10 Of The Kardashians' Biggest Fashion Fails (And 5 Hot Swimsuit Pics)

There may not be a more photographed family in America than the Kardashians. Granted, plenty of those photos are taken by the ladies themselves, but there is no denying that their faces have been everywhere over the last few years.

And while there are plenty of outfits and moments that have surely left your jaw on the floor, there's also no shortage of absolutely terrible fashion decisions that the 5 main women have worn.

We're going to look at Kendall, Kylie, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and highlight perhaps the worst outfits they've stepped out in. Granted when some of them have led to some unexpected skin showing, you can imagine they weren't the biggest fan of the outfits either.

But just in case you don't just want to see the bad, we've also tracked down the steamiest beach photos from each lady. They may have made some terrible fashion decisions, but we're sure you're going to love looking at them soaking up the sun.


15 Khloe Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction For Boyfriend's B-Day

The Kardashians all got together back in November 2014 to celebrate Khloe's (then) boyfriend French Montana's birthday. Clearly, in order to celebrate French's special day, Khloe elected to wear an outfit that left very little to the imagination.

The outfit becomes a lot more awkward however when the cameras started flashing and it became abundantly clear that Khloe had decided to leave her bra back at home. You'd think she would have been used to photos being taken with the flash on?

That didn't stop the family from uploading various selfies throughout the night, but what else would you expect from a party with several Kardashians present? You can hope that Khloe was able to learn from her unexpected wardrobe malfunction.

14 Kylie Elects For Pink Hair At New York Fashion Week


There are plenty of features that Kylie Jenner has that will leave you captivated. But we're sure you're going to be left staring at the above outfit for all the wrong reasons. It looks like Kylie may have had some inspiration from Lady Gaga!

The photo was taken back in February 2016 when Kylie attended the Vera Wang show during New York Fashion Week. Which also means there was no shortage of beautiful women showcasing some amazing outfits.

Normally a great thing, but for Kylie, it may have just made her pink hair and sunglasses inside all the more jarring. That being said, we're sure she also brought no shortage of outfits for the trip so we're sure this particular one didn't stay on for long.

13 Khloe Kardashian In Awful Leather Pants

Khloe Kardashian has plenty of moments where she has picked an outfit that works with her body, but there was nothing going right back in the above choice which she wore back in October 2013.

It does have the benefit of reminding me of the episode of Friends where Ross has the leather pants, but outside of that there probably isn't too much there to keep you captivated.

To make matters even more awkward for Khloe, she elected to not wear a bra with the outfit which was also captured by paparazzi. Moments like this should make it abundantly clear that there are some real downfalls to being a celebrity, especially if you're a Kardashian and have the paparazzi following your every move.

12 Kylie In Gold


One of the toughest places in the world to feel confident for many people is on the beach. Thankfully however for Kylie, it's clear from her various photos on Instagram that she absolutely loves stripping down into a revealing swimsuit.

When talking about how she deals with online haters, Kylie said

"Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me…It doesn’t really affect me."

That's definitely the best attitude to have, especially because she's definitely not going to stop being in the public eye anytime soon. We're sure her 95+ million followers on Instagram are going to vocalize their approval regardless of how much (or how little!) clothing Kylie is wearing.

11 Kourtney's Awkward Dress At The Glamour Awards

The Kardashians are no stranger to showcasing some serious amount of skin at various red carpet events. So perhaps it's understandable that Kourtney wanted to try and dial up the heat with her above outfit. But sadly for her, the only attention she garnered was from people saying she had a terrible outfit.

With a mix of cleavage but an awkward cover, fans and critics didn't know quite what to make of Kourtney's ensemble.

Kourtney wore the outfit to the GLAMOUR Women of the Year Awards back in 2016. At least there was no shortage of beautiful women (or other terribly dressed!) that helped take the focus away from Kourtney and her blunder.

10 Khloe In Yellow


Khloe Kardashian deserves a tremendous amount of credit for her ability to lose some excess weight in a healthy and responsible manner. And now that she is looking better than ever, why not take any opportunity to lounge around in a swimsuit?

The above photo was taken as part of Khloe's ad campaign with Protein World, but you probably aren't spending too much time staring at the bottle that she has in her hand!

When talking about her weight loss journey, Khloe said

"For those starting training or already aiming for a goal, my biggest piece of advice is to remind ourselves that we all have to start somewhere. I also love that someone once told me you can’t get it all in one day. You have to remember to set realistic goals.”

9 Kendall Slips Out Of Revealing Outfit

There are some outfits that celebrities wear that definitely don't look like they are going to lead to a slipping out of some of their most prominent assets. Perhaps Kendall thought she was safe when she decided that leaving a bra at home was definitely the preferred option. However judging by her spot on this list, we can assure you that there were some photos of Kendall where it made it clear how much skin she was showing.

