10 Characters Who Could Die in The Last Jedi (And 5 Who Will Survive)

Episode VIII finally has a title- Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it's clear that people are really excited about it. Very seldom have we ever witnessed so much content produced around the Internet over

Episode VIII finally has a title- Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it's clear that people are really excited about it. Very seldom have we ever witnessed so much content produced around the Internet over three words and a red text outline. At face value (or for any other film), it wouldn't mean much at all. Because this is Star Wars, however, a title like this could mean a large number of things.

We don't have a lot more information in regards to The Last Jedi, considering that the film comes out in December. What we do know has us chomping at the bit. Ever since the phenomenal success that was The Force Awakens, there has been a new vigor for the franchise, and we can't wait to see where they go next.

For starters, there are so many questions that still need answering. Who is the last Jedi? What is Rey's heritage? Will she and Finn end up together? Who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Why is Poe Dameron so beautiful? Many if not all of these questions will likely be answered in the upcoming film, and Star Wars theorists are having a heyday.

In this article, we would like to focus on the characters themselves. We've theorized a bit on the movie, and after the death of Han Solo, we have a sense of who else could die in the next installment. Without further ado, here are 10 characters who could die in The Last Jedi (and 5 who definitely won't).

15 Princess Leia

This is the most obvious theory. It's been heavily hinted that Princess Leia has a much bigger role to fill in The Last Jedi, but considering the death of Carrie Fisher, there will be no placing her in Episode IX. It's really unfortunate because it's clear that the directors have had plans for the cast members of the original trilogy, but in Leia's case, that will no longer work. However, it would be an extreme disservice to her character and her memory if they simply didn't include her. While they've talked about removing her scenes from the film, it would make much more sense if Leia got a proper send-off instead. This way her story in the supreme saga will have complete closure, and while it will be heart-breaking for viewers, it will be satisfying overall. She is the most likely candidate to get the axe in this upcoming movie, but we're not exactly happy about it. If they decide not to use any of her footage, though, then we'll be much more upset.

14 Chewbacca

The Force Awakens did a lot of things as far as the new cast goes, and it's clear that the producers are running a "passing the torch" theme. After the death of Han Solo and the untimely death of Carrie Fisher, pretty much any cast member from the original trilogy is on the grounds for death. While Chewbacca I would argue is the least likely to die of the bunch, there's still a significant chance. Chewie isn't the same without his partner Han Solo, and it could lead to him being potentially reckless or even sacrificing himself. You might be wondering who then would pilot the Millennium Falcon alongside Rey, and that's where I say Poe Dameron comes in. If they want to give the new cast members a chance to shine and Chewie does end up killed, Poe could easily take his place. He is easily the best pilot in the Resistance, and can fly anything, according to himself. Not only would he be a great fit for this role, but it would also allow the opportunity for a new "inner circle" to be created. As of right now, it's just Rey. Finn's fate is a bit hazy at the moment, and BB-8 is hanging out with R2D2.

13 R2D2

Speaking of old R2, he too could finally bite the dust. Years after Return of the Jedi when Luke went into hiding, R2 completely shut down and wasn't awakened until the end of The Force Awakens to complete the coveted map. R2D2 has been in the Star Wars saga since the days of The Phantom Menace, but it's clear that he's now a much older droid and could fall to some of the newer advancements that have been made. At first glance, a move like this might seem like a complete outrage to fans of the series, but just think about it for a moment. R2D2 hasn't seen his end in the franchise because he fulfills a small gap of that useful droid to help push the story long (sorry, 3PO). Now that we have BB-8 who could just as easily perform the same function, the argument could be made that R2 is no longer necessary for the plot. By killing off the old droid, they could still follow their theme of passing the torch while providing another cute little droid to grow attached to. After all, BB-8 sells a lot of toys.

12 Luke Skywalker

This is something that many people have been theorizing for a while now. What will Luke Skywalker's role be in The Last Jedi? That remains to be seen, but there are many different directions they could take this. Whatever the direction may be, we feel like this Jedi is easily on the chopping block. Whatever they mean by "the last Jedi", we know that there is going to be some tension surrounding those Force-using knights. Luke will obviously have a lot of inner demons to overcome as he returns to combat the First Order. Along the way, he will likely be training Rey in the ways of the Force to glean her for greater battles to come- much like how Yoda and Obi-Wan trained him. However, in those movies, both Obi-Wan and Yoda saw their end. It's likely that they will take a similar route with Luke Skywalker. Because Kylo Ren is supposedly finishing his training, he will be much more difficult to defeat. It may take the intervention of a Skywalker to fight him, giving Rey and her friends an opportunity to escape. Luke could sacrifice himself in the process, which would be a great echo to A New Hope, while still offering a circular arc for the old Jedi, who would then understand why Obi-Wan sacrificed himself.

