10 Ladies Who Love Their Time In The "Other" Industry (And 10 Who Don't)

When it comes to having a career, there are always going to be people that both love and hate what they do and that definitely isn't an exception in the adult film industry.

Below we've found 20 performers, many of them who are still active in the industry who have opened up about their time booty bumping. For one-half of our list, it's a job that makes them feel sexually fulfilled and should be considered art. In fact, one of our top performers even realized she was never going to leave after she got to experiment with women for the first time in front of the camera!

But for the other half of our list, which also includes some of the biggest names in the industry including Eva Angelina who has been in over 600 films, is a horrifying look at the side of the industry that is sadly often covered up. Included are tales of abuse, horrifying working conditions, and rape on several occasions.

We've also included Chyna whose first experience led her to consider suicide, but her subsequent experience in the industry (which included parodying a famous superhero) was incredibly fulfilling.

Get ready to have the covers pulled back, these are 10 women who love their time in the bedroom industry and 10 who don't!

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20 Loves It - Dolly Leigh: 19 Films

Dolly Leigh has had herself a great time in the adult industry, even if she has only appeared in 19 films as of now. But when you consider she clearly got to dress up as a Pokemon trainer for one scene, you can imagine that made for a more fun day of work.

Leigh opened up in a past interview about how she got involved with the industry, "I guess it just seemed fun. I was doing some webcam at the time and I really liked having the camera on me. I guess I’m just an exhibitionist. It seemed exciting and fun and it is!"

Leigh also admitted in her interview to being a huge Stranger Things fan, so at least you know one way to break the ice!

19 Hates It - Farrah Abraham: 3 Films

For Farrah Abraham, her 3 professional tapes, including one that was called Farah 2: Backdoor and More, leaves little to the imagination on what transpired.

When talking about the tape, Abraham said,

“If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life!...Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming. I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

The tapes also featured James Deen, who Abraham said drugged and sexually assaulted her,

"I experienced extreme anger problems and abusive behavior from Deen. He treated me like he wanted to break me and ruin my career as a reality star celebrity, as many witnessed. I’ve learned and I need to admit [what happened] — this was conspired, this was a form of rape, I was drugged and manipulated. He’s a disgusting person.”

It doesn't help that Abraham originally had said her first tape was a leaked personal video, before eventually admitting that she was lying and had signed a contract with Vivid.

18 Loves It - Anya Olsen: 61 Films

Via alphacoders.com

Anya Olsen may have only been doing some naked canoodling for 61 films so far, but when you read about her attitude towards the industry you wouldn't be alone in thinking that she may have 610 films by the end of her time.

In a past interview, Olsen opened up about how her body first reacted to her starting to have sex as well as how many men she slept with prior to entering the industry,

"I went crazy and needed sex 24/7. If I was happy, I needed sex; If I was sad, I needed sex! Any emotion, I needed sex, sex, sex! (laughs) I ended up hooking up with a lot of guys. Not necessarily having sex with them but giving [some oral loving]....Before [entering the industry], I don’t know the exact number, but it was around 60 or 70. It’s horrible because from the time I was 16 until the time I got into porn."

Olsen also admitted that she feels more comfortable without clothes on, shocking eh? Thankfully like some of the other women on our list, Olsen admitted in the interview that she has the full support of her parents.

17 Hates It - Linda Lovelace: 22 Films

Linda Lovelace only appeared in 22 films but her story is so incredibly tragic and is well deserving of a spot on our list.

Lovelace's relationship in the adult entertainment was largely influenced by her partner, Traynor who ended up becoming her "manager."

The relationship was abusive on several levels, some of which we'll include from a past interview Lovelace did,

"I let him know I would not become involved in prostitution in any way and told him I intended to leave, [Traynor] beat me up physically and the constant mental abuse began. I literally became a prisoner"

she went on to say,

"I was not allowed out of his sight, not even to use the bathroom, where he watched me through a hole in... the door. He slept on top of me at night, he listened to my telephone calls with a .45 automatic eight shot pointed at me. I was beaten physically and suffered mental abuse each and every day thereafter. He undermined my ties with other people and forced me to marry him on advice from his lawyer."

