10 Characters Who Lifted Thor's Hammer (And 5 Who Broke It)

Who would've thought that the trailer for Thor: Ragnarok would be the one to break all kinds of records? Ever since Thor and Thor: The Dark World came out, fans of the MCU have caught wind that the adventures of the Prince of Asgard aren't quite as interesting or well-written as they should be. That said, it seems that Marvel is pulling out all the stops for this latest entry in the series: one that will change everything we know about Asgard and Thor himself.

This was most seen in the new trailer. If you don't believe me, go watch it. After Thor gives some explanation as to how he got in a dire situation, the trailer opens with Hela fighting Thor. He throws his hammer only for her to catch and break it into several pieces. When a trailer opens with Thor's hammer being broken, you know you're in for something quite interesting.

There are several other moments in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that are quite impressive in their own right, but the destruction of Mjolnir is the one we want to focus on the most. Considering the fact that it's one of the most powerful weapons in the MCU, it's always exciting to see other characters lift or shatter it.

That segues right into the topic of this article, which will showcase 10 other characters who lifted Thor's hammer, and 5 who broke it.

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15 Magneto

At face value, it would be shocking to hear that a villain was able to wield Thor's hammer. As you've probably guessed, that's why we've included it here. However, this didn't occur in the Earth 616 universe (the main continuity). Instead, the Magneto of the Ultimate Marvel universe was the one who was able to wield the hammer. I say "wield," specifically, because Magneto didn't actually lift the Mjolnir, nor was he worthy of it. In that timeline, he went through a lot of trials that made him much more bitter towards the world than in the regular universe.

This, unfortunately, led to this advocate of mutant rights to do some pretty crazy stuff. One such action was lifting Thor's hammer through his magnetic manipulation. What this means is that he himself cannot lift Mjolnir -- he simply makes use of his powers to get the job done. In any other universe, this wouldn't be possible considering that the hammer is made of a different material that Magneto cannot manipulate. Either way, it would be quite a scary sight to behold an emotionally damaged Magneto with Thor's hammer floating around him, always poised to strike.

14 Rogue

Marvel loves to experiment with off-the-wall ideas. However, they don't want to give Earth 616 the lasting consequences of some of these decisions. That's where their "what if?" scenarios come into play. It allows them to try some of their crazier ideas without bearing any significant repercussions on their main universe. One story of this caliber was when Rogue of the X-Men was granted the powers of Thor by lifting Mjolnir.

How did she do it? Well, as you know, Rogue has some pretty crazy mutant powers. Just by touching another superhero, she can absorb their life energy and even get some of their abilities as well. This scenario showcases her doing this to Thor, which then made her worthy enough to pick up the hammer. However, this begs the question of whether Thor's worthiness is a particular power or not. All joking aside, the hammer believed Rogue to be the Prince of Asgard and followed her every whim. Unfortunately, this member of the Brotherhood of Mutants (in that universe) wasn't trying to do the world any favors. Instead, she brought a lot of pain and heartache to that world, and many Avengers died as a result.

13 Deadpool

Here's another entry where things aren't quite as they seem. You might look at the picture and swear up and down that Wade Wilson is indeed holding Mjolnir as if he was worthy. However, this wasn't entirely the case. You see, Loki (enough said, right?) wanted to cause some trouble for Earth. After some special coaxing, he got Wade Wilson to try and steal Thor's hammer. Surprisingly enough, after the Merc with a Mouth gets his hands on the powerful weapon, he gets Thor's physical appearance (albeit with his trademark mask still intact).

From that point on, you can imagine the madness that ensued. The power clearly went to the mercenary's head as he strolled through the world, taking on all kinds of people. The trick here is that the hammer that Deadpool was holding wasn't actually Mjolnir, but instead a fake designed by the God of Mischief to simulate Thor's powers. Why did he do it? Simply because he wanted to cause a lot of trouble for the people of Earth. Anybody with even a small knowledge of comics knows that if Deadpool gets a lot of power, many others are bound to get hurt, and the fourth wall will be broken in different ways.

12 The Vision

If you put the hammer in an elevator, does it still go up?

This was part of a debate that took place between Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron. One of the most shocking scenes in that film comes when the Vision decides to join the team. He then encourages everyone to suit up and casually hands Mjolnir to Thor, with the rest of the team looking dumbfounded. We're unsure whether Vision can lift it because he's worthy or because he's technically not organic and therefore doesn't have a soul of sorts. Either way, in the MCU, the Vision is capable of lifting Thor's hammer.

This was very similar to another character in the comics who could do the same (although it looked nothing like the Vision). It's unclear what Vision's purpose is in the MCU for being able to lift Mjolnir, but it's likely we'll figure it out at some point. My bet is on Avengers: Infinity War. It's assumed that the Vision will already have to fight Thanos because he has an Infinity Stone powering his body, and perhaps he could use Thor's hammer to fight back (assuming of course that it's rebuilt after Thor: Ragnarok).

