10 Of Conor McGregor’s Most Boss Suits (And 10 That Were Fashion Disasters)

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the biggest athletes in the world. After his last fight, one of the biggest fights of all time against the undefeated boxer and pro trash talker Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr., pretty much everyone who doesn't live under a rock knew Conor’s name. He was king of the octagon, and attempted to make a transition into the boxing ring and beat Floyd at his own game. Sure, it didn’t go as planned, but the way he promoted the fight, promoted himself and got himself out there meant that his popularity just increased ten-fold. Conor may have been the king of the octagon, but he’s also the king of self-promotion. The hype he generates is just ridiculous. He’s a marketing man's dream. It’s little wonder he’s one of the wealthiest athletes around. You don’t exactly need to see his bank balance to know that Conor’s got some serious cash. Just look at his expensive tastes and his style, and you’ll know that Conor’s rolling in dough.

One of his expensive tastes is suits. The guy looks seriously dapper in a suit, and never goes on the road without a few of them in his luggage. He’s got a seriously sharp sense of style. Since he rarely wears the same suit twice, it means we’ve seen Conor don plenty of suits over the years. That, incidentally, isn’t just because he’s filthy rich and doesn’t want to wear the same suit again; it’s because of his profession. He fights across different weight categories, so his body’s constantly changing, and he likes slim-fitting suits. As such, he needs to get new ones tailored regularly. With no shortage of cash to splash, we’ve seen some incredible suits of his over the years. But some haven’t quite worked out. These have been some major fashion disaster moments. You don't need to be a fashion guru to spot these epic fashion faux pas. Here are 10 of those that most would agree were fashion disasters, and 10 that made Conor look like a boss.

19 Boss: Striped Blue Suit

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Regardless of what situation he might be in, you can pretty much guarantee that Conor will be dressed to impress. Even at press conferences, at weigh-ins and media commitments before fights, the guy looks like a boss. Most of those in the fighting industry wouldn’t dream of donning a suit for such events. They normally come straight from training or have just gotten out of bed and arrived wearing tracksuits or their gym gear. Conor wouldn’t dream of doing press conferences like that. It’s just not his style. He has to show that he’s the boss, that he’s a cut above the rest, that he exudes confidence and is serious about the fighting game, and he does that by dressing sharply in a tailormade suit. This striped blue one has to be one of his best, and he knows how to pick his accessories too: the tie, pocket handkerchief, that watch, and that confident attitude.

18 Fashion Disaster: Black Sparkle Jacket

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Jackets and clothing in general that sparkle are a thing of the past. It’s a very old-school way to dress, and Conor doesn’t really need to do it. The guy will get noticed regardless of what he’s doing. Wearing one of his tailor-made dapper suits will certainly get him noticed, without any need for extra shine. This would have gotten him noticed for the wrong reasons. His crew seems to be in good spirits, although a few of them might have been sniggering at his choice of attire for that occasion. This is a suit worn by Conor way back in 2015 when he was attending an event in Los Angeles. Evidently, he thought he’d try to go the extra mile. He kind of did, but it ended up being too much. The black sparkle jacket is one thing, but paired with those horrible pants, it turned into a disaster. The man looks best in less garish suits.

17 Boss: Straight-Up Black

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Conor McGregor shows us here how to dress in black without looking basic. In fact, he looks anything but. Conor doesn’t need to add sparkles to his attire. A simple, sharp black suit is enough to get him noticed, especially considering how well-tailored and well-made it is. He may not have actually had a choice that night. From the looks of things, he was attending a rather flashy event, and when you wear a bowtie, it usually means there is a dress code of some sort. Conor, far from being the rebel, adhered to it, and we got to see a shot of him looking like a boss in another glorious suit. Sometimes, the simplest looks pack the most punch. Evidently, he thought he looked like a boss too, because he sought out this picture taken of him and uploaded it to his Instagram page. Conor might not know when he’s had some fashion disasters, but he certainly knows when he looks good.

