10 Reality Stars Who've Had Too Much Work Done (And 5 Who Haven't Had Enough)

What is it with reality stars? They get famous for being themselves, only to end up being nothing like they were. It makes you wonder if they feel the urge to make up for their lack of real talent by getting all that work done. Nothing is left natural. There are a few who opt not to go get so much work done, but those are usually the ones who could probably use a little more. It's like reality stars either go for broke or barely any at all. There are a few who got it right, but not many.

In most cases, reality stars go under the knife right as they feel their fame begin to slip. They think adding a huge pair of Ds will keep things going. Sometimes it does, yet many get the D-cup and go for more. That's when they begin getting way too much, way too fast. It’s like they don't know how to stop. It's not that it isn't worth it. It can go a long way in boosting a reality career. It's just that reality stars need to go up a step, or two, and stop. Instead, half are walking around with ginormous bodies that don’t fit right, while the other half look below standard. Here are 10 Reality Stars Who've Had Way Too Much Work Done (And 5 Who Haven't Had Enough)...


15 Coco Austin (Too Much)

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This lovely lady is Nicole Natalie Marrow, better known as Coco Austin. You might remember her from Ice Loves Coco. Ice T is her husband and they had a reality show based on their lives together. She'd already gotten all of her work done prior to their show. She wasn't trying to keep her fame. Coco was just trying to break out from modeling to reality-star fame. She really didn't need a lot of work done, as you can see from the left photo above.

However, she wanted more, and more she got. Coco continued until she'd gotten way too much. Either way, she's totally steamy, if not a lot overdone. I’d bet that only custom-made pants will fit on that rump. Coco's a mommy now! Do you think she'd want the same look for her daughter?

14 Nikki Mudarris (Too Much)

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Nikki Mudarris, aka Miss Nikki Baby, is Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood's socialite. Her father, Abu Mudarris, is known as The Godfather of Burlesque. He owns several "clubs", which she manages. Most Love & Hip Hop cast members are linked to hip-hop through a career, or at least love, but not Miss Nikki Baby. Her relationships never last long enough to count, but she's still a fan favorite, so she's been a series regular since season 3.

Nikki is also very well-known for getting tons of work done. It's rather obvious. The only things you'll see moving on Nikki's face are her eyes and mouth.

13 Kendall Jenner (Not Enough)

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There was a time when Kendall and Kylie Jenner looked a lot more alike. Now, Kylie's body is shaped like a mini-me-Kim, but Kendall is still slender in her lady areas. Kendall Jenner still hasn't escaped her small share of rumors that she's had work done. Kendall's nose has been the leading cause of her surgery woes. That's also the only rumor that appears to be true. Meanwhile, she could've gone for a little more. Her body is great for the stick-bodied model shape, but she isn't just a model. Kendall is only half-model. She's part reality star too, you know.

It's not expected that she'd be walking the runway with Kylie's body shape. Victoria's Secret probably wouldn't want to foot the bill for the custom-made lingerie required anyway. However, she could have a bit more shape and still be a model. Wouldn't it be nice to see a model with a little more in all the right places?

12 Kylie Jenner (Too Much)

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Kylie Jenner might look totally hot despite having so much work done at only 20, but that doesn't mean those surgeries won't catch up to her. Kylie has finally admitted to getting work done on her lips at just 15. According to Kylie, she got that infamous pout, after a boy claimed that he didn't expect her to "be a good kisser" because of her naturally thin lips.

Now, her entire body has undergone obvious changes. Her backside could easily rival Kim's. Kylie tries to chalk these changes up to the use of a special bra or simply from growing up, but a bra can't explain her increased chest in a bikini. Plus, her perfect hourglass shape didn't come from puberty either. Kylie's even been accused of getting more work done amid pregnancy rumors. If that's true, then she'll be the next Donatella Versace in no time.

11 Paris Hilton (Not Enough)

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Paris Hilton has a gorgeous face and body. The rhinoplasty done to her nose was rather obvious. Back in the day, she went from a long, thin, and pointy nose to a shorter, thinner, and more pointed nose. Although, the change in her lips isn't so drastic. You could probably pass that off for some great lip lining skills.

However, Paris' chest could definitely use more work. Paris is a braless wonder. She loves going braless. However, when she does, the heiress doesn't appear to have much cleavage at all. Paris hasn't been relevant for some time now, but she does grab headlines by claiming that she invented the selfie. Plus, she charges a boatload of cash for those DJ events. Still, you've got to wonder what would've happened if the bigger top and bottom had been placed on the other body. Would we have been keeping up with the Hiltons or the Kardashians?

10 Heidi Montag (Too Much)


Heidi Montag had a four-year run as a television personality, co-starring with Lauren Conrad on MTV's The Hills. The show led her to other appearances, including I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Marriage Boot Camp, and Big Brother. Although, some of her continued fame came from her childish antics, plus lots and lots of "work".

Through the years, Heidi's face and body changed in more ways than you would think possible. Her cup sizes have ranged from C to F and then back down to a D. The list goes on and on. She even underwent 10 surgeries all at once, but admitted that she regretted it later. Heidi's plan was to become a pop singer. Duh! That's why she needed all those surgeries. It was all so she could compete with Britney Spears. That makes perfect sense, right?

9 Kim Kardashian-West (Too Much)

Look! It's the Queen of Fake Reality, Kim K. She was semi-real once, but that was about a decade ago. Now, she's known as Kim Kardashian-West. She truly is fake royalty at this point, isn't she? Flashback to 2006 and Kim was already a beautiful girl, but she got a taste of what "work" could do for her butt (and her career).

