10 Most Embarrassing Celeb Selfies (5 We Can't Stop Looking At)

Even with an entourage of makeup gurus and A-list stylists, many Hollywood stars still can't take a decent photo.

Believe it or not, even celebrities can take a bad selfie. Even with an entourage of makeup gurus and A-list stylists, many Hollywood stars still can't take a decent photo. These embarrassing photos have made their way on the web, and we can't help but wonder why these celebs thought it was okay to post their selfies on social media for millions of people to see.

Maybe certain celebrities want to show their fans that they're regular people too, especially when they take off their full face of makeup. We appreciate the honesty by these few stars, but we don't necessarily care or want to stare at these bare-faced selfies. There are also the celebs like Amanda Bynes who should just put their iPhones down and never take selfies. Her embarrassing photos showed her with one eye closed, what looks like makeup smeared all over her face, and a kissy face we just don't ever want to see. There was also a time when rapper 50 Cent thought a selfie with zebra-printed, heart-shaped sunglasses was a good snap, but to us, it's just plain embarrassing.

Don't fret folks. We listed only 10 embarrassing celeb selfies and gave you five that will probably make you drool. These five selfies from stars like Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are some of the hottest photos on the Internet, and we're glad that they know how to take a perfect selfie. So, enjoy these hysterical, embarrassing selfies and five of the hottest selfies posted on these celebs social media pages.

15 Kim Kardashian - Needs To Stick To Taking Sexy Selfies (Embarrassing)

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Kim Kardashian takes so many selfies, she's even published a book titled Selfish, which contains countless images of her doing random things and posing very provocatively in others. The reality queen is so full of herself, she'll take a photo at any time of the day no matter what she's doing. However, one of her snapshots was just plain embarrassing. The Keeping Up With the Kardashian star thought it was okay to post a selfie of her face burnt from the sun with the outlining of her sunglasses around her eyes she left on while tanning. We definitely think she should stick to her sexy selfies and not humiliate herself further.

14 Nicolas Cage - Star Is Definitely Not A Fan Of The Airplane Selfie (Embarrassing)

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Maybe Nicolas Cage was working on his next big film in the wee hours of the night when he was snapped with a fan in this shot. Sadly, the photo turned out to be quite embarrassing for the Hollywood star. We all have our rough days, and it certainly looked like Cage was having one. Unlike this fan in the photo who looks super excited to meet a big-named star, Cage looks like he just woke up from a rather uncomfortable nap on a plane. We can't blame him, though. No one finds sleeping in a tiny seat next to strangers on a plane relaxing at all.

13 Amanda Bynes - This Is Definitely Not The Amanda Bynes We Used To Know (Embarrassing)

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Oh boy. Where do we even begin with this one? Amanda Bynes has gone through a lot these past years and even though she looks like she's turned herself around as of late, we can't forget these extremely awful selfies she took of herself. With cheek piercings, crazy hair, and a look that says "I'm definitely on something," her selfies are almost disturbing to look at, especially if you grew up watching her on Nickelodeon and cute teen movies. Hopefully, her next batches of selfies are ten times better and don't involve wacky hair and makeup and a look that just scares people away.

12 Jennifer Lopez - Now This Is What We Call A Perfect Selfie (Can't Stop Looking At)

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All we have to say after looking at such a steamy photo is: Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez is one lucky man. This photo of Jennifer Lopez is beyond perfection, and we can't help but to keep staring at it all day long (Jenny from the block is nowhere to be found in this photo). JLo has one of the most amazing bodies in Hollywood, and she's not afraid to flaunt it on her social media (and we're glad she isn't). From the pose, to the skimpy outfit, to her red lipstick, we absolutely love everything about this selfie! Celebrities are going to need to step up their selfie games and take a lesson from the master herself!

11 Farrah Abraham - What Fame? (Embarrassing)

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Is there anything Farrah Abraham hasn't done that isn't embarrassing enough already? From turning to p*rnography and changing up her looks with plastic surgery, how could we not include this selfie of the former Teen Mom? What's surely awkward in this photo is her hat, which reads "Fame." One thing is for sure. Abraham definitely did not rise to fame with any useful talents. Thanks to an MTV reality show and having a baby at sixteen, this celeb turned down the wrong path to stardom after releasing her adult film and only receiving negative views about herself and as a mother after that. We should put that hat back on the rack, pronto.

10 50 Cent - Bankruptcy Left Him With Plastic Heart-Shaped Sunnies? (Embarrassing)

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50 Cent was once the second wealthiest rapper in the hip hop game, behind Jay Z in 2007. He's sold 30 million albums worldwide and has won a number of awards for his music. However, there was that time when the rapper filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a whopping debt of over $32 million. We're assuming that these plastic heart-shaped shades are all he had left in his possession after losing it all. However, he is on his way to making a comeback after he announced he had landed three new shows on Starz. If they're any good, maybe he'll be able to afford a pair of high-end frames this time around. Whatever you do 50, please don't put those sunglasses on ever again.

