10 Embarrassing Comic-Con Cosplays We Can't Look Away From (And The 5 Hottest)

Cosplay can either be two things: Incredibly hot, or incredibly embarrassing. In this list, we've combined the two to give you an honest  view of  cosplay in its entirety. I challenge you to look at these embarrassing cosplayers and not cringe. As for the hot ones,  I challenge you to look at them without breaking out in a sweat. Cosplay culture is expanding rapidly, and it's becoming more and more popular every day. But is this such a great thing? With more and more people getting involved, more and more amateurs are showing up in costumes that shame the entire cosplay community. And then you have the girls who seem be dressing up in slutty cosplay outfits just for the attention.

Comic-Con is the holy grail of cosplayers everywhere, and it's there that you often find some of the more notable costumes. This event has a rich history that stretches back to the 50s, where the comic book industry had its golden age. But what would some of the founding fathers of comics books have to saw if they saw some of these embarrassing cosplayers? Are they turning in their grave right now? While it may seem mean to poke fun at these cosplayers, remember that everyone at Comic-Con goes there for fun. Sometimes, these costumes are meant to be jokey, and we're laughing with them rather than at them. The great thing about  cosplaying is that no one takes themselves too seriously!

15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


Imagine seeing this guy crawling around at Comic-Con. It might weird you out a little bit, but the truth is that there are tons of weird people just like this at Comic-Con. This guy is just one example. In truth, his costume isn't that weird or embarrassing. It might be a little lazily done, but that's about it. The thing that makes this picture totally weird and cringeworthy is that expression on his face. Look at that death stare!  This guy means business. Remember what I said about cosplayers not taking themselves too seriously? This guy is the exception. He looks ready to kill someone. I don't know if that expression is meant to be funny or he's actually that serious, but it really makes this image hilarious. And then you have the fact that he has a giant beard, and you have a very weird cosplay picture indeed.

14 Jynx


Jynx has always been a slightly weird Pokemon. It's another example of Japanese insensitivity when it comes to creating characters that look like crude representations of the black community. So this might not have been the best idea for a cosplay. This person basically looks like they're dressing up in blackface, which, as I'm sure everyone knows, is not cool. Then you have the fact that Jynx is actually somewhat female, and you have a really strange costume on your hands. Is this a guy or a girl? If it's a guy, he looks like a transexual blackface serial killer. There's really no other way to put it. But it's the costume's creepiness and weirdness that makes it so freaking hilarious. I actually commend this guy for coming up with probably one of the most random, weird cosplays of all time. Well done, sir.

13 Ronald McDonald


Okay, this costume is actually pretty awesome. I personally love it when Ronald McDonald is portrayed as a slightly creepy dude that will give you nightmares. And this cosplayer seems to have put a lot of time and effort  into this costume. But it doesn't make it any less weird. I bet this guy actually made small children cry when he walked  past them. And even though it's an awesome idea, Ronald McDonald is not a comic book superhero. Why couldn't he just stick to what everyone else was doing? In any case, this guy also looks like a serial killer with that strange stare and that beard that he has dyed red. It's just the kind of thing that makes you laugh and gives you the shivers at the same time, and for that, he earns a spot on this list.

12 Iron Man


Behold - probably the worst cosplay you will ever see. I'd like to hope that this costume was intentionally bad, and that he was doing it just to get laughs out of people. Because if he actually put a lot of time into this... Well that's just sad. Although it's obviously a very poor cosplay, you have to give him credit for the fact that his character is pretty much immediately identifiable - it's Iron Man. The funniest thing about this is the mask. It's not even symmetrical! And everything is just taped together in such a rag-tag way. I also love how he's taped blue circles to the  palms of his hands  to represent Iron Man's weapons. It's just too much to handle. I'd like to think that this was a cosplayer who forgot his costume at  home, and then slapped together this last minute costume in a matter of minutes with supplies  from the local dollar store.

