10 Of Kylie Jenner’s Hottest Looks (And 5 That Were Like WTF?)

Kylie Jenner is only 19, and whether you like it or not, she has molded herself into a Kim Kardashian protegé. She's excelled even more so, thanks to social media and growing up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She was only nine years old when the show first debuted in 2007. That was just where she got her start. Kylie's never even carried the last name Kardashian. Thanks to the union of Caitlyn, aka Bruce Jenner, and Kris Kardashian-Jenner, she's got the look, fame, and fortune that all of the Kardashians have. Throw in some collagen lips, lip kits for those lips, butt implants, and a boob job, and you've got a social media superstar. She's got a cosmetic empire at only 19, plus more fame than anyone could ever dream off. No s*x tape necessary.

Just like that, Kylie became the second highest paid Kardashian-Jenner. Soon, she'll top her big sisters. Kylie's got 95 million followers on Instagram to Kim's 101 million. She's got Kim beaten with a cold 635k to her 195k on Snapchat. Add that with the reports of dropped ratings for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and you get the perfect need for a younger it-girl—one who's got what it takes to be a social media goddess. Yep, it's beginning to look like Kylie Jenner will be the key to saving the Kardashian-Jenner reality brand. Kylie is getting her own special spin-off called Life of Kylie. It will air next month, and according to her social media stats, it's bound to do well.

Above all else, Kylie Jenner is a trendsetter. Everyone watches her. The girl can turn anything into an outfit. She could probably turn a paper bag into a skimpy dress, wear it, and post it on Snapchat for a couple million views. With that being said, here are 10 of Kylie Jenner's Hottest Looks (and 5 That Were Like WTF).

15 Oversized T-Shirt (WTF?)

What could be hotter than an oversized T-shirt for a dress? WTF! Really? This is so far off from the form-fitting tight shirt-dress. Why? Because it's literally an oversized T-shirt. No dress included. What's worse is that the Kardashian-Jenners love the look. If fashion were that easy, then all women would need to look hot wearing their beaus' T-shirts, and Bingo! All women would be wearing the latest fashion trend.

Can you imagine how many teenagers have probably tried to wear this look for school? Hey, it's cool if you're an adult woman, and you're lounging around the house. Or possibly, if you just threw on your old man's shirt following a romp in the bed. Otherwise, it is what it looks like, an oversized T-shirt—no pants with thigh-high boots. Sorry, over-the-knee boots. I guess that's what they're called these days.

14 Cropped Sweater & Jeans (Hottest)

Okay! So, we were a little harsh on the sweatshirt necklace. This doesn't mean that all crop tops suck, though. This cropped sweater is one of Kylie Jenner's hottest looks. The top isn't tight where it gives you her exact shape, which gives you something to wonder about. It's off the shoulder on one side and could easily slide off. Then, there's the cropped midriff, which leaves her waist uncovered.

That bottom, in those jeans, looks awfully nice too. Now, about that butt. Is there any conceivable way that it's totally real? I'm not trying to slam Kylie, but it's the same thing with Kim. Would we really not look if we knew it wasn't real. How many celebs have gotten boob jobs? I don't believe that any of their fans disapproved. There are several people that credit their entire career to them. People get more pissed off about the dishonesty of something fake that's being sold as real. It all comes out in the end. 

13 Tank Top & Jeans (Hottest)

Now, here's a warmer look for Kylie. What better way to spend a warm sunny day, walking around in Beverly Hills? I could think of no better outfit than this white tank top and those hot, high-waisted jeans for Kylie. She also opted for the blonde bombshell look. Kylie has worn enough hair colors, colored wigs, and extensions to make up the colors of the rainbow and then some.

It can't be easy being kept under the eyes of the public, but still, it'd be nice to decide to be someone different depending on how you felt for that day. That's a big part of the mystery of Kylie Jenner. She's hot just as she is, but can be a little bit different too. It's probably a big part of why past loves can't seem to just let her go. Tyga is one who could testify to that. She's moving forward while his song indicates that he's still stuck under her spell.

12 Fringed White Jumpsuit (Hottest)

A fringed white jumpsuit. Kylie wore it in Costa Rica when she was on vacation. Can you imagine going on vacations just for everyone to be ready and willing to invade your privacy? It might seem like this 19-year-old reality princess has everything that she wants. However, a normal life has never been in her grasp. Would she trade it all for normalcy? Most likely not. Although, she has mentioned that it would have been nice.

Kylie grew up on reality TV. She was a social media icon by the time she was only 16, and was named as one of the most influential teens by Time. She has her own nail polishcosmetic, and jewelry lines. Then, there is still the clothing line she shares with Kendall. Kylie has made more waves on social media than she had anywhere else, so far. Now, it's time to see if her life is interesting enough for us to keep up.

