10 Celebs Who Were Too Young To Go Under The Knife (And 10 Too Old)

Is it just me, or has the celebrity world gone crazy for plastics? It's not that cosmetic surgery is new. In fact, plastic surgery has been around for ages. People have relied on its reconstructive techniques for centuries. In 1895, a woman had a massive benign tumor removed and was the first to receive breast implants. It wasn't much longer before Walter Yeo became one of the first known cases of cosmetic plastic surgery on his face. In 1916, he had lost his upper and lower eyelids in WWI. Nowadays, plastic surgery has become commonplace, especially when it comes to celebrities. Celebrities have both the money and (what they feel is) the need to change what they don't like.

What's worse is that it's not even about a mid-life crisis or trying to stay young anymore. Age doesn't matter to celebrities. They go under the knife whether they're 16 or 65. It's as if the youngest are lacking self-esteem and the oldest just don't know when to stop. It's all about having the hottest face, slimmest waist, largest bust, and biggest butt. The youngest barely resemble their own childhood pictures by 25, and the oldest resemble the weird looking people in Soundgarden's famous music video for Black Hole Sun. Their faces appear all stretched out and creepy. It's crazy the things that people will do for fame.

A celebrity can be barely legal (or old as dirt), yet still find a reason to go under the knife. They see all of the horror stories, but still choose to move forward. Age no longer matters, but how young is too young? How old is too old? How much is too much? Let's see, shall we? Here are 10 celebrities who went under the knife too young (and 10 who were too old).

20 Madonna (Too Old)

Madonna is another celebrity who falls under the "too old" category for plastic. She's had a historic career as the Queen of Pop. They are working on her biography, with or without her input. It's only natural that the 58-year-old star wants to look her best, especially since she is still in great shape and refuses to slow down when it comes to concerts. However, a time always comes when enough is enough.

Some celebrities should avoid going under the knife altogether. Madonna is one of these celebrities. She was doing fine ageing on her own. Now, she looks like she belongs in a musical. In a way, she reminds me of Eva Gabor. That isn't such a bad comparison, but it is when you're Madonna. Why mess up a perfectly good face with lifts, fillers, and Botox, when your face is already aging gracefully? She's supposed to be the Queen of Pop. Not living on a farm in Green Acres.

19 Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden has become well-known for her shock factor ever since getting married in 2011. She was only 16 years old when she got married to 50-year-old actor, Doug Hutchinson. The shocks continued to flow from there. Only a month before her 19th birthday, Courtney went under the knife for the very first time. She got breast implants that brought her from a C to a DD cup size. This was only the first out of many surgeries, which would eventually give Courtney her desired look. Her plan was to become Barbie.

However, Courtney went under the knife too young. Once she got her desired look, it was as if she couldn't stop. She continued to get more plastic surgery. It was reported that she has had as many as 10 procedures in just one day. She even let ET tag along for her 2016 nose job. That was after the veneers, fillers, and Botox. Do you think she looks like Barbie, though?

18 Dolly Parton (Too Old)

Dolly Parton has been around for ages. She was the original singer of Whitney Houston's big hit "I Will Always Love You." Yep, that was a country song first, but the R&B version was so much smoother. Dolly Parton kicked off her multiple plastic surgeries with a massive boob job; one that made her famous. In fact, Dolly Parton has always been known for her great music, ridiculously big hair, and her DD cup size. Dolly hasn't been one to hide this fact. Actually, she's always been quite proud of her puppies. She's even credited her fame to them.

However, Dolly's also admitted to the pain that they've caused her. One implant exploded on her, and she's had the obvious back problems. All associated with carrying those bad boys around for decades. (Her largest known size was 42DD.) At 70, she was told to have them reduced by half. It's about time that Dolly take that last reduction, but leave the fillers, lipo, and facelifts alone. She doesn't need to be carrying around all that weight and she's too old to continue her repeated trips under the knife.

17 Kardashian Sisters (Too Young)

What better way to start than with a family that has formed an empire on being made of plastic? Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian have all gone under the knife way too young. They were blessed with notoriously good looks, but this wasn't enough for any of them. Kourtney Kardashian has admitted to getting and regretting breast implants in her college days. Khloe was a little older, but has also discussed her regrets of a terrible experience with facial fillers.