11 Finn

What do I mean Finn could die? Well, let me explain. First of all, this article is only in theory and based on the limited knowledge we have of The Last Jedi. Secondly, the producers will likely be attempting to separate themselves from the original trilogy because of how closely they followed it in The Force Awakens. Finn has a good heart and is a very determined man, but he can't always go toe to toe with the First Order, as shown at the end of the aforementioned movie. As he gets placed into the new gang for Star Wars, he could easily have a target on his back. It's clear that both he and Rey care for each other deeply, and his death could serve as a powerful emotion for Rey to deal with. She could then be tempted by her thirst for vengeance and that would lead the opportunity for Snoke to try and win her over to the Dark Side. It's not likely that Finn will die in the movie, but it is something to consider as the theories keep flying.

10 Supreme Leader Snoke

Yes, he is the puppetmaster for the First Order and we still have yet to know who he is, but that doesn't mean he will survive past The Last Jedi. You see,  it's clear that Kylo Ren is being marketed as this new threat. In The Force Awakens, he was still in a place where he had good left in him until he killed his father, that is. Now that his training will be complete, Ren will be a powerful Sith that could be the banner-carrier of the First Order. When it comes to powerful Sith, they also have a tendency to betray each other for power. It's clear that Ren's overarching goal is to finish what Darth Vader started. Vader wanted to overthrow the Emperor and take control of the Empire. Kylo could just as easily want to take control of the First Order. We could potentially see his full potential as a Sith by him killing Snoke and taking leadership of the Dark Side. This would further make him a bigger threat for the finale of Episode IX, and one that would require both new and old characters alike to take him down.

9 Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma was very underused in The Force Awakens despite how much they were pushing her character. Granted, there was a lot riding on the success of that movie (and a lot of things it needed to do), so there ended up not being enough time to delve into her character. Now that The Last Jedi is coming, there is no doubt that she will have a bit more screen time. Hopefully, we'll even get to see her on the battlefield. That said, she serves the Boba Fett role in the movies. She is a secondary villain, and while she is a threat, she probably won't kill anyone. It's likely that she'll die fairly early on and in a somewhat unsatisfying way. We could be wrong and she could continue all the way through Episode IX, but it's likely based on the function of her character and the history of Star Wars that she will see the wrong end of a blaster and/or lightsaber. At the very least, we just hope that they use her to her full potential this time around and market her according to how prevalent she is in the film.

8 The Knights of Ren

Kylo Ren is apparently not the only saber-wielding, power hungry knight during the events of The Force Awakens. As was hinted during Rey's vision, there were a few others that are close to him and are similar in appearance and abilities. These knights are known as the Knights of Ren. This group was established by Snoke in order to expand the reach of the First Order while carrying out specific deeds. Think of a group of Sith apprentices trained by the Emperor and you're on the right track. Kylo Ren was the leader of these knights and as such, he has a great position in the First Order. The Knights of Ren will definitely be showing up in either The Last Jedi or Episode IX, but there isn't much substance or characterization to them as we know. They could very easily be portrayed as a military force that our heroes need to overcome. Because of this, they would be very expendable, and much to Kylo Ren's dismay, could easily lose their lives in the context of the story. While it may not be the ideal way to introduce a group of characters, the movie should at least give enough time to establish them as a terrifying presence that needs to be stopped.

7 Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata was introduced in The Force Awakens and has since become a much beloved character. Often praised for how good the special effects were in creating her, there's no doubting that she looks really good. She has been heavily hinted to be returning for The Last Jedi (and is among the cast list so far), so she may giving more insight as to how she obtained Luke's lightsaber as well as giving Rey more Force guidance. Because of these, she functions similarly to Yoda in the original trilogy, albeit without Force powers herself. Due to the nature of her character, she could just as easily lose her life once she fulfills everything she needs to do for Rey. Once she reaches her purpose, she's essentially fair game. Akin to how Rey would react if Luke were to die, she may have a similar reaction if Maz was killed by the First Order or Kylo Ren himself. This would give Rey a greater drive to become better with a lightsaber as well as struggle with the desire for revenge.

6 Poe Dameron

It's not every Star Wars movie where you get introduced to a fantastic pilot, and there aren't many who could outdo Poe Dameron. Portrayed by the brilliant Oscar IsaacIsaac Brock Net Worth, Poe was a fun character to watch during The Force Awakens and a valuable asset to the Resistance. It's no secret that he will be returning for The Last Jedi and possibly even have a greater role. I already theorized that he could be incorporated into the circle of main character, but that has yet to be seen. If that doesn't happen to him, it could instead go the other route. The film could instead work to establish Kylo Ren and the First Order as a terrifying and seemingly unstoppable force by having them intercept and destroy a fleet of X-wing fighters (possibly led by Poe Dameron). When you're occupation in a Star Wars movie is a pilot, you could pretty much die at any moment, and we're not holding our breath for Poe Dameron to stay alive. Perhaps a move like this would even push BB-8 to Rey and Finn, making him part of the main characters and helping them along their quest. Every Jedi needs a cute little droid.

