10 Most Powerful Dark Force Users In Star Wars (And 10 Useless Ones)

The world of Star Wars is filled with some amazing and iconic characters. Many you may know, like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Then, there are plenty that people are not aware Jacen Solo. When Disney bought up the universe a while back, we knew it would mean a new set of films. We also knew that they would have their own "canon" universe. This meant that certain books and stories would be used in their universe while others were thrown out.

Chewbacca, for example, was killed off in a book years ago. Disney took this book out of canon mostly. That allowed for Disney to use the Chewbacca character in other movies they had planned out over the next few years. They also kept others in the universe that didn't make a lot of sense. Some characters you have seen in the past few films alone are useless to the universe or simply have no need to be around.

The Sith, The First Order, and other bad guy groups over the years were known as some of the coolest characters in the Star Wars Universe. The reason for this had to do with the edge of their character and how they were presented as a legit threat when some of the Jedi were seen as weak by comparison. That does not mean all of the Dark Force users were great though. That led us to the idea of highlighting some good and bad Dark Force users in the universe. You may see a favorite pop up or someone you despise, let us know either way.


20 Powerful - Freedon Nadd

One of the few to make this list without the "Darth" connection, Freedon Nadd makes the list as one of the most powerful. Why? Mainly because he might be one of the greatest Siths ever. He also left a huge impression on the Star Wars universe due to how his decisions affected the world for years to follow. Once a Jedi who studied the light side of the force, he caught on quick. Having a darkness within him, he felt that something was being hidden from him in the force....he was right.

He lusted for the power of his mentor, Master Matt Tremayne, who he would end up killing. He did not even try to hide afterward, he went to the very center of the Sith Empire and learned all the dark knowledge he could handle. Nadd was selfish and would never want to be called a lesser to anyone. He would make himself the Dark Lord of the Sith and no man tried to tell him to stop.

He would go on to conquer the planet of Onderon where he would rule for one hundred years on the throne. He would die in a physical nature, but his force ghost would make a huge impression after. His immense power was so difficult to get past that Onderon was never seemingly attacked due to fearing this Dark Lord.

19 Useless - Maris Brood


In theory, her story has been told before and it usually goes very well. A Jedi padawan who becomes corrupted and turns to the dark side. Maris Brood was someone many thought a lot of, and she had a lot of greatness about her. I mean, she has some beast control abilities...which is cool to say the last. However, she was simply not someone that landed well among the universe.

Her biggest claim to fame was fighting with the awesome Star Killer character and losing, badly. He even decided to let her live upon her defeat and she could have used this opportunity to kill him but chose to instead move along. Her force knowledge is weakened due to not learning as much as she needed to before her selfish actions took over. Therefore, she is a mere blip on the radar when you talk about the universe. If you don't do something to affect the universe, you're clearly useless to it.

18 Powerful - Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus is a favorite among people in the Star Wars community. This is most likely due to his unique attire and his badass skills! He is actually one of the most powerful force users, period, in the universe. Known as one of the handful of survivors from the Mass Shadow Generator Superweapon on planet Malachor V, he was one who craved power. His survival from this horrific weapon made him lust after the power it had and wanting to, as a simple being, control power at that level. He was called "a wound within the Force," by many.

This meant that he was one with the dark force, but he was so lustful for power that his abilities grew vastly. This, in a sense, gave him power that even the dark force itself could not manage or handle as he had gone beyond it at times. His mentors only fed into this craving for power. Eventually known as "The Lord of Hunger," due to never having enough power, this led him to turn against anyone in his way...including fellow Sith. The very reason he is forgotten among some is that his hunger for power led him down a path of power seeking, but not power knowledge.

He did not understand how to use his knowledge, much less did he know how to properly use his power. He craved power so much that he would turn against all, even mentors, causing his teachings to die off. If trained better, Nihilus may have gone down as the most powerful Sith to have ever existed. Despite lack of teaching, the power he wielded was massive.

