10 Scary Photos Of Courteney Cox And 5 That Make It All Better

Anyone who has seen photos of Courteney Cox in the past few years will understand immediately the unfortunate turn the once gorgeous girl has taken.

Courteney Cox has long been a darling of television comedy, and film fright. Her iconic roles on the Friends television series, and the Scream film franchise will forever keep her in the hearts of many a fanatic of one genre or another.

From her first appearance in Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark" music video, till now, people have been longing for the busty, boisterous, and brash beauty. In recent years though, Cox has somewhat dampened her appeal with her fan base. While she has spoken out regarding her regrets with concern to the overhaul she had done on her face, words unfortunately don't change the reality.

Anyone who has seen photos of Courteney Cox in the past few years will understand immediately the unfortunate turn the once gorgeous girl has taken. And so here are ten rather unfortunate photos of the once gorgeous Courteney Cox, and five photos that will make you forget today's reality.

15 A Good Start

Well why not start out with an appealing photo before breaking into the bad? It's a good way to ease into the article, for sure. Those dazzling, icy blue eyes are just so incredibly engaging; so open to the world, and ready for anything. The sexually charged position of the seemingly crawling Courteney Cox in this photo is complimented by her very determined look. She is fully in control, and that is more than clear. It doesn't hurt either that the forward bend in her pose opens up a bit of a bountiful view for those who would love to sneak a peak in anyway they can. Certainly a photo for those who love nothing more than to fantasize in the wee small hours of the morn, in their parents' basement, while they watch reruns of Friends. All the same, keep this photo in mind whilst the descent continues through the article. The five photos that will help readers to forget will need to all be kept in mind, to push away memories of Cox's unfortunate, present appearance.

14 Flat Hair Day

Now perhaps this is not so bad as one might think it could be. And this is true. In comparison to some of the other unfortunate photos in this article, this one isn't actually all that bad. However, one can see already at this point some struggle in order to muscle a smile on her face. This is an unfortunate side effect of putting plastic in one's face. Emotion is something a little harder to express with the face after cosmetic alterations of such a manner. But that's not the only unfortunate aspect of this photo. It doesn't help that her hair seems to be completely matted, flat down her face, and likely tied in a rat's nest at the back. Thankfully her eyes are still fully visible, and still have some of that air of determination, and desire. Though it must be said there is somewhat of a fade in confidence by the look of the glint in her eyes. These may seem like rather paltry issues that are just due to her age, but rest assured there are far more attractive fifty two year old women out there, and this has nearly nothing to do with age.

13 Nobody Can Fix This Face

As the specific phrasing of the title to this entry suggests, it makes no difference how her body looks in this photo. It really doesn't, because ultimately, the dulling, drooping face of Courteney Cox detracts entirely from any attraction her body might manage from onlookers. That may sound incredibly harsh, and surely this writer cannot boast of any attractive photos like exist for Cox, but celebrities live in the spotlight, and therefore have the most observations made of them. That's just the nature of the beast of celebrity. And part of the nature of the beast of Botox is the very tensed facial features that now plague Courteney Cox. Her mouth now stretched in a permanent, dissatisfied smirk or grimace, this makes for a rather unfortunate addition to this article. Though, even with the additional commentary on Cox's eyes in this photo (as they begin to shut from the tightening of her face), this still isn't the most unfortunate photo of Cox in this article.

12 Struggling To Smile

It no longer seems like determination in Courteney's eyes. Nor desire of any sort. It almost appears to be even beyond defeat. There seems to be a vacancy in those once, open, gorgeous, icy blues. Oh how the mighty have fallen. And the struggle to smile is so much more apparent here, as Cox's lips are just barely able to purse and expose some degree of teeth for the smile. The droop of her once strong cheekbones, as said before, have nothing to do with age. That is all the settling of the cosmetic work she had done. All things considered, maybe makeup would have been the best cosmetic option overall, and even then, before all of this work, Courteney would have been gorgeous even without any makeup. That's certainly not the case now. Sure, she's not so unfortunate looking as she could be (and is now) in this photo. But given that part of her face appears upside down, it seems that no degree of makeup could quite distract enough from the unfortunate results.

