10 Current WWE Divas That Reveal Too Much Outside Of The Ring (And 5 Former)

**Backes, you can even change the Lana pic to Nikki backstage in her Calvins, your call.**

An aspect of the sports and entertainment business that fans typically forget about is the fact that both the men and women are normal people just likes us outside of the ring. For the women, once they take off their wrestling attire, some like to put on comfy clothes, while others aren’t afraid to look even sexier. In this article, we look at those who aren’t afraid with ten current WWE Divas that reveal more outside of the ring. In addition, we take a bonus look at five former WWE stars that are known for revealing a little too much outside of the ring away from the WWE nowadays. We give a shout-out and honorable mention to the likes of Kelly Kelly. Haven’t been up-to-date with her? Give her a follow on social media, you won’t regret it!

From obvious names like Nikki Bella and Maryse to names you wouldn’t expect like Charlotte Flair, these are current Divas known for showcasing a little too much. Former stars such as Torrie Wilson and numerous others will also be featured in the alumni side of things.

Enjoy this article and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. Let’s now begin with a member of the Raw roster serving as a prestigious manager. Here are ten current WWE that reveal a little too much outside of the ring (and five former alums). Let’s begin!

15 Current: Maryse

Blessed in the looks department, some would say Maryse looks even better today with her second run in the WWE at the age of 33. Not only are her good looks welcomed by the WWE Universe, but her husband The Miz, is likely not complaining either, as he’s been elevated to new heights since his wife returned last year following WrestleMania.

Outside of the ring, Maryse is hotter than a firecracker. With the PG restrictions in the ring, outside of it, Maryse posts just about every type of bikini picture one can imagine via her Instagram account. The picture you see above proves exactly that. Residing out of Los Angeles, California alongside her husband Mike Mizanin, Maryse is living the high life outside of the squared circle while revealing a little more than she does during her WWE time.

14 Current: Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke looks unrecognizable in the photo above. That’s real-life Dana, who’s not afraid to rock cleavage-filled tops showcasing her goods. Although she’s extremely pleasing to look at, we can’t say the same about her career as a sports entertainer thus far. Brooke was rushed onto the main roster and as evidenced by her run thus far, she clearly wasn’t ready for the big time. Because of this mistake, Brooke has become an afterthought with the company.

Her social media following seems to be doing much better with over half a million followers via Instagram. She’s posted some steamy “Not So PG” pictures in the past wearing outfits you certainly wouldn’t see on WWE television. It appears as though Brooke is worth more of a follow pertaining to her life outside of the ring than in it. For the most part, that’s because her career is currently undergoing a big time stalemate.

13 Former: Cameron

Nowadays, Cameron has completely resurfaced her brand name outside of the WWE and this should come as no surprise for those that followed her downward spiral of a career. Things instantly started off terribly when she told Steve Austin during Tough Enough that her favorite match of all-time was Alicia Fox against Melina; yup, that's not a joke. Things would only get worse as in the ring, Cameron struggled terribly. Need an example of how bad she was? Here’s one, she tried pinning a wrestler while they laid on their stomachs...

Since her release, Cameron has turned to modelling and hosting, turning the page from her prior life as a sports entertainer. Judging by the pics on her Instagram account, she's revealing a lot more outside of the ring nowadays. Say what you must about her in-ring work but beauty-wise, she’s got it going on.

12 Current: Mandy Rose

Despite not wrestling full-time yet, Mandy has quite the following via social media and let’s just say it isn’t because of her in-ring skills (just yet). To be frank, Rose is hot as hell and the WWE is really big on her potential. Not only does she have the look but she also possesses the proper athletic requirements to back it up as a legit WWE performer.

With minimal experience and at the age of 26, the WWE is taking their time with this future star. She’s only worked NXT live events thus far, although we can count on a debut sooner rather than later on the Wednesday show. For now, we continue to marvel at her “Not So PG” attire outside of the ring, whether she’s rocking a tightly fitted ensemble as you see in the picture above, or, everyone’s favorite, some revealing swimwear. Either way, she has our attention.