These days, it's obvious that Kim's been getting the most out of surgery. Kim's face is beginning to look like Mama Kardashian's face. The skin is pulled tight like it's been stretched back by her hair. To top things off, there's all that stuff about her backside. Did you see those photos from Kim in the bikini? That must be the price she's got to pay (aside from the $$) for getting all of that work done.


8 Paige (Not Enough)

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Saraya-Jade Bevis, better known to WWE fans as Paige, has finally made her return. Paige is totally cute and we love the whole bad girl image, but she could definitely use some work. The other girls on Total Divas really have her beaten when it comes to shape. Besides, she does have that whole adult thing going for her now even if it wasn't intentional.

Aside from that, she's steamy in a goth head-banger sort of way. Kind of like Lita was back in her time. She's got the personality, the vampirish skin complexion, and a nice body. Maybe she and Del Rio could possibly get their own show? They'd certainly be entertaining enough...

7 NeNe Leakes (Too Much)

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You might recognize either of NeNe Leakes' faces (which are very different) from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was a regular cast member for the first 7 seasons, supporting cast member for season 8, and left in season 9. However, she has returned for season 10 sporting a fresh look. NeNe has had success breaking out of reality TV. She's done scripted shows, Broadway, and launched a comedy tour. NeNe's also found success with surgery.

In fact, NeNe's been very open about the work she's had done. She's had no problem discussing having her nose done twice. The first photos of her latest makeover were shared by NeNe on Instagram. NeNe had captioned each photo showing how proud she was of her new look. Things turned out great now for NeNe, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't way too much. Imagine the work that her new face is going to need in the future.

6 Courtney Stodden (Too Much)

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Surely, you remember the teen bride that was suddenly everywhere? 16-year-old Courtney Stodden's fame initially came from marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. It wasn't long before she was picked up for reality shows like Couples Therapy, Celebrity Big Brother, and Hollywood Hillbillies. She was already destined to be gorgeous as it was.

However, Courtney wanted more. Courtney claimed that the new size of her "girls" makes her feel more confident. They made her feel like "Jessica Rabbit." Now, she can say she looks like a real-life Barbie. In 2016, she claimed she was done. She might be a need once gravity takes over, of course.

5 Kelly Osbourne (Not Enough)

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Kelly Osbourne spent the last of her teens and the beginning of her 20's on her family's show, The Osbournes. The series only lasted four seasons, but it was an interesting look into the lives of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne along with their children, Kelly and Jack. Kelly was always a little on the chunky side, but she was always interesting. She's had so many bad breaks in recent years—dog bites, unintentional racist comments, peeing herself during a parade, but blaming it on Starbucks.

Back in 2010, she withered down to a size 6. That Kelly Osbourne was rocker-babe hot. She claimed the weight loss was a result of hard work, but the rumors persisted. Since then, she's had a lot of trouble with her weight fluctuating. However, her latest look isn't so bad either. Maybe she should go for the Khloe Kardashian makeover? That version of Kelly Osbourne would be smokin' hot.

4 Farrah Abraham (Too Much)

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In some cases, an ordinary person becomes famous overnight based on a common interest required for the show. They become reality stars overnight and are addicted to the attention by the time the show ends. Farrah Abraham was cast in MTV's 16 & Pregnant in 2009. The show ended in 2012, but Farrah wasn't ready to give up. She tried to release an album and book both titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book did well, but the album flopped.

It wasn't long before Farrah was getting work done regularly. She doesn't look anything like she did before! The surgeries were used to get Farrah a little attention. Now, the news of Farrah Abraham going under the knife just induces an eye roll and yawn. Farrah also tried to use Kim K's "tape" method, but she ended up turning that into an actual career.

3 Natalya (Not Enough)

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I'm sure you recognize Natalie Neidhart-Wilson, better known as Natalya on WWE and Nattie on Total Divas. I've got nothing against cats, it's just that she goes on and on and on about them. She also seems to get jealous of the other women frequently, which isn't a big boost for her image. Maybe it would help her self-confidence if she got more work done.

Nattie's body isn't bad as it is. She's got the assets, yet they don't really stand out. Plus, she could use just a little work on her face. Not anything overboard, but maybe bring her chin some. With that, Nattie would be giving those other Total Diva chicks a run for their money.

2 JWoww (Too Much)


JWoww, wow, wow! Jenni Farley was super hot back in her Jersey Shore days. She was always so proud of her balloons. Jenni never stopped bragging about her babies or the fakeness of them either. Hey, at least she was honest. Not that you couldn't tell anyway. It was the dynamite combination of those bad boys and Snooki's colorful personality that got the duo their own Jersey Shore spin-off, Snooki & JWoww.

However, JWoww's life after the spotlight hasn't been as great. The pair is still close. (They even got pregnant simultaneously.) Yet, JWoww's continued to get work done ever since the shows ended. Her old face was just fine. At least her bestie also threw her face under the knife. That way it takes a little of the gossip away from poor Jenni.

1 Aubrey O-Day (Too Much)

You might recognize the steamy lady to the left as Aubrey O'Day from the girl group Danity Kane. The group was originally formed on MTV's 2004 reality show, Making the Band. Aubrey was discovered by P. Diddy and was so good that she stole the show. She was so hot that magazines started contacting her for sexy spreads. P. Diddy wasn't happy with her image and cut her from the band to the dismay of fans. Aubrey came back to the group later, but the group split again by 2014, this time over a fight between Dawn Richard and Aubrey.

As for the girl on the right, that's still Aubrey O'Day. You can't tell, but she's in there somewhere. Aubrey went for an entirely new image. She's smokin', but seriously fake! There's no telling how much work she got done. Now, Aubrey is in a group called Dumb Blonde. They're currently working on their second album. Aubrey's just lucky people know her for her voice and not her face. Besides, who knows what having way too much work done will look like a few years down the road? She won't age naturally. That's for sure.

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