11 Blown Away

Wow! Now there's the Courteney Cox everyone wants to know and love. It is unfortunate to think about how fans of her work, or simply her celebrity status, will really only continue to care, based on her looks. How vapid and superficial the world is must really weigh on celebrities. Sure, the money must make up for it, to some degree, but they are still human. Regardless, it is hard not to pay attention to looks when celebrities care so much to promote stunning looks that are, very often, airbrushed or Photoshopped to finish. A vicious circle of desiring beauty. Either way, in this photo, it's clear that Courteney achieved that desire. Whatever could have possessed her to undergo cosmetic surgery? It's nuts to think that someone this beautiful had the notion that she needed to enhance something. And in so doing, she seemingly ruined it all. Look at everything she had going for her though: beautiful, and eager eyes, a wonderful complexion, and a fantastic body.

10 Still Struggling To Smile...

Alright, to be fair: here there is some degree of noticeable age, but that's still hardly the issue with the photo. She's managed to have opened up those pursed lips a bit more to show ever so slightly more teeth, but not much to really make much difference. It must be hard, when the muscles around the jaw are all seized by surgery. Not that she specifically did that to herself, but the additional work on her face has had that very result all the same. One can see in the incredible amounts of tension on her face. That sort of tension is reserved for big, full smiles. The elasticity of Courteney's face here has gone almost completely. Sure age plays some part of that, but it certainly doesn't remove one's ability to really smile. It doesn't help that the red of her lips, and the red of her skin really don't play well together either. Courteney does seem to at least have some degree of spark left in her eyes here (given that one can actually see her eyes here), but it seems a struggle to keep them open all the same.

9 Very Tense

Now if this is not the most terrifying photo of Courteney Cox, then this writer knows nothing of terror. And if not the most terrifying photo of her, it is certainly the photo that shows the most terror in her face. That or she was simply trying to show interest in something. Perhaps by pushing to raise her eyebrows in interest, she managed to push the rest of her facial structure downward? It already, for sure was on its way down, simply by the settling of the cosmetic work down to it, but the forcing of certain expressions must not help either. Regardless of the cause of what is going on with Courteney's face in this photo, it is absolutely frightening. She is fairly alien-looking in that there is something otherworldly about her in this photo, that is in now way attractive, or human. But hey, there is at least something positive to take away from this shot. She does, after all, have her eyes wide open. She doesn't seem eager as much as she looks terrified or furious, but at least she's managed to keep them open.

8 Whatever Happened To The Real Courteney?

Well damn. Now here is a fairly un-airbrushed shot of Courteney Cox that is in no way unfortunate (unless one finds the wearing of clothing in this shot, unfortunate). How can one tell that there's hardly any airbrushing in this shot? Well, just take a look at all of the freckles all over the tops of Cox's shoulders, and all over her chest. Surely they travel even further, but there is a top in the way. It seems, as compared to the previous lipstick-laden shot, that Cox got the right colour this time, and it certainly helps that her face is not so unnaturally flushed this time around. Her hair isn't flattened, and matted to her head, and that's certainly a step in the right direction. Her cheekbones are beautifully cut, without any hint of unfortunate droop. And those eyes...oh those gorgeous, icy blues. They have no hint of being shut by tension, and they are still full of confidence, and desire. There is certainly no vacancy in that look.

7 There's That Forced Smile!

Oh dear. Now this is truly unfortunate. Goodness gracious. Nothing wrong with backpacking along with Bear Grylls, of course. And it is great that Cox did an episode of Running Wild, but the work here is clear. To be fair, she expresses regret about it on the episode, and comments on how horrible people are to celebrities about their looks. This goes back to a comment in an earlier entry, regarding the vicious circle of celebrities wanting to be beautiful, and their fans wanting them to be beautiful. Who knows who the first one was to suggest the requisite of beauty, but it is good to know that now Courteney Cox just doesn't give a shit. That being said, it would have been far more appreciated by her fans, surely, if she had decided not to give a shit about her appearance a few years earlier. She would never have felt the inclination to try and "keep up" with her age. She was plenty gorgeous without the work, and would have remained so, in spite of age, to be sure.

6 A Little Droop

Well now here is the droop in full effect. This isn't Courteney Cox being tired. This is her skin being exhausted by the amount of Botox. At least she's not interested in going "under the knife" as she has said. "I just did Ulthera, which is supposed to produce collagen, and I’m about to do Fraxel, which will get rid of all these brown spots off my arms, chest and face." A huge believer in laser treatment, apparently, and once all for injections, Cox really did do what she could to overcome the aging process that was pretty well, in no way, affecting her (not in comparison to the effect of the work she had done on herself to prevent aging). While her eyes still have a hint of a glimmering enjoyment of life in this photo, the face around those eyes is so clearly exhausted by the work done to it, that it is almost depressing. It took decades, and decades for Courteney to think about doing something so brash to prevent age, and a very short time period in which to realize it was a mistake...but it's a mistake that won't be cleared up anytime soon.

