10 Rumored Returns We Might See In The Women’s Royal Rumble (5 Possible Debuts)

With the news of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble set to take place, the rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation of the rumored entrants. Of course, several faces from Raw and SmackDown Live will be featured, however, you can expect the company to fill up the match with a variety of former faces making a return for the event. We can also expect to see some rumored debuts, whether it be Superstars representing NXT or even, a certain MMA megastar making her debut.

Former Divas have even teased a return for the match in the last couple of days. Both Michelle McCool and Trish Stratus took to Twitter tweeting out their desire in making a return for the match. Of course, Twitter blew up with the tweets, however it seems to be Ronday Rousey making all the headlines given the fact that she’s taking part in some heavy duty pro wrestling training as of late according to gossip.

From NXT performers to those outside of the WWE, we’ll take a look at five possible debuts that might take place. In addition, we’ll also look at ten possible returns featuring numerous Divas from the Ruthless Aggression Era along with faces that have taken a hiatus from the company. With the rumor mill buzzing here are ten returns we might see in the Women’s Royal Rumble and five possible debuts. Enjoy!

15 Return – Eva Marie

For many WWE fans, this was likely the last name you expected to see featured on such a list. From day one, wrestling fans questioned Eva’s motives in getting inside of the squared circle. Speculation led many fans to believe that her sports and entertainment journey was only a stepping stone for a greater gig in the entertainment world and that’s exactly what ended up taking shape as Eva was released by the company and is now working several films.

So why a return? Well, if anything, the WWE would just make it a one-time appearance to get the fans' blood boiling. She’s likely in the good graces of the company after a recent appearance alongside Mia Khalifa as

she defended the integrity of pro wrestling.

Fans were pleased with her comments and likely, the WWE felt the same way as she did a great job in defending the company’s honor. Perhaps as a thank you, she’ll be featured for shock value more so than anything else.

14 Return – Kaitlyn

Although brief, Kaitlyn made quite the impact during her short-lived stint enjoying a run with the Divas Championship. She ended up leaving pro wrestling still only in her 20s for a new career alongside her ex-husband.

Kaitlyn recently discussed her struggles away from the ring,

claiming she lost her drive and identity.

Bonin turned to drugs and alcohol to facilitate her depressed ways. Well, that was the past and she’s now back on her feet since divorcing her ex. Kaitlyn solidified her well-being by making a return to the ring which was posted via her Instagram account. Bonin expressed great joy in being back in the ring. Given that she’s a former champion, she has a huge following via social media and is still in her early 30s - all that would make it a perfect recipe for a return with no better platform to do so.

13 Debut – The Iconic Duo

It seems like all that the Women’s Division is missing nowadays is a relevant tag team. All of the acts are mainly single's performers, aside from Lana managing Tamina. Enter the Iconic Duo, the team that’s been making waves down in NXT. Both are overdue for a call-up at this point and the Rumble might be a great starting point. Although they possess Diva-like mentalities gimmick wise, they’ve managed to land in the good graces of NXT crowds due to their tremendous in-ring ability, particularly Peyton Royce who’s labelled as a massive future star.

Similar to Alexa Bliss, we expect the 25 year old to thrive more so on the main roster than she did with NXT.

For now, the Australians remain in NXT more so for the fact that the brand needs credible heels like the duo. At the very least, we can see a cameo from one of them at the Rumble while heading back to Orlando following the PPV.

12 Return – Melina

Back in her prime, Melina was head and shoulders above the rest in the post Trish and Lita era. She was by far the top performer, though it was her attitude backstage that rubbed her peers the wrong way. Melina would isolate herself from the entire locker room and it killed her reputation. She ended up leaving the company in 2011 and shortly after, parting from the business altogether.

Well, like many we’ve seen in the past, she’s now back to wrestling working on the indie scene. Yet to hit her 40s at the age of 38, she’s almost the same age as Mickie James which can certainly work in her favor. The familiarity with the company also helps. Although she left on bad terms, we’ve seen the company is willing to forgive and forget. Not only can she serve a purpose as a surprise Rumble entrant but she can also help in putting over younger talents similar to James.