11 Worst Dressed 2015 AMA's (WTF?)

Kylie's look for the red carpet at the 2015 American Music Awards was sexy, yet had many fans shaking their heads. It looks as though Kylie was struggling to keep things in place. Aside from that, it makes her look flat. It's possible that it was too revealing. Therefore, it made it harder for her to plump things up or the dress possibly just sucked up all of her shape. This was a couple years ago.

In fact, it was the year that Kylie's famous booty began to grow. She later began defending that her butt wasn't made of collagen or rearranged body fat. Yeah, it is possible to gain weight and have certain areas of your body plump up. However, it wouldn't make that big of a difference to just her booty. How can your waist be trimmer, yet your butt gets fatter? She is the luckiest chick in the world. At least, if that's where all her fat naturally goes.

10 T-Shirt Dress (Hottest)

The red shirt-dress. This is one of Kylie Jenner's hottest looks. It makes you think of when your girl puts on only a T-shirt to walk around the house. Not the loose kind like one of your own that she's gone and borrowed, but the tight form-fitting type. Although, the cut still makes it look like an actual dress. The lace-ups add an extra sexy touch too. Kylie was bound to turn heads in that number, no matter where she was headed.

Aside from looks, Kylie is one confident young lady. How could she not be? She's a Kardashian-Jenner. Their motto is that when something makes you less confident, just fix it so that it doesn't anymore! Kylie has admitted this herself on KUWTK. Plus, she told Complex Magazine that "my lips have been an insecurity all my life." Not only did she admit to getting lip injections, but she also admitted that she might've gone too far.

9 Tight Off-Shoulder Dress (Hottest)

This off-the-shoulder mini dress is one of Kylie Jenner's sexiest looks to date. Meanwhile, it only cost her a little less than 60 bucks. One thing that Kylie's known for is making cheaper clothes look more expensive than they actually are. Plus, she looks seriously stunning! It probably helps people to relate just a little bit more, especially when what she wears is something that just about anyone could pull off at home.

There's something about Kylie's image that draws you in. It wouldn't be surprising if her personal reality show gets higher ratings than Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That has been E' Network's highest-rated program for ages. The leak of Kim Kardashian's s*x tape was a real booster. However, Kylie's fame is built primarily on her social media status. Can she pull it off? A socialite who lives a double-life in order to maintain her fame on social media? Sounds interesting, but we shall see.

8 Puma (Hottest)

Did anyone else get chills of excitement seeing Kylie as a face for Puma? Sports bras, shoes, and yoga pants. Hell, she's already too hot to handle in just track pants. Time to cue in a big butt song. Just because booty is all that comes to mind, of course. Poor Kylie would find herself in the midst of a paparazzi stampede if she were to head out for a simple jog with this blazin' hot look!

Meanwhile, something this simple brings her down to a more ordinary level. That's one downfall that comes with being a social media rockstar. The lack of being able to be ordinary. That is something Kylie wouldn't be able to manage, even if she tried. How many child stars have attempted to slip off the radar? The Olsen twins, Macaulay Culkin, Amanda Bynes? They still get photographed on sight. To make matters worse, there's always some twisted article to go with every photo.

7 Juicy Tracksuit (WTF?)

Yes, Kylie. We all know that your butt is juicy. Meanwhile, Twitter wasn't showing near as much love for the actual tracksuit. Yep, the Juicy Couture Tracksuit turned out to be another WTF moment for the youngest Jenner daughter. Hey! The backside looks fine from here. Although, the front wasn't all that great. Not unless she wanted to hide the rest of her shape. Still, this wasn't what got her the backlash from Twitter. You can't really place all of the heat on Kylie for this one. She got a little help from MTV.

The Twitter response was about the Kardashian-Jenner's way of bringing back old styles. In other words, it was another brutal war over cultural appropriation. Apparently, MTV  was trying to credit Kylie with being "all about bringing the Juicy Tracksuit" back. Meanwhile, the argument was that the style never got old to begin with. Sort of like the boxer braids, and everything else black women do that gets assigned to the Kardashians and Jenners as their "latest look" or a returning fashion. One that they've singlehandedly made up or brought back.

6 Lace-Up Track Suit (Hottest)

If you weren't feeling the Juicy Tracksuit, then this lace-up track suit might bring back the hot Kylie that you're used to. No pun intended. Anyways, she was as hot, sexy, and cool as she wanted to be in this one. The top was barely more than a sports bra. Okay, it's even less. This look would've been hot with just average track pants, but NO! She just had to have some that laced up the sides...all the way up to the very top.

