10 Shocking Parenting Pics WWE Doesn’t Want You To See (And 5 They Do)

It seems like today, in the WWE, controversy is not welcome...

Back in the tail end of the 90s, the last thing the WWE was thinking about was becoming a family-friendly product. Those days became outdated and eventually, the WWE fans switched over to WCW watching edgier programming with the likes of the nWo pushing the envelope. The WWE changed its product as well and eventually became even edgier than its rival. This would help to propel the WWE over WCW, and it led to record breaking ratings.

Once WCW went under, things slowly started to change. The WWE has now changed their focus on becoming a worldwide empire. In doing so, they needed to change the content of the programming in order to entice investors, and that’s exactly what they’ve done turning it into a PG product. With the uprising of social media, the company is now less concerned with the rating and more set on becoming a huge worldwide company. With all that being said, controversy is not welcome.

Well, in typical Richest fashion, we welcome the controversy, as we take a look at ten parenting pictures from the past the WWE wants no part of, and likely won’t be showing their investors. We’ll also take a look at the other side, with five photos the WWE wants you to see of their Superstars as proud parents. So without further ado, let's get to the list. Enjoy!

15 Don’t: Trish Reveals Too Much

A pioneer in the WWE’s Women’s Division, Trish Stratus will forever be remembered as one of the greatest females to ever lace the boots. She decided to retire young in hopes of entering a career in Hollywood, however, her most noticeable accomplishments since leaving are giving birth to her two children, a boy Maximus, and most recently as of January, 2017, a girl named Madison-Patricia.

Through the likes of Twitter and Instagram, you can still follow the former WWE star and see what she’s up to nowadays. As documented by her Instagram account, she’s loving motherhood. However, many questioned some of her controversial pictures as she was seen breastfeeding her children. Some believed such a picture should have remained private, while others didn’t really find it all that bad. A similar topic was brought up most recently when Brie put a similar picture up, however, it was nothing close to the pictures Trish has posted in the past.

14 Don’t: Dad’s Not Okay

A Hall Of Fame-worthy career, it’s sad to think that most of the WWE Universe associates Scott with his personal battles outside of the wrestling ring. Hall has been in and out of rehab centers for the last decade, and E:60 gave us a brilliant take on the struggles Hall was facing throughout his journey on getting sober. One harsh reality saw Scott completely out of it during an indie cameo as his son watched on in misery, trying to help his dad. The scene was quite troubling and really stung right in the heart, it was an image the WWE doesn’t want you to see of a son watching his struggling father.

It seems like the story would take a positive twist as Scott completely changed his life under DDP’s yoga practice. Hall is now sober again, looking ten years younger. His transformation is truly extraordinary. As for his son Cody, he’s still making his father proud, wrestling for Pro Wrestling Noah.

13 Don’t: Mother Daughter Violence

Growing up in a wrestling family, Paige started her craft at the tender age of 13 joining local shows that were run by her family. She was in some wacky storylines before her WWE run and that included a brief Tag Team story alongside her mother. The two even competed against each other in a brutal contest; it’s just another Paige moment the WWE wants you to forget about. Under the alias of Sweet Saraya, Paige’s mom is still in the wrestling field today while her daughter’s career remains in limbo.

At this point, it’s safe to assume her WWE days are done as recent reports indicated she’d likely already be terminated had it not been for her movie project alongside The Rock. When it’s all said and done, there’s a lot more the WWE wants you to forget about Paige's career than remember about.

12 Don’t: Vince Chokes His Daughter

When you think about top WWE parents, Vince certainly isn’t the first name that comes to mind. Why, you ask? Well, the programming hasn’t been the kindest to his parenting skills as he beat the hell out of Shane, his son, multiple times, made out with different women in front of his very own real-life wife, oh, and, he choked his daughter with a pipe during a one-on-one match. So yes, McMahon doesn’t have the greatest record when it comes to parenting skills, particularly when it comes to his on-screen persona.

Although that all sounds downright terrible, this worst idea was never shown on television and thankfully rejected by Stephanie. While pregnant, Vince pitched an incest idea in what would feature McMahon as the father of his daughter’s baby. It was a disturbing pitch that we thank the Lord Steph turned down. All this info is without a doubt something the WWE wants us to forget about.