11 Return – Michelle McCool

McCool has made the headlines lately for expressing a desire in returning to the ring. She stated interest in taking on Charlotte Flair at some point down the road however, she’s now targeting another event, the Royal Rumble.

Michelle recently took to Twitter expressing her joy that a female Rumble match was set to take place.

She also added that the event takes place on her birthday which she added would be an excellent gift.

Given her high powered status with the company due to her relationship with Undertaker, it won’t be too shocking to see her back in the WWE if anything, as a solid for her husband who’s the most respected face in the entire wrestling business. A return can easily be both a one off or a sustained run that carries on depending on her momentum.

10 Debut – Nikki Cross

We’re quite certain that the WWE will choose to sprinkle in some NXT flavor to the Rumble match. As far as certain fits go, Nikki Cross would be an ideal face to represent the brand. Unlike most PG personas on the main roster, Cross adds a different element of edge. She’s also quite experienced given the fact that she’s been on the indie since 2008 up until her WWE call up to NXT. With speculation rising that sAnity is set to debut shortly in order to rival both Woken Matt and Bray Wyatt, a debut at the Rumble would make complete sense for Cross.

Again, it’s possible her debut at the Rumble might be a one off as she heads back to NXT. Nonetheless, she’s more than deserving of the spot given her run with the developmental brand.

9 Return – Torrie Wilson

Sometimes, the WWE doesn’t necessarily look at the most talented performers to give us a little nostalgia feel. Wilson certainly wasn’t the most gifted in the ring, however she did hold her own as a fan favorite connecting with the audience based off her look and infectious personality. The company might be in need for past performers and some that can fly over the top rope quickly, Wilson certainly fits the bill for that criteria.

Although she’s in her 40s, getting into ring shape won’t be a problem. Wilson is looking better than ever nowadays which sounds preposterous but in the words of the great Kurt Angle: it’s true it’s damn true. A Rumble entry can showcase her tremendous body but if not, give her Instagram account a follow, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how little she’s aged just getting better and better – like a fine wine.

8 Return – Gail Kim

This one might seem like the most farfetched on the list but like we’ve seen with the WWE in the past, expect the unexpected. The company loves that shock value moment and when it comes to an event like the Royal Rumble, there’s no better time to throw in that element.

Of course, such a return would require lots of work as Kim left the company on the worst of terms after it was deemed that McMahon lost interest in her because of her look. She would eliminate herself from a Battle Royal and create a great career away from the WWE with TNA.

She’s set to retire, so what a send off it would be to return for one more match

in a similar bout that she initially ended her career in with the company. Due to the fact that she maintained a decent relationship with Hunter, the return isn’t as unlikely as most fans might think, then again, it remains the most unlikely return on the list but worthy of the speculation.

7 Debut – Rosemary



Perhaps the hottest female act outside of the WWE is Rosemary. We can point the finger and laugh at Impact for many reasons however, they’ve done a decent job in building up female talent. Rosemary is definitely a primary example of that as she’s risen to popularity for her work on the indies and with Impact.

Everything about her, from her look to her Bray Wyatt-like persona, is a breath of fresh air

and something a company like the WWE hasn’t seen before in a female talent. We can just imagine the amount of storylines you can add Rosemary into with the current crop of WWE Superstars.

For now, like Gail Kim, this rumored entry is a bit of a long shot due to her current contractual status which is unknown at this point. There’s also a point to be made that perhaps some fans wouldn’t know who she is which would result in possibly hearing crickets when making her debut. Nonetheless, the purist wrestling fan would mark out. It remains to be seen when and where she’ll debut with the WWE.

6 Return – Victoria

Perhaps one of the most underrated Divas of the Ruthless Aggression era, Victoria personified the slogan to perfection as one of the most ruthless and villainous heels that served as a brilliant face to rival both Trish and Lita. The veteran had quite the run with the company, finally parting ways in 2009. Unlike most female wrestlers that call it a day a little while after,

Victoria has remained active ever since, wrestling for TNA, ROH and currently, the indie scene.