16 Fashion Disaster: Wrong Color

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White suits have been the subject of much debate for years in fashion circles. Not many people can pull off a white suit. There are reasons for it. Conor McGregor’s someone who can’t, and that is saying something, because the man can pull off almost anything and make it look cool. However, the white suit is risky because it is commonly regarded to be flashy and flamboyant. In that respect, this suit fits Conor down to a tee. But many deem the white suit to be too over-the-top, just too bold a fashion statement, and far too vulgar. People are sure to have a lot of opinions about Conor’s choice of a white suit. But the majority of people, including fashion gurus, would agree that the white suit is dated and that it should remain in the past. Having said all of this, it does appear that Conor was doing a photoshoot, perhaps an ad campaign of some type. We can’t blame him too much for this fashion disaster. Either way, his confidence saves this from being an entirely hopeless fashion wreck. Conor will always have the swag to back him up.

15 Boss: A Boss In The Octagon

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This just goes to show how often Conor dons suits. He’ll wear one for pretty much any occasion, including a place where most people normally only wear shorts. But since it’s his kingdom, it’s fitting that he dresses like a boss and wears a suit. Conor probably wasn’t on the bill that evening, but even when he’s enjoying a night of MMA action, there are going to be cameras out and about, so it’s important that he looks his best. The man projects a cool factor 24/7, and these suits are definitely part of the reason why. Some may say that a grey suit is going to the other end of the scale – it is too boring, perhaps too conservative. But this isn’t your everyday grey suit. Look at the checkered pattern, the inner lining, and of course that pocket square we’ve grown accustomed to seeing with Conor, and you can appreciate that he looks like a boss in what’s a pretty complete and seriously dapper outfit. The man knows how to spice up a "boring" suit and make it look incredible.

14 Fashion Disaster: Light Blue


During Conor’s meteoric rise to stardom, he may have felt the need to get himself out there by being bold and brash and pretty much doing anything to get himself noticed. In the fighting game, there are plenty of ways to do this. Conor has pretty much nailed every single approach, but he’s got another ace up his sleeve. Well, most of the time it’s an ace, but on some occasions, it’s a joker. But enough with the metaphor; we are talking about his fashion sense. From a psychological standpoint, wearing brighter colors tends to get you noticed more. But people shouldn’t just wear bright colors for the sake of wearing bright colors. It may not suit you – do that and you could become a laughing stock. No one in their right mind was going to laugh at Conor, but at the back of people’s minds, they must be thinking that his suit style was pretty terrible on this occasion.

13 Boss: Burgundy

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If the majority of Conor’s suits will only be seen in public once, he might as well dress to impress. He certainly is in this picture. It’s a checkered burgundy suit, and many think it’s one of his best. Again, he dressed for the occasion; he’s holding his UFC belt, showing why he’s the boss of the sport, and showing why he’s a boss in the fashion department too. Normally he goes for black or dark blue, but this time he thought he’d change it up a bit, and it’s certainly worked. It had the desired effect and it is definitely a boss suit. Conor seems to like this checkered design, but in terms of this color, there aren’t many who’d be able to pull it off. Does Conor seek fashion advice from experts, or does he just trust his instincts? He does get it right, more often than not, and not just with his suits, but with his overall style.

12 Fashion Disaster: Light Blue Checkered

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Conor must have thought that this was the perfect blend of style and quality. While choosing the color, he must have thought that it’d make him pop a little. It’s not bad, and certainly not one of his most outrageous suits, but it’s certainly not a boss suit like the others. The suit’s royal blue in color, and it certainly made people turn their heads, but perhaps not in the positive way he hoped. But if you think about the occasion he chose to wear that particular suit, you can kind of cut him some slack. He was adhering to some media commitments for his most recent fight of the century against flashy Floyd Mayweather Jr. due to the hype generated. People are used to Floyd’s flashy antics, his larger than life character, and so perhaps Conor thought of doing anything possible to stick out a little bit more. Perhaps that choice of color was a carefully planned decision.

11 Boss: Blue Checkered

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This photo was taken while Conor was on a media tour before his next showdown. That period before a fight is mightily important for a fighter. Some don’t really give it any attention, but Conor recognizes that building up the hype is essential to ensuring people tune in, essentially so that he gets as much cash as possible. One of the ways he gets people’s attention is simply by looking the part. A lot of people, when they see Conor speaking like he does and dressed in this fashion, would be hooked. It’s the little things like that that really make a difference when it comes to promotions, and Conor’s an expert at it. He’s an expert at dressing like a boss too. The color, the design, everything about this suit just screams style and sophistication. The fact that he gets them tailor-made for every media tour helps them stand out too.

