywalker, a more bizarre idea is that Rey is actually a clone of Luke’s. Many of us are expecting Rey to be tied to Luke in some way, and this is one of the more outlandish suggestions concerning their relationship.

Of course, cloning has been seen before in the Star Wars franchise, but surely this is a little too odd an option to take when it comes to revealing more about Rey’s origins.

16 Rey Is The Reincarnation Of Anakin

In fairness, whilst this theory is likely a load of total rubbish, it’s actually a potentially interesting one.

Given how we’re still not exactly up to speed on all of the things that The Force and those connected to it can do, you really can’t rule anything out – such as the notion that Rey is actually the reincarnation of Anakin Skywalker.

If this were (somehow!) to be true, then would Rey be destined to ultimately fall down the same dark path as Anakin, or would this reincarnation of Anakin be setting out to right the wrongs of his previous life, especially if he’s got the knowledge of how he somewhat redeemed himself with the third act of Return of the Jedi?

15 Mace Windu Is Supreme Leader Snoke

Yes, this is indeed one of the most nutty ideas out there, but some people are spamming the landscape of online forums with the notion that the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke is none other than Mace Windu – who was last seen falling to his apparent death courtesy of Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Revenge of the Sith.

Backing up this theory is that we’ve seen several huge falls from Jedi in the series; falls which said Jedi have survived. Added to that, Palpatine zapped Windu with some gnarly lightning which was turned back on Sidious and disfigured the Sith. Windu would later be hit with the same lightning, which could be used to explain Snoke’s disfigured look. Also, The Force Awakens saw Snoke mention how he saw the Galactic both rise and fall, which is something Mace Windu could well say if he’s stayed alive all of this time.

Oh, and Windu would be pissed off at Anakin’s betrayal of the Jedi, and so that may explain Snoke’s desperation to hunt down Luke, the son of Skywalker, for some semblance of revenge.

14 Qui-Gon Jinn Was Really A Sith

Think about it.

In The Phantom Menace, it was made clear that Qui-Gon was a slightly more strong-headed, maverick sort of Jedi, as highlighted by how he didn’t necessarily do things above board or as deemed appropriate by the Jedi Council (see: the way he ‘recruited’ Anakin and took him under this wing). Added to that, we know that Qui-Gon was trained by Count Dooku before Dooku turned to the Dark Side and joined the Sith.

Could it really be that the whiter-than-white, baby-kissing, palm-slapping Qui-Gon Jinn was really working for the Sith all along? It’s maybe not all that crazy a concept (well, in comparison to some of the other ones out there), although those theories that he will actually be revealed to be Supreme Leader Snoke seem a tad more unlikely, however.

13 Snoke Is Actually A Holocron

In the world of Star Wars Legends, holocrons were introduced as a way to store a whole host of information.

If you’re Luke Skywalker and looking to rebuild the Jedi Order, how better to start up a Jedi library than by using these holocrons to hold and dish out all of the information any would-be Jedi Knight would ever need, right? Well, that’s all well and good… but what if one of those holocrons somehow ended up filled with the power of the Dark Side? Yeah, that wouldn’t be good.

Some believe that this Dark Side-influenced holocron would actually be the spirit of Supreme Leader Snoke, with him being released from the holocron like some eerie, disfigured genie.

12 Snoke Is The Last Jedi

Think that Supreme Leader Snoke is a thorough villain and totally, totally immersed in the Dark Side? Think again! Well, if you’re of a certain way of thinking, that is.

Some conspiracy believers claim that the last Jedi depicted in the title of, well, The Last Jedi is actually Snoke instead of Luke Skywalker. Forget the fact that the crawl of The Force Awakens outright labels Luke as the last Jedi. Oh, and then there’s also the fact that Luke is still alive and well, as shown at the end of that movie, meaning that even if Snoke is somehow a Jedi then he would at least be one of two as oppose to “the last Jedi” – and that’s not even including The Force becoming a part of Rey and seemingly Finn’s life.

With all of that in mind, put this idea down as one of the most stupid suggestions out there.

