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NCIS might be considered a show for old people, but it's been on television since 2003, and there's a reason for this. The seasons have consistently delivered entertaining storylines as well as character development. After 15 seasons and 331 episodes, NCIS is one of the most successful television programs of

all time, and its cast of characters has propelled the show toward this incredible achievement. While the agents are in the field taking down criminals and solving cases, Abby Sciuto is back in her lab doing the behind-the-scenes work that's integral to solving each case. She's funny, intelligent, and has a unique relationship with Gibbs. Abby is well-liked by her peers, and while she has her downfalls, her brain has aided the team as a whole on countless occasions.

So, why is she considered underrated? Given its status on TV, NCIS has a stigma for being geared toward older audiences, leaving many to ignore it entirely. In a world where a character like Sheldon is massively popular, it’s time that Abby Sciuto gets some love.

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