10 Star Wars Games You Need To Play (And 5 You Shouldn't Touch)

Star Wars is arguably the biggest franchise of all time, and the universe that was created for it has spawned many new stories and experiences for fans to sink their teeth into. Over the years, this has persuaded many game developers to try their hand at the galaxy far far away and adapt it to make a completely fun game for everyone to experience.

Odds are that you've played one or two of these games and some of them hold a great amount of nostalgia for you (I know that's how it is for me and my family). With so many developers tackling this franchise, there are very different takes and genres with the series that make it interesting and accessible to people of all ages. From shooters to fast-paced racers, there's no type of game that Star Wars hasn't touched.

Because of the many games that have been made, it is fairly easy to pick out some of the highlights of it all. Everyone loves that one Star Wars game that defined their introduction into a particular genre. Whether you were a kid or a fully grown adult, it's likely that you hold some kind of connection to that.

That said, there are plenty of Star Wars games that are not worth playing. With so many developers making games, there was bound to be several duds that you need to avoid. Luckily we've included some in this list for your benefit.

These are 10 of our favorite Star Wars games and 5 that are downright awful.

The 10 That Are Worth Your Time


15 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

When Lego began making their tried and true formula that exists even today, they began with Lego Star Wars. This game allowed you to control Lego forms of your favorite Star Wars characters as you played through classic moments of the prequel trilogy. Then they made a sequel to the game that let you play through the original trilogy. However, it was kind of sad to see people buy two different games in order to experience the full saga of Star Wars. Because of this, Lego released Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

The Complete Saga does more than just allow you to play through all six episodes of the films. On top of that, there is a graphical and mechanical expansion, allowing you to perform new abilities, new tricks, and more. The game also brings in some new characters into the mix, giving you plenty of things to do after you complete the entire story. The Complete Saga also brought in a fun battle mode that lets players select whomever they want to fight their friends in a one on one. This game set the foundation for every Lego game afterward.

14 Star Wars Battlefront 2


Star Wars Battlefront redefined what a shooter game could really be. Allowing you to change between classes and operate from a third-person perspective, traditional conventions were thrown out the window. However, you couldn't play as Jedi and there weren't that many modes to keep you coming back. When Star Wars Battlefront 2 came out, all of those complaints were solved and a near perfect game was created. Battlefront 2 allowed you to play as different Jedi or Sith, who would appear about halfway through each match. It was quite satisfying to take on stormtroopers as Luke Skywalker or plow through Clones as Darth Maul.

The game also presented various different modes, including the fan favorite assault, and the unique hunters mode. Battlefront 2 allowed you to man vehicles throughout each map that shook up each battle and made it feel much more dynamic. There was a lot of change in classes you could pick and how you could move through an environment, and it was incredibly fun. Despite only allowing two players, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was perfect to play at parties and develop all kinds of fun memories while jetpacking through Kashyyyk.

13 The Force Unleashed

Star Wars action games used to be some of the greatest titles in the genre. After some stellar releases that we'll address shortly, there was a long hiatus on that type of game. Then came The Force Unleashed. While it doesn't quite live up to the hype of its predecessors, what is there is still worth mentioning. Back when George Lucas was able to make things canon, he helped craft the story to The Force Unleashed to make it canon. Set between the events of Episodes 3 and 4, there is a lot for fans of the franchise to love and get invested in.

The Force Unleashed puts you in the shoes of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Starkiller. As the name suggests, Starkiller has a powerful connection to the Force that allows him to perform crazy and over the top moves (you can also play as Darth Vader). There is nothing quite as satisfying as throwing stormtroopers around and watching them cling to each other for dear life. Couple the fun gameplay with a story that easily takes center stage, and this is a Star Wars game that is easily worth your time.

12 Star Wars: The Old Republic


One of the greatest decisions made by developers of Star Wars games was to adapt different points in the history of the universe. One such game that resulted out of this philosophy was Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware somehow managed to craft an excellent story in an MMO game that still gave the player a feeling of control and impact over the universe that they were placed in. The Old Republic doesn't quite reach the heights of its phenomenal predecessor, but it more than gets the job done.

Placing the Star Wars universe in an MMO leads to some amazing moments of exploration, travel, and combat. Each quest you do allows you to decide how you approach it and what kind of impact you will leave in your wake. Different classes boasts different abilities, but the builds are extremely versatile and allow you to take other roles as needed. The game also has a game mode that is the lovechild between SAW and football, which is so much stupid fun that you'll wonder why it hasn't been made into its own game. The Old Republic easily sits at the top of the greatest MMOs of all time.

