10 Celebs Whose "New Looks" Saved Their Careers (And 5 Who Ruined Themselves)

When it comes to the entertainment industry, beauty sells. It sells a lot. It sells so much that a lot of celebrities want to buy it for themselves, in the hopes of boosting their career or creating one. And realistically speaking, a huge portion of the famous faces that we all see day in and day out have been tweaked and modified by a doctor, and it's honestly a shame that so many entertainers are so secretive about it because it puts a lot of undue pressure on regular people to achieve a kind of perfection that can only be achieved surgically. But of course there are some procedures that are tastefully done and entertainers who prefer little adjustments instead of big ones, and there are some procedures that are way over the top and entertainers who surgically transform themselves into completely different people.

I don't doubt that the pressure to look perfect is intense, and having that many eyes on you would probably mess with your head and mess with the way you see yourself. But it's also a sad truth that having work done can be a lucrative decision for models, actors, and singers, at least when it's done right. So out of all of the stars in Hollywood, who has benefited the most from enhancing their appearances? And who are the ones who went way overboard and actually screwed up their looks?


15 Career Saver - Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian really was a stunner to begin with, so it's not like she ever needed enhancements in the first place. However her overall willingness to make herself look absolutely perfect by any means necessary, whether it was makeup, styling, photoshop, or yes, medical enhancements, has certainly helped her career get a lot further. Kim has issued denials for specific enhancements, specifically of the chest or butt, but going by her most recent appearances it doesn't seem like she's opposed to cosmetic enhancements in general (although that's no big surprise given her entire family's of getting work done). It looks like Kim has almost certainly had her nose altered and according to Kim herself her nose has always been her biggest insecurity), and her face has all of the tell tale signs of botox and facial filler use (which can make you look flawless in photos but makes your face look bizarrely inhuman when it's actually moving).

14 Career Saver - Blake Lively

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If you need to give Blake Lively credit for anything in her career, it's hustle. She's a mediocre actress at best, but she certainly has a strong commitment to becoming and staying famous. But aggressive PR can really only get you so far. Blake started her career looking cute as a button but noticeably different than she does now, and it appears that somewhere between the first Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and the second one her nose slimmed down and her cup size went up. As far as enhancements go, tweaking one's nose and chest is practically a hot young starlet industry standard, and luckily unlike a lot of actresses who get started on their cosmetic enhancements early it seems like Blake has gone for more conservative changes. I'm not sure that she needed to surgically alter herself at all though, despite her middling acting abilities she was still booking work before she decided to go under the knife.

13 Ruined Her Looks - Kylie Jenner

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I'm sure it's no surprise to see Kylie Jenner on a list about celebrity cosmetic enhancements, but I think most of us can agree that Kylie has gone way overboard when it comes to "enhancing" her look. The Kardashian-Jenner squad certainly isn't shy about surgically altering their looks, but Kylie really seems to be the only member of her family that has surgically altered herself to look like a completely different person. She's only 20 years old but has already topped pretty much every member of her family when it comes to getting work done, and she probably would have been much better off at least waiting to see what she'd look like as an adult before diving into the deep end. And what's more, Kylie was already a really pretty teen who didn't need to fuss with her appearance to begin with, or at least should have waited or been more conservative with her adjustments.

12 Career Saver - Gisele Bundchen


Gisele Bundchen's looks are iconic in the model history books, but she didn't get her classic "Gisele" look from her DNA alone. She was already working as a successful model when she apparently decided to invest in a nose and chest enhancement. Clearly she went for a more conservative change, which was smart. I mean, if you're already literally being paid for your looks then you probably don't want to screw around with them too much. And while I think most people would agree that there was really no change necessary. It certainly looks like Gisele's investment paid off in a huge way, as she went on to become one of the wealthiest and most well known models in history, not to mention becoming the iconic Victoria's Secret angel.  That's not to say that she couldn't have reached those insane heights on her own, but she decided that it was worth the chance, so we'll really never know.

