10 Fashionable (And 10 Unstylish) Red Carpet Looks From Margot Robbie So Far

It is crazy to think how far Australian actress Margot Robbie's career has come in just a few years. She got her start on the Australian soap opera Neighbors, where she played the character Donna Freedman from 2008 until 2014. The 27 year old got her big break in Hollywood as Naomi Lapaglia in 2013's The Wolf of Wall Street and it has been nothing but praise from then on. Robbie has appeared in both charming family films and award-winning movies, never snubbing a role. From Suicide Squad to Goodbye Christopher Robin, this actress has a huge range. Most recently, she has been acclaimed for playing infamous 90s figure skater Tonya Harding in the film I, Tonya. With such a booming career, it makes sense that she makes tons of red carpet appearances at parties, awards shows, and movie premieres. She is young with an amazing figure, so she often chooses outfits that show off her body. Usually she looks glamorous and daring at the same time. But some of her red carpet choices have been, well, questionable. Weird silhouettes, bad hair and makeup, styles that are too casual, and mismatched prints are just some of the mistakes Robbie has made.

20 Fashionable: Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2014

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This outfit shows Margot Robbie's fearless side when it comes to fashion. While most Hollywood actresses would never dream of stepping on the red carpet with pants on, this jumpsuit looks amazing on her. The chic black dress looks a little sweeter when paired with the feminine lace sleeves and peek-a-boo cutouts on the waist. Her hair and makeup are less glam than she usually wears for events, giving this look a devil may care vibe that screams "I'm the cool girl!" She also made sure to not overpower the outfit with accessories by wearing a tiny clutch, simple yet elegant earrings, and a few rings to keep it edgy. Black is flattering on everyone, but Margot Robbie looks especially amazing in it. She is so naturally beautiful that she doesn't need color to stand out!

19 Flop: Critics' Choice Awards 2018

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While she normally chooses red carpet looks with just the right amount of fun details, this outfit is all over the place. Margot Robbie is bringing us a Beetlejuice meets medieval vibe in this questionable gown. While the dress's fun ruffles add a touch of playfulness, the weird prison stripe color scheme does the actress no favors. Adding a bulky bejeweled belt to cinch her waist adds nothing to the look. In fact, it makes the outfit look even more random! While she has rocked many glamorous updos in the past, this hairstyle looks like she rolled out of bed and threw her hair into a bun on her way to the red carpet. And her toes look like they could have used a pre-event pedicure. Good thing her performance was amazing!

18 Fashionable: 2016 Academy Awards

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Even though awards shows take place in sunny, warm Los Angeles, it is still winter time. I often wonder how female stars don't get cold in their strapless gowns! Margot Robbie is Australian, so she probably finds the weather extra chilly. To keep warm, she chose this long-sleeved, floor-length dress for the Oscars a few years ago. Gold can often look gaudy, but this outfit is just plain chic. The figure hugging silhouette keeps the dress from looking too over the top. Its subtle snakeskin texture makes this dress look modern instead of something a 70s disco queen would wear to the club. Robbie chose a simple black bag and natural makeup look so as not to pull focus from the dress. She is one of few women on earth who could pull this off!

17 Flop: Suicide Squad Wynwood Block Party 2016

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Wearing pants on the red carpet is one way Margot Robbie likes to set herself apart from the crowd. But this look falls flat. While a fitted, chic jumpsuit looks great at an event, this outfit just feels sloppy. The pastel pink hue looks straight out of an early 00s closet. The wide legs and floppy shape do nothing for her great figure. And is that velour, a la a Juicy Couture track suit from 2004? Paring this weird outfit with pointy toe red pumps does not fit at all and makes the look even worse. The only saving grace of this disaster is her cute braided hairstyle, though some may argue that it is too casual for a red carpet event. This looks like something you would clean your house in, not wear to a movie promoting event!

16 Fashionable: Golden Globes 2014

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If you look at a lot of her red carpet looks from the past few years, you will notice that Margot Robbie loves details. She chooses outfits that seem simple at first but have a little something that takes it up a notch. Robbie has worn tons of white gowns to events, but each one has something to make it interesting and slightly different from the rest. This look from 2014 is a sleek white dress with sparkly green and white gems highlighting her waist and shoulders. They add the perfect amount of shine to make her look fancy on the red carpet! Robbie smartly paired the gown with matching emerald green shoes to give her outfit a cohesive look. Sweeping her hair back allowed the dress to be the main event.

15 Flop: TV Week Logie Awards 2009

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This was one of Margot Robbie's first red carpet looks from back in her soap opera days. Her youth and tight budget definitely show with this outfit choice. First, her fake tan is way too dark and her haircut is frankly boring. But those two things could be ignored if not for this horror show of a gown. Why oh why would you choose a dress in Halloween colors? Orange never looked good on anybody! The top is weird with a tight corset waist and bodice that doesn't fit her right. I am not a fan of high-low skirts and the front part is way too short, even for a young person. The huge ruffles paired with this color scheme make her look like she is dressed up in a flamenco dancer costume, not at an awards show.