Lovelace also said that when she did enter the world of prostitution, it was through an initiation that included 5 men and with Traynor threatening to kill her and her family if she refused.

16 Loves It - Holly Hendrix: 63 Films

Via wikimedia.com

If you think Jimi Hendrix was passionate about music, just take that passion and transfer music to working in the adult entertainment industry and you have Holly Hendrix.

She talked openly about how much she loves her job in a past interview, "Imagine my passion for p*rn. You have it in your head, right? Now multiply it by a million. THAT’s my passion for p*rn. I can’t even explain to you or even give you an idea of my passion for p*rn because I’m under-exaggerating this s--t like a motherf*cker."

Holly Hendrix has plenty to be confident about, including recently taking home the title of Best Actress at the 2017 AVN Awards.

While it is entirely Hendrix will leave the industry with years of regret (like many of the women you're about to read about), at least at the moment she is clearly very into her career choice!

15 Hates It - Emily Eve: 31 Films

Emily Eve knew after her first adult film shoot that she didn't want anything to do with the industry, but her need for income kept her in for over 30 films.

When talking about her experience, Eve revealed some horrifying things including the fact that during her first ever scene she had a gentleman "end" the scene in an area she definitely was not expecting, nor had the proper protection for.

Eve's career included scenes like one in which she pretended to be dead leading her to say,

"My throat was bleeding, I had bruises all over my body, my [area] was torn in two places, and I ended up with pink eye. I felt so weak, used, and honestly I felt like I had been raped... I swore I would never do p*rn again (like I’d never said that before)."

Eve also got addicted to cigarettes after being forced to smoke them for a scene, as well as various drugs.

Eve also spent time in her industry working as a prostitute, something that is incredibly common, but not any less horrifying of a fact.

14 Loves It - Allie Haze: 364 Films

Via youtube.com

Lexi Belle who is still to come on our list has been open about how it was in the industry when she realized she loved girls. For Allie Haze, it was her love of girls that drew her to the industry!

"I was a lesbian before I became bisexual which is essentially why I got into the business originally. I wanted to have sex with chicks and then it turned into something else," said Haze in a past interview.

Though don't think guys didn't also played a role. Haze had nothing but praise when talking about her first scene bumping booties with a man on set, "He helped me out and it was a really fun, relaxing day. My first day on set was awesome and that’s what contributed to me continuing to do it."

We're sure it won't be long until Haze hits the 400 mark!

13 Hates It - Stoya: 67 Films

Stoya was a huge fan of the industry when she first started out and even signed a 3-year contract with Digital Playground. She even started her own website with fellow performer Kayden Kross (who also makes our list), but in 2015 information came out that is impossible to ignore.

Stoya took to Twitter of all places to announce, "James Deen held me down and f*cked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore."

One other reason why Stoya may regret her time booty bumping? She said she ruined adult entertainment for her Dad!

"My dad is purely just angry that I ruined p*rn for him. [He’s mad] because I couldn’t, like, just do a few scenes, I had to sign with a big company.”

12 Loves It - Natasha Nice: 386 Films

Via unisci24.com

Natasha Nice was rocking out in the industry on a regular basis a few years ago when she elected to take some time away from the industry. But we're sure her fans were pleased that she decided recently to return to the world of professional booty bumping. Especially when she recently said, "I really want to express myself through my website more so you’ll probably see me working a lot on that over the next several years."

Nice also talked about her decision to leave in a past interview,

"I left because I decided I wanted to go to school and get a degree. I didn’t quit ‘evil’ porn or anything like that, it was just that I knew I wanted something for my future. So I left to focus on that."

Nice also admitted in the interview that she returned to the industry partially because her life got boring without knocking boots on a regular basis!

11 Hates It - Anita Remby: Over 150 Films

One of the biggest concerns that every adult performer (much less anyone engaging in intercourse) should have is that they are not going to be contracting any sexually transmitted diseases.