17 Useless - Rosh Penin


We were first introduced to Rosh Penin in the Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy game. Storyline wise, the whole thing was quite interesting. As luck and obvious nature would have it, Rosh was a Jedi in training and chose to go to the dark side. I know, you've never heard this before! Rosh was an arrogant and very impatient young man. He thought he was better than he actually was, and felt he deserved more due to it.

He was actually quite weak in the force, but that hunger for power like Nihilus before him was strong. The difference is, Nihilus could handle the power enough to get by and could just about destroy people in his way. Rosh could not. He did master core abilities, but due to being untrained, he was not skilled enough with his force knowledge to use it properly.

This is one of the reasons he was pretty easy for you, as Jaden Korr, to rip right through him in the game. He was not worth much to the universe, and the game overall makes him out to be a weak annoyance.

16 Powerful - Star Killer

Remember the entire 'rule of two' thing that Darth Bane wanted to do? Most Sith actually hated the rule, that includes the notable Darth Vader. He hated the rule because he felt that he was more than capable of the major Lord status. In fact, he was referred to as that. However, the Sith rule was such that Darth Sidious, the Emperor, would need to be killed off before Darth Vader could become a mentor and take on pupils. This is in spite of the fact he was possibly the second most powerful Sith in the Universe. This pushed for Vader to take in Galen Marek, better known as Star Killer, one of the most famous figures in Star Wars never to be recognized in movie form.

Star Killer became sort of an assassin, like Darth Maul before him. He originally was a Jedi in training before Vader got to him, so he had some force knowledge already. The best thing for him was that the dark force is limitless, which is one reason the Jedi don't want you to know of it. Too much power can lead people to do bad things. Star Killer developed an amazing ability to kill, but simply through combat. Eventually adding the force to his ability list only made him more deadly.

Eventually, it was found out that Vader had a pupil, which caused a problem. Sidious wanted Star Killer on his side. Vader knew that meant he had to die. Star Killer would defeat Vader in combat, causing Sidious to want him to kill his mentor in order for him to join him at his side. Star Killer refused and thus, was killed by Sidious.

15 Useless - Darovit


Imagine being the cousin to an amazing Sith force user, unknowingly sharing force energy with them, and being amazingly strong due to it. Now, imagine the force was something you had no real clue how to use. Welcome to the world according to Darovit. He shared force ability with Darth Zannah, who would convert him from the Jedi to Sith. Later in life, Darovit would accompany his cousin to heal Darth Bane. It was there that they came to the conclusion the only way to do this would be to make Caleb, a light force user and healer, to heal Bane. He would only do it if they told the Jedi of where he was.

Caleb would get his wish after Darovit told Zannah that this was the only way. She relented and thus, Caleb would heal Bane. Caleb would tell the Jedi of Bane, but it would be interpreted as a Sith Lord and not by name. Zannah immediately killed the healer, and turned Darovit insane, having him see several illusions. It would be assumed when the Jedi arrived that Darovit was this Sith man. Being insane, he would attack the Jedi and be cut down quickly as Zannah and Bane made their escape.

14 Powerful - Abeloth

We're kind of cheating here. Abeloth wasn't really a Sith, but she was a dark force user and a deadly one at that. Since this is about dark force users, we're good. Abeloth was a servant of the Mortis ones at one point. Loving them as if she was their family, she would become a Mother in the group. This was a big position of power. The problem for her came when she drank from Font of Power and bathed in the Pool of Knowledge. This would end up corrupting her mind. This would make her a "spirit of chaos." This would lead her to be known by several names such as Bringer of Chaos and Queen of the Stars.

All of this was due to the destruction that she left everywhere she went. Her dark force power was almost unstoppable. She had the ability to teleport, lightning manipulation(despite none being around her), and could turn people evil by twisting their minds. She could also trap people in force stasis, forcing them to halt unless they could break free. Since Abeloth had them, they rarely did. She would end up injuring Luke Skywalker and paralyzing his son, Ben. Luke was known as one of the most powerful Jedi of his time, and she was said to have had 12 times the force ability he had. When you talk of power, she had it in spades.


