10 Female Stars Who Crossed The Line On Set (And 5 Male Stars)

Actors and actresses are some of the most beloved celebrities out there and are seen as role models for many children who would one day love to follow in their footsteps. Most of the time, these actors and actresses are pure class and represent the world of Hollywood well.

However, this isn't always the case. Acting as a profession is a very stressful job, and sometimes, this stress gets the better of people and they can lose their temper on set and do some pretty questionable things. These things can range from just being a diva on set to full-fledged physical violence. Also, there are some that get so "into" a role, they begin to do extremely weird and crazy things on set.

However, stress or digging deep into a role aren't always the reason for these outbursts, as some stars have actually developed a bit of a reputation for being fairly difficult to work with on a film or TV show set. Whether stress-induced or not and whether they have a reputation for it or not, we are going to look at 15 stars who crossed a line on set and went a little bit overboard with their behavior or actions.

15 Female Star: Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts has acted in a ton of films and you don't really hear about her attitude being a problem, except for one time. During the filming of Hook, which was directed by Steven Spielberg, Roberts was said to be a disaster. She had just split up with Kiefer Sutherland and was supposedly incredibly hard to work with, with Spielberg even going as far as calling her "Tinkerhell" for her terrible on-set behavior. While this seems to have been an isolated incident for Roberts, it is still crossing a line to let your personal relationships and emotions get in the way of your work. Also, we're pretty sure that pissing off the great Steven Spielberg has to be some sort of a crime!

14 Female Star: Mischa Barton

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While she is not really in the public eye anymore, there was a time when Mischa Barton was on top of the world. She is best known for her role in The O.C, and that role made her a very sought-after actress on TV and film. However, instead of being humble and staying in control of her meteoric rise to the top, Barton lost it. She began developing a substance abuse problem and would often show up late to set, forget her lines, and much more. She eventually checked into rehab and we hope she's doing better now, but never should your personal vices get in the way of getting your work done.

13 Female Star: Jennifer Lopez


While Jennifer Lopez is perhaps known by most for her music, she has acted in the past as well. In addition to that, she has also filmed a ton of different music videos throughout the years. While you might think her modest upbringing would help her remain humble, that might not be the case. She has let her fame get to her head and makes outstanding and lavish demands every time she is on a set. It has been said that she might not even agree to act or consider a script unless her lofty demands are met. So while she hasn't been known to blow up or anything on set, she definitely has crossed the line when it comes to what is appropriate to ask of the people you are working on a set with.

12 Male Star: Bruce Willis

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There is no doubting that Bruce Willis is one of the best action/drama movie stars of the last few decades. He puts on great performances and has been in some amazing films. However, behind the scenes, this man might not be as beloved as you would expect. Apparently, Willis can be a major handful to deal with on set and has had numerous different feuds. One of the biggest examples of this is his role in Cop Out. At the wrap party, director Kevin Smith said that working with Willis was "soul-crushing" and he even said that he wanted to thank everyone who made the movie, except for Willis as he is a "f---ing d--," according to Smith. Ouch. That's not a very nice thing to say...

11 Female Star: Lindsay Lohan

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Back in the day, Lindsay Lohan was basically one of the hottest young stars on the planet and was seemingly headed for great things. However, her very public collapse and issues with substance abuse stopped that from happening. However, even when she was still acting and hadn't had her very public breakdown yet, she was still seen as a bit of a problem to work with. She was notorious for being incredibly demanding on set, if she even showed up on time or at all. While she was undoubtedly a very talented actress when she was sober and healthy, her demands and tardiness were horrific to deal with according to people who have worked with her in the past.

10 Female Star: Sharon Stone

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If you looked up the word diva in the dictionary, you might just see Sharon Stone's face on the page. There are many stories about her being demanding and bossy on set and driving directors and others on set absolutely crazy. These stories are actually from more than one source, as well, which is never a good sign. Despite her being a bit of a has-been at this point, she seems to still act like she is the hottest starlet in the world with her lengthy list of demands. No doubt she deserves to be a star (as she is a very talented performer). But to constantly put herself ahead of others and try to get preferential treatment and have all her demands answered, that's just not cool.

9 Male Star: Val Kilmer

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While you don't see him anymore that often, Val Kilmer is a talented actor and was a big star at one point. However, he is arguably more famous for his terrible on-set behavior than he is for his acting recently. Ever since he got his start in acting, the talented actor has made just about every director he's worked with hate him. In fact, he actually walked off the set during his first role in a burger commercial when he was 12 years old. His antics continued, and he is apparently very demanding and got in a fight with his Batman Forever director, and the two didn't talk for two weeks. From all accounts, Kilmer is a bit of a nut case who is famous for his unbelievable demands, despite his great skill as an actor.

