10 Incredible Fashion Looks From The Grammys (And 10 Unflattering Ones No One Will Forget)

When the red carpet is rolled out, celebrities are ready to rock and roll. Especially if the red carpet belongs to the Grammys because that is where all stops to fashion are pulled out and divas are at their sartorial best. All of the music industry's most beautiful and stylish women come prepared to make a statement. And thus as much as the Grammys are known for music, they are also known for bringing out the best and the worst in the attendees, sometimes to the point of being scandalous.

Everybody is out to stun, but many end up shocking instead. And sometimes there are other kinds of fails – like a wardrobe accidents, terrible outfits, or worse, like when your stylist gets you a dress that someone else is also wearing at the same red carpet event! Epic fail. The Grammys were the same this year – there were red carpet wins and red carpet fails. But many divas and singers decided to step up and carry on the Time’s Up flame. Like the all-black ensembles of the Golden Globes, this time the code was to show your support by carrying or wearing white roses. The symbolism wasn’t lost on many, and the support remained big and bright – despite some of the disaster dresses. Let’s see which celebrities lit up the red carpet with their style, and which ones threw down their money on trashy stuff instead.

20 Rocked It: Lady Gaga Stunned In Black

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Lady Gaga can stun or shock, depending on her mood. She’s the one who can take a tumble in ridiculously high heels and still emerge as the winner. or wear a meat dress with such nonchalant style, that others were tempted to follow suit. This year, she pulled out all stops in a stunning Armani Privé gown over a bodystocking – and she did not forget to wear a #Time’sUp pin either, on a tiny pair of white roses. The Lorraine Schwartz earrings matched perfectly as did that sublime makeup. The highlight was, of course, her corset braid – meaning she wore her braid literally in a corset style – with a black thread lacing up those blonde locks. Her rings made a statement of their own and it was Gaga all the way this year, with a hint of Game of Thrones as well!

19 Failed: Pink Looked Like A Tassel

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So we adore the fact that Pink walked the carpet with her little girl in tow. And her little one looked adoringly sweet in a grey tassel dress. But why Pink decided to dress like a multi-colored duster is anyone’s guess. The same brand that made Gaga a red-carpet hit this year turned Pink into a meme queen. Dressed flamboyantly in a multi-colored feather gown from the Armani Privé Fall Couture collection, Pink redeemed herself by carrying a white rose pin. Flamboyance is her middle name but her stage performance was another shocker. This year, Pink stepped on stage barefoot, dressed in plain jeans and a tee to sing her heart out. And this plain Jane look was a statement of its own.

18 Rocked It: Miley Cyrus In An Elegant Jumpsuit

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This time Cyrus did not set any tongues wagging with any dance moves or barely-there outfits. She walked the red carpet in sartorial, elegant style dressed in a strapless velvet jumpsuit and glittery high heels. The Jean Paul Gaultier ensemble came with a cropped piece that draped over her shoulders and made her look fierce. The accessories were minimal and she carried a simple white rose to show solidarity with the #Time'sUp initiative. Her hair was slicked back in Hollywood elegance and she rocked the stage later in a deep purple gown as well. Simplicity seemed to be her middle name this time around but there was still some mischief in the air when she pouted with the white rose for the shutterbugs.

17 Failed: Jaden Smith Looking A Little Too Casual

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What was Jaden Smith thinking with his patchwork jeans, that oversized parka and the word "Syre" scribed on the back of his hand? The guy wanted to be cool for sure. So he wore an MSFT rep top and G-Star RAW denim; sadly, with sneakers. The “Syre” scrawled on his hand was his way of promoting his latest studio album of the same name. While this up-and-coming 19-year-old does show nuances of style every now and then, he looked more like a Raggedy Andy doll dressed in urban fashion than a real musician. You do need to up your ante, Jaden, especially in fashion.

16 Rocked It: Chrissy Teigen In Maternal Silver

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Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with her second child with hubby John Legend but if you thought that would affect her red carpet stride, you’d be wrong. Chrissy looked ravishing in a silver Yanina Couture gown as she prettily posed for the shutterbugs, cradling her baby bump with sass. The dress can only be described as blindingly silver and Chrissy wore matching blindingly silver heels with it. To top it, this metallic dress was no boring maternal number as it had strategic and alluring cut-outs on the sleeves and a daring slit right in the middle. Chrissy looked gorgeous and proved that you can wear anything you want while pregnant, and look amazing while you are at it – if you are a supermodel, that is.

15 Failed: Lana Del Ray Looked Like A Washed-Up Angel

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Despite being dressed in a rather resplendent Gucci gown, Lana Del Ray kind of looked washed-up and washed out. The cream gown did nothing for her complexion and the rather nude makeup look added to her overall lifeless appearance. The dress seemed better suited for someone who was a prom wallflower and even the loud chains could not jazz it up. This flowing off-white gown was adorned with crystal embellishments and also had a thigh-high split, which did manage to save the outfit from being a total and complete drab. Lana donned a halo made up of stars on top of her head. She completed her look with a white rose corsage around her wrist. Yep, prom night nightmares and even that winged eyeliner could not revive her look. Very blah.

