10 Paparazzi Shots Of Natalie Portman Looking Stylish (And 10 Times She Didn't Care)

Natalie Portman is one of those Hollywood actresses who seems like she can get away with anything. She’s button-cute but also kind of punk rock. And sometimes, with her short-cut locks, she can come across as a rebellious tomboy. Between portraying a Star Wars princess, stealing our hearts as the Shins-rocking love interest in Garden State, and profanely gangsta rapping on Saturday Night Live, she’s shown that she can do just about anything, and she doesn’t really give a hoot what anyone thinks of her. Natalie seems like one of those girls that could go to the bar, pound drinks, and throw darts with all of the guys, and because she’s beautiful, probably make half of them fall secretly in love with her.

While Natalie is a gorgeous human being and someone who knows how to dress in high style whenever the cameras might be pointed in her direction, since becoming a mom, Natalie has started to let it all hang out. Sometimes, she looks great. Sometimes, she doesn’t have time to bother looking like anything more than a busy mom running around dealing with life as it comes. It’s because she’s so real that we love her so much, right? Here are ten pics of Natalie flying in style for paparazzi and ten where she just doesn’t give a care.

20 Travelling Like A Superstar (Stylish)

via Daily Mail

This is Natalie cool, determined, and knowing exactly what she wants. She looks like she’s at the airport here, but there’s no rushing to catch her plane or scrambling to get things together.

She looks seasoned and smooth, rocking some shades, a pink handbag, and a plush blue sweater.

She seems slightly casual but somehow still radiates movie-star unapproachability. It’s really the shades that make the look. They make her blend into the background, almost seeming anonymous. But just give her that edge of a serious don’t-mess-with-me vibe. Even when Natalie is flying in style (literally), she still looks like she doesn’t care what anybody thinks of her. And why should she? She’s a Harvard graduate who’s been a movie star since the age of thirteen, and she’s made more than $50 million in her career. Would you care?

19 Looking Like A Soccer Mom (Doesn’t Care)

via HawtCelebs

This is Natalie in full middle-aged-Starbucks-mom mode. She doesn’t look bad (could she ever really look bad?),

but she does look a little scattered and frumpy, rocking a wrinkled white undershirt under a boring plaid shirt that could belong to any Starbucks mom.

She’s still rocking some cool shades, but here they seem oversize, like she’s hiding from us rather than trying to play it cool. Most of all, she just looks totally ordinary in this paparazzi shot. She’s clutching a pair of car keys, a coffee cup, and a pastry box, all while wearing yoga pants. She probably hasn’t even bothered with makeup today. But the thing with Natalie is that even when she’s dressing down, she’s still something to look at. She could dress like a greasy trucker, and she’d still be turning heads.

18 Wearing A Tunic (Stylish)

via Just Jared

No one ever told Natalie Portman she didn’t know how to be stylish. Here she’s wandering LAX international airport in a casual green sweater with a design on the front which seems to recall Native American imagery. She looks totally relaxed but also like she picked up some tips on how to look good on the trip. Even when she’s a little bit rumpled from a 12-hour plane trip, she still looks as gorgeous as ever. As usual, she’s rocking a pair of designer sunglasses,

and even though the shirt is wrinkled a bit and a bit of undershirt is showing at the neck, Natalie pulls it off with the class of someone who just knows how to stay fashionable.

Fashion doesn’t always have to be thousand-dollar dresses and diamond-encrusted jewelry. Sometimes, it’s wearing a tasteful muted outfit that looks comfy and worldly at the same time.

17 Being A Grumpy Mom (Doesn’t Care)

via www.rowland98.com

This is peak Mom Natalie. She’s holding an unhappy baby in her arms and getting into a car with an expression that says “leave me alone.”

Her baggy plaid shirt looks like something you’d find at a thrift shop in the one-size-fits-all category.

