10 On-Screen Couples Who Hated Each Other IRL (And 10 Whose Love Was Real)

We all remember those big romantic love stories we used to watch on screen while we were daydreaming about finding a love just like that in our own lives. Couples such as Jack and Rose in the Titanic, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, or Baby and Johnny in Dirty Dancing made us all both laugh and cry with them while we put ourselves in their own shoes. But that is the great thing about movies – they take you on a journey to many different places and they make you feel all those emotions the main protagonists on the screen feel. Of course, in order to feel that way we need not only a great story, but also a couple of great actors, and while some of those couples indeed did have the natural chemistry that was mirrored through their characters, for others, it took a great deal of good acting to pretend they really like each other.

But that is the great thing about movies – they take you on a journey to many different places and they make you feel all those emotions the main protagonists on the screen feel. Of course, in order to feel that way, we need not only a great story, but also a couple of great actors, and while some of those couples indeed did have the natural chemistry that was mirrored through their characters, for others, it took a great deal of good acting to pretend they really liked each other.

When we see a couple of characters so deeply in love on the screen, sometimes it is really hard to imagine that the actors portraying them actually hated each other in real life. And while some actors were lucky enough to work side by side with their loved ones or with their good friends, the others needed to work on their personal issues and do their job despite the fact that they didn’t like “their other half” at all. Here are 10 on-screen couples who hated each other IRL and 10 whose love was real:


20 Hated Each Other: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams - The Notebook

The Notebook is one of the people’s favorite romantic movie filmed in the 2000s. It is both lovely and sad at the same time – like all of the best love stories – and people just went nuts after the film was released. It is a story of a poor young man falling in love with a rich girl while all the odds stand against them. And while their love was huge on screen, the actors portraying them didn’t like each other at all, which was actually confirmed by the director, Nick Cassavetes. He told a story of Gosling demanding another actress to read off camera with him and that led to a huge fight between him and McAdams. Once the film was done they actually dated each other for a while, but during the filming they really hated each other.

19 Loved Each Other: Rose Leslie and Kit Harington – Game of Thrones


Long before Jon Snow hooked up with his (spoiler alert) aunt Daenerys Targaryen, he fell madly in love with a wildling by the name Ygritte. It was more or less a typical story: The guy falls in love with a girl, they have sex in a cave, then they break up, she tries to kill him by shooting a bunch of arrows at him, he survives, and she ends up dying in his arms. Nothing unusual about that. But the whole community of GoT fans was thrilled to hear that Rose Leslie and Kit Harington got together in real life. One can only hope that their relationship will be less complicated than the one between Jon and Ygritte. Also, let’s hope there will be no arrows involved and no GoT-styled ending to their love story.

18 Hated Each Other: Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte – I Love Trouble

While their characters in I Love Trouble decided to throw away their differences and start working together, which led to them falling in love, the actors behind those characters, Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte, weren’t able to do so in real life. And we’re not talking about some minor disputes between those two. No, they actually really hated each other during the filming and that didn’t get any better after the movie was done. After they first clashed on the set, they actually had to film some of the scenes separately because they seemed totally unable to work together as a team. In fact, Julia described Nick as totally disgusting, and he paid her back by performing an impression of her on Letterman’s The Late Show by throwing a crazy tantrum.

17 Loved Each Other: Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie – Mr. And Mrs. Smith


Here we have one of the Hollywood’s most famous couples, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who met while playing a controversial married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. At the time the movie was being filmed, Pitt was still married to ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, but he wasn’t immune to Angelina’s charm and beauty. Pitt divorced Aniston in 2005 and in January 2006, Angelina confirmed she was pregnant with his child. Over the years, their family grew to include 6 children. They got married in 2014 in France, and many people considered them to be the perfect couple. However, they got separated in 2016 and there have been different rumors of them getting back together and getting divorced ever since. We will have to wait and see how the situation will unfold.

16 Hated Each Other: Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey – Dirty Dancing

This might come as quite a shock but Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey actually didn’t have the time of their life while working together. In fact, Patrick found Jennifer to be pretty irritating and hard to work with. He wrote all about it in his memoirs where he described how she would often break character by laughing or how she would get too emotional if someone criticized her. They had to do scenes over and over again because she was unable to do them right or she would slip into different moods and force all of them to repeat the scenes until she was satisfied. So while Baby and Johnny will always be remembered as one of the greatest TV couples ever, the same thing definitely cannot be said about the actors portraying them.