Here are 5 Characters Who Will Live

5 Rey

There are many reasons why Rey will not be dying anytime soon, the biggest one being that she is becoming a Jedi. It would be entirely pointless for the directors spending so much time building her character only for her to lose her life halfway into the trilogy. She has so much yet to do and without a proper payoff for any of it, many fans will feel cheated. Another reason why she'll remain alive is because people love Daisy Ridley. Her performance in The Force Awakens was quite excellent and heavily praised for the realism she brings to the role while not pushing a feminist agenda. Furthermore, there is still so much about Rey that we don't know. Many people have theorized who her parents are, and many others feel that she was even related to Obi-Wan Kenobi. No doubt we're going to find that out soon enough, but what would the point of all of that be if they're just simply going to kill her off when everything is said and done? It's clear that she will be the one dueling Kylo Ren in the end, so she's safe for now.

4 Kylo Ren

Speaking of Kylo Ren, he's not going anywhere either. After effectively portraying him as a terrifying yet unfinished villain, he still has things to do and inner demons to overcome in The Last Jedi. He is the Darth Vader of this new trilogy and for him to die in the second act would only taint his overall impact (Lord knows they want to keep his impact so they can sell more toys). Snoke even stated at the end of The Force Awakens that he has yet to complete his training. Now that he's finally going to finish it, we will have to see what he can do after he is a pure Sith. Unless they horribly speed things up (which wouldn't be good for the pacing of the film), Kylo Ren is safe until Episode IX, where he and Rey will likely have their inevitable battle to restore balance to the Force and the galaxy. Furthermore, we want to know more about his past and how Snoke tempted him, and if he's dead, there isn't a lot of reason to explore it. Did I mention that it would be a horrible payoff of the first film in the trilogy if he died in the second one?

3 C3PO

While I've heavily made the argument that R2D2 could be getting the shaft in The Last Jedi, the same can't really be said for C3PO. He may be another helpful droid, but he often serves a different function than R2. Being able to translate many different languages, he often helps people navigate and explore new territories. The new cast of Star Wars main characters do not have someone like that to help them. Potentially, they may not explore new planets in favor of focusing on the conflict of the Resistance and the First Order, but if that is not the direction, then C3PO would almost be necessary. Either way, we do feel that he won't have a huge part in the movie in favor of giving the newer cast members a chance to shine in this universe. Besides, there's always something entirely poetic about having the droid built by Anakin Skywalker always there in the thick of conflict. He's seen it all, and there's no reason to believe that he won't see more. It's easy to say that C3PO will survive through Episode IX, but we'll have to see where the franchise goes.

2 Newcomers

Any good Star Wars trilogy expands on the lore and the formula with the second installment. We saw Cloud City and Lando in The Empire Strikes Back, and Geonosis and Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones. If the producers really want to capture the feel of the series, they'll probably take a similar route in The Last Jedi. We have no doubt in our minds that the movie will introduce more characters to add to the Star Wars mythos, and we also believe that none of them will be killed (none of the primary ones anyway). These new characters would still have a lot to prove going forward and would be brought into the fold for a purpose. To introduce a character and kill them off in the same movie (when it's a series like this) would be counterproductive, and a move that wouldn't make a lot of sense. Similar to how Lando was present in the final battle between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, so too will these new characters likely be present in Episode IX when they finally take down the First Order.

1 BB-8

Remember all that stuff I said about R2D2? Well, it's clear that BB-8 is a replacement of sorts. He's small, cute, provides a lot of tech support, and is fun to watch. While he seemed gimmicky at first, this little droid was easily one of the best parts about The Force Awakens. He will be returning for The Last Jedi and will likely provide more fun and memorable moments in that movie. We're not the only ones who love BB-8 either, the public does as well. So many people place this droid in high regard that he is one of the best toy sellers for Disney to date. And what's not to love? The droid was created entirely out of practical effects, which give it a certain realism that had been lost in the prequel trilogy. Whether he'll be journeying with Rey or supporting the Resistance remains to be seen, but I think it's safe to say that BB-8 isn't going anywhere. He's the R2D2 of the new cast, and he's a huge toy seller (that remote control BB-8 is expensive but nearly perfect in every way). Disney and LucasArts don't want him to be taken out of the movies.

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10 Characters Who Could Die in The Last Jedi (And 5 Who Will Survive)