10 Reasons The Justice League Film Will Suck (And 5 It Has A Chance)

The Justice League is finally here. DC and Warner Bros. have finally been able to develop a proper group of superheroes, which has allowed them to team up for the first time in cinematic history. Well, at least live action and notable periods. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the three key members of the League, with other members added.

Obviously big names like The Flash and Martian Man Hunter, as well as Green Lantern and Green Arrow, were key to the League's history too. Cyborg was also a major name that helped the League. Cyborg seems to be the New 52 addition that DC plans to keep in a big position heading into their Rebirth period.

With a lot of big names part of the League, a new Justice League film makes sense. Wonder Woman tore up the box office earlier this summer and Superman has been doing well in his last two films monetarily. Though The Dark Knight series is not connected to the Batman of this universe, this did allow for Ben Affleck to not need a film to introduce his character to the world the way Superman and Wonder Woman did.

Since these three are the main core, others can be added to Justice League when the film comes about. Though plans for solo Aquaman and Flash films are in the works, they are not needed for now. The film does seem like it could be good in some ways, but a lot of things are wrong with it as of now. This is why we wanted to go over the ten reasons why the film might suck. Though we're not complete pessimists, which is why we're going over five reasons why it has a chance to be pretty darn good. Enjoy.

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Martian Manhunter
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15 Will Suck: Are We Really Supposed To Be Okay With A Martian Manhunter Snub?

Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is part of The Justice League. He has been a major member of the group ever since it was formed. While the core three are the main members we're always seeing involved, MMH was clearly a top member through the many years this team has been around. Why is he being snubbed from this film, only to be introduced randomly at another time?

It seems ideal to add him in and later on add in Cyborg. Perhaps we set up the Cyborg add-on the same way it happened before. Cyborg could be introduced in a solo Teen Titans film franchise, then be recruited at the end of the film by Bruce Wayne to join the team for an upcoming mission. Martian Manhunter would have gotten the nod for the first film, and then Cyborg could come in afterward.

When major names like Darkseid come around, Cyborg is needed due to the technology involved. Therefore, he simply is not someone the first film must have. Plus, we can set up a few franchises this way and things would naturally progress in a sensible fashion. But far forbid. Let's just throw the Martian in later on when we need to go to space.

14 Will Suck: Superman Is Sorta In The Film, We Think

Via Polygon.com

It has clearly been assumed, and pretty much confirmed by now, that we're going to be seeing Superman in the film. For those unaware, the monster from Batman vs Superman, known as Doomsday, was a pretty major character in the comics. In fact, he actually killed Superman in the comics decades ago and things turned out a similar way as they did in the movie. The difference was that everyone thought Superman really died. Oh, childhood.

Superman would come from the dead, like Jesus on the third day, to help mankind once more. The thought is that when they made the rocks float, the story-tellers wanted to show you that life was beating in the Man of Steel. It is thought that he will make a comeback at some point in the movie, likely toward the end, to help the Justice League finish off the threat they're dealing with.

While the move to take out Superman for a bulk of the film is certainly an issue, there was never a thought to remove him completely. That is why Warner Bros. added him to a recent trailer, so they did not upset fans of the franchise. The issue with this is that they should have kept his parts in the film secret so that we could enjoy them when he comes up. While we all can assume something, we do not need to have it spoiled and the company did just that for us.

13 Has A Chance: We Have To Talk About How Awesome Aquaman Is

Via Polygon

Aquaman is normally kinda campy and typically he is nothing much to care about. The narrative behind the character has been negative for years, as people feel all he can do is be a man who can only help in or near water. This is not actually true. He is both of the normal human world and Atlantis. This allows him to remain a major player on land as well as the water. He is super strong in water, and only gets infinitely stronger on land when you equate physics and all that fun science stuff.

This does not even touch on how he can jump and somewhat fly, and that he is hard to hurt. The great thing the studio did for Aquaman was that they gave him a good man to fulfill the role, Jason Momoa. Known for his time on Game of Thrones, he's someone both men and women love. The look of the character is perfect and Jason brings this new look Aquaman to life.