Anita Remby spent over 14 years in the industry and traveled all over the world for her work. This included working in 1998 when there was a large outbreak of HIV-Positive performers. Remby talked about this experience in a past interview saying,

"I got to see those performers that nobody knows about—that nobody claims that got HIV, that are not a part of the statistics—walk out the door as non-performers, not to be counted. Yeah, there are a lot of cover-ups going on. There is a lot of tragedy. There are a lot of horrible things.”

You can only hope those performers who left the industry got the health treatments needed.

10 Loves It - Tori Black: 418 Films (3 Directed)

Via 6ieee.com

Tori Black is one of the most popular adult entertainers and as you see from the heading, has even taken her talent and turned into a director as well.

When Black talked about entering the industry, she admitted it was because she saw an ad that offered upwards of $20,000 a month and she was a broke college student.

"The job was for an agency and I thought, ‘I can do this, let me just send in my pictures.’ So I sent them in and they got back to me right away and said they’d pay for my flights both ways, they’d pay for me to go there and if I didn’t like it, they’d pay for me to go home. I thought that was perfect because I didn’t have any money."

Black went on to say that it only took a month after moving to LA before she realized how much she was going to love being an adult film star. It also must have helped that she also said she had the full support of her family!

9 Hates It - Andi Anderson: 156 Films

One of the biggest downfalls that many women in this particular line of work face is the call of partying and drugs. This was something Andi Anderson knew far too well, admitting in a past interview,

"After a year or so of that so-called ‘glamorous life,’ I sadly discovered that drugs and drinking were part of the lifestyle. I began to drink and party of out control – cocaine, alcohol, and ecstasy were my favorites."

As you can imagine, this had a negative impact on her personality. Anderson went on to say,

"Before long, I turned into a person I did not want to be. After doing so many hardcore scenes, I couldn’t do it anymore. I just remember being in horrible situations and experiencing extreme depression and being alone and sad.”

Hardly the emotions you want to be feeling from your career!

8 Loves It - Kagney Karter: 442 Films

Via wikimedia.com

Kagney Karter is well-aware that a career in the adult entertainment world is something that is probably going to be pretty hard to erase. Thankfully for her, this is one of her favorite parts of the job, saying in a past interview,

"I embraced that it's for, forever– Instead of looking at it as a downfall, I accepted it and embraced it and thought the more scenes I had out there for my fans, the more successful I could be. I looked at it as I allowed myself to be vulnerable and gave myself to the world that way. And so take me for what I am!"

Karter's experience in the industry was definitely influenced by the fact that she spent a large portion of her career under contract with the company Zero Tolerance. When talking about her former employer, she had nothing but praise,

"I miss Zero Tolerance so much and I wish I had never parted ways with them. I do enjoy shooting independently but I love those guys."

7 Hates It - Faye Reagan: 271 Films 

Via funnyjunk.com

In a past interview, Reagan said that when she first started doing some intimate lovemaking in front of the camera that she was broke and decided to move to LA with her then-boyfriend, but that she did discover she liked it.

Sadly, Reagan's boyfriend kept pushing her to do more and more movies in order to buy him a house in Vegas. She then kicked him to the curb and continued on. That's when things got much worse for Reagan, though,

"In the beginning, I was working with the creepiest, grossest, bottom-of-the-barrel guys. I had a really bad agent, one of the worst agents, but I didn't know any better. Like, I didn't know that you could just do girl/girl, and I didn't know you could take it slow. So I was doing all these [scenes with tons of dudes], all this crazy stuff, and I didn't know I had other options, you know?"

Reagan also recalled one of her worst days on set, saying in a past interview that one day she literally got beaten up and despite all the women crying and being choked (including Reagan begging them to stop and struggling to breathe), they refused to stop filming.

We hope many young women entering the industry will read Reagan's story and realize you don't have to explore past your comfort zone as she was clearly forced to.

6 Loves It - Riley Reid: 472 Films

Via img04.com

Riley Reid always knew from an early age that she was a pretty overtly sexualized person. When talking about her early experiences in high school with an interview, Reid admitted that she used to engage in sexual parties that would include 3 guys, 3 girls and would often include swapping partners.

This meant that when she told people back home what she was doing, she said most everyone's reaction was just that it made perfect sense for her!