13 Useless - Dooku


I know we'll get a ton of heat for this one, but after thinking this over due to what we may feel differently. We all know of Dooku and his ways. He was once a Jedi then turned to the dark side. He had some great mentors around him on both sides, of course. Dooku was known as a great swordsman, even into his older age. It was claimed only Yoda was his superior, which is saying a lot. When it came to leadership and strategy, Dooku once again was known as a force that would be tough to take down.

This is why he had value to both sides. He was perfect for the job he was made for, but that did not mean he was able to handle the force well. Dooku was known as being relatively powerful, but when you craft out all the things he start to unravel something quite alarming. Dooku was training by amazing mentors, but yet never picked up even half their greatness. He clearly was good in combat, but that was what made Dooku stick out. He was very useful when it came to his roles within each area, but Sidious would have taken anyone at his position.

Dooku obviously was good at his job, but force wise he was by no means spectacular. In fact, some believe Dooku joined Sidious just to become better and gain more and more power. However, he never actually achieved what he set out to when he left the Jedi for the Sith.

12 Powerful - Darth Bane

Darth Bane is remembered primarily because of how strong in the force he was, but also due to the fact that he was just plain evil. He actually invented the "rule of two" that was employed by the dark side for years. The rule was that there could only be one mentor and pupil. In order for the pupil to be given ultimate Lord status, he would have to kill his mentor. People like Darth Vader were able to somewhat bypass this, as Darth Sidious became Emperor and needed to push him to the side a bit.

Vader was still unable to keep a pupil, yet he tried. We'll get to them later. Bane, on the other hand, was known for his killer instinct and ability to know how to rule. He was amazing with his power, but the reason was primarily that he craved knowledge of both sides of the force. He represented the dark and despite dying, he almost came back to life as his force ghost nearly took over a man before Yoda stepped in.

11 Useless - Darth Maul


I know what you're thinking, Darth Maul is did he end up on the weak part of the list? The reason is simple. Maul was more of an assassin than force user. He was a master fighter and swordsman. He was known, of course, for using the awesome dual bladed lightsaber. He was the best part of Episode I, seriously....THE....BEST...PART! That said, people will want to really love Maul.

However, his force knowledge was mostly weak in comparison to many you'll see on this list. That does not mean he was not worthy of love, as he is quite awesome. He also improved his force skill later on in his life. Despite this, he was simply not elite in the force and therefore he makes the weak or "useless" list. Though he had heightened senses, his force knowledge falls behind many others.

10 Powerful - Exar Kun

Exar Kun may not be very famous among fans, but he should be. A very confident showman, Kun was known for being a standout. Known as one of the Ancient Sith, he was not originally someone going down this dark path, as he started out as a Jedi like many others here did. As a padawan, he felt things were being hidden from him. He was right, as the Jedi had hidden forbidden knowledge on the older Sith, which his master Vodo-Siosk Baas felt he was not ready for. Feeling confident in himself, he was triggered by this. This forced him to make the decision to leave his Jedi path behind and go out to find the knowledge hidden from him.

This would land him on Onderon, a planet of major Sith ties. This would be where he would come across Freedon Nadd. He came across his tomb and was visited by his force ghost. Feeling he could take on a new form, he injured Kun badly and only would save him if he turned to the dark side. He would eventually banish Nadd's spirit but was corrupted by him. Exar was very powerful from his training and knowledge gained and used it to continue to take on more and more knowledge. He would become so powerful, he crowned himself a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Not one to pick a side, he would wage war against anyone. However, the Jedi were his biggest target. He is quite critical to the success of the Sith and his power was used to help for generations to come. His knowledge was then used to help others gain experience and power within the Sith for some time. He might be the very reason the Sith gained so much power and held it down for so long.

9 Useless - Jacen Solo


Jacen Solo is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, at least he was. Years ago, Star Wars knew they could have a world of comics and books, even animated movies and television shows. They took advantage of this and used a variety of characters to make up this extended universe from the movies. That allowed us to see both a son and daughter come into the fold from the Solo family. It was a nice touch and one that would actually serve as a cool addition to the group.