14 Fashionable: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2013

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Not just anyone could pull off wearing a short dress on the red carpet. But Margot Robbie's gorgeous figure and youthful energy make this look perfect for her! This outfit screams spring with its floral details, light color, and lavender shoes to match. Its high neckline looks soft in this flowy fabric, a feature that can sometimes look too severe. The slightly sheer fabric and fuller skirt make this look just casual enough to be comfy but still appropriate for a big red carpet event. An easy, breezy updo helps Robbie show off her statement earrings, the only piece of jewelry she wore with this look. I love how this dress is the perfect combination of sweet and chic! Rosy cheeks, peach lips, and bare nails give this look a vibe of going out to brunch with friends.

13 Flop: Met Gala 2014

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This look landed Margot Robbie on both best and worst dressed lists. There is a lot going on in this outfit, which some people found daring and others found too random. I think it is too much. First off, don't show your bra on the red carpet. There is no faster way to look cheap, even if you are doing it on purpose with a sheer top like in this look. Rather than working off of each other in a fashion forward way, I find the detailing on the shirt and skirt to clash. All that beading and hardware looks heavy and uncomfortable when she normally looks so at ease. Maybe the Australian actress was going for an artistic vibe since she was at the Met gala, but I don't get it.

12 Fashionable: Golden Globe Awards 2018

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Margot Robbie is never afraid to make a statement on the runway. This dazzling outfit is just one example of her signature head turning style. Who says that black dresses have to be boring? This one has tons of details that helped put the Australian on many best dressed lists. First, the plunging neckline and skirt slit allow Robbie to show off her amazing figure without looking too racy. The star of the show, though, is the sparkly bow and floral pattern on the front of the gown. Far from looking like old lady florals, this detail gives the dress an old Hollywood vibe. There are even a few flowers on the sleeves to tie the look together! I love that she chose a darker lip color for this look. It helps her look more mature.

11 Flop: Academy Awards 2015

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Yet another controversial look, this gown is a miss for me. While Robbie is normally so good at finding black dresses that are anything but simple, this one is a huge "no." Its drapey neckline is probably supposed to look chic, but on her slim frame it just looks like a stretched out cowl neck from the 80s. In fact, the fabric drapes over her body in such a way that swallows her up and makes her look like a sad Victorian widow. The tassel necklace, while pretty, doesn't really fit with this look. It is too bohemian for an Oscars red carpet outfit. Most lip colors look good on the actress, but this matte orangey-red paired with a heavy blush on her cheeks makes her look kind of ill.

10 Fashionable: Suicide Squad World Premiere 2016

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This look is definitely one of Margot Robbie's most controversial red carpet looks. At first glance, this gown seems a lot like the previous one I discussed. Black dress with sleeves, sparkly detail, dark lip. But when you look closer, this look is a lot more whimsical! Instead of flowers, Robbie wears a fun unicorn on this dress. Even without the unicorn, this dress would be gorgeous and unique. Its elegant high neckline makes her look beautifully Victorian. Plus the sheer patterned fabric is both easy and chic. Her simple updo and deep red lip look sophisticated without trying too hard. No one else could make a giant, full body size sequin unicorn look this chic! This look was perfect for the fun and fearless vibe of Harley Quinn, her character in the movie she was promoting here.

9 Flop: 2014 Australians In Film Screening Of The Wolf Of Wall Street

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Okay, what even is this outfit? It's like office wear meets a baby romper. I don't know where she even found this, but it should burn in a fire. The heavy fabric of the skirt paired with boring black pumps makes the young and stunning Robbie look like a dowdy secretary. Then at the top you have a weird detail that is a mix between a doily and a bib. Even the interesting beading details can't save this dress! I also don't get why Robbie chose to wear her hair up when she is not wearing statement earrings, a high collar, or another outfit feature worth showing off. Her darker eye makeup and glam nude lip color don't match the oddly playful vibe of this outfit, and her unmanicured nails make this look a fail.

8 Fashionable: Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2014

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Before this, I had never seen Margot Robbie with brown hair. But it looks great on her! The deep color of her locks in this look give her an air of sophistication that is echoed in her gown. The deep side part and soft waves scream old Hollywood glamour. Robbie is the queen of taking black and white dresses to the next level on the red carpet, and this is a classic example. She brings the red carpet sparkle with the glittery bodice, but keeps it from looking too much like a showgirl outfit with a sleek, plain skirt. Cutouts at the waist show just a peek of skin, which keeps the look interesting and youthful. I love how she ties the look together with understated yet fresh makeup and simple, chic jewelry.