Reid also made sure to mention in the interview how much she loves doing what she does for a living, saying she eased her way in and thought it was awesome. "Whoever my guardian angel that’s looking out for me, I’m blessed. My whole porn experience has been amazing!" she said.

If you also think Reid's high school experience was raunchy, you'll also learn below with Lexi Belle that she was far from the only one to explore!

5 Hates It - Jenna Haze: 602

Via wikimedia.com

Jenna Haze is one of the most recognized and accomplished adult film stars, including winning Female Performer of the Year in 2009. Haze has performed in over 600 films and has even directed 15. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have any big regrets from her time in front of the camera, saying in a past interview,

"I wish I had known that I didn't have to do guys and [backdoor action] right from the very beginning. I would have worked my way up and I would have been a lot more picky about who I worked with at the very beginning."

Haze also mentioned how her original agent sucked and that she was underpaid. Haze would advise not even having an agent, which also helps give further insight on how manipulative the industry can be.

Haze even won Best New Starlet her original year, which only reaffirmed at the time that she was doing everything "right".

4 Loves It - Alexis Texas: 600 Films

When it comes to looking at the adult entertainment industry, there are plenty of performers who had no plans to ever get involved with the industry, at least until they were right in the middle of it!

Alexis Texas is one of the most talented performers out there, but this was not something she predicted,

"I had never thought about getting into p*rn, I had never looked at p*rn before. I was just comfortable with my sexuality and felt comfortable in my own skin. It’s art, it’s how I express myself. We’re not all stick figures so we should all embrace our womanly figures."

When you consider that Texas has appeared in 600 films, you can imagine she has had plenty of experience hanging out in just her skin!

3 Hates It - Eva Angelina: 632 Films

Via wikimedia.com

Eva Angelina is one of the most experienced adult film performers of all-time, which makes it all the more shocking to hear that she has had some serious regrets about her time booty bumping for the camera.

When talking about her experiences in a past interview, Angelina was quick to point out that injuries are a very real thing at work and not something you can just take time off for.

"My [body] was so swollen, it was unbelievable. And the next day, I was obligated to work for Cherry Boxxx. And that f---ed me up even more. Working three scenes after having been so injured f----- me up. For a good six months, I wasn't normal."

You definitely aren't going to hear about the months and months of pain that Angelina suffered on a typical news headline, but that just makes her pain all the more notable.

2 Loves It - Lexi Belle: 614 Films

For many people, the first person that they engage with intimately is someone that is incredibly important to them and will sometimes lead to plenty of re-engagements.

For Lexi Belle, her attitude right after having intercourse for the first time may have been slightly different,

"Yeah. I think so too. Because once I had sex for the first time, it just went off from there. I was like 'that was cool, who else from my graduating class can I [knock boots with]?'"

Belle admitted she had limited experience experimenting with women prior to the industry, but that it is also one of her favorite parts,

"I discovered girls and it was all over. I was never leaving. I really like what I have turned into. I have found myself in this industry. I came in not knowing what I liked and who I am, and what sex is about, and what it feels like to have pleasure and pleasure someone else, and I just really like that I am so comfortable now."

1 It's A Love/Hate Thing - Chyna

We have a mixed bag with our entry on Chyna, as her booty bumping career can definitely be broken into two parts. The first happened when 1 Night in China occurred, the infamous tape with Sean Waltman.

The tape ruined her life and caused her to attempt suicide on several occasions, saying, "I would have never even made the video but it all happened at a time in my life when my life was spinning out of control and I lost sight of who I was," as well as

"That tape happened to me. It was done to me. It traumatized me. When that came out, I felt really duped. That was life-changing in a really negative way.”

That was not how Chyna felt about some of the tapes she made after her time in the ring was done, including Avengers XXX where she played She-Hulk and Backdoor to Chyna.

When interviewed about the latter, Chyna said,

"This tape empowered me. I felt respected. I felt beautiful. I got paid well. This movie didn’t happen to me. I cast it. I was involved from beginning to end. In a way, it fixed me, I feel like it helped me get over trauma that I needed help with.”

Sources: trending-buzzz.net

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