10 Childhood Characters Jessica Nigri Ruined (And 10 She Made So Much Better)

Alright, so here's the thing...I think Jessica Nigri is hot. I think most people do. That can't be too much of a shock to anyone. I think she's also an amazing cosplayer. I think most people do. That also can't be too much of a shock to anyone. But that doesn't mean that Jessica Nigri has always been or will always be an amazing cosplayer. She has had a few pretty lousy outfits.

Now, that doesn't mean that she wasn't still hot in any one of these outfits. It's hard to find her unattractive (though it has happened). I just mean to say that some of her cosplay outfits have kind of ruined the characters that she's tried to bring to life. Or maybe, in some cases, it's just that she just hasn't put her own unique spin on it well enough to be very impressive, like she so often is.

Either way, below are 10 childhood character cosplays that Jessica Nigri has kind of ruined. But don't worry! That's also mixed with 10 childhood character cosplays that Nigri has made way better! There are some characters I will never be able to see again without Nigri's signature...features. Which is a bit weird, but I think I'll be able to deal with it.


20 Better - Fox McCloud

Well, why not start out with a childhood character that Nigri made way better? I think that's a good place to start. So...Star Fox...well, Jessica Nigri is definitely a star. And she's definitely a fox. Especially in this photo where she is playing the lead character, Fox McCloud, from the classic game Star Fox. I really don't have too much to say about this cosplay. What can I say? She's smokin' hot? She's an ace? She knows just what to show? Her costume is really simple, but still very clear? All of these are very true and make it enjoyable to write an article about Jessica Nigri...no matter how awful I feel, constantly writing about how hot a woman is. I think she knows, and I don't think she needs yet another person to tell her.

19 Ruined - Spellthief Lux


Does anyone here play League of Legends? Of course you do. At least some of you do. There is no way that at least half of the nerds looking this article over just to gawk at Nigri don't play LoL. It's just pretty well a fact. Anyway, in comparison to the actual gameplay version of the Spellthief Lux it's pretty clear that anyone would rather look at Jessica Nigri. But I have to say, compared to a lot of the cool artwork that's been done of Lux, Nigri is actually not all that high up there for the character. Especially not with whatever facial expression she's making in this photo. Also, she seems to be missing her staff...unless you want to make a crude joke about that, then I think she's kind of not done the character justice.

18 Better - Iron Man

There's something about Nigri's creativity that really makes some characters way hotter, even if it makes the character sort of make no sense. Let's be totally honest here. Jessica Nigri is hotter than anyone who has played Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is not hotter than her. Fact. And her outfit is way better than the Iron Man suit. But here's the one bad thing about this cosplay. It kind of defeats the purpose of the "Iron" part of the Iron Man suit. I mean...if she's basically just wearing a bikini with the same colour with a couple of flashing lights on her chest and hands...then she's not really armoured. She's definitely armed. But not protected by anything otherwise. So, I guess this one has ruined the character while making the character way better.

17 Ruined - Link


I can't even believe that I'm saying Jessica Nigri ruined Link from the Zelda franchise. It kind of still hurts me a bit to say it, and I'm sure it will piss a lot of you off. But it's still true. First off, Nigri has made herself known by adapting her cosplays to show off her body in a certain way and add her "Nigri" quality to each character she dresses as. In this cosplay of Link...it just looks like she went online, bought a Link costume, threw it on, did the photo shoot and that was that. There's nothing overwhelmingly creative about this costume. There's nothing exciting. And I'm sure a lot of people are sad that she's not showing anything off. I don't mind that so much, but I do mind that it just looks like every other Link outfit I've seen. Usually, she's pretty creative.

16 Better - Blastoise

It might not shock anyone here who has read any of my previous pieces involving Pokemon but I kind of hate it. I don't understand the appeal at all. The show doesn't make sense for a second, and why do I care about these creatures I'm just going to imprison in a tiny ball anyway? That being said, since I don't really care about Pokemon, I have to say that Jessica Nigri definitely makes me care. But I have to be totally honest here. If I had this version of Blastoise wandering around, my first instinct wouldn't be to fight it or stuff it into a little ball. My first instinct would be to ask if she wanted to go for a drink. I just really hope that Blastoise likes whisky. Anyway, Nigri is honestly the only reason I've ever cared about Pokemon.

15 Ruined - The Joker


I'm not sure if you've ever seen the Joker before, but I'm going to guess that you have. So, tell me then...what about this picture reminds you of the Joker? When I first saw this cosplay, I actually didn't know who Nigri was trying to play. I had no idea! That's when you know that you've ruined a character. Especially as a well-known cosplayer. Then, when I saw that it was labeled as a Joker cosplay, I realized the hair colour, and the jacket, and the gloves, and the tommy gun are all at least partially reminiscent of the Joker. But I would never think, at first glance, that she was playing the Joker. It's a hot outfit, but she could have done so much more to really get into the character. There are so many versions of this character to choose elements from.