Not like she isn't used to it though, as she has also bared it all on the runway in the past. And if we're being fair, it did seem like the photos were taken at the airport so if ever there is a time to "slum it", it's then.

That being said, the slip along with the questionable outfit still left many people questioning her fashion sense on this day.


8 Kim Awkwardly Showcasing Her Pregnant Belly


Celebrities have no shortage of moments and outfits where they have tried to showcase their pregnancy. The mother of several children, Kim has plenty of things in her closet to put on (or you know, the funds to buy more!), but she probably isn't going to be pulling this particular number back out anytime soon.

It's a weird mix of pregnancy but still attempting to show off skin which may not exactly be your thing. Perhaps the best thing about the photo, however, is the hilarious looking Kanye West as he stares down at the ground.

We're sure he gave the approval of the outfit back at home, but the online community definitely did not.

7 Kendall In Blue

Kendall Jenner is a tremendously successful model. So when she decided to start a swimsuit line with Kylie, you can imagine both women were more than willing to lend their talents and assets to the project.

"With every new collection we create, Kylie and I are always looking for a challenge and to evolve our experience. Swimwear is a must for summer so it’s exciting getting to make an exclusive collection for Topshop and have some fun with it," said Kendall when talking about aspirations for future swimsuits.

Kendall also went on to say,

"My favorite pieces are the one-piece bodysuits. We picked different colors like cobalt blue and black so you can switch it up all summer long," which we're sure you may agree with!

6 Kendall Jenner Channels Her Inner Jack Sparrow


There are plenty of features that may make someone attractive to you. One of the primary ones may be that they have a great set of teeth. Which may make the above photo all the weirder.

Kendall Jenner elected to rock some gold teeth back in February while attending a party during London Fashion Week. The hoodie is also not exactly the most flattering thing in the world, but how do you not focus on the shiny teeth in her mouth?

Perhaps she was just super excited to go and see Pirates of the Caribbean and wanted to try and get in the spirit of Jack Sparrow. Either way, the outfit was perhaps understandably talked about, and not in a good way, by several online fashion publications.

5 Kim In White

Kim Kardashian may love spending time by the water more than any other celebrity. She was photographed there throughout her pregnancy and it seems like anytime the Kardashians go on vacation, Kim makes sure to pack at least half a dozen swimsuits.

We're sure Kanye definitely doesn't mind getting an up close and personal look at Kim flaunting her assets on the beach though.

While there are several potential candidates, you may agree with our assumption that Kim has never looked better at the beach than in the above photo. And even if you disagree, you probably aren't going to hate doing the research to prove me wrong!

4 Throwback 


When you grow up in the Kardashian family, there are going to be no shortage of moments of your life that you probably wish weren't captured on camera. That may very well be how Kylie was feeling after this photo of her from 2008 was released on the internet.

Don't get me wrong, ballerinas can be cool but I don't know if a pink tutu like she's rocking there is ever going to be considered a successful wardrobe choice. That being said, she's also quite young in this photo and we're sure wasn't exactly used to people telling her what to do. We're sure it'll make for a great photo to show at her future wedding though.

At least Kim's outfit isn't too bad!

3 Kim Kardashian Taking Inspiration From Mrs. Doubtfire

There is definitely a lot of pressure to look good when you are attending a red carpet event. That pressure must be even higher if your name is a Kardashian. Now just imagine having to do it all while pregnant.

While Kim has had several jaw-dropping moments, people's jaws were dropped for perhaps all the wrong reasons at the Met Ball back in 2013.

As you can tell by the photo that we have included above, the dress looked incredibly similar to the one worn by Robin Williams' character in Mrs. Doubtfire. There are plenty of great ways to get compared to Williams, but wearing an outfit like that is definitely not the best!

Perhaps understandably, the designer of the dress later came out and said he thought Kim looked gorgeous; so at least you know he was happy with his work.

2 Kourtney In Stripes


One of the best places in America to hit up the beach is Miami. This is something that Kourtney is well aware of as it was there that she elected to step out on the sand wearing the above swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination.

"We do go there a lot. We love it! I feel like I know so much more now. I know more places to go and more people, and things to do," said Kourtney when talking about how she and Kim love going to Miami.

She also divulged how every time she goes her and Kim make sure to first buy new bikinis, so here's hoping she spends some more days there in the near future!

1 Kim Slips Out Of This Outfit

Kim is no stranger to letting the world check out her entire body. Whether it's through her own doing, such as her various selfies, with the adult video of her that was released or the time she stripped down for several publications.

But Kim is also often seen around town wearing outfits that can be considered pretty revealing. And if we're being fair, the outfit above isn't her most raunchy; but it did lead to her 'assets' getting put on prominent display after they slipped out.

Given that paparazzi follow every move, you can imagine they were also there to capture that unfortunate situation. We're sure Kim finding out that the world got another glimpse at her body isn't enough to throw her off her game, but it does make you wonder why she wouldn't have gone for a bra.

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