10 Disney Stars Who Loved Baring It All, And 5 Who Never Did

If you’re into wasting your time debating about topics that can never possibly be answered, leap onto the Internet and jump into the fray on one of the far too many chat rooms and discussion groups dedicated to Team Disney or Team Nickelodeon when it comes to deciding which one has had the better shows over the years. We’re not going to go there, but we will jump into the fray when it comes to a better argument: Which has had the hotter starlets? And do starlets get more points for taking their clothes off?

We don’t think it’s much of a contest. Sure, you had Arianna Grande and Victoria Justice along with a handful of other hotties on Nickelodeon, but over the years the Disney Channel has just turned out female after female that has turned into one sexy successful woman after another for decades. These ladies are now entering their 40s! What’s Nickelodeon given us? Crazy Amanda Bynes? Pasty Miranda Cosgrove?

What’s even more awesome about the Disney Channel starlets vs. the Nickelodeon ladies is that the Disney Channel ladies aren’t afraid to take their clothes off and snap a few photos for the world to see. In what now seems to be as standard for Disney as the mouse ears, so many former Disney Channel stars have appeared in racy pictorials of one kind or another.

Here are 10 Disney Starlets Who Loved Baring It All and 5 Who Never Did.


15 Loved: Miley Cyrus

There are few people who seemed to be born for baring it all and Miley Cyrus is one of them. While you’ll find others on this list who will bare just enough to get a cover of Maxim magazine or others who will do it to get attention when a new album is coming out, Miley Cyrus bares skin because she has a lot of it and it seems silly to keep it all to herself. Much like Madonna in the late 1980s and early 1990s, if you haven’t seen Miley Cyrus naked, it’s more because you’ve tried not to see her. It’s more work to avoid it since we feel like we bump into her without a stitch of clothing on everywhere. We don’t think when they were casting Hannah Montana and Disney Channel executives were excited they had Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter they probably saw the future nudist they had on their hands.

14 Loved: Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is that young woman who doesn’t have a problem shedding her clothing, but she’s going to do it on her terms, she’s going to show as little of the good stuff as possible and it’s going to have the biggest possible impact. While she’s appeared in plenty of photos with her arms and legs in strategically placed positions it was her Instagram account where we finally got a big eyeful of booty taken by her boyfriend, The Weeknd. It was obviously a publicity move meant to make people talk and we’re more than happy to do our part. We can’t stand Justin Bieber and are much happier Selena is with The Weeknd, so if this was just to drive Justin crazy, we hope it did the trick. We’d encourage her to try even more. Maybe turn around in the next picture.

13 Loved: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens' dirtiest on-screen role was easily in Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez and she has gone on record saying she didn’t like a scene in a swimming pool she was forced to shoot without a top on that involved James Franco. No idea if it had to do with the nudity, Franco or both, but we certainly get it if it’s the Franco thing. We have trouble if it’s the nudity though because Hudgens is always going to be remembered as the Disney starlet with the first great selfie scandal. Between shooting High School Musical and High School Musical 2, Hudgens, who was dating Zac Efron at the time, decided to take some sexy photos for her hunky boyfriend. They were leaked almost immediately, but to Disney’s credit, they said it was just one of those things. It only took two more set of photos to be leaked over the next few years for Hudgens to stop taking them. We guess the third time's the charm.

12 Loved: Emmy Rossum


Emmy Rossum didn’t have her own Disney series but she was a popular guest star and was featured in one of the first Disney Channel original movies as a kid. When she got older though, a Showtime series came along called Shameless and Rossum lived up to the title when it came to nudity, getting naked dozens of times over the life of the show. Her character, Fiona, doesn’t hesitate to hop into bed when the mood strikes her and Rossum doesn’t hesitate letting producers include those scenes in the episodes, although there seem to be fewer nude scenes the last season or two as her character matures. It’s OK, though. Through the magic of Netflix we can always visit seasons past. Beyond the skin, we’d also urge anybody who likes great shows to check out Shameless as it’s consistently been one of our favorites over the last five or six years.