He has an easy job, as Aquaman has rarely been used like this. It is actually the first live-action version of this magnitude. That means Jason has the responsibility to bring everything to life here, which can be a lot of work. The others had people they could look to from the past, but not so with Jason. However, he has done well and fans are really happy with how Aquaman looks. There is already talk of wanting to see a solo movie with Jason playing the role. So the excitement for the "man who talks to fish" is pretty high right now.

12 Will Suck: Cyborg Doesn't Need To Have The Personality Of A Robot

Via The Daily Dot

Cyborg being part of the film, may not have been the best idea. However, now that he is in the film we're going to get the guy we know and love from the animated series and comic books, right? Oh, of course not. Why would you assume such a thing? Shame on you for thinking as a fan. This is Sparta people, keep up!

The trailer showed Cyborg having the personality of a literal robot, with little to no emotion and only doing things straight-faced. The acting may have been the biggest issue here, but Ray Fisher is not normally this kind of actor. He's full of personality, which means he was told that Cyborg had to be like this. The Cyborg use was universally panned by fans in the trailer, which was not good.

There were rumors of a re-shoot for a bulk of Cyborg parts in the film, which could mean he is going to be given the personality we're used to seeing from him. Judgment on this is being reserved, for now, however we're calling it a reason for things sucking until the film proves otherwise.

11 Has A Chance: Green Lantern Is In This Movie

Green Lantern Corps
Via laffler.deviantart.com

While a lot of Earth's best warriors will be on the case to stop Steppenwolf, and ultimately work to keep Darkseid away theoretically... they cannot do it alone. Regardless of how great all of these superheroes will be, and even with Superman returning later in the film to help, a new force will be useful. Enter Green Lantern.

Believed to be part of the movie since the first trailer, where green can be seen in the glasses of Alfred at the end of the trailer, Green Lantern makes sense. The character is the protector of Earth under the Lantern Corps. This means that any sort of threat against them would be his job to stop.

It is not confirmed who is playing the role or how deep he'll be into the movie just yet, but it is assumed that John Stewart will be the version they go with and not Hal Jordan. It seems confirmed he's part of it due to a recent leak that showed the logo for the heroes in the movie, with GL's logo appearing. It was widely thought he would be part of it already, so while the spoiling did suck, it will be cool to see him appear.

10 Will Suck: Batman Is Fine With Collateral Damage Now?

Bruce Wayne holding kid
Via Business Insider

It's a simple concept: keep to continuity. Fans love when there are "call-backs" to former things. Like with Wolverine passing away in Logan, and the second film's words of passing while holding the "love of his life" are ultimately coming true. It's something that good writing keeps to, and you have to ultimately do it if you're going to make fans accept the things.

In the Batman v Superman film, Bruce Wayne is upset with Superman for affecting his city while fighting Zod. Gotham was practically destroyed, with even Wayne buildings being hit by the super fight. It was good writing to use real-world ideology to have Bruce be upset with the Man of Steel. Ultimately, that is what drew people in to go and see the film. Though it did not work out as well as fans hoped, the initial idea of Wayne being upset with Superman made sense.

Yet, in The Justice League we see constant situations in which things are destroyed and people are almost hit by things occurring. This makes no sense for Batman to be okay with, since he was very upset about it before. Either Batman only cares about Gotham's safety and the people within it, or the writing team did not think of the continuity. Either way, we have a real problem with the character that needs to be addressed.

9 Will Suck: #NotMyFlash

Via Just Jared

I think a lot of fans are going to like the person the studio picked to play The Flash, Ezra Miller. He's the size Barry Allen needs to be, and he has the kind of humor you expect out of either Barry Allen or Wally West. No matter who they pick, they needed this for the part to work. People love The Flash, and ruining him would be a terrible disservice to the character. That said, we already had a perfect Flash, Grant Gustin.

He plays The Flash on the CW television series, and he's freaking awesome at it! The problem is that the studio wanted to keep the TV and movie universes separate. You know, that is why they killed off Amanda Waller and Deadshot from the Arrowverse right before Suicide Squad was going to come out. Because the TV universe does not mean anything to the movie universe, right guys?

We see through your cr*p, DC and Warner Brothers! Grant would be an excellent pick for this movie, and the connection to the movies would only bring more attention to the TV show. This means better ratings, which means more money. How hard is the business for this company? Seriously? That said, Ezra is a fine actor who will do well with the part...but he's forever #NotMyFlash.