It's like the equivalent of showing side boob, only with thighs and booty rockin' everywhere. Then, to top it all off, Kylie went with the blonde bombshell look again. It wouldn't matter who ends up with Kylie. She'd be the more famed representative of the duo. That's something else that's got to be hard on her. Being with someone else who's supposed to be famous too, but they're fame is instantly diminished with her on their arm. Meanwhile, the flashes from photographers keep flashin' on their girl. Let's hope Travis Scott doesn't mind being the sidekick of the hottest chick in the world.

5 Halloween (Hottest)

Christina Aguilera is a seriously hot flashback for plenty of men in their 20's and 30's. Therefore, why wouldn't Kylie look her hottest on Halloween as Christina? That was a rhetorical question. You can already see just how hot that could be, and you loved every snap of it! Is it even possible to look away from this? The only thing hotter would've been younger Xtina herself. What a minute. Nope, sorry Christina. Not even that would be hotter.

Maybe that's why Kylie has over 20 times more Instagram followers than Christina. Hell, it'd be hard for most celebrities to come close to touching it. There are only seven that come ahead of her, and that includes Instagram itself. It's no wonder why everything Kylie advertises turns into a hit, or that everything she wears becomes the next big trend. Everyone is watching her every post...minute, by minute. She can bring lesser-known artists to fame. Fashionistas have more business.

4 Sweatshirt-Necklace (WTF?)

The entire purpose of this article came just a few days ago. It was when Kylie set the internet ablaze with the look seen above. It's Kylie. She's hot. We'll give that to her. Although, this doesn't dismiss the fact that she's wearing a tank top with a ripped sweatshirt overtop—a sweatshirt that only has arms and a neckline leftover. There is literally barely any sweatshirt. Besides, it appears to be a Harley Davidson shirt that has been savagely demolished. All in the name of fashion.

Kylie has since been accused of using a sweatshirt as a necklace. It has also been suggested that Kylie is rich, yet can't afford the bottom half of her sweatshirt. Plus, there are already names for this masterpiece. It has been called a sweatshirt-necklace, or a crop top sweatshirt. Hey, I guess it works if you're sort of cold, yet too warm for the entire sweatshirt. This look has gotten Kylie 2.8 million likes in just 6 days, despite all the jokes. Let's just hope this WTF look doesn't stick like glue.

3 Sheer Top & Lace-up Leather (Hottest)

Can we ever get enough of Kylie Jenner's lace-up looks? They're appealing, skin-revealing, and smokin' hot too. Plus, they might have the benefit to make it a tad bit easier for Kylie to get her pants pulled up. You already know; that has got to be one serious task. The sheer turtleneck goes along nicely. It doesn't look like the most comfortable outfit, nor the warmest. However, Kylie's life is more fueled by what looks hot, rather than what feels comfortable.

Believe it or not, Kylie's already got a couple skeletons hiding in that closet. Nothing too serious, but sort of like Kim's short-lived music career. She told Complex Magazine that she shared some of her life on a social media site called Keek. It was just Kylie letting her goofy side go. It was something that she enjoyed, but that's when people began making fun of her. She claimed that the bullying made her hide parts of herself. Maybe we'll get to see some of that goofy side on Life of Kylie.

2 Swimwear Line (Hottest)

Launching a clothing line appears to be the smart move for all celebrities these days. Before, things could get bad for celebrities pretty quick if they made the choice to stop being famous, acting, singing, or just fell from grace. Not Kylie, however. Kylie and Kendall will have money from their clothing lines forever. One of Kylie's hottest looks was when she was doing a photo shoot for their swimsuit line.

Although lately, she's been facing some issues on the latest styles. It appears that she's trying to push a camo line that's dangerously similar to another company's camo outfits. Then, she's also faced more Twitter hate over the camouflage bikini styles. Perez Hilton pegged her for trying to make camo bikinis a "thing." Twitter went nuts all over again, because Destiny's Child wore the look first in Survivor. Talk about a rough day.

1 A Ribbon Dress (WTF?)

Kylie Jenner is so much like Kim Kardashian, yet still so different. Kim got her boost from a reality show, which got a boost from her s*x tape. Kylie's made her fame off of social media posts and Snapchat shots. She's managed to build an entire empire off of lip kits sold by her own cosmetic line, Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie sets trends with every post, snap, and tweet. She isn't just a fashionista, she's the fashionista. This doesn't mean that every look is her hottest, nor does it mean that she doesn't have total WTF moments, ones that are so bad, they leave us scratching our heads. Take that dress from the 2015 VMA's, for example. Was it actually a dress? Or did she use black ribbon and wrap it around her body? WTF! Who knows? And do we really care? Not as long as she's that hot. Kylie can make us think WTF all she wants.

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