5 Wow Those Eyes

One just cannot get enough of those stunning eyes. Obviously this is another of the five photos that will hopefully make up for the unfortunate photos that make up the majority of this article. And for very good reason is this photo one of the five good ones. If even for nothing more than her incredible eyes. There is something about Courteney Cox's eyes, pre-cosmetic work that just warms the heart, and makes one feel that, in some strange way, Courteney really cares for the viewer of the photo. There is an embracing warmth there, in spite of the icy blue. And while her hair is all over the place in this shot, it is clear that this is intentional (As opposed to the matted mess in an entry above). And her skin here, is fantastic. Maybe she developed some skin issues eventually, or just didn't like the freckles speckled all about her body, but there was nothing so wrong with her body that it deserved the horrible treatment it received.

4 We Don't Know What Happened Either

She looks a bit confused here, throwing up her hands in confusion. Of course, realistically she is simply talking to the camera here, during the shoot of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. But again, in spite of what her opinions are now about what work she did on her face, and how much she regrets it, this is the Courteney Cox of today. And sad as it is, and how little one wants to hurt Cox, it seems that, after all of the clear examples of failed attempts of searching out that fountain of youth...she was still somehow deluded to think it was possible to achieve. This isn't solely a celebrity issue, but the pressure is on in Hollywood, for this sort of garbage, and it ends up ruining lives. Thankfully this has not ruined Cox's life (only her face), and she has now come to grips with aging. And sure, the treatments she's had will not last forever, but one wonders just what she will appear once all of that previous work has faded. Maybe that's the wonderment she's expressing in the above photo.

3 Even Difficult To Wince

Before getting back to the horrible facial work here, it must be said that it looks as though Courteney's hair has been put through the iron one too many times (or one hundred too many times). There is a particular shine, and puff to her hair in this photo that makes it seem as though there is some great degree of heat damage. It's almost as though it could break off, piece by piece, should one try and snap through it. Then comes the horrible expression. Her eyes were already being pulled shut by the tension placed on her face thanks to the Botox, but in this scene, it seems as though she struggles even to close her eyes, in addition to wanting them open as they used to be. She seems to be struggling here to so much as quint. And her face seems perpetually in this shape of attempted smile. It's not only depressing, but also sort of frightening. How could one ever know just what Cox is thinking just by looking at her? One would argue that until the treatments wither away, one will never know.

2 The Permanent Purse 

It must be said, there really is still a sparkle in those beautiful blues...but the entire case around those eyes seems incredibly aged, exhausted, and overdrawn. Especially once one starts the decline in the aging process, one's skin is not meant to stretch more over top of something like Botox. And that fact certainly becomes clear in this shot. Especially with that stretched out smile. Or is it a smile? One will never really know because her face has been stretched to that position. It's possible for her to push the limits of her facial expressions, but it will be sometime before she can make the wide array of expression she did from Friends, to Ace Ventura, and from Scream, to Cougar Town. Though to be fair, she had already some work done by the final instalment of the Scream franchise, and through the shooting of Cougar Town. But at least, more than anything, Courteney has finally found her way to not caring about keeping eternally young. Everyone is food for worms, and waiting trying to cover that fact up by destroying an already beautiful face with Botox is just sad.

1 A Happy Ending...

So why not end on a good note with a beautiful photo of pre-injection, and pre-laser Courteney Cox? It just seems like the right thing to do after running through a list of unfortunately awful photos of the television and film star. Sure, it might be best, with regards to her, to end with a present day photo in solidarity to her lack of care about her appearance now. But this article isn't for her, to be fair. It's for the readers, and surely readers would rather leave on a picturesque note than on some haunting photo of a previously ravishing woman whom many idolized, and fantasized about. Ultimately, her newfound attitude is great, and she will again be a significant staple in the Hollywood community, surely. And regardless of her looks, she seemingly still has the spunk she always had. And hey, at least there is still a wealth of fantastic photos of Courteney Cox. There's positivity in all aspects of her life now: including the unfortunate experiences that are so photographically do enjoy leaving on this flowery note.


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