11 E.T. Is A Sith Lord


You know those theories that you hear people spout that just leave you shaking your head and wanting to bang your skull on a brick wall? Yeah, this is one of those.

To give a little background on this, as well as sharing a beard in common, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are longtime BFFs. So much so, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial featured a nice wink to Lucas’ galaxy far, far away by featuring a youngster dressed up as Yoda for Halloween – a youngster E.T. appeared to recognize. Fast forward to The Phantom Menace, and one of that movie’s senate scenes featured a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shot of a bunch of beings who look just like E.T.

That’s it. That’s all it is.

Still, some people believe that E.T. used The Force to make Elliott’s bicycle fly or that he has healing abilities to save those he cared about – much like how Palpatine explained such powers to Anakin.

10 Theories That Could Be True

10 The Knights Of Ren Are Fallen Jedi

We’re yet to be given the full details behind Kylo Ren’s mysterious Knights of Ren, but one theory out there could well prove true or at least be a mightily plausible one to consider ahead of The Last Jedi’s release.

Said theory suggests that the Knights of Ren could actually really be some of the young Jedi-in-training or Padawans who were under the wing of Luke Skywalker following the events of Return of the Jedi. With Luke looking to lead a Jedi resurgence and train up future generations, maybe some of said trainees fell by the wayside and were swept up by the Dark Side either naturally or at the prompting of Kylo Ren or Supreme Leader Snoke.

Delving deeper into this theory, one trail of thought is that some of the Knights of Ren actually revolted against Skywalker to join with Ren as they slaughtered their own brethren.

9 Multiple Chosen Ones

At several points in the Star Wars franchise, we’ve heard the prophecy of the chosen one who will bring balance to The Force. Now most people see this chosen one as being Anakin Skywalker, with some thinking it could possibly be Anakin’s son, Luke. But how about Rey is also the chosen one, too?

There’s one theory out there that suggests Rey is the real chosen one, while the more plausible tweak on this notion is that there are actually multiple chosen ones – a chosen one for each generation, to be more precise.

With the fact that Rey is clearly Force sensitive and naturally able to use certain skills without even having a single drop of training, she’s clearly always been destined to become a hugely powerful figure. So with abilities far above the non-existent training she’s had, could Rey really be the chosen one, or more specifically the chosen one of her particular generation?

8 Switcheroo

Any and all moviegoers are well aware of Anakin Skywalker’s tragic descent into darkness (and subsequent redemption), and a hugely intriguing possibility for The Last Jedi and Episode IX is that Kylo Ren and Rey will actually swap paths.

This notion would see Kylo see the error of his ways and make peace with his family, himself achieving a sense of redemption and once more embracing the life of the Jedi. On the opposite side of this, it would be Rey who then sees her path shrouded in darkness as she’s seduced by the power and corruption of the Dark Side.

Whether this one happens or not, it’s definitely one of the more interesting possibilities out there, and it would certainly prove to be a huge shocker and one that would shunt this second of the current trilogy in a darker direction – much like The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones (to a lesser extent) did with the previous two trilogies.

7 Rey Is A Palpatine

When it comes to Rey’s heritage and parentage, many presume she is somehow tied to Luke Skywalker or maybe even Obi-Wan Kenobi. But what about if she has no direct ties to any Jedi, so to speak, and instead her roots are actually drenched in the dark powers of the Sith?

A possible theory right now is that when the big reveal comes about Rey’s origins, she will actually be related to Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, aka The Emperor.

Those championing this idea have been pointing to Rey’s lightsaber battle with Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. For those well-versed in all things Star Wars way beyond the realms of the films, there’s believed to be seven distinct forms of traditional lightsaber style. Basically, Rey’s style seen in Episode VII mirrors only one character: Sidious.

From what we saw from Palpatine in action against Yoda in Revenge of the Sith, his lightsaber technique revolves around instinctive, raw and almost animalistic movements, which some claim Rey was showing elements of as she battled Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens.

6 Finn And The Force

It seems like almost a redundant point to mention here, but many longtime Star Wars fans are 100% certain that John Boyega’s Finn is Force sensitive and has abilities at the tips of his fingers.