11 Career Saver - Bella Hadid


Honestly, Bella Hadid probably wouldn't even have a career as a model were it not for her cosmetic enhancements. She's pretty either way and the whole rich girl turned model is certainly in style right now, but even with the nose alteration and more money than you can imagine she's a fairly normal looking girl. Nothing about her stands out in particular, and were it not for her sister's modelling success I don't know that she would have become a well known model, and I think she almost certainly wouldn't have had a chance at becoming a successful model without being tweaked by a medical professional. But as far as enhancements go, Bella's have a nice natural look to them and she doesn't look too "done", which is really the best you can hope for if you're committed to cosmetic enhancements. Even with the enhancements she still pretty much looks like herself.

10 Ruined Her Looks - Meg Ryan


Meg Ryan made her name on cutesy romantic comedies, and that niche seemed like a natural fit because her look and acting skills seemed tailor made for that kind of material. And one of Meg's best selling points with audiences was that she felt very relatable and looked very relatable, which makes her abrupt turn towards a Real Housewives face even more baffling. For a long time Meg didn't look like she'd had much work done, or if she did it looked pretty conservative, but a few years ago she seems to have suddenly gone whole hog on her cosmetic "enhancements" that really didn't enhance her look at all. Ryan really doesn't look much like herself anymore, and her face has also lost a significant amount of its mobility, which is never good if your job depends on your ability to emotionally express yourself. She has crossed over into the uncanny valley, and it's a shame.

9 Career Saver - Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett Johansson certainly had a lot of good looks to work with straight off the bat, but was apparently dissatisfied with her original nose enough that she decided to buy a new one. And obviously it's a pretty good look for her. I mean, she's not considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood for no reason, and at least her nose still looks like a natural human nose instead of bizarre and fake. It's hard to say whether or not the rhinoplasty was a significant career booster because a lot of Scarlett's s*xpot image comes down to her changing up her styling in her mid-20's, but seeing as she's now one of the highest paid actresses in entertainment, it's clear that her nasal tweak did nothing to hurt her career prospects, and if it were going to lead to getting regular 20 million dollar paydays I doubt that anyone on earth wouldn't go under the knife.


8 Career Saver - Alessandra Ambrosio


Alessandra Ambrosio has an absolutely stunning face and seems like she was born with a near perfect physique, but apparently she wasn't quite as endowed as she wanted to be in the chest area and decided to rectify that situation. And while most models with Alessandra's looks wouldn't have a problem booking work as an A cup I'm sure being bustier helped Ambrosio with her long, lucrative Victoria's Secret modelling career. But surprisingly, a chest enhancement wasn't the only instance when she went under the knife for cosmetic reasons. Apparently Ambrosio's ears stuck out a bit when she was a kid and so she had her ears pinned back when she was 11. According to Alessandra the procedure didn't go well and she wound up having to have follow up procedures to get everything done right, and she said that her bad experience with it scared her off of surgery, although evidently it wasn't enough to put her off of it completely!

7 Ruined Her Looks - Megan Fox

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When the original Transformers film was released, Megan Fox really exploded on to the scene out of nowhere and became one of Hollywood's hottest new stars. And it's not hard to see why. Fox had a lot of natural beauty and was a bit of a change-up from the normal blonde bombshells that usually play the female leads in action movies. But Megan's natural sass seemed to get her in a bit of trouble, so after she was dropped from the Transformers franchise her spotlight seemed to fade a little. It was then that Megan seemed to start making adjustments to her appearance. Her face now looks completely different from how it did when she was younger, which is sad because she was an absolute stunner before and because she was still way too young and pretty to have done so much to change her face already.

6 Career Saver - Khloe Kardashian


Out of the entire Kardashian clan Khloe is probably the one with the most natural wit and charm, and she tends to be at the center of a lot of Keeping Up With the Kardashian's most entertaining moments. Another thing that made her likeable was her willingness to be open about her insecurities when being compared to her sisters, and growing up feeling kind of like the ugly duckling in the family. Honestly, she looked good either way, but most of us know what it feels like to have particular parts of yourself that you're not happy with, and the pressure to look perfect must be magnified by a thousand if you're in the public eye and your family makes most of its money on looking good. So it looks like Khloe decided to go for some lip injections and a rhinoplasty, and probably some other injectables on top of that, but luckily she still looks like herself.