10 Fashion Disaster: Raspberry Pink

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After Conor destroyed Jose Aldo literally in a matter of seconds to become the new UFC Featherweight Champion of the world, understandably all the media outlets were chomping at the bit to get him on board and make an appearance. Conor, being the showman he is and loving the limelight, obliged, and became a regular on TV in the period following the devastating victory. That meant that Conor had to upgrade his already impressive wardrobe and get a load of suits tailor made for his various appearances. He thought he was taking his suit game up a notch. This one didn’t quite work out. He appeared dressed in this fashion for an interview with Conan. They spoke about the fight, but it wasn’t long before Conan was gushing about Conor’s fashion sense. You can’t help but think that he was speaking more in general terms and not about that specific outfit, which didn’t measure up.

9 Boss: White Checkered

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We've mentioned in a previous entry that a white suit divides opinion. Many think it’s rather outdated. Very few can pull it off. A straight-up white suit isn’t something that suits a lot of people. We think most would agree that it doesn’t suit Conor – or anyone, for that matter. But here’s another white suit, and it is one that suits Conor perfectly. He can certainly include this one in his boss suit collection. First of all, it’s not exactly a bright white suit. It’s a different shade of white, and it’s a color that works well. That shade of white is certainly far more flattering than his previous bright white number. Then there is the pattern, which adds a lot of class and style to this look. You probably know by now that Conor loves his checkered suits. It’s a simple pattern, but one that suits him too. It is one that Conor should certainly stick to.

8 Fashion Disaster: Blue Velvet

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Before you get mad at me about this one, we’ve got to mention that we appreciate that Conor’s suits, whether he looks dapper or not, divide opinion. There are bound to be plenty of people that think that this is one of his best suits. But it’s a velvet suit, and velvet has gone underground over the past decade. People no longer really wear velvet suits and there’s a reason for that. As a dinner jacket, it works. It’s a tad quirky but it is acceptable. But to wear it out and about in front of the cameras, posing for pictures with your UFC belt – there’s a time and a place for velvet blazers and that wasn’t it. Also, all the fashion gurus won’t hesitate to tell you that if you’re planning to don a velvet blazer, you should stick to the blazer and not go over the top and make your whole outfit out of velvet. Go for the blazer, then a pair of simple black pants to match. Conor has gone for the whole shebang, dressed in velvet from head to toe, and it’s a bit of a velvet overdose.

Boss: Simple And Sophisticated

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Those who have some suit knowledge would be aware that it’s a simple style of suit that’s dominating the market. The single-breasted jacket with three buttons, a breast pocket, and a suit that’s well-fitted seem most popular these days. It’s a type of suit that can make anyone look like a boss. Conor, colluding with his tailor, probably knows this too, hence more often than not, he tends to stick to these simple designs. But Conor being Conor, he has to take it up a notch. He can certainly pull it off. There’s slim-fitting and then there’s a perfect fit. This is absolutely perfect. We see that checkered design again, one that Conor obviously likes. He’s dressed in a waistcoat too, for the complete three-piece suit look. He also spices up the look with a funky lining, which adds a level of cool to this classic look.

7 Fashion Disaster: The Gentleman’s Suit

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This suit is just too gentlemanly for Conor McGregor, if you get our drift. Firstly, Conor’s persona isn’t exactly that of a suave and sophisticated fellow. Based on what we know of him, dressing in this kind of suit just doesn’t really fit. But having said that, we’ve now grown accustomed to it, and he’s made it his own. He has acquired the tag of the sharpest dresser in the world of combat sports, and perhaps the sporting world in general. But this is almost as if he’s trying too hard. There’s nothing drastically wrong with it, and the blazer does fit in with the way he was looking. His overall look that night was a disaster. He’s a rough, tough MMA fighter, and that look with the big glasses and the gentlemanly attire just doesn’t fit all too well. It seemed more like a costume than anything else, and Conor usually looks completely at home in his usual boss suits.