11 Do: Father Of The Year

Titus is a rare example of a WWE Superstar that seems to be a greater asset outside of the ring than in it. In terms of his accomplishments, he hasn’t done all that much aside from a Tag Team Title run as his storylines haven’t been the greatest, especially as of late. Outside the ring however, he’s very important to the company and perhaps the most charitable face in all of the WWE. O’Neal made headlines around the sporting world for winning the Father Of The Year award, something the WWE was absolutely thrilled about and continues to promote today. Winning such an award was not only huge for Titus, but was immense for the WWE brand, particularly with their valued sponsors.

Along with that prestigious honor, he has a lengthy resume of charitable donations and for that reason alone, the WWE will hang on to him for a long time.

10 Don’t: The Titus Kiss

Hilarious to be quite honest that Titus falls on both ends of the list; it seems like the big fellow can do no wrong, but he did partake in an odd moment that the fanbase had a field day with online. In all likelihood, the WWE wants us to forget about this incident.

The situation took place during an episode of Monday Night Raw back in the summer of 2016. Titus embraced his kids who were sitting ringside, and let's just say the embrace might have went a little too far. Titus planted one right on the lips of one of his sons, and Twitter absolutely blew up following the incident with what seemed like endless memes. It was a blooper type of moment and one we truly believe Titus himself didn’t want to do, or did he? Nonetheless, it was forgettable in every imaginable way and a parenting situation the company would rather you didn’t remember.

9 Do: Kurt The Family Man

One of the brightest moments in the WWE for 2017 was the return of Kurt Angle as he finally came back home after a hiatus of over a decade. His initial departure ended on a bitter note as Angle was in a bad place outside of the ring. However, this time around, Kurt seems to be an all new different human being and that starts with his personal life.

Whether it’s through the WWE or Angle himself, Kurt has happily published pictures of himself as a family man. Kurt got engaged to his wife Giovanna Yannotti in 2010, and the happy couple has three children, with their most recent being born in November of 2016, Nikoletta Sky Angle. The WWE is thrilled with Angle’s new lifestyle and it only helps to promote the clean cut PG brand. This is one of the many family pictures the WWE wants you to see of Kurt as he proudly picks up his daughter after school.

8 Don’t: Night In Jail With Your Son

Kevin Nash wasn’t an over the top performer by any means, but he managed to make a name for himself by being at the right place at the right time in several instances. Nash had the physical look along with being paired with some of the top stars. This bolstered his resume as an upper-card performer throughout the bulk of his career. He had a respectable career in the ring and one that the WWE is proud of. However, something the company won’t showcase at any point is a shocking incident that took place with Nash and his son outside of the ring.

On Christmas Eve of 2014, Kevin’s family endured quite the incident as the cops were called to arrest Nash for battery against his son. Things would only get worse as Nash’s son was also arrested later on for attacking his mother. Ultimately, Kevin didn’t face any charges as it was deemed he was only protecting his wife against his son. Nonetheless, the situation is one the WWE wants to forget about.

7 Don’t: Jim’s Arrest

An underrated talent during his time, Jim Neidhart made a name for himself as a secondary character throughout his career. He spent the 90s with both the WWE and WCW. Nowadays, he’s known as the father of Natalya who currently wrestles for the WWE. As documented on Total Divas, Jim hasn’t had the easiest time since retiring, turning to alcohol and partaking in several rehab sessions. His worst offense however took place in 2010, and it’s certainly something the WWE wants you to forget about when it comes to the father of such a promising and respected WWE Superstar.

In September of 2010, Anvil was charged with two counts of possession, carrying illegal drugs and selling them. He was even charged with grand theft for property stolen. With all those charges piling up, Neidhart was sentenced to nearly six months of prison. It was a dark cloud that hovered over Nattie’s family and a situation the WWE wants you to forget about.

6 Do: The Foleys

Mick Foley was a polarizing figure during his WWE career. He wasn’t built as a prototypical Superstar and he had a hardcore style, however, fans got by his side and it led to a Hall Of Fame-worthy career. He’s had his ups and downs with Vince in the past, however, something both can agree on is showcasing Mick’s wonderful family to the WWE Universe is a huge plus.