11 Current: Emma

Mind-blowing to think that Emma has been in the WWE system since 2011 given the fact that she hasn't even hit the 30 year old mark yet. The 28 year old Aussie has been squandered as of late constantly losing matches. At one point, looking at her social media accounts, you’d think she was strictly a model and not a WWE Superstar given the lack of work she had in McMahon’s company, tied in with the slew of “Not So PG” bikini photos via her social media platforms. She seems like the total package, which is why many are confused as to why she hasn’t been pushed just yet. Maybe, just maybe, leaving the WWE and resurfacing her brand value elsewhere might be the best bet.

For now, we continue to soak in her beauty with such pictures taken outside of the squared circle.

10 Former: Zahra Schreiber

Zahra was an unfortunate example of how strict the WWE has become with its performers. Schreiber was released by the company for a post she made on social media years ago, way back in 2012. A fan caught the throwback post and it went viral as Zahra posted a Nazi related photo which is an absolute “no no” in this day and age.

She was released shortly after and continued her career on the indie scene. She has a slew of candid pictures via social media platforms like Twitter and let’s just say most of them are of the “Not So PG” nature. Showing off her lovely tattoos, Rollins’ ex is usually rocking some serious cleavage, something you surely won’t see on WWE television in this day and age (as long as the product stays PG).

9 Current: JoJo Offerman

WWE ring announcer JoJo made the headlines in 2017 for reasons she’d rather keep in the past. An affair between the youngster and Bray Wyatt caught the headlines. The affair ended Wyatt’s marriage and it caused quite the stir on social media. Heck, JoJo herself disabled the comment section on her Instagram page due to the onslaught of inappropriate comments from the WWE fanbase. Yes, we are a unique bunch.

Outside of the ring, JoJo isn’t shy to wear some of the tightest attire, specifically dresses that are pleasing in a specific area: her backside. In truth, it seems like the young ring announcer is eating some Booty O’s on the regular nowadays, even more than most of the in-ring talents. Her posts have subsided since the controversy and given her beauty, fans likely hope she continues to reveal a little too much outside of the ring sooner rather than later. Sorry, Bray!

8 Current: Summer Rae

This one was seriously too easy, specifically for the fact that Rae has been MIA from television for quite some time now. At the age of 33, fans can’t seem to understand why she’s been off television for so long given her great charisma in front of the camera. Yet, she continues to wait on the sidelines and it remains to be seen if and when the company will use her.

You can still follow her journey via social media, as Rae has an impressive following of over one million fans and let’s just say it isn’t because of wrestling pictures. Giving her profile a quick look, you’d think she was working as a full-time model nowadays and not a WWE Superstar. When her wrestling career comes to an end, a full-time career in modelling seems like the logical choice given her pics outside of the ring.

7 Current: Charlotte

Before we discuss Charlotte’s beauty, let’s take a minute to send our best wishes to the Nature Boy Ric Flair. As of this writing, Ric has been hospitalized and he’s said to be in serious condition. We here at The Richest wish him our very best and a speedy recovery to one of the, if not the greatest pro wrestler of all-time. WOOOO!

As for his daughter Charlotte, she’s got it all going on. In the ring, she’s as gifted as her father but out of the ring, she has the looks of a blonde bombshell. As evidenced by her Instagram account, Charlotte isn’t necessarily afraid to show off some of her cleavage outside of the squared circle. In the ring, she’s PG, but out of it, we’d say she’s TV-14 given her lovely outfit choices from time to time.

6 Current: Lana

Despite the fact that she played the role of a heel manager, Lana still managed to get her name chanted on a nightly basis. Nowadays, the company is all about in-ring work, however, Lana was a rare gem that connected with the fans based off her look and persona alone. Now that’s special.