11 Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

You're going to see multiple entries from the Battlefront series on this list, but because of how different this one on the PSP is and how overlooked it is, I feel that it has earned its spot. I will say that the game's story is quite terrible right off the bat. Between using cutscenes from the unreleased Battlefront 3, it never quite blends together and is very difficult to follow. If I were you, I would stay away from this mode altogether.

What Elite Squadron does well it does really well. The battles have been given the most amazing improvement. While it will never be the simple fun found in Battlefront 2 because you can only play by yourself, it's still quite amazing. Each battle takes place on the ground, then as you capture points, you can get in a ship and fly into space. There you will engage in a dogfight to take down the shield for a massive starfighter. Once you do that, you fly into the dock and make your way to the core to destroy it. After that, you are given a short amount of time to get your butt out of there and win the battle. Tell me that doesn't make you drool.

10 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens


I don't believe that it's coincidence how multiple entries in a series are good enough to make a list like this. Lego has proven themselves to be somewhat imperfect. When adapting movies a bit too prematurely, the results can be very mixed. Lego The Hobbit and Lego The Avengers are both really good examples of that. When Lego decided to make Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, many people assumed that it wouldn't be anything to write home about. Oh, how we were wrong.

So much care went into Lego The Force Awakens that it almost revitalizes the game series like the movie revitalized the film series. The gameplay ensures that players always have something to do in each level, and throws some variety with cover shooting and well-executed dogfights. Perhaps what's most impressive about the game is how it adds story content that was cut from the film, giving more backstory and detail to the lore of the world. For that fact alone, Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a must own for any self-respecting Star Wars fan. Even if you're not a fan, you'll still get a good time out of this game.

9 Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition

I've made the argument many times that the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront really should have been called something else. The reason for this is that the Battlefront name gives a certain expectation that simply wasn't met when this game was released. The new Battlefront is just Battlefield with a Star Wars overhaul. That said, it is quite good. However, many people were turned off by just how expensive the game was. It was a $60 title that was painfully lacking in content, and if you wanted to receive all of the DLC to make into a complete game, you'd be set back another $50. It was ridiculous and angered many people. If you're still interested in this game, though, now is your time to purchase it. DICE released Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition that contains the game and all of its DLC for $40. What makes this more exciting is that people will now see the title for how excellent it is. Amazing graphics and sound work permeate through every second of play. The various modes and weapons options give you more than plenty of things to do. I could go on, but you should probably just play the game yourself.


8 Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast


I told you we would be talking about more Star Wars action games. Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast is simply one of the best action games there is. You can't get around how fun this game is to play. First of all, the game tells a unique story that provides a believable character arc to the central protagonist. This is the story of a man who left the Jedi Order, but begins accepting who he really is. Because of this, you'll be switching between using a powerful blaster and a blue lightsaber.

The game itself is quite impressive as well. The lightsaber combat is fun and fast to execute. The Force abilities are much more refined and never get in the way of what your overall goals are. You can block, Force jump, and everything else you might think of when playing as a Jedi. Even the graphics still hold up decently, although the environments themselves look quite dated and lifeless by comparison. What makes this game more interesting is the fact that it wasn't developed by Lucasarts like its predecessor, but by Raven Software instead.

7 Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2

Star Wars Rogue Squadron on the N64 is one of the best dogfighting games. Period. It was so good that it even rivaled Star Fox 64. When the Gamecube came out, then we got to see what this franchise could really do. Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 is probably the best launch title for the Gamecube and the greatest dogfighting game of all time. When developers really put their minds to crafting a focused experience, beautiful things happen.

Rogue Squadron 2 is based around many of the same elements that the original Rogue Squadron set up. Fly around, follow, objectives, shoot down enemy fighters; that sort of thing. What's different this time around is that there were added mechanics that helped you prioritize your targets, you switched vehicles more often, and the graphics were much more improved. The Gamecube was the perfect home for this title, as its greater power allowed for developers to really stretch the limits of what they could do. Gone were the overly blocky polygons of the 64, and in its place was a beautiful well-rounded world and a well-rounded game.

6 Knights of the Old Republic


When you ask someone what the best Star Wars game of all time is, they will often send you to Knights of the Old Republic. The first major game to adapt a different timeline from the main saga, Knights of the Old Republic puts you 4000 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. This allowed for creative freedom from Bioware to create the experience that they felt was best, and we're glad that they did. The story introduces new and terrifying Sith, and powerful allies that become incredibly memorable in the lore of the franchise.