11 Loki

And you thought Magneto picking up the hammer was a crazy thing. The truth of the matter is that the entire rivalry between Loki and Thor was based around Mjolnir. Only one of them could be king, but it was Thor who managed to restructure his character so that we was truly worthy of the title. Loki, on the other hand, sought the throne for his own selfish reasons and could never lift the hammer because of it -- a plotline that was shown in the first Thor movie.

However, there was an instance when some role reversal took place. Something called the Inversion came down upon the Marvel Universe, and it which switched a lot of the positions of the characters we know and love. Instead of Loki being the villain, he was instead the guardian of Asgard and was worthy to wield Mjolnir, thus getting everything he wanted. Unfortunately for the God of Mischief, the universe would eventually return to the way it was intended to be, and Thor would once again be in possession of the hammer. You win some, and you lose some, I guess.

10 Beta Ray Bill

We'll begin with the most obvious of the bunch. There were several times when Thor lost his hammer in the comics, which left it to be found by other heroes. One of the more prominent ones is Beta Ray Bill. This alien had his entire life uprooted when an Asgardian demon destroyed his homeworld. From then on, Bill scoured the universe in search of the Asgardians. Needless to say, he went face to face with the Mighty Thor himself. The two engaged in a heated battle that led to Thor losing grip on Mjolnir. Bill then went to retrieve it and simply picked it up. It was that simple. Beta Ray Bill was worthy of the powers of Thor and wanted to use Mjolnir only for good purposes.

However, Mjolnir didn't belong to him. The hammer was eventually returned to Thor, but Odin wasn't going to say goodbye to Bill with no gifts. He fashioned a hammer called Stormbreaker and gave it for Bill to use. Since then, this character has been a different (somewhat ugly) version of the Thor we know and love. With the powers of Stormbreaker, he has become the guardian of his race.

9 Jane Foster

Another big Thor character is Jane Foster. When he was first punished and sent to Earth, it was this young woman who helped him along the way. Inevitably, the two got together in a powerful romance, one that would be shown in the films and the comics. However, their relationship wouldn't always be rainbows and sunshine, and we would see it end several times throughout the years.

Then came All New All Different Marvel. They had many new adaptations of well-known heroes, such as the Totally Awesome Hulk. The new Thor they were using was clearly a female, but nobody knew who she was for a while. There was some debate as to whether this mystery woman was actually worthy of the hammer; Marvel confirmed that she was for real and was indeed wielding Mjolnir. Eventually, it was revealed that the woman behind the cape and the mask was indeed Jane Foster, the love interest of the mighty Thor. The only caveat to her heroics was that she was suffering a bout of breast cancer. When she was Thor, the cancer didn't harm her at all. When she was human, though, the cancer took its toll on her.

8 Captain America

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that Captain America has been worthy of Thor's hammer before? Not us. The fact of the matter is that there are few superheroes who embody morality and justice like Captain America. He has faithfully led the Avengers into battle for decades and does so with the utmost respect and urgency. He's the leader that many people aspire to be, and it seems that even Mjolnir was aware of this.

Over the years, there have been some brutal wars that the Avengers have been a part of. Sometimes, whatever bad guy they're facing will take out the heavy hitters, including the Prince of Asgard himself. On more than one occasion, Thor was brought down along with the hammer. In those instances, Captain America finds his way to the hammer and lifts it, rallying his fellow Avengers to a heroic cause. This aspect of Cap's character was also teased in Avengers: Age of Ultron when all of the heroes took turns trying to lift Thor's hammer. Captain America uses all of his strength, and if you pay attention, you'll see the hammer budge a little as Thor's face gets incredibly serious.

7 Wonder Woman

The whole JLA/Avengers crossover has always been one for the history books, and it was particularly impressive for pitting a lot of the Avengers against members of the Justice League. During the fight, Thor took on Captain Marvel (now known as Shazam). The two engaged in some shocking blows before Thor eventually dropped Mjolnir on the ground. That was when a member of the Justice League stumbled upon it and picked it up.

Wonder Woman is one of the most noble heroes in the DC Universe. Being one of the few who left Themyscira to help the human race find peace, there's no denying that she has the world's best interests at heart. Combine that with her respect while fighting others, and she's about as worthy as you can get. Wonder Woman ended up feeling the power course through her body, but she didn't use the hammer in her fight with X-Men member, Storm. Instead, she felt that fighting at an advantage would be a dishonorable thing to do, and she dropped the hammer before continuing in her fight. Now that's the trait of someone who deserves to wield a weapon like Mjolnir.

6 Superman

Believe it or not, Wonder Woman is not the only member of the Justice League who has been deemed worthy of the power of Thor. The Man of Steel himself, too, has been able to pick up Mjolnir and use it for the forces of good. Unlike Wonder Woman, Superman didn't come across it as he was fighting the Avengers; rather, he was battling alongside them. When things got really hardcore, Superman knew that his strength alone would be insufficient. That's when he picked up Captain America's shield in one hand and lifted Thor's hammer in the other. From that point on, he could feel the legendary power flowing through his entire body, giving him the strength he needed to save the day. With one powerful blow, Superman was able to defeat their ultimate foe once and for all. Strangely enough, he was not able to wield the hammer afterward. In that particular issue, the reason for this was that worthiness was something that was dynamic. It was constantly in flux and wasn't something that always existed in a specific person. It came and went as the situation demanded it.