11 Loved: Ashley Tisdale

We get that they spelled the name of the show that Ashley Tisdale appeared on as The SUITE Life of Zack and Cody, but if we were able to see Ashely Tisdale at work everyday, we would have had trouble not calling it the SWEET Life. Tisdale parlayed that gig into a spot in the popular High School Musical films, but realized that she was going to be typecast as a teen star if she didn’t quickly get into the Maxim/FHM photoshoot business quickly, which thankfully she did. Many people didn’t realize it because of her baby face, but she actually took the job on Zack and Cody when she was 20 and is now 31. She’s never fully shed her clothes for a role, and claims she wouldn’t, but the fact that her next big role was in the now-cancelled Hellcats as a nasty cheerleader and her real-life best friend is Vanessa Hudgens makes us think if the right opportunity came along, we might see Tisdale in the buff.

10 Hated: Raven-Symone


Many people will mistakenly believe that the Olsen Twins were the first girls introduced to the world in the 1980s who made it seem cute to be able to speak at three years old, then four, then five, then six, but we think that award should go to Raven-Symone, who was blurting out one-liners no six year old would ever say making hearts melt on The Cosby Show in the late 1980s. She disappeared for a while and returned for her own Disney Channel show, That’s So Raven, where apparently her name was now used as an adjective. But for something to be “Raven” it would have to not enjoy appearing without its clothing as that is something Raven-Symone has never done. For instance, a cactus or an ostrich is so “raven” because neither have appeared without their shirt on in Maxim. We don’t think it is good to be so “raven.” We would rather things be so “Miley.”

9 Hated: Laura Marano

Even if you’re not planning on being the Christina Aguilera or Selena Gomez kind of entertainer who heaves liberal doses of sexuality and nudity into your public persona, the best advice we could give any young performer, male or female is the moment you turn 18 years old, or the moment your show is cancelled by the Disney Channel, run screaming in the other direction. Laura Marano, the Ally in Austin and Ally, continues doing projects for the Channel and Radio Disney despite the fact she turned 21 in November 2016. Yeah, she’ll have teen fans who are into the channel for another few years, but they’ll grow up and move on and the then 14-year-old girls who are watching Disney Channel at that point won’t be into a 26-year-old Marano. It’s time to walk away Laura...walk away. And put on a bikini top and post some Instagram pics. Just try it out. You may like it.


8 Loved: Lindsay Lohan


There are people who like to walk around and spout some version of the philosophy “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask permission.” The idea is that it’s better to just do what you want and deal with the consequences than figure out if it makes sense to do the deed in the first place. Lindsay Lohan is the poster child for why this philosophy is flawed. Eventually, there are so few people who will forgive you that you have to start whipping off your clothes for that attention and cash you got in the past. In Lohan’s case, it began with some artistic photos, then it became a shot-for-shot tribute of Marilyn Monroe’s pictorial in the first issue of Playboy for her own layout, commencing in a horrible straight-to-video called The Canyons that made Showgirls look like art. Lohan never seemed to mind the nudity, but it was probably hard for those who costarred with her in a bunch of the Disney movies she did as a kid to watch.

7 Hated: Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan was cute, but not gorgeous. As she started to age out of her Disney Channel roles - we got to know her first on The Suite Life on Deck and then in the lead role on Jessie - she could have done the smart thing and toned her body into perfect shape and let the world know she’d be taking on more adult roles. Instead, she got drunk and was arrested for driving while intoxicated. It’s a different and far less sexy way to let the world know you’re grown-up now. There’s still plenty of time as Ryan has one of the cutest faces of a Disney starlet even if she isn’t the pencil thin brunette or bleached-blonde they’ve turned out most of the last 10 years. We don’t know if Ryan is shy or ashamed of her body or is just comparing it to her co-workers, but we’re all for her coming out of her shell and making the transition to body sharing goddess.