14 Better - Pikachu

In case you all didn't know, Jessica Nigri's cosplay as Pikachu is the probably the most important cosplay she has ever done. Why, you might be asking right now? Well, because that's the cosplay that got Jessica her big break as a very well-known cosplayer. She was at a convention in a smoking hot Pikachu cosplay (she's done several now), and all it took were a few photos going up online and she was suddenly a sensation. And then the implants and all of the photo shoots and video montages of her jumping up and down and wiggling side-to-side to show off her...assets. And aside from all of that stuff and her big break, I think her Pikachu cosplay makes this character better because if you've ever actually watched the Pokemon cartoon...it makes absolutely no f*cking sense.


13 Ruined - Freddy


Look, I'm a huge fan of Freddy and I do find Nigri's cosplay really hot in a very weird way. And there are plenty of other cosplayers out there who have turned Freddy Krueger into this smoking hot character (which is kind of darkly funny since he was burned alive). I just don't think it's right. It's hot (pun intended) but it's not right. It's difficult to not feel bad finding a child killer attractive, you know? Freddy is meant to be terrifying. And I have to be honest when I say that if Nigri and other cosplayers really wanted to do Freddy justice, they would have some sort of burn makeup on as well. In Nigri's sh*tty Goku cosplay, she' more than willing to add blood and bruises. So what's stopping her from really getting into the true character of Freddy in her cosplay?

12 Better - Rogue

It's too bad that when Rogue touches people, they just die. That really does suck. But I know that Jessica Nigri isn't actually Rogue, so I know that if she touched someone, they probably wouldn't die. And that makes me pretty happy. And I think that means that Nigri has definitely made the character of Rogue way better. Besides the whole "no death" thing, Jessica Nigri definitely makes the character of Rogue hotter than any other version. It doesn't matter if you're talking comics, tv, video games or movies. Nigri takes the prize for hottest Rogue around. And if you look closely at the outfit she's wearing (which I'm sure you're kind of doing right now) you'll notice that it's not even a great quality outfit. But she still takes the prize.

11 Ruined - Sith


I know a lot of people will get kind of mad at me for this one. Look, I love Star Wars. I think the Sith are really cool. But there's something about this cosplay that I just can't say has done the Sith justice. There are a few thing. First, trying to hold the lightsabre like she's the "apprentice" from Force Unleashed is just silly. You're going to hurt yourself. Stop. Not even he should've been holding the damn thing like that. Secondly, as much as Nigri is showing off with this outfit, it just doesn't flatter her, in my mind. It also doesn't flatter the character she's dressed up as. You know why? Because she's not actually cosplaying as any specific character. Come on. The Sith are so iconic with so many greats to cosplay as. Don't ruin it for us!

10 Better - Rikku

Alright, so here is one that Nigri has definitely made better. One, because I bet that most gaming nerds who are drooling over Rikku forget that when you first meet her in Final Fantasy X, she is only 15. And in X-2, she is still only 17. So at least Nigri makes the character legal for people to not feel so awkward about (especially with the way things are going in the media right now). Secondly, Nigri makes this character way better because she takes her away from the sh*tty series of FFX and FFX-2. I'm sorry to all Final Fantasy fans out there, but I just can't get into these two games. I never could. So, I am so happy that Nigri decided to take a character from one of them (this costume is taken from the second instalment) and bring the character to life rather than leaving her in the realm of two of the worst Final Fantasy games.

9 Ruined - Rick


Ok, no. I'm sorry Jessica. I just can't. I realize that Rick from Rick and Morty isn't a childhood character for me, but I'm sure he is for some of the readers here (even if the show has only been out for a few years). Look, I'm not saying that this cosplay isn't hot (though that's not something I ever thought I'd think about when thinking of Rick). I'm just saying that while she is holding the flask and the Mr. Meeseeks, and while her hair colour and outfit is just about right...this is still just wrong. There's no way she can really pull off this crazy character. Not unless she also at least does the spiked hair, and tries to add in some age makeup. She goes all out for other characters that need the makeup. I think she just wanted to get something out that's hot and relevant.

8 Better - Ghostbuster

Alright look, I haven't seen the new Ghostbusters movie at all, but I have no problem with women taking on the role of the busters. I really don't care either way. I like the classic films, and I will eventually watch the new one, but it doesn't matter to me if they're men or women or Slimer. Doesn't matter. You know why? Because Jessica Nigri makes the ghostbusting way better than anyone else. I've seen the jumpsuits sold at Halloween stores every year for so long now. And I have to say that Nigri wasn't really all that creative with this costume, but she does wear it better than anyone I've seen. But it seems pretty clear to me that she got this outfit from some local costume store or seasonal Halloween pop-up store. Good thing she knows about ghostbusting...