11 Joanie Brosas As Ash Ketchum


Now I'm sure you're all a little tired of internally cringing for the last ten minutes. So it's time to freshen things up with some of the girls who are doing cosplay right. Meet Joanie Brosas. She's a relatively new cosplayer on the scene, and she's really making a name for herself with the costumes she wears to Comic-Con and other events. Believe it or not, this is actually one of her more conservative cosplays! If you want to see her really sexy cosplays, Google her Vampirella costume. You will not be disappointed. A lot of people are now calling her the hottest cosplayer in the world. And you have to admit, they have a fair point. Her body is incredible, and she has no problem with showing it all off. Has Ash the Pokemon trainer ever looked hotter? I don't think so.

10 Jessica Nigri As Roadhog


Jessica Nigri is another household name in the world of cosplaying,  and judging by this photo, it's not hard to see why. Tons of glorious underboob is on display in this cosplay, and I bet tons of guys just couldn't keep their eyes off her. She also has a very active YouTube channel, which I recommend you check out. She's one of the few cosplayers in the world who can say that she's a professional cosplayer, as many video game series have used her as an official spokesmodel, such as Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Lollipop Chainsaw. Here she dresses up as the video game character Roadhog, and you have to admit it's a sight to behold. Because of outfits like this, it's no wonder why so many fans act so awkwardly around her, especially when they get an opportunity to take a picture with her!

9 Sonic & Friends


Don't worry, some more hot girls are coming up later! So, Sonic the Hedgehog is another very popular costume for people attending Comic-Con, and with so many people doing it, some are bound to fall short of the mark. These three are a clear  example of that. Before I start criticizing their costumes, however, I want to make one thing clear: These three look like they're having the time of their lives. I don't even think they care about how crappy their costumes are - they're loving their lives right now. Although the guy dressed up as Sonic looks pretty bad with his weird hat and bleached skin, I  think the weirdest person in this picture is definitely the person dressed up as Tails (or at least I think that's who he/she is dressed up as). They look slightly nightmarish, especially their faces, which again would probably make small children cry.

8 My Little Pony


My Little Pony fans definitely get the most hate from the public. The show actually has a huge following among grown men these days, if you didn't already know. These guys are known as "Bronies,"  and they are some of the craziest people you will ever meet. While it's easy to be a fan of My Little Pony in your mom's basement, it's much harder to show your true colors in public. While Comic-Con might be one of the few places where it's acceptable to cosplay as a character from My Little Pony, you're probably still going to get a few strange glances. But this guy right here didn't care. You have to give him credit, it took serious balls to show up wearing this outfit in public. Would you be able to do that? Probably not, I'm guessing. Just let it sink in that this guy has more courage than 99% of the planet. While it's undeniably embarrassing, his costume is actually somewhat well put together and really captures the essence of the character.

7 Frieza


Dragonball Z is a show that captured the hearts of millions of kids all over the world, and it's another popular idea for cosplayers. I remember waking up on Saturday morning and watching this show, and like just like me, this guy is obviously a huge fan. His style of costume, however, is questionable. He's obviously trying to recreate the legendary antagonist of the series, Frieza. And yes, he obviously put a lot of time and effort into his costume. But for whatever reason, this costume comes off as looking extremely weird. Maybe it's due to the fact that Frieza is supposed to be skinny and lithe, not bulky and cumbersome. I'm not sure why this costume looks so portly -  maybe it's because of all the extra padding of the pads and chest armor? Or maybe (and probably more likely) the kid is just a little bit bigger than Frieza. Then you have the face of the costume. Again, he's put a lot of work into it but it ends up looking hilarious. My favorite part is the fact that he seems to be wearing purple lipstick...

6 Mr. Popo


One of the most questionable characters in the Dragonball Z universe is Mr. Popo. At first glance, he seems to be a very crude representation of a black person, just like Jynx at the top of this list. But unlike Jynx, Mr. Popo seems to be a lot more  human, which makes him even more racially insensitive. I think the people behind Dragonball Z came out with some kind of statement defending the character, saying that he was actually some kind of alien creature, not a black man. But due to past insensitivities of this nature in Japanese cartoons, I  doubt that. So anyone who dresses up like Mr. Popo is just asking for trouble. Like this guy, who was seen at one Comic-Con event. There really is no excuse for this - I don't care how much he liked the character of Mr. Popo, this is just plain wrong. He's basically dressed up in full-on blackface.

