15Still Got It – Kaitlyn

If you weren’t ogling at her pics then, you certainly are now. Kaitlyn, like Marshall, had a brief run with the WWE. However, she was fondly remembered for her in-ring performances as the WWE actually pushed her quite heavily throughout her run, even winning a Divas Championship.

After four years in

the WWE system, she parted ways with the company in 2014, changing her focus, this time in the fitness field. She completely rebranded her image, dying her hair black and even changing her name using her actual name, Celeste Bonin.

She’s a sensation via Instagram with a follower count of close to 600K. Looking at the recent picture above, it isn’t too hard to understand why. Recently, she's been posting more wrestling related posts, which has some people thinking that a comeback might be possible. Given her fame and success without the WWE, there’s no doubt the company would have some interest.

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