Sadly, Disney bought the entire universe from George Lucas. While the films are still made by Lucasfilm, Disney's ownership means that they can put people in and out of canon. This is why Jacen ends up on the list. While Jacen Solo was a powerful force user and one of the cool members of the extended universe, he falls into this list due to the situation. Disney took him out of canon so he literally does not exist anymore. Kylo-Ren is the canon son to the Solo family.

That means that despite how good Solo is, we're talking "useless" here. Jacen Solo is simply not of use anymore due to his character being played now by Kylo, whose real name is Ben Solo. Jacen was a Sith a few times, which is why he is on the case you were wondering.

8 Powerful - Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos, like others on this list, come from the Ancient Sith time period. This is why he does not have a "Darth" part added to his name like others do in the Sith area. He is overlooked by many, but this is by no means a good thing. He once ruled an empire for a century before passing. His homeland of Korriban was always safe from trespassers due to his ruling of it. No one ever won a fight against him. His inability to lose is what gave him the title of the Dark Lord of the Sith to begin with, as he defeated Sith Lord Simus to attain the title.

Marka's biggest knock might be simply his lack of ambition. His power was so massive that he could have taken over any and all lands that he chose. Yet Ragnos did not want to expand his empire until he died. His force ghost had some ambition it seems. The ghost helped play a part in the ruler of the new Sith Empire, and he would remain a use for the Sith for a very long time. He was not completely wiped from the universe until Jedi managed to banish him upon coming across him.

7 Useless - Darth Hadra


It is almost an undisputed thought that if you made either the Dark or Jedi Council, you were good at your job. You had to be a powerful Sith or Jedi to make them, as only the best of the best were supposedly able to reach this. However, while movies saw the best of the best pictured on the Jedi seems that even they steered clear of any Dark Council types. The reason for this? This Council does not have as many A+ players as one would assume.

There is a running gag that Dark Council members were kind of easy to kill off at times. Darth Hadra was one such Sith, who was powerful enough to reach the high level of the council but seemingly was nothing but force lightning when it came to her major force power. She is also someone you will forget a lot about because her role in the universe could have been done by virtually anyone. That makes her similar to Dooku, in that anyone could have had their part. The difference is, Dooku had a position of power the Sith needed....Hadra just wasn't very useful at all.

6 Powerful - Darth Vader

Like others on this list, Darth Vader was a Sith that actually started out becoming a Jedi. He was also one of many lured in by the dark force and what it could actually do. Anakin Skywalker was his given name and he was quite an impressive user of the force at an early age. He was the one destined to bring balance to the force, but his turn to the dark side was one of the most horrific turns the Jedi had to deal with. He turned thinking that he had to do so in order to save the life of his beloved Padme Amidala. He was given dreams being told that she was going to die.

Anakin would do anything to keep her alive. The problem was that she was pregnant and things were going to be complicated with this among other things. Darth Sidious made Anakin believe he could save her. He was never going to do it, but he needed Anakin go to the dark side and managed to do so. He lied to him for several years, with Vader never knowing his children lived. Vader would destroy anyone in his way, in the name of Sidious. His power was so strong that he seemingly could have killed any Jedi in his way. He killed many of course.

Eventually, in order to save his son Luke Skywalker, he would turn on Sidious. He would kill him in order to deliver on his destiny and bring balance to the force. Luke would carry on that mission later on. Vader was extremely strong, which gave him the ability to rule at any point. However, it seemed he never desired this enough to kill Sidious at the time and thus held back. Had he not, who knows what he could have done?

5 Useless - Darth Decimus


If you can believe it, Darth Decimus actually held the position of Dark Council member too, and like a few Sith before him, he lacked ambition. This is why he seemingly never climbed the ranks in the traditional way one does. He was not known for his force power, but rather, his great abilities with his lightsaber. He seems to have gotten onto the council mostly due to his brilliant military strategy, which like Dooku was desperately needed by the Sith in the Cold and Galactic Wars.