7 Flop: 2017 Premiere of Goodbye Christopher Robin

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With all of her wild and unique fashion choices, you never know what to expect when Margot Robbie steps onto the red carpet. When she attended the premiere of Goodbye Christopher Robin, she wore this dreamy dress that looks better suited for a night in. While the innocent floral pattern and flowy yet fitted silhouette are soft and pretty, they don't really fit in to a red carpet affair. Plus the huge puffy sleeves make her look like she is a little girl playing dress-up. Just the dress alone might not have been a terrible look. But the hair and makeup choices she made with this outfit are totally bonkers. Why would you pair a soft dress with edgy, slicked down, wet-look hair? Why would you ever wear yellow eye shadow?

6 Fashionable: LA Premiere of I, Tonya 2017

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When you play a figure skater, a little more sparkle is in order! This look, worn by Robbie recently while promoting I, Tonya, is daring even for her. But she manages to pull it off! Her lob haircut paired with the very shimmery gown give this red carpet outfit a modern disco vibe. The belt she uses to cinch her waist is almost utilitarian looking but somehow works. The simple strappy sandal and clutch she uses to accessorize ensure that nothing overpowers the impact of her gown. She usually wears a light or bare nail on the red carpet, so her dark nail color is an edgy and different addition to this red carpet look. Her eye makeup is darker than usual, too, perhaps a nod to the darker, edgier content in the film she is promoting here.

5 Flop: 2016 The Legend of Tarzan Premiere

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When I first saw this look, I wondered if it was from 2002 but nope, 2016. The super high platform heels, the kimono style dress, the tack faux fur, the black and pink color scheme. Did Robbie need a last-minute dress for this event and just found something at the back of her closet? Aside from the obvious cultural appropriation problems with this outfit, this looks cheap. Maybe if that terrible pink fuzz was removed it would look a little more elegant, but even then it is bad. She looks totally uncomfortable in those super high stripper heels and her only other accessory (a giant sparkly ring) doesn't fit with the outfit at all. At least she kept her hair and makeup natural looking to offset this disaster of an outfit!

4 Fashionable: The Legend of Tarzan European Premiere 2016

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This dress is the perfect example of a look that is sexy without being too revealing. Robbie knows she looks good and wants to flaunt her figure while remaining a bit demure. The solution? A slit in the skirt and semi-sheer side panels on the top of the dress keep the look both sultry and chic. The Australian actress loves to channel old Hollywood style and this look is no exception. With its black piping and art deco inspired pattern, this dress looks like it was inspired by a 1930s hotel interior. Her soft waves echo the breeziness of the dress's fabric, but pulling it back keeps the hairstyle red carpet appropriate. She added simple earrings and a few glam rings to add a touch of sparkle to complete this look.

3 Flop: Refinery29's 29Rooms Los Angeles: Turn It Into Art (2017)

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Oh no, girl. Wearing black on black can look chic, but in this case it didn't quite work. First off, those shorts look way too big on her. And why do they look like something you'd wear to go sailing but are made of leather? So weird! The belt she added looks like an old-timey weight-lifting belt, not exactly fashionable. Her 90s-esque black turtleneck would be ok if it wasn't see-through, letting everyone sneak a peek at her light bra underneath. The jacket is too short and the shoulders are too big, giving her an 80s vibe and not in a good way. All that plus the giant earrings give this look a heavy feeling. Normally Robbie prefers light, airy fabrics, so this look really weighs her down and does her figure no favors.

2 Fashionable: SAG Awards 2018

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Robbie always wows in white! Her beautifully tanned skin offsets the color perfectly. And never once does she look like she is on her way to her wedding! This gown has feathers that both define her waist and add some interesting volume at the same time. Its halter neckline stands out in a sea of strapless gowns. The beading looks glam without being too over the top. This look has just enough sparkle! The colorful clutch Robbie chose to accessorize this look adds just a hint of color to the monochrome look, giving the whole ensemble a chic feel. Once again, she knows how to balance a look. Because the gown is so show stopping, the actress chose a simple hairstyle and more natural makeup look to keep them from competing.

1 Flop: Suicide Squad Belle Reve Penitentiary Fan Experience (2016)

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I realize that this look was for a more fun event, the opening of an attraction themed after her latest movie. But that doesn't excuse Robbie for wearing such a casual outfit. It's still a red carpet! The shapeless, flowy shirt hides her slim figure. It is also a bit sheer, which is never a good look at a red carpet event. The cut off jeans look sloppy and frankly kind of cheap. She then added a strappy sandal which is way too fancy to match this outfit, giving the whole look a random vibe. Her low-key makeup and loosely pinned back hair make the actress look like she just got out of bed and threw on the nearest clothes. For someone who usually looks so put together, this outfit is disappointing.

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