Finn’s arc in The Force Awakens saw him initially working as a Stormtrooper under the First Order. Coming to his senses during the carnage and destruction-laced opening of that movie, it didn’t take long for Boyega’s character to ditch the bad guys and make his own path in the galaxy – helped along the way by Poe Dameron.

From there, Finn’s instincts guided him with a natural ease, he was able to pick up on things that those around him couldn’t, and he even showed half-decent skills with a lightsaber when called upon.

5 Finn Is The Awakening

“There’s been an awakening,” Supreme Leader Snoke snarled in The Force Awakens.

Instinctively, we all immediately presumed that Snoke was talking about Rey… but what if that awakening was actually Finn?

The evidence is there, and I don’t just mean the fact that Finn got to slash a lightsaber about. No, he actually showed several instances of being Force sensitive throughout The Force Awakens, such as how he seems to hear Starkiller Base destroying the Hosnian System.

The biggest key to this theory, however, is that when Snoke mentions this awakening, Rey has yet to actually show that she has any real Force abilities. What had happened by this point in the film, though, was that Finn had upped sticks and turned his back on the First Order in order to break away from the clutches of evil – in turn having an awakening of his own.

4 Snoke To Wield A Lightsaber

According to certain apparent ‘leaked’ reports on the toys and merchandise that will hit shelves to accompany The Last Jedi’s release this December, some of the available merch options will focus on a fella named Victor. Oh, and sets with Victor come with a lightsaber for this mysterious character to wield.

Putting 2 and 2 together and potentially making 8,762 (or actually 4?), many are speculating that the name Victor is merely a placeholder name in order to hide the real identity of this person. And yes, that would seemingly by Supreme Leader Snoke.

Considering Snoke’s clear ties to The Force, don’t be at all surprised if this shrouded-in-mystery character does indeed have his own lightsaber should he actually appear as more than just a hologram when The Last Jedi hits screens.

3 Luke Angry With The Jedi

We’re still yet to really find out just why Luke Skywalker took himself off into isolation and hid away on a discreet island. Whilst he’s clearly spent his time growing a nice bouncy hairdo and a grizzly little beard, we don’t really know all that much about what Luke has been up to or where his head is at.

One concept that could well prove to be true is that, in addition to growing a beard that The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes would be proud of at his angriest, Luke is mightily pissed off at the Jedi who have come before him – notably Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and his father, Anakin Skywalker.

If this theory is to prove true, Luke will have beef with the ghosts of his past for how they left him alone and abandoned him when he needed their guidance even after death as he looked to rebuild the Jedi Order following Return of the Jedi.

2 Force Ghosts To Teach Rey

Throughout the Star Wars franchise, we’ve seen several instances of Jedi being hesitant to teach others the ways of The Force – such as Yoda’s initial refusal to help Luke, or how Obi-Wan, Yoda and Mace Windu all tried to talk Qui-Gon Jinn out of training Anakin.

Could it be that old hermit Luke will shoo Rey off and initially refuse to teach her the wonders of The Force, much like Yoda did to him?

If that does happen, one school of thought is that Rey will find herself schooled in the ways of the Jedi by the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and possibly even Anakin Skywalker. So, three of the most powerful Jedi of all time? Not bad when it comes to potential mentors.

Still, if this does indeed happen, expect Luke to come round and help out this former scavenger by the time all is said and done.

1 Force Ghosts To Convince Luke

Given how certain props have reportedly been spotted on the Pinewood set of The Last Jedi – such as a Yoda puppet, for starters! – it seems as if we’ll be getting a visit from at least one Jedi who is no longer physically of this world.

Now while there are several theories out there involving the ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Anakin Skywalker, one of the more believable ones is that Luke Skywalker will be given some words of wisdom from some familiar faces.

Given how Luke has essentially shut himself away from the galaxy by this point in time, he could well be a tad skeptical and unforgiving when it comes to training up a new Jedi, particularly if the last time he’d tried this it didn’t go so well (Kylo Ren, maybe?).

And so, who better to appear and convince Luke to train Rey in the ways of The Force than the spirit of the one of most powerful Jedi to ever don a robe and ignite a lightsaber?

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