He had seemingly some force power, but it was nothing notable. In fact, most would say he practically had none. He had enough to reach high-level areas of the Sith, which shows that you have to have some sort of ability. However, due to the fact it is rarely used, leads us to believe he was weakest here and his force ability was practically useless in the end. It may seem odd, but the facts are pretty clear at the end of the day. Decimus might have been needed for war, but the force was not that strong in this one.

4 Powerful - Darth Revan

Revan is mostly remembered for being...different. He is possibly the greatest gray area Star Wars character of all time. Most of the time, one is light or don't find many who hit the in-between stage. This is for good reason, as the universe needs both sides. No one man has ever broken the mold quite like Revan. His former friend and apprentice Darth Malak once said about him:

“Savior, conqueror, hero, villain. You are all things Revan… and yet you are nothing. In the end, you belong to neither the light nor the darkness. You will forever stand alone.”

He was right. Revan stood out due to his impressive ability to walk into any situation and win at all costs. He did not care if you were Jedi or Sith. If you were in his way and he thought you were wrong, he took you down. This is why he stands out as brilliant Jedi and Sith, two positions he held with great ability. Kreia once said about Revan, "Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force." He may have been the balance that the universe had before the likes of Luke Skywalker came along. There was no balance in the force, Revan WAS the balance.

3 Useless - Darth Zhorrid


When you talk about useless, Darth Zhorrid kind of stands out pretty high for most people. She appears in the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game made by BioWare. In this, she showed she would be expendable based on the player's choice regarding her father and mentor Darth Jadus. While Jadus was a relatively good force user, Zhorrid was not as gifted. If the player or "agent" chose to side with Jadus, who was secretly alive, Zhorrid would be killed. If not, the player would be loyal to Zhorrid.

She was added to the Dark Council to replace her father after he was supposedly killed. This means she would never have the chance to be there if he stayed alive. She demanded respect from the council, yet they all laughed at her for it. She managed to get some respect when she used her great intelligence to develop "Sith Intelligence" and use it to take down enemies to the unit. Both the agency and the Eagle terrorist network, the ones responsible for her father's alleged death, were taken out by her. All in all, however, she was useless when it came to the force and was not even needed on the council in the end anyway.

2 Powerful - Darth Sidious

A lot of people like to put Emperor Vitiate at the top of the most powerful list, but he wasn't. He was probably the greatest Sith ruler ever, and possibly even the greatest Sith of all time overall. However, Darth Sidious ranks as the most powerful Sith ever when it comes to simple force ability. This is because he learned from all the things the former Emperor did and mirrored it, as well as from the mentor of his that he would murder for his Lord role, Darth Plagueis. He would then add strength to this on top of other Sith, of which he learned from.

He was obsessed with knowledge and power, and due to this, he was able to manipulate and turn those with his intelligence. This managed to get him power under his alias, Palpatine. He would become Emperor and change the Empire for years to come. He would position amazing Sith by his side, including Anakin Skywalker whom he would manipulate into becoming Darth Vader. His most powerful force strength had to do with the mind-bending persuasion. On top of this, he was deadly with his ability to strangle information out of people. It also took one of the greatest Sith ever in Darth Vader and his son, the greatest Jedi ever, Luke Skywalker, to defeat him. That is when you know you've made it.

1 Useless - Ulic Qel-Droma


When you talk about weak or useless, there is nothing like being the man with amazing power that is then taken from you. Ulic Qel-Droma was a very powerful Jedi, but like so many on this list, the desire for more led him down the dark path. He was a huge part of the Jedi Order before being lured into the Sith world. Naturally, due to his power, he became a Sith Lord quite quickly. Due to the fact that he was powerful as a Jedi and a man who rose ranks quick, many assumed that a dark version of Qel-Droma would only bring fear and terror to the universe.

He would commit several crimes, and would even kill his own brother. Talk about going extremely dark. This crazy man was eventually stopped by the very powerful Nomi Sunrider who was previously his lover. She used her powers in the force to permanently remove the force from her one-time lover's grasp. This forced him into being a normal human and made him the weakest Sith in the universe automatically. He would turn good after this and try to make up for his dark sided ways and would do so....however, it was only ever as a normal human and never as a man with the force.


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