20Rocked It: Lady Gaga Stunned In Black

via: popsugar.com

Lady Gaga can stun or shock, depending on her mood. She’s the one who can take a tumble in ridiculously high heels and still emerge as the winner. or wear a meat dress with such nonchalant style, that others were tempted to follow suit. This year, she pulled out

all stops in a stunning Armani Privé gown over a bodystocking – and she did not forget to wear a #Time’sUp pin either, on a tiny pair of white roses. The Lorraine Schwartz earrings matched perfectly as did that sublime makeup. The highlight was, of course, her corset braid – meaning she wore her braid literally in a corset style – with a black thread lacing up those blonde locks. Her rings made a statement of their own and it was Gaga all the way this year, with a hint of Game of Thrones as well!

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