10 Recent Pics That Prove These Ex-WWE Divas “Still Got It” (5 That Lost It)

The pro wrestling business is certainly like no other. Not only are you required to spend countless days on the road, but maintaining your image is also required and that’s all entirely up to you. The life of a pro wrestler usually consists of flying somewhere, getting a workout in (at a gym you need to find), eating a proper meal and attending a show. It truly isn’t all about the glitz and glamour of being on-screen.

Over the years, we’ve seen two sides to the coin following a WWE release. Some, absolutely thrive and manage to maintain their image while others, just simply give up. For those that give up, starting a family or a certain career change can play a role in that. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of those cases. We’ll also shed a light on a more positive side, taking a look at former WWE Divas that can still step in the ring today if they wanted to. These Divas clearly “still got it”.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are ten recent pics that prove these ex-WWE Divas “still got it” and five that lost it. We begin with a former face you likely often forget about. Ring the bell ref!

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15 Still Got It – Kaitlyn

If you weren’t ogling at her pics then, you certainly are now. Kaitlyn, like Marshall, had a brief run with the WWE. However, she was fondly remembered for her in-ring performances as the WWE actually pushed her quite heavily throughout her run, even winning a Divas Championship.

After four years in the WWE system, she parted ways with the company in 2014, changing her focus, this time in the fitness field. She completely rebranded her image, dying her hair black and even changing her name using her actual name, Celeste Bonin.

She’s a sensation via Instagram with a follower count of close to 600K. Looking at the recent picture above, it isn’t too hard to understand why. Recently, she's been posting more wrestling related posts, which has some people thinking that a comeback might be possible. Given her fame and success without the WWE, there’s no doubt the company would have some interest.

14 Lost It – Dawn Marie

The great Dawn Marie had a bitter ending to her time with the WWE. She was released by the company while away on a maternity leave. The decision didn’t sit well with Marie who filed a lawsuit against the company.

Nowadays, Dawn is in a completely different place as a proud mother. She also posted the picture above with a great deal of pride via Twitter as she announced how happy she was with her new career as a proud nurse. We applaud Dawn for her new career and passion which is certainly admirable. Yes, her looks have faded to a degree, but given her new lifestyle as a mother and nurse, we can certainly give Dawn the pass. If you ever need a reminder as to how steamy she was, watch some throwback footage of her work with Torrie Wilson back in the day...

13 Still Got It – Lillian Garcia

Lillian isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (just ask Triple H who said some of the most hateful comments towards the former ring announcer back in the day when his ego was through the roof). However, even if she isn’t your type, you need to bow down regardless, given her incredible look at the age of 51. Yes, that’s right. That’s not a typo. She’s in her 50s! Looking identical to herself 10 to 20 years ago, we can safely say that she’s still got it!

Although she wasn’t a performer, Lillian still made fitness a priority throughout her WWE career and even till this day as she posts various workout and yoga pics via Instagram. Whatever type of training she’s doing, it seems to be working big time. Props to Garcia for maintaining such a look.

12 Still Got It – Gail Kim

Over the years, we’ve seen Vince make some errors in judgment when it comes to certain WWE Superstars. One of them happened to be a former Diva who had an incredible amount of in-ring talent. Gail Kim was certainly ahead of her time back in her stint with the WWE as not only did she possess obvious beauty like the others, but she also brought it in the ring, something that wasn’t the norm back in the day.

In terms of the beautiful part, Vince did not see eye to eye. According to Jim Ross, Vince questioned if fans would invest into Gail’s look. Kim would end up leaving the company and never looked back. Recently entering her 40s, Gail managed to create one heck of a legacy for herself outside of the WWE as a part of TNA. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she’s looking as beautiful as ever nowadays. Sorry Vince, you got that one completely wrong.

11 Lost It – Stacy “The Kat” Carter

Despite having a short-lived WWE run and one that had no prior experience, Carter still managed to ruffle up the feathers both in and out of the ring. In the ring, she had no talent whatsoever but that didn’t matter all that much, as she connected with the crowd based off of her "appeal". From the first ever “flash” (she literally lifted her top and exposed her puppies on live PPV), to winning a Women’s Championship, she had no shortage of moments in her two year run.

Her downfall was everything she did outside of the ring, as she wasn’t the easiest to deal with among her peers. She was released by the company due to said behavior and she’d never return again. Nowadays, Carter is still cashing in on her brief fame spending time at wrestling conventions meeting her fans from the 90s. At the age of 47, it would be unreasonable to believe that she still “had it”.

10 Still Got It – Victoria

Victoria was an underrated gem during her WWE run. During the Ruthless Aggression Era, SmackDown continued to promote edgy female content while Raw was regarded as the in-ring brand. Victoria did a tremendous job on the show during her early run playing the role of a lunatic-like heel. She put on some fantastic matches with Trish Stratus and many others.

Nowadays, at the age of 46, Lisa Maria Sole is still keeping the dream alive working at indie shows on a part-time schedule and also taking part in various wrestling conventions. Looking at the recent picture above posted on her Instagram account, she can still rock the hell out of a referee’s attire despite the fact that she’s on the other end of her 40s at the age of 46. We hope the beauty gets the proper respect she deserves in the near future getting inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

9 Still Got It – AJ Lee

Whether you’re anti-Punk or not, there’s no denying the impact his wife made during her run with the company. Lee basically put the division on her back throughout her run. It wasn’t till the likes of Paige that Lee finally had a decent opponent with great potential looking to the future.

Following Punk’s brutal dismissal, the writing was on the wall for Lee who also left shortly after. Nowadays, the Jersey native is still insanely young at the age of 30. Since her departure, she’s kept busy making various appearances along with the writing of her new autobiography. Lee claims that she misses the ring and who knows? Maybe a WWE return can be an actual possibility at some point. Given her age and the fact that she’s “still got it” as you can see in the picture above, a return certainly seems legitimate.