There’s nothing about this photographs that indicates that Natalie has any interest in posing for the general public—she’s way too caught up in her own business to have any time for that junk. She doesn’t even seem to notice that she’s being photographed here. Or if she does, she just doesn’t care to acknowledge it. Of course, being the megastar that she is, she’s still rocking the designer shades, and she’s certainly cuter than your typical grumpy mama bear. But this is adult Natalie. She has more responsibilities than worries about her style.

16 Protecting Her Baby Belly From The Cold (Stylish)

via www.babyrazzi.com

It’s hard to tell, but in this photo, Natalie appears to be pregnant. Even still, she manages to pull it off in style, with a gorgeous designer parka that does a great job of hiding her baby bump.

With dark pants, a stylish handbag, and the usual glasses, Natalie looks prepared to step into a fashion shoot even as she navigates the streets of New York or LA.

The most amazing thing about Natalie is that no matter whether she’s rocking the latest in fashion or looking like she just rolled out of bed, she’s always got that look of someone who just can’t be bothered with what you think of her. It’s not even snobbish; it’s just self-assured. Here, she marches towards her destination without a care in the world even as the paparazzi snap away at their cameras.

15 Looking Like A Harried Mom At The Mall (Doesn’t Care)

via Ok Magazine

Okay, this is not movie star territory anymore. Although she’s still featuring the expected shades and a designer t-shirt, everything else about this photo is more mall mom than megastar. Natalie’s got a baby bump that’s eminently visibly through her Rodarte t-shirt,

which is more wrinkled than that shirt that’s been balled up in your closet since your second year of college.

Below that, she’s wearing tearaway jean shorts which might have been intended to look stylish and current but really do more to make her look like she just came out of a trailer. Her handbag looks like something from the fruit and vegetable market, and she’s hustling her son, Aleph, towards the car with the urgency of a mom who can’t afford to pay the babysitter for an extra hour tonight. Natalie has truly let her hair down–literally and figuratively.

14 Hiding Behind The New York Times (Stylish)

via Just Jared

Here we have a shot of Natalie posing with an issue of the esteemed New York Times newspaper in 2007 as she hides from paparazzi, but this photo isn’t really about the newspaper. Check out that outfit!

This is pre-husband, pre-baby Natalie and it shows through in how much work she puts into looking good.

For the first time, we get a shot of Natalie’s eyes (maybe she hadn’t taken to wearing sunglasses 24 hours a day yet?). The outfit itself consists of a knit grey scarf, a checkered shirt, and a tasteful green-and-black jacket she has slung over an arm. It’s hard to really get a look at it because she’s clearly hiding from the photographer here, using the jacket and newspaper as a shield. But the getup looks like it belongs in a catalogue, and Natalie Portman makes for about the most attractive catalogue model you could find…

13 Just Chilling With A Coffee Mug (Doesn't Care)

via Pinterest

Talk about letting your hair down! This appears to be a Pinterest shot of Natalie sipping a large mug of coffee or tea while on set of a movie. While we can empathize a bit with Natalie–outdoor shoots have to be cold, grueling, and long–we still have to ask, what is she wearing? It appears to be some sort of enormous baggy raincoat which covers up most of her body. Maybe she’s still hiding some of the pregnancy weight. Or maybe it's just that being a bit older now, she cares more about feeling comfortable on site than about what some random fans might think about her looks. After all, the ones that like her are going to like her anyway, and the ones that don’t, well, they don’t really matter. Her hair is wild and flowing, and while it’s beautiful, the whole look is just a little…unkempt. She’s clearly just trying to get through the day here...much like the rest of us.

12 Being Peak Tomboy Natalie (Stylish)

via Pinterest

This getup is a little weird. It’s a shot of Natalie at her most tomboyish, with tight-cut jeans and a green shirt that tightly hugs her upper body. With running shoes, tight-cropped hair, and almost no cleavage to speak of,

she practically looks like one of the guys.

Maybe that’s what draw some people to her. Even as a gorgeous female, she can manage to be subtly androgynous in some of her photos. While this photo doesn’t exactly evoke thoughts of high fashion, it manages to put together an everyday punk look that Natalie carries off well. It’s a look for all the people who ever told her she needed to dress girly to be attractive, as she shows them what she’s really made of. But even though she’s making a point with this outfit, everything is perfectly color-matched and choreographed.