8 Female Star: Gwyneth Paltrow

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If you had a feeling that Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit of a problem on movie sets, then you'd be absolutely right. Apparently, she is a complete control freak and is especially paranoid about cleanliness and germs. In fact, it is so bad that she has been known to send her own personal assistants into public bathrooms to make sure that they are clean and wipe it down if it's not. Also, she is also rumored to be a bit of a gossip and often bad-mouths other celebrities behind their backs, which has led many people to simply avoid her on a daily basis. She seems to think she is better than everyone else and that is not a good way to be.

7 Female Star: Lea Michele

In the TV show Glee, Lea Michele played a bit of a snobby character, and that role seems to be closer to her actual personality than you might have thought. Through people that have worked with her, it has come out that she is an absolute nightmare to work with. She is very self-centered, apparently, and doesn't take into account the lives or feelings of others; it's basically all about her. She has even gone as far to snap her fingers on set to get others to work faster and harder, which is a pretty terrible thing to do. Apparently, she even acts this way at parties and various events, which isn't a great way to make friends in the industry.

6 Male Star: Jared Leto

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Jared Leto is the epitome of a method actor and really needs to dig deep into a role to satisfy himself. Usually, this is fine, but when he is cast to play the Joker, who is a crazed psychopath, things can get a little dicey. On the set of Suicide Squad, he got very into his role as Joker and did some extremely weird and strange things. He would send his co-worker's dead animals, adult toys, and other gross things to try and "become the Joker." He also did this to try keep everyone on their toes and maintain the "surprise." Things got so weird that his co-stars and others on set were actually afraid of him, which is pretty crazy for a movie set!

5 Male Star: LL Cool J

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LL Cool J, like Jennifer Lopez who we mentioned earlier on this list, is likely best known for his music. However, he has also acted a lot in his life and career as well. While he is normally pretty solid, he went way too far during filming Any Given Sunday. During a scene in which he is supposed to have an argument with Jamie Foxx, things got way too heated. LL Cool J pushed and punched Foxx, and the two got into a major scuffle that got both of them minor injuries as a result. The two have since made up and have grown past this event, but it was big news at the time and was a clear case of LL Cool J going too far on set.

4 Female Star: Katherine Heigl

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Katherine Heigl is a talented actress and has been in some great comedy films over the last decade or so. However, she apparently has some outrageous demands on set that have become very famous in pop culture, as is the fact that she was a nightmare to be on set with. Now, this isn't from one or two people she has worked with but many more. This behavior was at its worst during the filming of 2010's Life As We Know It. Apparently, filming had to be stopped or delayed several times, thanks to Heigl. Whether she was questioning the script, having wardrobe issues, or simply not leaving her trailer, she was causing a ton of headaches for her peers.

3 Female Star: Faye Dunaway

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Faye Dunaway has been in the business since the early 1960's and is one of the most beloved actresses of all time. She had won a ton of awards and been in some great films. However, one moment that she has become famous for is something insane that happened on the set of Chinatown. On set, she had asked to use the bathroom and Roman Polanski tried to stop her. She was so upset that she took things to a whole 'nother level. She decided to pee inside of a cup and throw it right at the director's face. This moment has become famous in Hollywood, and there is no one who can deny that she took things way too far.

2 Male Star: Christian Bale

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By all accounts, Christian Bale is a consummate professional and is, without a doubt, one of the best actors of our entire generation. However, there is one moment that he will always be remembered for that is quite the opposite of being a professional. During filming for Terminator: Salvation in 2009, Bale absolutely lost his mind on set. Apparently, he was distracted by someone during a scene and went on a profanity-laced tirade that, unfortunately for Bale, was being recorded. It has found its way onto the internet and has been viewed tens of millions of times. This tantrum is surely one for the ages and is one many people won't ever forget.

1 Female Star: Lucy Liu

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Lucy Liu is the last person you would likely think to see on this type of list. She doesn't come off as one to go over-the-top on set. However, during filming for Charlie's Angels, she did just that. After Bill Murray had rudely claimed that Liu couldn't act, she immediately started throwing haymakers his way, and the two had to be physically separated. While it's not cool of Bill Murray to call her out like that, there was definitely a better way to handle the situation than to immediately go to physical violence. Liu should've known better than to go from 0 to 100 like that. This is not something many would think Liu would do, and while it might have been out of character, it is definitely a textbook example of taking things too far.

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