8 Lost It – Missy Hyatt

In the wrestling business since 1985, Hyatt is still actively appearing, whether it be through the indie scene or at meet-and-greets. She’s even made headlines for her various cameos during podcasts and interviews, and she isn’t afraid to spill the beans when it comes to her experiences and prior engagements with other wrestlers.

Some of you might be scratching your heads when it comes to her prior history working with the WWE. Don’t feel too sorry however, as her role was quite obsolete (in the words of Matt Hardy). She was originally intended to take the place of Piper’s Pit with her own show, “Missy’s Manor”. However, the idea was awful and Hyatt’s segment failed miserably. McMahon would relegate her to minor duties, however she was unwilling to accept and left the company spending the rest of her career bouncing around various promotions including WCW and ECW.

7 Still Got It – Kristal Marshall

Entering the WWE system through the Diva Search pipeline, Marshall was able to find a role with the company serving as a love interest for Theodore Long over on SmackDown. The show loved to push the boundaries in terms of “Not SO PG” content, and Kristal definitely played a role in that era, although her run was rather brief.

Nowadays, many would be shocked to find out that she’s only 33 years old, believe it or not. You can still keep up-to-date with the former WWE Diva via social media platforms like Instagram. Marshall has less than 10K followers which is quite a shame given how great she still looks nowadays. Looking at such a picture, we can assume that not only is Theodore Long salivating somewhere (although he really didn’t like her real-life attitude all that much), but her ex Bobby Lashley certainly is also.

6 Still Got It – Kelly Kelly

Choosing to leave the wrestling business in 2012 for a career in modelling, it would be a little weird if Kelly “didn’t have it” any longer. Like Celeste Bonin, Kelly completely resurfaced her image once she left the company. She’s now identified as Barbie Blank. From “Not So PG” Insta shots, to her appearance on the show WAGS, not only does Kelly “still got it”, but she’s arguably atop the list in terms of hottest ex-WWE Divas.

Still so young at the age of 30, Kelly did express interest in returning to the company. She was signed as an ambassador during WrestleMania season this year, however nothing else came of the brief contract. With the company putting their focus on in-ring talent, a return doesn’t seem likely. We’ll have to settle for these types of “Not So PG” social media pictures instead....

5 Still Got It – Eve Torres

You know you’ve got it when Triple H himself tells you you’ve got the best pair of you know what... Of course, Hunter was referencing her necklace in the cringeworthy backstage segment, but we knew deep down he felt otherwise!

Torres was truly the total package back in her stint with the WWE. She seemed to be a second coming of Trish Stratus as she had both the beauty and in-ring skills. Had she continued her career a little longer, she might have reached Trish’s status.

Instead, she left the company while still very young, starting her own self-defense class for women. Along with that, the 33 year old is also a proud mother. Given the recent picture above, you’d think she never had a kid looking as beautiful as ever.

4 Lost It – Sable

This one might be a little too harsh as Sable appearances are certainly few and far between nowadays. The last glimpse we saw of her was a while ago, attending a Winnipeg Jets game alongside Brock Lesnar and her children. Sable is living a quiet life nowadays out of Saskatchewan. Her focus today is all about raising her children, as everything WWE related is no longer relevant for Brock’s wife. Even the WWE rarely showcases Sable content from the past, and it looks like things work both ways in this instance.

Back in her prime, Sable was still somewhat of an outcast as she rarely communicated with the others, usually isolating herself with Marc Mero (her ex). She found herself the perfect match nowadays as Lesnar himself isn’t the most sociable behind the scenes.

3 Still Got It – Torrie Wilson

The great Torrie Wilson picked the perfect era to enter the wrestling business. Despite the fact that her in-ring skills were limited, she still managed to connect with the crowd based off of her incredible good looks. Wilson herself admitted that she wasn’t fond of the wrestling aspect and it turns out, she really didn’t even need that part of her arsenal given the success she achieved in her predominantly non-wrestling role over on SmackDown.

Nowadays, in her 40s, Wilson looks absolutely stunning which is truly shocking. It's not shocking that she still looks great, but it's shocking that she looks just as good as she ever did. With an emphasis on fitness, Wilson looks perfect nowadays. Don’t believe us? Give a quick scroll around her Instagram account and you’ll be chanting “you still got it” as you ogle her pics.

2 Still Got It – Trish Stratus

Before the recent Women’s Revolution, Trish Stratus had kicked down the door transcending the Diva image from eye candy to actual in-ring performers. Trish was quickly put into the Hall of Fame following her retirement and not a soul was complaining about the decision one bit.

Nowadays, she’s spending her days as a proud mother of two at the age of 41. She’s also removed her breast implants from back in the day. Despite all of this, Trish still manages to look beautiful, and clearly, she’s still got it. Via her Twitter account, Stratus is clearly still a fan of the product recently praising her fellow Canadians Natalya and Kevin Owens for their performances at the recent Hell in a Cell PPV. Still a fan of the product, can we see Trish in the ring one more time at some point? Never say never.

1 Lost It – Sunny

Tammy Sytch has experienced a huge fall from grace. Back in the mid 90s, she was regarded as the most popular female in the entire wrestling industry. Heck, she was even more popular than most of the men, becoming AOL’s most downloaded figure. She was truly on top of the world and a lot of that had to do with her beauty.

The same beauty would fade as the years went on with Sunny making lots of questionable decisions both behind the scenes during her pro wrestling career, and in terms of her other interests (such as cam shows and working in the adult entertainment business). Today, at the age of 44, Sunny is still struggling as she entered another rehab stint. She still has time to get her life back on track, however given her past, she’s certainly lost that “it” factor a long time ago.

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