Then, we have the goddess of the Kardashian clan. Kim Kardashian has denied most of her rumored surgeries. However, she has also been put on the spot a time or two. Her first surgeries came in her early twenties—breast implants and liposuction. Although, Kim's still in denial when it comes to her face and her a*s. Does anyone really know what today's butt procedures are? They take the fat from an unwanted area and inject it into the booty. Yep! It's actually as gross as it sounds. So, remember that the next time you see Kim K's fabulous a*s. It really is all hers. She just reorganized a little.

16 Meg Ryan (Too Old)

Meg Ryan was one of America's Sweethearts once upon a time. It's not likely that those times she spent starring in movies, such as Sleepless in Seattle or You've Got Mail, are as memorable now. She left Hollywood in 2001. This was after Meg had cheated on her husband, Dennis Quaid, with Russell Crowe. Hold on there. He cheated on her too. Meg said that it "felt liberating" to go from being America's Sweetheart to a "scarlet woman." This is probably why she picked up and moved to New York.

This didn't mean that there was no sign of Meg Ryan at all. She would pop up on certain occasions. Plus, the paparazzi would hound her on sight. Meg finally stepped back into the spotlight for The Women in 2008. There were some noted differences following her return. Meg had a timeless look that was irreplaceable. She could've aged gracefully and just been herself. Instead, she continues to go under the knife in her fifties, despite her advancing age. Now, her sweetheart smile is more comparable to The Joker's.

15 Lindsay Lohan (Too Young)

There are only a few reasons as to why someone this young and beautiful would need to go under the knife. One of these reasons would be abusing your body to the point of no return. Unfortunately, this is something that Lindsay Lohan knows all about. It's not anything as simple as a boob job, which would've at least been more common at her age. Nope. At only 25 years old, Lindsay Lohan's face was already showing strong signs of having undergone Botox and fillers.

It was almost as if her entire life flew by in a blur. Lindsay was a talented and cute child actress. She was a stunning young lady and a seriously hot coming-of-age celebrity. At only 25, she should've been smoldering and nearing her prime. Not getting facelifts. Nope. Instead, this speeding ball of fire somehow skipped over those prime years. She's rumored to have been under the knife several times since 2012. She's been trying to talk up a Mean Girls 2. Although, she hasn't been the same LiLo, ever since Georgia Rule came out in 2007.

14 Donatella Versace (Too Old)

It's hard to say what happened to Donatella Versace. Although, it's easy to say that too much plastic surgery is to blame. She began trying to maintain her youth through facelifts and fillers when it was already too late. She also continued to do so until things got bad. No. Not just bad. I mean really bad. The woman you see on the right side looks like a wax statue. Not the real-life human being that Donatella once was.

In 1998, Donatella was still flawless. She was already in her forties, yet there weren't any signs of surgeries. Her lips and face were naturally full. She had some wrinkles, but who wouldn't? Donatella had tragically lost her brother and had the Versace empire to run. Plus, there was the cocaine. Anyway, things began to look pulled, puffy, and tight in the mid-late 2000's. She was already in her fifties. By the beginning of the 21st century, she was becoming wax...or dare I say plastic? The rest is history.

13 Nicki Minaj (Too Young)

Sometimes, celebrities feel pressured to go under the knife too young. Take Nicki Minaj for instance. She looked completely different when she was trying to sell her mixtapes in New York. Nicki's been accused of facelifts, fillers, and Botox. Let's not forget the tout breast and gigantic butt implants. Nicki needed those to build her fame. Sort of like Kim K and Dolly Parton. She wouldn't be Nicki Minaj without that famous backside...or those bazookas. We're not saying that it's right, but it's just how sick today's world can be.

There are some downsides to Nicki having so much work done so early. Her face appears stretched a little too tight at times. Plus, there is the threat of your butt popping. Remy Ma recently tore Nicki's surgeries apart in her diss track, ShEther. In it, Remy claims that Meek Mill had told her that Nicki's butt popped. She might've taken her fat organizing to a whole new level. Let's just hope there weren't any fluids shooting out. Hey, nobody's knockin' Nicki.