11 Hiking With A Baby Bump (Doesn't Care)

via natalieportman.com

This is pregnant Natalie going for a hike with a close friend. While most people don’t wear their most fashion-forward outfits to go on a hike with friends, something about this getup is just pure suburban mom.

She’s wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt which is probably supposed to be slimming, but there’s no hiding that bulge in her belly.

The rolled-up jean shirts just look casual and unremarkable. This could really be any reasonably attractive woman out for a walk. To complete the look, she’s even carrying a thermos–no handbag, no pouch, just a thermos in her hand–and seems to be strolling with the laissez-faire attitude of someone who just doesn’t care if she’s being photographed. She’s going to enjoy her walk. There’s something about this photo that reveals a Natalie who has descended into her body and is no longer showing it off for anyone else’s consumption.

10 Struggling With The Shopping Cart (Stylish)

via Huffington Post

We’re not actually sure which side of the list this one belongs to since, in this photo, Natalie seems to be awkwardly driving a shopping cart into the ground with all the elegance of a hippo walking down Wall Street. But she looks great doing it, so we’ll give her a pass on this one. Her outfit seems to be all earthy-brown hues, which complement everything from each other to the grocery bags she’s carrying home! This is a refreshing photo because it shows that Natalie does everyday things like going to the grocery store like anyone else. And she’s not hiring some housekeeper to do it; she’s keeping it real. But with the shades and a banging outfit, she still manages to look like the movie star that she is in the process.

9 Walking The Dog (Doesn't Care)

via Ego - Globo.com

Here we have another shot of Natalie hiking. This time, she’s with a dog rather than a human. She still looks great, but hitting the trail does a number on any getup. And at this point, she appears to be decked out in a sweat-soaked wrinkled blue shirt.

The jogging pants suit the outing, but they’re totally the same jogging pants your mom wears when she goes for her 6 AM run every day

and a comfy casual blue jacket that protect her from the elements. The little horse across the chest is a cute touch, and really, with the sharp color coordination and matching shades, Natalie still makes the most stylish hiker you’re likely to see out on the trail. But, maybe next time she should try ironing her shirt.

8 Looking Chilly In Paris (Stylish)

via tomandlorenzo.com

Natalie doesn’t look happy here, but she looks stylin’. We’re not sure if the weird grimace on her face is aimed toward the paparazzi taking this snapshot or if she’s just really cold. Maybe it’s both. It does look a bit chilly is Paris (where this shot was reportedly captured), and who likes getting their photo taken while they’re freezing their behinds off? The outfit itself is all the best in style, and if anything, Natalie looks a bit awkward about being dressed up so formally. She’s got a tactful grey jacket under an opulent purse, and the whole outfit is topped off by a bright red scarf and Natalie’s signature designer shades, and again, Natalie’s miserable expression, which sort of ruins the whole look. But still, it’s a fancy getup.

7 Hiding Her Belly In An Enormous Raincoat (Doesn't Care)

via Zimbio

Here we have a shot of an almost unrecognizable Natalie as she again sips a beverage in an oversize raincoat while outdoors and presumably on set. This shot was supposedly taken while Natalie was trying to hide one of her pregnancies, which explains the bizarre puffiness of the full-bodied trench coat. While her face is prettily made up here (again, probably for a movie scene), everything else about this shot–from the standoffish posture to the ridiculous onesie–screams out that she doesn’t give a care what anyone thinks of her. Weirdest of all, it doesn’t actually appear to be raining, so there’s no reason for her to be wearing that slicker. Either way, with a hand thrust defiantly in her pocket as she coldly stares down the camera, Natalie wants you to know that she doesn’t care how you think she looks.

6 Travelling In A Trench Coat (Stylish)

via natalieportman.com

This is a buttoned-up Natalie, as she wears a long trench coat which is clearly meant to conceal her pregnancy as much as possible. It’s a quiet look, but it still manages to look terrific. As usual, this paparazzi shot seems to have been taken at an airport. And as usual, Natalie’s wearing some enormous sunglasses. The coat and glasses suit her great and don’t look inexpensive, but they’re very muted.