15 Loved Each Other: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki – The Big Bang Theory


Scientist Leonard has been in love with his gorgeous neighbor Penny since he met her in the very first episode of the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. After a couple of seasons of their on-again-off-again relationship, they finally moved in together and got married, which made all of their fans beyond happy. However, most people didn’t know that Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki were actually dating in real life for about 2 years while working on the show together. They tried to keep it a secret but the news got out eventually. However, their real-life relationship wasn’t working as good as the on-screen one, but even after they broke up, they remained really good friends and nothing that has or hasn’t happened between them doesn’t get in the way of them working together.

14 Hated Each Other: Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson – Gilmore Girls

In the early 2000s, everybody seemed to be hooked on Gilmore Girls and we were all rooting for single mother Lorelai to get together with the cute diner owner, Luke Danes. It was one of those cute stories where everybody knew those two characters were in love, except for them. When they finally got together, every fan of the show was as happy as a clam, saying, “About time!” However, the relationship between Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson off screen was slightly different than the one we saw on the screen. Both of them tried to behave as professional as possible, but it was still really hard to hide that they didn’t get along at all. When asked if he was friend with Graham, Patterson shortly and clearly replied: “No.”


13 Loved Each Other: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell - Swing Shift


The love story of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is one of the Hollywood’s most beautiful stories since they met way back in 1984 and fell in love during the filming of Swing Shift. The big love on the screen was simply just mirroring the great love they have had for each other since the very moment they met and they have been together ever since. They never got officially married but they are considered Hollywood’s golden couple since they have been together for over 30 years. They have one son together, Wyatt Hawn Russell born in 1986. They shared the screen again in 1987 in the romantic comedy Overboard. While many Hollywood’s couples are filled with scandals and controversy, we have never heard anything of the sort about this particular couple, they seem perfect for each other.

12 Hated Each Other: Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes – Romeo + Juliet

When you think about the greatest love stories of all times, one of the first that comes to mind is the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare. There have been a number of on-screen adaptations of this legendary love story, but the bad news is that not all of the actors portraying those characters were big fans of each other in real life. During the filming of Romeo + Juliet (1996), Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio had a really hard time working together. They were both very young at the time, with Claire being only 16 and Leo being only 22 years old. And while Claire was the younger one, she found Leo to be very immature and unprofessional with his habit of pulling pranks on everybody, and Leo found her to be overly uptight and reserved.

11 Loved Each Other: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher – That ‘70s Show


Do you remember the on and off relationship between Kelso and Jackie in the popular sitcom That ‘70s Show? Well, the fans of the show were thrilled to hear that the actors Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher portraying those two actually got together in real life years after the show was over. While they were still filming, Ashton got married to Demi Moore, and Mila was in a relationship with Macaulay Culkin, and they both were too busy with their relationship to get involved with each other romantically. Ashton was officially married from 2005 to 2013, but he and Demi had been separated for 2 years before the divorce was finalized. During the separation, Ashton started dating Mila and they got married. They have 2 children together, a daughter Wyatt Isabelle and a son Dimitri.

10 Hated Each Other: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - The X-Files

People all around the globe have loved the amazing Mulder & Scully duo since the first episode of The X-Files aired back in 1993. They were as close to being soulmates as two fictional characters can get, which can hardly be said about the actors portraying them. Things between Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are fine now, but back in the 90s, they couldn’t even be in the same room at one point. They were constantly arguing about every little thing and they had gotten really sick of each other, mostly because they were forced to spend all the time together due to their long working hours. However, they tried to keep things as professional as possible and at this point, they don’t really hate each other but they don’t have any kind of special relationship either.

9 Loved Each Other: Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander - The Light Between Oceans


When the movie The Light Between Oceans was released in 2016, people instantly fell in love with it but had no idea that Michael and Vikander were madly in love with one other while filming it because the couple managed to keep their relationship low-key for a while. They met in 2014 on the set of the film and they instantly fell in love. Even though their relationship is still relatively fresh and most of it was happening far from the public eye, they are considered one of Hollywood’s power couples with the same magical chemistry both on and off screen. People were quite anxious to hear more details about the couple falling in love on the set, but Fassbender simply stated that it just happened spontaneously and that it was a good thing that it did.

8 Hated Each Other: Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep – Kramer vs. Kramer

If you thought Meryl Streep and Dustin’s relationship was intense on the screen, wait til you hear how crazy it was in real life during the filming of the movie Kramer vs. Kramer. Dustin Hoffman is a “method” actor, which basically means that he doesn’t break the character in between the shooting. He tries to stay in the role even with the cameras off because he believes it helps him deliver better results. No wonder that used to drive his co-star crazy. When working with Streep, he used to taunt her about the death of her first love, and he once slapped her across the face right before shooting. He didn’t tell her he was about to throw a glass right next to her face in one of the scenes. He reportedly did all of that to help her get into the character. As if she needed it.