6 Loved: Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato got her Disney starlet wings first with the movie Camp Rock, but really hit her stride and became a household name when she starred in the title role on Sonny with a Chance. That show came to an abrupt halt when Lovato’s mental health issues and eating disorders caused her to take a break. Instead of returning, she chose to focus on her music. With her return came a more adult look, and of course, naked photos. She posed for Vanity Fair in 2015, agreeing to the shoot with the magazine as long as there was no makeup and no photoshop tricks and then in 2016, she posed for artsy black and white nudes for various photographers, although our favorite were her Instagram pics when her single Body Say was released. She’s also been known to wear this one-piece number in concert that has her butt hanging out completely. A picture of that is also available through her Instagram. We’re a little surprised we haven’t seen everything yet.

5 Loved: Britney Spears

A generation of musicians on this list grew up watching Madonna and learning lessons of public attention from her and nobody studied the Material Girl better than Britney Spears and not just because of that sweet liplock they exchanged one year at the MTV Video Awards. While Britney was singing songs of friendship and togetherness on The New Mickey Mouse Club, Madonna was showing how much fun it could be to wear skimpy outfits, and Britney took note. From breaking out on her own in a schoolgirl outfit, to slinking around on stage in a tiny bikini and a snake, to appearing strategically naked in videos and magazines, Britney has made sure her fans have always known that she has no hang-ups with her body and enjoys being as naked as she can be as often as she can be. Walt Disney wouldn’t have wanted it any other way...otherwise he would have given Donald Duck pants.

4 Hated: Hilary Duff


In 2008, Hilary Duff was going through yet another attempt by her record company and publicists to turn her from Lizzie McGuire into the adult she had been for years, something that had failed multiple times because Duff just never seemed to go for it. She’d taken different acting gigs, released various albums, been married, had kids - you name it - but there are just some people you’re not going to inject with a sex factor - and Duff was suffering through it. Different media outlets debated whether she would be able to ever be seen as anything other than one of the first Disney starlets. We don’t know if it was the Lizzie McGuire factor or just that Duff wouldn’t shed her clothes, but we stopped thinking about her altogether.

3 Loved: Christina Aguilera

We mentioned that Britney Spears got a lot of attention sharing a kiss with Madonna at the MTV Video Awards. Christina Aguilera was part of that performance, but her bad luck was that the camera cut away when Madonna planted the Genie in a Bottle singer with a kiss of her own. Also a former New Mickey Mouse Club performer on The Disney Channel, Aguilera went through a period where she took a lack of clothing a little more seriously, reinventing herself as X-Tina and singing songs like 'Dirrty' wearing nothing but a couple pieces of tape. There are plenty of outtakes of video shoots with the naughty bits and pieces exposed, showing that while Aguilera maybe never reached the pinnacle of fame Spears did, she was able to out-do her former co-star in the skin department.

2 Loved: Fergie


It should come as no surprise to anybody reading this that the person who once sang at length about her “lovely lady lumps - check them out” has no problem with a lack of clothing, but it may come as a surprise that Fergie, or Stacy Ferguson as she was then known as, was once a staple on the early Disney Channel series Kids Incorporated. Essentially she and a bunch of other kids were part of a band called Kids Incorporated who played at a cafe, opening and closing the show with a cover version of a popular mainstream song. Whichever character was having the main dilemma got their own mid-episode slow-song solo. It was typical 1980s schlock, but hey, in the end we got lots of Fergie skin, so it was a fair trade off.

1 Hated: Brenda Song

It looked like Brenda Song was going to have a huge post-Disney career when she was cast in the David Fincher-directed ode to Facebook, The Social Network, as a psycho girlfriend of one of the site co-founders. Unlike sex-less London Tipton or Wendy Wu, Song’s best known Disney characters, her Social Network hottie got down in bathroom stalls and set fires to her boyfriend’s bed in jealous rages. Making the switch to these kinds of roles usually means braver choices when it comes to how much clothing is going to be kept on, but in Song’s case, we were bitterly disappointed. She hasn’t done a film since 2011 and hasn’t found her foot in television either. C’mon Brenda, you’re not going to be young forever, the clock is ticking. Playboy is showing skin again...the writing is on the wall.


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