8 Has A Chance: We're Going To See A Darker Superman

Superman Red Eyes
Via Digital Spy

If the story sticks to comics, we're going to see a bit of a darker Superman than we're used to seeing. Clearly, we're not going to see Superman for a bulk of the movie due to him being believed to be, well, dead. That said, we clearly have a lot to wait on and that will be what makes us not expect what we see. Superman is known for being the perfect son, husband, partner, boy scout type of guy that your mother would have wanted you to hang with from high school. It is quite annoying how good he is.

However, there are certain times in the comics that Superman goes dark. The time he went evil for one, but also when he came back from the dead. Superman will be on a mission to rid the Earth of the type of scum that put him down. It is likely that Lex was working with Darkseid and he developed Doomsday to get rid of Superman for his Dark Lord.

This way, the Earth will be vulnerable for Steppenwolf to come in and take over. With Lex doing his job, Superman is thought to be done. Now, Superman will be coming for Steppenwolf and will kill any and all in his way. Superman, while normally good, will likely take no prisoners and will go much darker than we are used to seeing. This might be pretty awesome, and it's quite likely fans will like this part of the movie.

7 Will Suck: We're Just Throwing Everyone In?

Bruce Wayne Supergirl
Via IRMOnline

It's pretty obvious that we know the main cast of the film right now. We'll be seeing Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg, Alfred, Aquaman, Commissioner Gordon, and of course, the villainous Steppenwolf. However, we're also going to involve Aquaman's love Mera, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Henry Allen, Iris Allen, Nuidis Vulko, and of course Superman eventually. Phew!

Oh, and we're not done. That is just the people we know will be involved in the film. There are others that will pop up too, such as the possibility of a Supergirl cameo. This was the problem that the film was going to run into. They never set up a Cyborg story or Flash one. So they have to inform fans of how they came to be. That is also why Flash is talking to his father in prison and why Victor's father has to be in the movie too.

This is not even including the backstory for Aquaman. There has to be a backstory for all these people because no one bothered to do movies with them, which means we have to throw so many in. Similar to Batman vs Superman, it is just too much and it will affect the flow of the film. We're also making the run-time longer than needed too, with this. Bad move in the end, this will be.

6 Has A Chance: Steppenwolf Will Be A Good First Threat

Via YouTube

A lot of people were a bit disappointed when the studio picked Steppenwolf as the main villain for the film. Many thought that Lex Luthor was talking about Darkseid, but of course, we later found it was not going to be him... which kinda bummed people out. There are a lot of people that could have worked too, such as Brainiac or a team like the Legion of Doom.

Though Steppenwolf sets up a lot of problems, which is why a team is needed to stop the evil he brings to the table. First and foremost, the reason for his addition is that he is most likely being sent by Darkseid. See, Steppenwolf is the General of the Army on Apokolips. The idea is that he is being sent to take Earth for Darkseid and though in the comics he declares himself the independent master of Earth.... Darkseid ultimately wants Earth for himself and Steppenwolf is there to make that happen.

This means The Justice League not only has to defeat the army of Apokolips, which is something no one has ever seen before (at this time). This great evil is something that no hero can stay away from, and thus, they are needing to team up... for justice. Steppenwolf as a villain is difficult to take down even independent of his army. So do not be upset with his addition, as Steppenwolf will surely be worth it for this movie as long as they stick to the comics with him.

5 Will Suck: The Film Is Dark, Yet They Want To Be Humorous?

The Flash
Via Collider

There is often an issue with movies like this, in that, they do not know exactly how to make them. Let's put it this way, imagine you need to tell a story that is dark and twisted. You would want to tell it as it is, dark and twisted. The problem is, you have to make sure kids will like it. So you lighten it up to not make them upset or turn off from the story. That is kind of an issue. Usually in movies, if a story is dark and twisted you let that marinate the entire film and milk it until the end, at least.

Of course, superhero movies are supposed to be for families. The story of Steppenwolf taking on the Justice League includes a lot of violence, and thus, the movie has a color pallet that is pretty dark. This is understandable and no one is questioning what they have to do story wise or color wise, as it does make sense.