She also remains active at numerous wrestling conventions worldwide. Given the fact that she’s remained so active and hasn’t burned any bridges with the WWE, we can easily see her back in the ring as a veteran face returning for the Rumble in a type of one-off cameo. The company can also elect to bring her back as a veteran working programs with the younger faces similar to Mickie. Given her prior work, she’s certainly worthy of a final run and the Rumble would be a great return story.

5 Return – The Bellas

With both Bellas being rumored for a return, the Royal Rumble seems like a guarantee for either one (or both) to return. With Nikki ending her run on Dancing with the Stars, she’s now looking towards a WWE return. Sister Brie has been doing the same for quite some time as well, as she also expressed publicly that she wants to return to the ring. With her pregnancy over and done with and Brie getting back to ring shape in the last couple of months, it’s also made a return quite the possibility for the near future.

We expect both ladies to be back together at some point. Though looking at the best odds, we speculate that Nikki will almost most certainly take part in the event, while Brie might be saved for a little later down the line.

4 Debut – Ember Moon

What better way to represent the NXT brand than by adding in the current Women’s Champion of the developmental show to the Rumble match? Given the fact that she’s the champion and by far the best wrestler in terms of skill level and experience, Ember entering the Rumble as a one-off type entry seems extremely likely. A little known fact is that

Ember isn’t new to the game of wrestling.

She’s got more experience than most main roster wrestlers, starting her training way back in 2007 (a decade ago). She toured the world for years before finally getting signed by the WWE in 2015, a signing that was truly deserved. She finally reached the pinnacle of her developmental run, winning the NXT Women’s Championship at the most recent TakeOver event in mid-November.

3 Return – Lita

via youtube.com

Lita might not admit it but if anyone wants a do-over when it comes to the way their in-ring career ended, Lita might be one of the biggest candidates. She was desperate to leave the company during her departure in 2006. Not only was she heckled by the crowd on the regular due to her affair with Edge, but she was also treated differently behind the scenes by both the boys and her female counterparts. She left the WWE out of desperation as she attempted to find herself and more importantly, find her happy place.

Thankfully, she was able to do so and a WWE return was met with a huge approval by both her peers and fans. However, she’s yet to return as an in-ring act. Perhaps we might be digging a little too deep here but she did take part in an indie tag match recently. If she’s in ring shape, Lita’s a huge possibility for a shocking Rumble entrant.

2 Return – Trish Stratus

Arguably the most popular WWE Diva of all-time, it’s hard to believe she’s been gone from the company for a couple of years now. Trish called it a day as she opted for a career in Hollywood, along with starting a family with her high school sweetheart. Well, she’s done both and the door now remains open for a return.

What makes this return very possible is the fact that Trish has teased a comeback on a couple of occasions. She’s stated in numerous interviews that a return could happen if the right story and opponent came along. She also added even more fuel to the fire praising the WWE on debuting a Women’s Rumble match along with ending the tweet stating,

“where dem boots?”

The tweet received massive traction online and you best believe the company is likely contacting Trish before most alums for a possible shocking Rumble return.

1 Debut - Ronda Rousey

It seems like every time something significant takes place in the Women’s Division, Ronda Rousey is the first name linked to the story. She was all over the headlines during the Mae Young Classic and now, the rumor mill is buzzing over a possible WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. The speculation has only been fueled with rumors indicating that

Rousey’s been training quite extensively as of late.

The debut would make perfect sense from a booking standpoint. Like Brock, she would become an attraction. Having Rousey win the Rumble and enter in the final slot will still keep fans wanting more. If she is to win, just think of the kind of hype that would set up for a future match, in all likelihood featuring Rousey and Asuka. No matter what booking scenario takes place, Ronda debuting at the Royal Rumble is a major "yes"!

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