You yourself control many of the actions that influence the story in this stellar RPG. Your actions (whether you become a murderer or not and how you speak to others) affect how the story progresses. This is happily married to powerful and linear gameplay that only emphasizes how you affect the world around you. Then at the end, you are presented with one of the greatest plot twists in the gaming world that then leads you into a memorable final battle on the same level of Obi Wan versus Darth Vader. If you haven't played this game yet, go do yourself a favor and get it.

Here are the worst Star Wars games.

5 Jedi Power Battles

I remember my uncle (a Star Wars nut) having this game for the Playstation when I was a kid. My brother and I would pour hours into it until we eventually got older. We replayed the game for the nostalgia factor and were immediately disappointed by what we had purchased. Jedi Power Battles is a painfully clunky game with terrible controls and an unfair level of difficulty that it makes it as frustrating to play as it is to watch.

What Jedi Power Battles does well is allow you to choose from different Jedi like Plo Koon and Mace Windu (even allowing you to play as Darth Maul after you beat the game), but that's where its merits end. The camera sits at just the right spot to make you die from jumps where you couldn't quite gauge the distance, and enemies that are just too far from your field of view. Furthermore, the game doesn't do a great job of telling how you to progress or how to use your abilities. This will lead to even more deaths and a desire to play something else.

4 Super Bombad Racing


Take one look at the game's cover and try not to throw up in your mouth a little. You would think that the closest Star Wars would ever get to Mario Kart would be with its Pod Racing games. Nope. Instead they decided that they wanted to appeal to kids, and that's how we ended up with Super Bombad Racing.

Right away it's clear that the artists didn't really know what they were doing. All of the characters have tiny bodies and creepily large heads that are more distracting than anything else. Then there are the tracks themselves. Where Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing went for bright and detailed environments, Super Bombad Racing is full of dull colors and muddled textures. Then there's the fact that all of the game's content is based solely around The Phantom Menace, which immediately turned many people away. Super Bombad Racing doesn't have bad controls by any means, but you'll only know that if you can past the horrible art direction and scenery. The tracks are pretty lifeless (save for maybe Naboo) and there is little to keep you coming back when you could just play a better kart racer.

3 The Force Unleashed 2

The Force Unleashed was a solid game overall, but there were some issues that many expected to be fixed with future installments. When we got The Force Unleashed 2, we were shocked to see that these problems had not only been ignored, but that there were even more problems that spawned.

Where The Force Unleashed had an amazing story, its sequel never properly delivers. The Force Unleashed 2 starts on a strong note, but immediately falls flat on its face, similar to how the prequels performed in the long run. Don't expect to be invested in the adventures of Starkiller this time around as he escapes the clutches of Darth Vader.

Then there's the problem of the gameplay. Instead of giving you any hint of challenge, you are handed all of the Force abilities from the previous game right from the getgo. You become one of the most overpowered characters, which makes the combat even more repetitive than before. However, you won't have to suffer very long because the game is incredibly short. Most can beat it in a few hours. What makes this package so bitter is that it had all the potential in the world, and it didn't deliver on any of it.

2 Kinect Star Wars


We all know that the Kinect is one of the worst devices ever created, but when it worked, it made some really great experiences. Kinect Star Wars seemed like a no brainer. You can move your hand to swing your lightsaber and wave your arm to use the Force. What poisons this prospect is that the Kinect didn't function well enough to ever make you feel like a real Jedi. More often than not, you'd probably die to the controls not properly responding to your hand movements.

However, that would be fine if the game itself was well put together and polished. Spoiler alert: it isn't. Kinect Star Wars suffers from random frame rate drops in the middle of cutscenes and jarring animations from many of its characters. The graphics themselves are not acceptable (by the standards set back then). There are multiple modes to choose from in the game, but some of them make no sense. There's one where you can dance along with Princess Leia in her slave outfit, which is just a watered down knock off of Just Dance. Overall, the game isn't worth your time or money, and if you have a Kinect, you should probably burn it.

1 Masters of Teras-Kasi

When you think of Star Wars, is a fighting game the first genre that comes to mind? Probably not, but somebody thought of it, because we got Masters of Teras-Kasi (whatever that name means). The game was a fighting game in the style of Tekken that let you control various Star Wars characters from across its expanded universe. The game even brought in characters who had not appeared in movies, but were instead introduced in other media, which was nice. However, new characters and cool lightsabers don't distract from what this game really is. Masters of Teras-Kasi is one of the most clunky fighting games to this day. Where fighting games are full of precision, balancing, and combos these days, this game has none of that. The controls are so sluggish that anybody can see your attacks coming a mile away. If you do manage to juggle someone, the combo will only last about three hits before you're not able to do anything else. The game on paper sounded very awesome, but in execution was actually one of the worst Star Wars games to date.

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