Putting her inside of the ring as a performer has ruined that allure we loved Lana for. She’s struggled terribly in the ring in an era where women are performing at another level. In another era, Lana in the ring could have worked but in this one, it was best to protect her and not make her just another Diva that can’t wrestle.

At the very least, she’s making things interesting outside of the ring with some of the steamiest pics you’ll see from a WWE Superstar. Certainly, nobody's complaining about that!

5 Former: Brandi Rhodes

Here’s a name you likely didn’t expect to see years ago. Working as a WWE ring announcer, Rhodes opted for more, asking to be changed as a talent. With the company unwilling to make the change, Brandi gladly left alongside her husband.

She’s now wrestling on the indie scene. Her in-ring work isn’t the greatest and some would argue she’s making the headlines more for her looks than her abilities. Taking a look at her Instagram account, it’s quite clear that the heat voltage meter has been cranked up since she left the WWE with countless cleavage and bikini-types of photos. With more than half a million followers via Instagram, we can only expect that number to rise given the photos on her page, specifically those taken outside of the wrestling ring. Cody, you are one lucky dude!

4 Former: Torrie Wilson

The ageless wonder known as Torrie Wilson somehow continues to take our breath away at the age of 42. Think we’re exaggerating? Go see for yourself as Wilson has a slew of “Not So PG” pictures via her Instagram account. The best part, all the pictures are recent, proving this gem just doesn’t age!

Regarded as one of the hottest Divas in WWE history, Wilson wasn’t the best performer, although she connected with the fans based off her stunning good looks alone. Nowadays, she’s put her life as a wrestler on the backburner and is now focusing on a new life as a fitness personality. Given her insane shape, we have reason to believe Wilson knows what she’s talking about! It remains to be seen if the WWE will ever honor her career, even if they don’t however, she’ll still have a warm place in our hearts for a long time!

3 Current: Paige

For the mainstream WWE fan, the only access we have to Paige’s personal life nowadays is via Instagram or Twitter, as her WWE time continues to be extremely limited since her neck injury and various other controversies (whether it be failing the Wellness Policy or anything related to her man, Alberto Del Rio).

When she does make a post, it’s usually of the “Not So PG” nature, rocking some revealing attire such as the recent picture she posted above rocking white skin tight pants and a short crop top.

It remains to be seen if Paige will ever return to the WWE at this point. Fans want to see it, but we don’t know for sure if McMahon feels the same way. For now, we’ll continue to track her progress via revealing photos outside of the squared circle!

2 Current: Nikki Bella

When you came across this article the first name that likely sprung to mind was Nikki Bella's, the longest running Divas Champion in company history. Perhaps nobody could have predicted the brand she’d create for herself both in and out of the ring. Nikki would become a huge reality star bringing Total Divas to new heights because of her involvement. The company would go a step further giving her and twin sister Brie, their own spin-off, Total Bellas.

Nikki continues to grow out of the ring whether it’s on YouTube with close to a million subscribers to her channel or on Instagram, with more than six million followers. A theme on both platforms, she isn’t afraid to reveal some skin, which has only added to her overall appeal. We expect Nikki to return at some point inside of the ring, but given her success away from the company, she’s in no rush.

1 Former: Kaitlyn

If you haven’t seen Kaitlyn since her WWE departure back in 2014, brace yourself, cause boy, oh boy, have things changed for the Boca Raton, Florida resident. Going by her real name, Celeste Bonin, the one-time Divas Champion looks completely unrecognizable today resurfacing her entire look. Nowadays, she’s a big fitness personality having her own brand and breaking Instagram with loads and loads of “Not So PG” photos showcasing her fantastic body.

Looking back her time with the WWE, she wasn’t showing this type of skin that’s for darn sure, nor would she be allowed to do so given the types of photos she’s showcasing online. Some can even say she’s more popular today than she was with the WWE. With more than half a million followers, fans don’t oppose to Bonin revealing even more nowadays!

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