14 Rocked It: SZA Looked Ethereal In White

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SZA, or rather Solána Imani Row,e looked absolutely ravishing in a frothy Atelier Versace creation as she strode down the red carpet of the 2018 Grammys and bagged the Outstanding New Artist trophy too. In this sheer sequined gown, the Ctrl singer looked like an angel come to life as she walked the red carpet. With dramatic tulle sleeves, a bodice made of sheer and intricate beading, and thigh-high slits, SZA looked amazing. The white rose and those flowing locks perfectly complemented the outfit. The sweetest bit was that she brought both her mom and grandmother as her dates, who watched her strut the stage and red carpet adoringly. She's clearly an angel with an angelic heart.

13 Fail: Cardi B Looked Too Frilly

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Twitter was in no mood to spare Cardi B and compared her dress to a special dish made by a cow’s stomach called Menudo. Her very structured dress by Ashi studio left the people in splits and the colorful creation she then donned for her stage performance hasn’t endeared her to the fashion-conscious folk either. The Twitter-stopping gown, designed by Mohammed Ashi, featured a voluminous skirt with a high-low hem so that it looked like a gown with angel wings from behind but a frock from the front. It also featured structured off-the-shoulder sleeves. A sheer panel down the front of the dress showed off her curves, and even partnering the outfit with a pair of red-soled Christian Louboutin heels and a string of diamond bracelets could not save her from the being the butt of jokes on Twitter. The over-the-top nails didn't help either!

12 Rocked It: Ashanti In Peekaboo Gold

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Ashanti graced the Grammy red carpet literally dressed like a gold statue. Her golden gown sported a very demure high-neckline, fully covered long sleeves and a beautiful full skirt. The gown was cinched in at the waist and highlighted her incredible figure. The other thing that her gown managed to highlight was the fact that she clearly hasn't aged! Ashanti remained unfazed as she sashayed down in this glittering frock that she accessorized with strappy gold sandals and a whopping diamond ring. Her makeup remained minimal as she wore her hair in a sleek do, highlighted those beautiful dark eyes, and opted for nude gloss.

11 Failed: Alicia Keys Made Her Black Outfit A Bit Too Complicated

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We love Alicia Keys. And we love her makeup-free appearance as well. Plus we really, really love her music. What we don’t love is this black ensemble. It does nothing for her gorgeousness and the neckline is too weird for words… This 37-year-old singer who is a 15-time Grammy winner wore a Bao Tranchi bodysuit. It had a long-sleeved top with a plunging neckline and some really psychedelic B-grade sci-fi flick cut-outs. The ensemble was coupled with matching black velour trousers, which again, did nothing for her body and the singer accessorized it all with black hoop earrings and some rather interesting rings. Her hair was pulled back into a pair of twisted braids and while there was a rather gamine air about her, we think the outfit tanked. But we still love Keys.

10 Rocked It: Hailee Steinfield’s White Dress & Purple Boots

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At first, Hailee Steinfield's outfit looks demure and conventional – a crisp, strapless white gown, slashed safely in the middle. But what makes it absolutely gorgeous are those shiny purple boots. Oh, how we love Hailee for this red carpet sass. She made the simple white gown super interesting and bold. The 21-year-old singer and actress wore the minimalist, strapless dress by Alexandre Vauthier, and the eye-catching pair of knee-high purple and metallic boots are also by the same designer. With this striking combination, she rightly skipped a handbag. But bling is fun and so Steinfield completed her look with diamonds from Marli, Hearts On Fire, Djula, and Mattia Cielo. The last touch that really elevated her look was the bold and colorful makeup. Of course, Hailee being completely gorgeous does not hurt the look either!

9 Failed: Coco's Chain Dress Was Not Very Classy

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Frankly, if it's Coco, there will be skin shown. Period. It's own of her claims to fame. Her bikinis are tiny and defy gravity – we think she sticks them on. At the 2018 Grammy red carpet, Coco Austin showed skin as usual, though not so much. Unfortunately, the dress lacks class, sass or anything in between and seems to be held up by elastic chords on the sides. She could have dressed up that resplendent figure better. Cutaway panels crept up the length of each of the dress’s sides and her modesty was protected by the dress being held together with chains. Obviously, this was a dress that fit in with her usual aesthetic, but it simply did not do her any favours. The chunky jewelry lacked sass too and overall this was a rather blah look. A classier and more sophisticated gown would suit her looks much better.

8 Rocked It: Anna Kendrick In Checked Simplicity

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Trust Anna Kendrick to do everything with style. Her simple strapless bodysuit emphasized her slim waist and the slightly oversized suit sat elegantly on her. A pint-sized statement arrived in a Balmain suit and Ara Vartanian earrings. And in case you were wondering why she chose to cover up so much when the red carpet is all about flashing shocking and stunning amounts of skin, she didn’t! The suit may have covered her up but focus on the bodysuit, people – yep, it’s beautifully sheer. Heidi Klum can take some lessons from this very cool gal who knows just how much to show and how much to cover up. Basically, it's all about balance! And we love those pink pumps. Anna is the queen of looks that are simultaneously cool and alluring at the same time – and that is no small feat.