McMahon was so into the idea and the family that he decided to give the Foleys their very own spin-off on the WWE Network, Holy Foley. Those featured on the show include Mick and his wife, along with their three sons Dewey, Hughie and Michael. And of course, their lovely daughter and arguably the star of the show, Noelle Foley, who’s become an immense face on social media. We can argue that Vince likes Foley’s family more than he does Mick, but that’s a debate for another day.

5 Don’t: Parents Behind Bars

This incident took place back in January of 2014, and it’s something the couple wants their children to forget about. Police showed up on the scene when people close by reported on some yelling between the two; when the cops showed up, both were visibly battered and bruised, ending up spending the rest of the night behind bars.

Ultimately, the couple stayed together despite the heated interaction and dropped all charges. Shortly after, the first son Maxel Hardy, was welcomed into the world. Both Reby and Maxel were on hand for Hardy’s TNA Championship win at Bound For Glory in the same year.

Things are still on the up for the couple as not only is Hardy thriving back in the WWE, but the couple is also expecting another child soon, as young Maxel is to be joined by a little brother. It seems like a second coming of the Hardy Boyz is a big possibility looking into the future.

4 Don’t: Flairs Gone Wild

From road rage, to divorces, to not following legal contract obligations, Flair has found himself in some legal troubles a couple of times throughout his life. In terms of bizarre incidents however, this one takes the cake, as it featured the Nature Boy and his daughter Charlotte.

Before Charlotte made her way to the WWE, she was actually married twice, along with working as a personal trainer. One situation in particular took place back in 2008 as Charlotte (along with one of her previous boyfriends) got physical with the Nature Boy leading to a situation that was followed by arrests. The aftermath saw Ric bruised up and Charlotte behind bars as she assaulted a police officer only to get tased. Charlotte was initially charged with a month and a half in prison, but settled for a probationary sentence. Thankfully, her name wasn’t known to the WWE Universe yet, however, it’s still a situation the WWE doesn’t want us to know ever transpired.

3 Do: Steph & Her Daughters

The goal of changing the WWE product to PG was making it more family friendly. Ultimately, taking such a route would facilitate the relationship between the WWE and future investors. With Stephanie being the Chief Branding Officer promoting to company on a global scale, that’s exactly what happened as the WWE is currently booming worldwide with more sponsorship relationships than ever before.

In her personal life, Stephanie has also added to the PG mentality by posting pictures of her family life away from the ring. McMahon is a proud mom of three daughters, alongside her husband Triple H. Seeing such a happy and healthy family can only do good for the WWE, especially when it involves Stephanie and her husband, who are being portrayed and tailored as the future of the WWE taking the place of Vince once his time is up. Without a doubt, these are parenting pictures the WWE wants you to see.

2 Don’t: The Creepster

Arguably the greatest WWE Superstar ever created, Hogan had immense success inside of the squared circle but sadly, the same cannot be said for her personal life. Hogan was said to be very cut-throat behind the scenes, and a leaked tape would only further dampen his image when he was caught using racial slurs. Following the incident, Hulk was immediately released by the WWE and it remains to be seen if and when he’ll ever return. According to recent news, it’s in the hands of the WWE’s sponsors at this point, claiming they'll do what’s best for business.

His parenting skills are another facet of his personal life that have been questioned and this picture furthered that speculation when he was caught rubbing tanning cream on his lovely daughter, Brooke’s behind. It was a situation that raised a lot of eyebrows and yet another Hulk moment the WWE wants you to forget about.

1 Papa Roman

The most polarizing figure in the WWE, you can’t hate on this guy for his constant dedication to the WWE, being a huge workhorse for the company. Along with his in-ring accomplishments, the WWE also wants you to know about his family life. Roman is a proud father of a lovely daughter named Joelle, the two side-by-side, have melted the hearts of the WWE Universe, and that’s a great look for the company who advertises Roman Reigns as the face of the promotion. Without a doubt, everything involving Roman and his family life is something the WWE wants you to see.

Reigns’ title win at WrestleMania 32 solidified is status as the “big dog” in the company. His title win was celebrated by himself and his daughter, who joined the festivities after the show went off the air. It was a moment the WWE wants us and their investors to see, without a doubt.

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