5 Career Saver - Miranda Kerr

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It's not that much of a shock to realize that chest enhancements are one of the most popular enhancements among models and actresses, so it's not that surprising that Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr has opted to give her original chest a big boost (I guess VS really likes their models to fill out those bras). Miranda didn't start her career with an extra large bosom so it stands to reason that she probably could have done pretty well for herself without any enhancements, but perhaps the beautiful Australian thought that in order to make it to the top or stay on top it would be better if she were a bit bigger on top. And they're certainly not a bad look for her. The enhancements look a bit too large for her super skinny frame but they rarely have that super fake Barbie doll look to them and they're only obvious at certain times (like in the picture above, for example).

4 Ruined Her Looks - Lara Flynn Boyle


With entries on her resumé like Twin Peaks and The Practice Lara Flynn Boyle actually had quite a bit of serious actress credibility, and the way she looked originally just sort of gave off that serious vibe as well. And when Boyle first hopped on to the enhancement train she seemed to go for a noticeable but more conservative change, but now the actress is virtually unrecognizable in comparison to her former self. Honestly her face looks so dramatically different that it's difficult to even parse what she may or may have not had done, and frankly that in itself is a pretty obvious sign that someone has way overdone it on the cosmetic procedures. It's hard to know what look Lara was even going for with this surgical and injection regimen, because she doesn't look younger than she is and she looks nothing like herself, and her starting point was already so beautiful that I can't imagine she would look worse than she does now had she just left everything alone and aged naturally.

3 Career Saver - Cindy Crawford


As far as I can tell Cindy Crawford was actually born with the ridiculously stunning face and body that led her to becoming one of the most famous supermodels of all time, so she really hit the genetic lottery when it comes to beauty and brains (she was also the valedictorian of her high school graduating class). So while Cindy hasn't apparently tried to mess with who she is naturally, she has admittedly turned to cosmetic enhancements to keep herself looking that way. Crawford has publicly discussed her willingness to use botox, collagen, and vitamin injections to keep her face looking perfectly Cindy Crawford-like, and from the way she looks now (at 51 years old!) it seems like she's been able to do it. And while Crawford still has endorsement deals she's probably most well known for her Meaningful Beauty skincare line now, so still looking fab is definitely helpful.

2 Career Saver - Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston has been one of America's sweethearts for more than half of her life at this point, and it's easy to see why. She's a talented comic actress with a lot of charm who played an iconic character on one of the most iconic TV shows of all time. But she has also managed to stretch her career further than any of her other Friends co-stars, and she managed to do it with a bit of help from some plastic surgeons. Aniston clearly had her nose restructured early in her career, and has seemed to be doing some minor nips, tucks, and injections since her mid-30s. But she definitely goes for a more subtle adjustment, which is key for an actress who needs to look good but also needs to look like themselves and have all of their expressions working and available. And while Aniston does seem to go for minor improvements she hasn't erased all of the age or character from her face.

1 Ruined Her Looks - Naya Rivera


Naya Rivera's obvious cosmetic alteration habit is a pretty baffling one, both because she's still so young and because she was so gorgeous to begin with. Honestly, she had the kind of looks where she could look flawless with the right makeup and hairstyle, so the fact that she has gone so overboard with her facial work is really bizarre. She has made her face look different, but it doesn't really look like an improvement, which is the entire point of these procedures in the first place. She has also lost a lot of the natural movement in her face, which looks strange and uncanny for anyone, but is an exceptionally bad thing for an actor, and she actually seems to have made herself look older than she is by going so hard on the fillers (although that's probably just because facial fillers are now so strongly associated with middle aged reality show stars).


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