6 Boss: Style Icon

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This suit really does illustrate superbly why Conor is regarded as a style icon. He’s suave, dapper, and you could just go on and on. You'd run out of adjectives and superlatives to describe this choice of outfit. There may actually be a few people who disagree with this being one of his boss suits. It’s almost as though he’s gone for the geek chic look with this choice of attire, and a lot of people only like his straight-up, simple well-fitted suits. This is a little bit more out there due to his choice of shirt, the bow tie, and the pink pocket handkerchief. But the suit itself is certainly a boss one, and those funky details just add a bit of flair. The whole three-piece suit is something he’s able to pull off superbly, and it makes his customary tight-fitting blazer fit even better and stand out even more. It’s no wonder someone decided to get a professional picture of Conor taken dressed in this fashion.

5 Fashion Disaster: Blue Striped

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There’s a reason why more often than not, Conor sticks to plain suits or suits with a checkered design. It’s because they suit him, and they’re boss suits. It may be a simple thing, but the pattern on a suit, whether it’s checkered or striped, really can make a difference. The whole striped thing just doesn’t work for Conor. He might be able to pull it off if it was subtler, but this pattern is far from being subtle; it’s right in your face. Again, he’s gone for the whole gentlemanly look. It’s far from his best look. Ironically, he decided to go for that look and don that suit to the 2014 VIP Style Awards, and from the looks of things he actually scooped a prize. That was probably in recognition of his overall dress sense, and not what he was wearing that night.

4 Boss: Dark Grey Checkered

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We mentioned that there’s a reason Conor tends to stick to this checkered pattern; it’s because it suits him, and it’s evident in this pic of Conor wearing this dark grey one. Most people deem grey to be quite a boring color for a suit. It is, generally, pretty boring. But that also largely depends on the person wearing it. Firstly, it can’t be ill-fitted – Conor’s suits never are. Secondly, it needs to have some type of pattern that makes it stand out a bit. Conor loves that checkered pattern. Thirdly, it helps if it’s worn with certain colors, certain accessories, and other attire to elevate the look. Conor knows what works well with his suits. He’s wearing that matching waistcoat, has got a matching tie and pocket square, and his watch game is always on point. That all adds to the outfit and makes what would normally be your boring old corporate suit into a boss suit.

3 Fashion Disaster: Outrageous Pattern

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Conor McGregor impresses with his sartorial style – or tries to – regardless of the occasion. Last year, when the world was talking about one of the biggest fights of all time, his bout against Mayweather, Conor was preoccupied with other things. Most fighters, in the leadup to such a fight, can think of nothing else and have their eyes on the prize. They certainly wouldn’t dream of launching a fashion label. But Conor isn’t like most fighters. He probably knew about the hype that was being generated. His popularity grew exponentially at the time, so he saw it as the opportune moment to release a fashion label. He did so with David August, but it has to be said that this wasn’t one of their best. We don’t think too many people would have been flocking to their local store to pick up this suit. It was a daring pattern that just didn’t work.

2 Boss: Black

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A lot fashionistas and fashion gurus would say that you shouldn’t really wear a black suit. Don’t go over-the-top, but just wear something more visually appealing and interesting. Many agree that it certainly shouldn’t be the first suit you own. Well, we know about Conor’s suit collection, even though he does only wear each one once. Sometimes, Conor just wants to do away with the flashy suit and just keep it simple. This certainly is simple, but simple in a good way. Because Conor’s an Irish gentleman and has fair skin, the contrast with the black suit is pretty powerful. He’s one guy who can certainly pull it off. As we've mentioned previously, it’s also about the fit of the suit. Conor wouldn’t dare to wear an ill-fitting suit, so that’s another tick in the right box. This is certainly a boss suit.

1 Fashion Disaster: Seriously Daring

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You may see this picture and think, "Why on earth is this included on this list?" So it’s a striped suit, and we’ve mentioned how that pattern just doesn’t suit Conor. But what’s different about it from some of the other suits included on this list? It just seems like your run-of-the-mill suit, right? It certainly isn’t your average suit. Look closer, and you’ll see that what you think are stripes aren’t stripes at all. They're actually writing. During the press events in the lead up to the Mayweather fight, as if the spotlight wasn’t fixed on him enough, Conor decided to unveil this, perhaps his most daring suit yet. Take a wild guess as to what the writing says. It’s a string of explicit words lined out again and again and again. They were created in collaboration with David August and were actually available to purchase for a limited time.

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