7 Loved Each Other: Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer – House M.D.


While the slightly crazy Gregory House, whom everybody loved and hated at the same time, had troubles in his own love life, the two doctors who had been working for him, Dr. Robert Chase and Dr. Allison Cameron, fell in love and tied the knot. While their relationship in the series was on and off for a time, it had a happy ending after all. But the relationship between Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer in real life went in the opposite direction. They seemed to be madly in love and they dated for several years, which led to them getting engaged. Unfortunately, they changed their mind before actually getting to the altar. They didn’t get married after all, but they are still good friends even though both the show and their real-life relationship is over.

6 Hated Each Other: Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion – Castle

The stars of Castle, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, didn’t just slightly dislike each other, they completely despised each other. They both refused to speak to one another while the camera wasn’t rolling, but even on set, while working, there have been some really uncomfortable situations between the two and they often resulted in Katic bursting in tears because of Fillion’s behavior. Things got so bad that the makers of the series actually forced them into real couples' counselling. However, despite the crazy amount of tension between them, they both handled it quite professionally and never spoke of their disputes in public. Nathan has tweeted his support for Stana a couple of times, and Stana never publicly acknowledged how uncomfortable things got on the set. They both handled it with a level of dignity.

5 Loved Each Other: Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin — Once Upon a Time


Talking about a fairytale becoming real; the story of Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin is definitely one of those examples. Once upon a time, Josh and Ginnifer met on the set of the fantasy series where she played Snow White and he was her Prince Charming. They fell in love while working together and just like the Snow White and Prince Charming, they lived happily ever after. Well, in terms of modern dating and relationships, at least. Basically, they were dating for several years and then they got married. They have two sons and they continue to live their magical love story off set now that their work on Once Upon a Time is done. Who said there is no “happily ever after” in the real life? Well, they were wrong.

4 Hated Each Other: Shelley Long and Ted Danson – Cheers

Do you remember how shocked we all were when Diane Chambers left her soulmate Sam Malone at the altar in the last episode of Season 5 of Cheers? The fans all over the world were heartbroken, but what they didn’t know was that the whole tragic break up wasn’t actually the writers’ idea. The reason why their relationship ended in such an abrupt and unexpected way was that Shelley Long couldn’t stand the sight of Ted Danson any longer, so she decided to quit the show. She stated that the reason for her leaving the show were their “creative differences”. Now, the question is what exactly were those differences? Was that a disagreement on how to play their scenes? Or was it the constant desire to kill each other on the set? Who knows?

3 Loved Each Other: Annette Bening and Warren Beatty – Love Affair


Do you remember the time when Warren Beatty used to be one of the Hollywood’s biggest womanizers? It’s no wonder if you don’t since that was ages ago and it was before he met his soulmate, Annette Bening. They met in 1990 when they were working on Bugsy together, and they got married in 1992. Two years later, they shared the screen in the movie Love Affair where they played two people who fell desperately in love while being engaged to other people. Their chemistry was almost palpable, not only because they are both such great actors, but because their love was real and it still is. They have been married for 25 years now and they’re still going strong with their marriage remaining rock solid even after all this time.

2 Hated Each Other: Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis – Some Like It Hot

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe had been involved romantically before the shooting of the film Some Like It Hot, and if you think working with your ex is hard, just imagine how it must have felt for them to act as though they were still madly in love for the purpose of the film. Curtis accused Monroe of being unprofessional, not memorizing her lines, coming late to the set, etc. There is some proof that he wasn’t completely wrong since one of the scenes in the movie had to be reshot 42 times until Monroe finally got it right. Also, when he was asked how it felt to kiss one of Hollywood’s biggest sex icons of all time, he replied that kissing Marilyn was similar to kissing Hitler. That hardly sounds like a compliment.

1 Loved Each Other: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet – Titanic


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have brought to life one of the most famous movie couples in the history of film – Jack and Rose in Titanic, and not only did they really loved each other on screen, but even today, 20 years after Titanic being released, their friendship is known as one of the Hollywood’s strongest ones. No, their love was never the romantic kind, but they have loved each other dearly as friends since the moment they first met. They have been through a lot together and they have even worked side by side again in 2008 in Sam MendesRevolutionary Road. In 2016, Leo stated Kate was his favorite actress in the industry and that he would love to work with her again. One can only hope that will happen again soon.


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