7 Ruined - Goku


So, she's got the colours right in the outfit. She's bloodied and cut up. She looks like she's pretending to be ready to fight. Ok, so she's sort of trying with this outfit. But give me a break. This is not Goku. At least not until you put that spiky black hair on top and put a dragon ball in her hand. Now, don't start making jokes because I said something about a dragon ball in her hand, ok? Too late? But in all seriousness here, this cosplay, in spite of all the blood effects and wound makeup, is kind of a lazy costume. I was never a huge fan of the Dragon Ball series, but I did play the video games often enough with friends of mine and I can guarantee that they would not find this cosplay anything other than hot. They wouldn't think it does the character justice.

6 Better - Catwoman

Even with the pretty silly leather skullcap on her head, I think that Nigri does Catwoman some pretty damn good justice here. I mean, don't get me wrong here. I like Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer, and even some of the older cat women (not the spinster ones though), but there's something about that sly look on Nigri's face (not to mention the tight leather jumpsuit) that really wins this one. I'm sure most guys would wish this outfit was more revealing (like when Michelle Pfeiffer's outfit gets all torn up and part of her hair is sticking out from the leather cap) but I don't think you can deny that this is a Catwoman outfit. And I don't think you can deny that Nigri can pull it off pretty damn well.

5 Ruined - Elsa


Sorry Elsa, but the only people who really care about you are still only 12 years old. Anyone who has seen Frozen who was over the age of 18 should know that Elsa was an incredibly irresponsible teen who should not be running her kingdom at all (especially since she almost killed everyone in it). Sure, Nigri brings Elsa to life and makes her both hot and of legal age, but that's about all this cosplay does for me. I just can't "let it go" ok? Elsa is a horrible human being. I would rather see Jessica Nigri in her Freddy cosplay all the time than to ever once see her in her Elsa cosplay again. Besides, the cosplay is a little more than impractical. Isn't she surrounded by ice? I wouldn't want my midriff showing, especially if I couldn't actually control my damn powers!

4 Better - Assassin's Creed

First of all, a female assassin is just what is needed in those games. to be fair, you can hire female assassins in some of the games, but I mean it would be awesome for the main character spot. Especially if this was the outfit. Of course, it wouldn't be the outfit simply because no one would believe that to be clothing in any of the time periods the games have touched on so far, but that's beside the point. It's not like there aren't already scantily clad women hanging around Jerusalem, Rome, a pirate ship, or any of the colonies (depending on which games you would rather choose from). So, why not hire Jessica Nigri to be one of those assassins? I think she would be a pretty obvious target thanks to her looks and outfit, so she would have to do a better job of blending in than just lightly shoving people aside and wearing a hood, but I think it could be done.

3 Ruined - Donatello


Come on Jessica. This is just lazy. It's different when it's an R2D2 dress or something of that sort because we don't expect anyone to crawl into that tiny robot container anymore. But this is just incredibly lazy. Using temporary dye to make your hair green doesn't suddenly make you a teenage mutant ninja turtle along with your Donnie shirt, ok? It just doesn't. I mean, I'm glad you're a Turtles fan. I am too. I think they're hilarious and totally radical. But don't pretend to be doing a cosplay with something so cheap. Especially not with Donatello's outfit! He's the smart turtle. And the creative turtle. If he was going to make an outfit of himself, he'd basically just make a robot version of himself (which he has done by the way). But this cosplay just lacks a lot of creativity. If Nigri wanted to be that lazy, she should have been wearing orange instead.

2 Better - Ash

I may have already mentioned my general dislike for Pokemon. I mean, in the first episode of the show, Ash is sent off into the wilderness alone to find this place where he'll learn to be a master. We don't know anything about him, his family (except that they're willing to abandon him), or what being a poke-master means, and we hardly learn anymore through the rest of the show. It just makes no sense for the most part. But Jessica Nigri continually makes me care a little more about Pokemon. If Ash looked like this and was Nigri in the show, I would really be invested in her making it out of the woods safely. And I would want to see her at the top as a master. She's already got a masterful body. Why not the skills to go with it?

1 Ruined - Deathwing


So, before anyone gets really pissed off at for me saying that Jessica Nigri ruined Deathwing, I should probably say what I really mean by this. I think this is an amazing cosplay. It's incredibly detailed and scary as all f*ck. And I think that's where I start to lose it. It's missing that signature Jessica Nigri twist. Sure, there's some midriff, and there's almost always cleavage showing, but there's always something peppy about Nigri's cosplays. Some sort of twist that isn't just hot and isn't just accurate. Something that really makes the outfit unique. I kind of think that this version of Deathwing, while a bit more revealing, is just an incredibly accurate cosplay without much more fun other than being very accurate with a bit of skin for fans to see.


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