5 X-Men


Here's another embarrassing group of cosplayers from Comic-Con. I firmly believe that you should be able to dress up as anything you want, regardless of what people think. But at a certain  point, you have to  ask yourself if everyone else will really want to see you dressed in a certain way. Take the costume of Mystique for example. This legendary character from Marvel comics is famous for being one of the sexiest female superheroes of all-time. This is largely due to the fact that she's pretty much naked 90% of the time. So when you choose this character to cosplay as, you really have to ask yourself, "Do people really want to see me naked?" I realize that some people will probably accuse me of fat-shaming here, but you also have to respect other people when you cosplay. And this woman had no business dressing up as Mystique. No business whatsoever. Her friends, who dressed up as Beast and Rogue, are also on the bigger side but  don't make the mistake of showing up basically naked...

4 Star Wars


You've got to love Star Wars fans. Among other things, these fans are famous for having a great sense of humor. Like these  guys, for example. They obviously didn't put that much time and effort into their costumes, and that's what makes these costumes hilarious. They're there to have fun, and they don't care what anyone thinks. Where do I even begin with these costumes? Let's start with Chewbacca. He really didn't have to work that hard, seeing as he already had long, wild hair. He pretty much just dressed in brown, put an ammo belt over his shoulder, and put on a fake beard. Genius. Then you have R2-D2. Out of all of these guys, he probably put the most effort into his costume. Even so, it still looks hilariously amateur. I  love his bare legs sticking out of the bottom and his sunglasses. What a legend. And finally, you have C-3PO. He's basically just spray painted his clothes gold, and worn a crappy paper mache mask. Is his costume even recognizable? Not really, but that's what makes it awesome.

3 Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn was one of the most popular costumes of all time at Comic-Con following the release of Suicide Squad. Actress Margot Robbie was the first to dress up as this sexy, naughty vixen, but many girls gave her a run for her  money. This smoking hot cosplayer looks even sexier than the character in  the movie, in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out who this smoking hot cosplayer was, so perhaps someone can reveal her identity in the comments section? Even if she is unknown, this just goes to show that Comic-Con is a wonderful place where new girls are always getting Internet famous because of their sexy costumes. This particular girl isn't even showing off that much skin - her face and body do enough to make this one of the hottest cosplays ever. I especially like her ripped stockings. So hot...

2 Paula Labaredas As Cammy


Aside from Harley Quinn, another immensely popular choice for cosplays is Cammy from Street Fighter. However, only the hottest and most adventurous girls can pull off this costume, as Cammy is pretty much wearing a thong in the back. This didn't stop thousands of girls from giving this costume a shot, though, and one of the girls who really nailed the Cammy outfit was Paula Labaredas. This is another famous cosplayer, but she's also an actor and a producer with a long line of film credits. Born in Portugal, Paula is always a welcome addition to Comic-Con events. She's also dressed up in a variety of other costumes at past Comic-Con, such as a very sexy Spider-Girl. She seems to love dressing up as sexy as possible, and she really pushes the boundaries of cosplaying. And for that, we are very thankful!

1 Bunny Girl


Here's another smoking hot cosplay girl. Unfortunately, I couldn't find out who this girl was, so maybe someone in the comment section can help me out. But does it really matter who she is? The main thing is that she's smoking hot, and it's really hard to take your eyes off her. In fact, I would argue that she's even hotter than a lot of  the more well-known cosplayers today. So maybe she  should consider a career in  cosplay! As far as what her costume is, I'm at a bit of a loss. She looks most like a Playboy bunny girl... Which isn't really a video game character or a comic book hero...  But I don't think many people will really care! I love her cute face and her juicy body, not to mention her stunning long legs in those scandalous fishnet stockings. Wow... This just goes to show that sometimes the hottest cosplayers are the ones that aren't even famous!

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