9 Selena Gomez - Gorgeous Selfies Are Always On Point (Can't Stop Looking At)

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Selena Gomez doesn't even have to try when it comes to taking gorgeous selfies. The pop star looks extremely seductive in this photo, and we'll continue to drool at her snaps. Gomez is simply beautiful and doesn't need any plastic surgery or tons of makeup to take a photo for her fans. Her natural beauty makes her one of the most unique stars in Hollywood, and her selfies prove just how sexy she is. With millions of followers on her Instagram page, Selena knows she can't put up a bad photo (we don't see how that could even be possible). It's quite easy to stare at Selena all day.

8 Zooey Deschanel - Morning Selfies Just Aren't The New Girl Star's Thing (Embarrassing)

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Guys swoon over actress Zooey Deschanel. She's different, quirky, and sexy all at the same time, and men have found that attractive about her. Her role in New Girl made us love her even more. But when it comes to selfies, maybe the star should leave those in her phone's photo album. Yes, we love when celebs are brave enough to show their faces without all that makeup, but we don't want to see one that looks like you got right out of bed and pulled out your phone to capture this shot. Zooey looks tired in this picture, and we think she should just go back to bed and get a little more rest.

7 James Franco - No One Wants To See That, James (Embarrassing)

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Zac Efron mirror selfie? Yes, of course. Channing Tatum mirror selfie? Yes, definitely. James Franco mirror selfie? I think we'll all pass. We don't know what the star was trying to do here, but he should probably stick to his day job. Maybe a tan will help this actor out a bit. He also looks like he just woke up from a nap and thought a half-naked selfie would appease his fans, but it doesn't look like anyone wants to see that. James Franco is a good-looking guy, but we prefer him with a shirt on. On another note, where has he been hiding?

6 Tyra Banks - Umm, Wait, What Happened Here (Embarrassing)

via Pinterest

Tyra Banks has always made fun of her rather large forehead, but this selfie looks more like an alien version of the supermodel. This photo has got to be a spoof, and it's pretty disturbing, to say the least. Tyra is a beautiful woman and has been modeling for years and years. Although, we don't really want to see a photo like this hit the web, and we don't know why she'd go ahead and post it on her social media page. It is pretty embarrassing, to say the least, and we think the forehead joke is getting a little old now.

5 Miley Cyrus - Shares Preplexing Selfie Kissing A Cardboard Cut Out Of Harry Styles (Embarrassing)

via Aftonbladet

Miley Cyrus' crazy twerking phase may be over now, but that doesn't mean her ridiculous selfies are gone. This one in particular is questioning because during her wacky booty-popping days, we didn't think she'd be anywhere near a pop boy band like One Direction. However, we noticed that she still hasn't changed her old sweet ways and dared to take a selfie with her sister, Noah Cyrus, and a cardboard cutout of hottie Harry Styles. This was surely a different side to Miley, since her Instagram was covered in marijuana symbols and insane colors and graphics. We're pretty glad she's changed her ways, but this selfie hugging and giving a kiss to a cardboard cutout was pretty perplexing.

4 Justin Bieber - Countless Same Selfies Don't Work For The Star (Embarrassing)

Photo Via:

Justin Bieber is starting to just make everyone sick with his selfies. How many embarrassing selfies do we need to see on social media of the star squinting his eyes and trying too hard to be sexy with no shirt on? It just doesn't work for the singer. Was he squinting because the sun was in his eyes or did he really think he looked good in this selfie? We get it. Millions of young girls love Bieber, and we'll probably get a lot of angry fans after reading this, but sorry, he just needs to change it up a bit. We're kind of sick of the same selfie, and we suggest that he invest in a pair of sunglasses of two and maybe a t-shirt.

3 Kylie Jenner - The Selfie Queen (Can't Stop Looking At)

Photo Via:

Whether you hate her or love her (or hate her whole family), Kylie Jenner sure knows how to take a good picture. She probably has a ton of people helping her get ready in the morning, from what makeup to put on, to how she should style her hair and what she should wear. But we aren't going to hate on her. She looks good in this selfie, and her body is a ten (whether it is real or fake). Jenner also wore red lipstick for her selfie and matched it with sexy red lingerie. This is another selfie we can literally look at all day.

2 Rihanna - Selfie Shows Off Her Killer Body And We're Thankful For It (Can't Stop Looking At)

Photo Via:

Rihanna is one sexy woman, and this shot just proves it. While she makes a cute scrunched-up face, she also has no problem showing off her impressive body and curves in this selfie. We wish we were tanning with the star at this moment. Rihanna has no shame showing off what her mama gave her, and we are forever thankful that she took this selfie and posted it for all her followers to see. Rocking an awesome yellow bikini with electric guitars sprawled all over it, we cannot deny that this selfie is one of our favorites. Keep it up, RiRi!

1 Emily Ratajkowski - Model's Selfies Are Ones We'll Look At All Day 

Photo Via:

Who wouldn't want to stare at this photo of model Emily Ratajkowski all day? The sexy model's Instagram is filled with hot photos of the star in bikinis and barely-there clothing, but this one tops the list. She is simply gorgeous and doesn't even have to try. She also seems to like to tease her fans, especially taking selfies wearing absolutely nothing. We definitely can't stop looking at this particular selfie and with it being Emily, it makes it all the better. The model has no care in the world what people say about her barely-covered photos because she knows she's sexy and most people love looking at them. And we do too!

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10 Most Embarrassing Celeb Selfies (5 We Can't Stop Looking At)