On a brief side note, Superman wielding Thor's hammer and Cap's shield makes for one of the best images of all time.

Now that we've seen some worthy folk, let's look at those who broke Mjolnir.

5 The Destroyer

Remember that fight with the robot at the end of the first Thor movie? That robot has a lot of history in the comics and was known as the Destroyer. This suit of armor was created by Odin to be a guardian of sorts that could be controlled by another mind. Recall that in the aforementioned Thor movie, Odin was able to use the Destroyer to stop thieving Frost Giants from taking some important artifacts. Loki later operated the robot to fight Thor.

You might be surprised to find out that for all of the Destroyer's power, it was much stronger in the comics. The Destroyer had several battles with Thor, but one of them was quite impressive. The robot fired its immense laser from its face. Thor went to block it with his hammer but was shocked to find that the blast cut straight through Mjolnir, splitting the weapon in two. This devastated Thor for some time, and it was up to a Steel Mill in Pittsburgh to help him reforge it. Yeah, comics are weird.

4 Exitar

The Marvel Universe has its fair share of crazy and insanely powerful beings littered in the cosmos. Fans of the movies would get a hint of this in Guardians of the Galaxy as the Collector spoke about the Celestials, who were the original holders of the Infinity Stones in that continuity. As with most superhero movies, these characters originated in the comics and are just as powerful as you might expect.

Unfortunately, the Celestials weren't exactly the nicest entities around. They traveled across the universe and destroyed whatever worlds they wanted to for some reason or another. Eventually, the Celestial named Exitar came in direct contact with Thor. The two battled for quite some time, and it wasn't long before Thor found a good opening. He thrust his armor at Exitar's weak point and did some serious damage, but the power from the Celestial was so great that Mjolnir was instantly broken as a result. If that's not crazy enough, Thor continued to fight Exitar without his hammer, although he was quickly disposed of. Thankfully, the Celestial ended up using his almighty powers in order to fix Mjolnir as a way of saying, "No hard feelings, eh?"

3 Molecule Man

You would think that someone with a name as ridiculous as Molecule Man would be a big pushover (similar to other bad guys like Paste Pot Pete). However, this couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that Molecule Man is one of the strongest people in the entire Marvel Universe. His power is being able to control objects at a molecular level. He can dismantle entire buildings within seconds, and do the same to powerful weapons. He's no laughing matter, and needs to be dealt with by only the best superheroes.

Molecule Man ended up fighting the Avengers and the Silver Surfer. During the battle, he became so annoyed with them all that he decided to just end the fight. With one wave of his hand, Captain America's shield, Silver Surfer's board, Iron Man's suit, and Thor's hammer were dismantled. While he didn't technically break Mjolnir, he separated it at a molecular level which, in essence, is what happens when something breaks in real life. Thankfully, Molecule Man turned out to be a fairly decent guy and restored all of the heroes' weapons (save for Iron Man's suit because he wasn't good with technology).

2 Bor

Loki. Need I say more? One of the God of Mischief's greatest tricks was when he unleashed the Norse hero Bor on the Earth. You see, Bor was actually the father of Odin (making him Thor's grandpa) and was a fabled hero of legend. However, it was assumed that he died in battle a long time ago, when in reality, he was captured and imprisoned by Loki. The God of Mischief felt that Bor could serve to play a horrible joke on the Asgardians, and he eventually fell through with the plan. He tampered with Bor's mind to make him think that demons were everywhere and dropped him on planet Earth.

It wasn't long before Thor heard of this powerful warrior and faced him head on. Because there was no way to rid Bor of his confusion, he and Thor engaged in a brutal fight. The battle became so tense that Thor had to kill Bor by striking him with Mjolnir. The resulting impact was so intense that the hammer shattered. What makes this even more tragic was that Thor didn't learn that Bor was his grandfather until after he killed him. Even by winning the fight, he still lost so much more.

1 Perrikus

There are many secrets of the universe, and Odin knows many of them. Because he's been around for such a long time, Odin bears a lot of ancient knowledge that's too great for those born in the present day. One aspect of this was the Dark Gods. These dark warriors were essentially evil counterparts to the Asgardians and engaged in war with them for many years. However, that was ages ago. There eventually comes to be only one Dark God who was imprisoned by Odin, and his name was Perrikus.

As is the nature with all of these stories, Perrikus eventually breaks free of his shackles and starts wrecking shop. He even gets his hands on an ancient blade to ensure that he'll be able to deal some severe damage. This is when Thor comes in to stop him from doing so. However, the blade was so excellently crafted that it cut right through Mjolnir. However, it came as a shock to Perrikus when he found out that he could not lift the pieces of the hammer when they were separated. Yet his mission had been accomplished, and he properly weakened the mighty son of Odin.

Source: Marvel Comics

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