7 Failed: Ava Max In A Sunny Number

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So Ava Max tried to do an Anna Kendrick but the fit and the colors and the print and just the whole darn outfit went very, very wrong. Clearly she did not follow Anna's advice with small but bold touches to update the classic suit look. Instead, she went all out in every direction possible. The skin-colored bodysuit did her fair skin tone no favors under that very, very bright pantsuit. She seemed to have aimed for hipster chic but looks more Hawaiian reject! The blonde locks seem to clash with the colors. The rose tattoo seems very opportune and perfect if in a tad, umm, risqué place. Her beaten gold neck piece also seems a bit out of place in that very busy ensemble. Overall, it was not a look good for the red carpet.

6 Rocked It: Rita Ora’s Black Slashed Number

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Rita Ora can both shock and stun depending on how she feels. This time, she definitely stunned in a beautiful black number slashed almost to the point of being too much – almost, but not quite. But then, she’s Rita Ora and she can carry it well! She wore a black velvet Ralph and Russo embellished one-shoulder gown with matching pointy black stiletto Louboutin pumps. Though she did step on the train of her gown, she managed to avoid tripping or having an incident of any sorts. With Hollywood-esque slicked-back hair, a chic matte red lip, rings, and statement studs, Ora looked like a Hollywood goddess and she knew it too. She paired her risqué look with the quintessential white rose and looked just about perfect as she showed off her toned legs.

5 Failed: Pharrell Williams In Another Over-The-Top Hat

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Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen are happy. And there is nothing you can do about it! Dang the red carpet. Clearly, when it comes to red carpet casual style, Williams leads the pack. Wait, what? Did we just say red carpet casual style? Yes, indeed. And when Pharrell William decides to step out in jeans, a red jacket, and some mighty strange shoes, there’s not much any red carpet can do about it. To make up for the jeans, he did wear a hat – you know, just for appearances. But he wore a ridiculously oversized fedora, so thank you, Williams, for the little favor. His wife Helen was a perfect partner in crime, donning a silk jumpsuit that looked more like a casual luncheon dress than a red carpet walk. But hey, they are happy and they know it!

4 Rocked It: Kesha’s Blue Elvis Presley Look

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People have been dissing Kesha’s blue country take of a pantsuit – but with that fierce expression and a healthy body and face – she looked utterly ravishing! Plus with all that this singer has been through, it was perhaps her #MeToo moment where she stopped being a woman and was a person and an artist first. So for Kesha, wearing Nudie Cohn’s rhinestone-studded suit, the same guy who made Elvis Presley’s white suit, was a big statement! The blue vintage Nudie suit with cream-colored embellishments and rose embroidery sat perfectly with the #Time’sUp theme of the 2018 Grammys and Kesha looked like a dream. And her stage outfit in white was no less fierce as she sang her heart out for the audience to marvel at as it resonated from the rafters!

3 Failed: Andra Day Looking Like A Messy Throwback

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Andra Day channeled her inner moll with her thigh-showing lilac blazer/dress and while the bouffant seemed a nice touch – everything else seemed a tad over-the-top. Her throwback look seemed more like a costume than anything else. Andra, who was born Cassandra Monique Batie, was discovered by Stevie Wonder, or rather his wife, and rose through the ranks of the music industry by doing covers before she finally landed a sweet deal. Her voice is powerful enough and when she changed into a flowing white dress to join Kesha on stage to sing the hit “Praying” and she looked resplendent. The lilac dress flashed a lot of thigh and had crimson lapels and pockets, which she matched her makeup too. It wasn’t all that much a look for her, though.

2 Rocked It: Janelle Monae Is Making A Statement

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We don’t know what matadors are wearing these days but if it’s anything like Monae here, "hubba hubba" is what we say. She utterly rocked the gorgeous pantsuit, which was embroidered with more than just design. The embroidery had flowers as well as locks with keys – a statement that resonated with her #Time’sUp pin on the lapel. She clearly thought about this outfit for a while. That hair, with a few coy clips peeking through and that bold, bold makeup also elevated the fun look. It’s like Janelle strode in and won everything – now could everyone else just go home already! The frilled cuffs of her shirt, those awesome rings and that attitude on stage – no wonder Monae is a fashion icon, unlike others. She shows us how to have fun with fashion – don't take it too seriously, but make sure your statement hits the right note.

1 Failed: Joy Villa Is Wearing One Weird Look

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Seriously? Joy Villa chose a look that made her political views very clear, and this was not the right place or time for it. Joy Villa has gone princess with a really bad taste in fashion. Born Joy Angela Villa, she adopted the stage name Princess Joy Villa and has been considering herself music royalty ever since, except that she has just one album, but plenty controversial Grammy dresses to her credit. If this time’s pro-life dress wasn’t enough, last year it was a Pro-POTUS slogan emblazoned dress that proclaimed “Make America Great Again.” Has she gone gaga? A simple but elegant dress would've done wonders, but she clearly wanted an outfit that said a thousand words.

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