Meanwhile, we have Batman, Aquaman, and Flash cracking jokes and being a bit goofy in parts. While this is ultimately to lighten things up, fans do not want this. They want a story to stick to its tone without the addition of lightening things up for the kids. Imagine if Deadpool went TV-14, so kids could be part of it. The movie would not work. That is why there is a concern here, the color and movie itself are dark but we're trying to camp things for kids. Not good.

4 Will Suck: Director Change Means Various Visions For The Movie

Zack Snyder was the original director of this film, after his success in other DC projects. At one point, there was a theory that he would not be doing this one. However, those were debunked immediately upon shooting with Snyder right there to get things done. Sadly, due to a family situation, Zack had to step back from his role. Luckily veteran Superhero movie director Joss Whedon was available to finish the movie for the studio.

While this situation was certainly unexpected, Zack Snyder would never have never backed out of this film randomly. In doing so, however, Joss came in with his vision of how the film needed to go. This resulted in re-shoots for the film, but not complete ones. As mentioned, the Cyborg part was re-shot some but we do not know what all was kept or re-done.

This means we could see two different directions for what the film was planned to be, which could result in a mixed up, crazy product. While we cannot know this for sure, this has happened when other films have a directing change in the middle. While Zack was not replaced for being bad, which usually results in changes to a movie, he was still replaced with another experienced director. Joss will have messed with things, and that could turn out to be a problem.

3 Has A Chance: Batman Is Still A Badass

Batman and bat signal
Via NYDailyNews.com

While the Batman v Superman movie was considered to be a bad movie by many fans, one of the things praised by most fans was Ben Affleck. Many did not think he would do well with playing the caped crusader to begin with. In fact, the moment he was cast in the film everyone speculated how terrible he would be. People forget, however, that Affleck is a good actor with Oscars to his name as a writer/director. He is brilliant when it comes to that world, so could he not take direction on how to become Batman well?

Of course he could! That is what he did as well. Not only did he pack on great muscle to play the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne, but he found the perfect look for the part too. If that wasn't enough, he truly embodied the character similar to how Christian Bale did before him. After Bale played the role so well, no one seemed to be cool with the idea of casting someone else to play Batman.

However, Affleck was a happy surprise at how well he ended up being. From the trailer and other material we've seen or heard, Ben Affleck is back to being the same level of great, if not more so for Justice League. It can be assumed that this will be one of the highlights, if nothing else, from the movie.

2 Will Suck: The Studio Likely Doesn't Care If It Sucks

Warner Bros. logo
Via Warner Brothers

There have been numerous reports coming out that Warner Bros. is not concerned over the upcoming Batman film, starring Ben Affleck. Fans love that a new film is coming, but they do not have a problem with DC if this ultimately sucks. It seems DC doesn't care about the movies because they claim it'll do well regardless, especially overseas. The point is that the studio feels that they can put out BS and if the DC name is attached, it'll make hundreds of millions.

This is not good. With Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad massively disappointing fans, even when the studio was warned by producers and directors of the problems, nothing was stopped. Everything went as planned and the movies were panned, yet they still made a ton of money. That same attitude from these jerks at Warner Brothers is most likely the same attitude they will have with Justice League.

The fact re-shoots happened at all means they probably felt they had no choice but to change some things. If this was not the case, it is unlikely they would have. If the studio doesn't give a crap about the movies, then they're going to be okay with whatever is put out. They do not want to care, because the money is so good. So are we as fans hoping that they will somehow see the light with Justice League? That's unlikely and quite disappointing.

1 Will Suck: The CGI Looks Absolutely Terrible

Aquaman on batmobile
Via SeppinRek

From every single trailer thus far, even the latest, the CGI for the film has looked incredibly bad. It's as if they sat on a studio lot and surrounded the entire place with green screen. Then they decided to film in this small area with simple CGI coming in later to add more to the world. This is not 2001 or 1991, we can tell when things are low-budget or done in a shoddy way.

This was done in a terrible way all over the place. It feels like the studio knew they had to pay the actors so much, so they said they would cut production costs and thus gave us more CGI instead of real locations or bigger lots. It is clear that the biggest critique for everyone going in is the CGI.

It is also clear that people will talk about how terrible it is when they finally see the movie. Why in the world they chose not to focus on this is beyond comprehension. Especially for a studio that has billions to play with.

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