Whether due to cold weather or pregnancy, there seems to have been a determined effort to cover up as much of her body as humanly possible in this shot.

Natalie’s expression even seems carefully curated to not give away too much info—she’s neither smiling nor frowning but completely neutral. Even at her most stylish and subtle, Natalie emanates of vibe of “leave me the ^&%^ alone!”

5 Looking Homeless (Doesn't Care)

via Just Jared

Wow, talk about a different Natalie! She’s probably just dressed up for winter. But in this getup, Natalie could pretty much pass for a homeless woman begging for change on the main intersection of your favorite large city. She looks totally ratchet. Apparently, this photo was taken while Natalie was in New York in the winter of 2008 to promote her brand new vegan shoe line (which has since folded), but we’re just surprised this photo isn’t a still from a movie where Natalie plays a washed-up single mom.

At least that would explain the raccoon eyes and total lack of makeup!

As it is, apparently, Natalie was just going au naturel at this event as she braved some serious weather. I guess sometimes staying warm wins out over looking good.

4 Rocking A Great Post-Baby Bod (Stylish)

via www.natalieportman.com

Here we have a shot of Natalie at her button-cute best. She’s wearing jeans that make the look easygoing, with a casual shirt and a handbag that complement each other excellently.

It’s sort of a cross between trendy schoolgirl and young yoga mom, and it just works great.

This is a shot of Natalie leaving a maternity class just a few months after having her second child, which gives moms everywhere hope that they can get back to their old bodies (most moms don’t look half as good as Natalie Portman, though). Even better is the fact that she’s actually smiling in this picture. Is this the first smile we’ve seen on Natalie? All in all, Natalie looks comfy, casual, on-trend, and like someone we’d definitely want to hang out with in this picture.

3 Chilling With The Hubby (Doesn't Care)

via Pinterest

This is a shot of Natalie and her husband, Benjamin Millepied, a choreographer and dancer she met on the set of Black Swan.

Natalie looks every inch the defensive wife and mother of two here as she squints with annoyance towards the camera in a collared blouse that doesn’t do anything to emphasize her figure.

Mostly, she just looks annoyed and totally average, and not like anyone you would associate with millions of dollars and a household name in Hollywood. I guess it’s only fair. Movie stars are people too, and sometimes they just want to stop off at the mall and get some shopping done in ordinary clothing without the paparazzi showing up and inundating them with camera flashes. For once, we see Natalie here without her shades, and she somehow seems like even less of a movie star without them.

2 Full Of Rage (Stylish)

via The Superficial

This is another shot of angry Natalie with husband in tow, but this time, she looks anything but average—she looks absolutely stunning with those cheeks flushed with rage. Here she has on a trendy jacket with a stylish clutch and necklace and long hair that flows down around her shoulders and makes her look stunning. The jawline is set in stone in this photo and it only accentuates the makeup she’s wearing to make her look like someone who doesn’t want to be messed with—a fiery siren straight out of Game of Thrones. The funniest thing about this shot is poor Benjamin awkwardly scratching his face in the background. Did he do something–that something that only boyfriends and husbands can do–to set Natalie off? Or is she just mad about the cameras again?

1 Screaming At The Paparazzi (Doesn't Care)

via celebsnow.co.uk

And here, we get the last shot of a furious Natalie.

Here she lets it all hang out, with a painted white t-shirt that seems to be sliding down as she yells at the man behind the camera.

You can only imagine that she’s telling him to get a life and stop following her around every step of the way. This shirt isn’t ugly per se, but it’s pretty mundane, and the low-rent look is only accentuated by the pent-up annoyance evident on her face. There’s absolutely nothing about this photo that’s flattering, and even with the trademark shades, Natalie still manages to look more like the girl who serves you coffee at your local vegan coffee shop than a celebrity. I hope this photographer got away with his face intact.

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