12 Nicole Kidman (Too Old)

When you're as stunning as Nicole Kidman once was, you'd think it'd be wise to just age gracefully. Nicole appeared to be doing just that only three years ago. She was 47, had a wonderful complexion, beautiful hair, and gorgeous eyes. Then, she opted for some sort of facial fillers in 2015. Nicole didn't stop there. Botox, facelifts, who knows? It's as if one surgery automatically leads to numerous other surgeries for celebrities. Then, she was already older so it's as if she's been doing too much too fast.

The constant ups and downs with her face left her biggest fans wondering why she would spoil such God-given beauty. In 2017, they took to Twitter to argue about the big mess Nicole Kidman had made of her face. It's only been a couple years since the first telltale signs appeared. You know, the ones showing that she had gone under the knife. However, that stretchy smile is already starting to stick. If she keeps things going at this pace, we'll be clueless. We'll never know whether she's happy, sad, or angry. It'll all look the same to us.

11 Jessica Simpson (Too Young)

Younger people in general tend to make poor decisions or do dumb things. This is one disadvantage of going under the knife too early. This is what happened with the second Daisy Duke. Jessica Simpson admitted to having tried lip injections at a young age. Or so she told Glamour Magazine, back in 2006. She said she had tried Restylane. It was supposed to plump her lips. However, Jessica didn't like the end results at all. She said that it made her lips look completely "fake." Fortunately, this wasn't a long-lasting or lifetime procedure. The effects were gone in only four months.

There has been recent speculation that Jessica has had breast implants. Judging by the photo on the left, these rumors appear to be true. Jessica Simpson is well into her thirties now. She isn't too young nor too old to have made this decision. She looks hot though; and judging by her smile, she seems happy with the results. See what a difference a couple years can make?

10 Melanie Griffith (Too Old)

Melanie Griffith rose to fame during the '80s with movies like Body Double and Working Girl. Earlier this year, Melanie opened up about her life and her memories as a wife, mother, and actress. She talked about her addiction to alcohol. She also discussed her love life. She married four times, had three husbands, and three kids. Yes, you read that right. She married her first husband twice. Again, that's four marriages and three husbands. Melanie Griffith also spoke about her regrets. One of her regrets was 20 years of plastic surgery.

Melanie admitted that she didn't even realize how bad her appearance had gotten. The Botox, fillers, and facelifts had left her unrecognizable. Although, this wasn't something that she realized herself. Well, not until she received what she called "hurtful" backlash. Her smile was pulled tight; and to be honest, it looks a little creepy. The corners of her eyes were distorted with wrinkles. Fortunately, Melanie was able to go and reverse some of the previous work. However, she continued to get work done despite being too old.

9 Ariel Winter (Too Young)

In 2015, Ariel Winter was a 32F cup size at only 17 years old. She claimed that she was bullied and harassed due to her overly huge chest. She went under the knife way too early. However, her reason was the opposite of what you might think. Instead, she opted to get a breast reduction. Meanwhile, Ariel sparks outrage by flaunting as much skin as possible. Earlier this year, she posed topless while talking about self-esteem. Obviously, this has been seen as an odd approach for the young Modern Family star.

It's understandable that she would want to reduce the size of her chest for back problems and harassment reasons. Although, Ariel has had to fight off rumors about other possible surgeries ever since. At only nineteen, she is already being compared to the likes of Kim Kardashian. There has been speculation about a possible butt lift, fillers, and liposuction. These might only be rumors, but it's simple to speculate that one surgery (reduction, or not) could easily lead to more.

8 Sharon Osbourne (Too Old)

Sharon Osbourne went from being Ozzy Osbourne's wife to talk show host and X Factor judge. You would think that at 64 years old, she would slow things down a little bit, or age gracefully, whatever. But nope, not Sharon Osbourne. She still goes under the knife while bragging all about it nonetheless. Just show her an old picture and she'll joke about how many facelifts ago it was. Or, at least that's what they say.

Sharon has no fear of going under the knife at her age. She shows no signs that she will be slowing down. Her only fear is not looking baby smooth for the cameras on The Talk, no matter how pulled and puffy her face looks. Are we here to criticize her? Nope. Although, X Factor viewers had no problem doing so on Twitter. I think one of the most popular Tweets from last August implied that there Sharon's face was more plastic than their credit card? Yikes!

7 Lark Voorhies (Too Young)

You might remember Lark Voorhies, also know as Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell. However, you wouldn't recognize her now. Any resemblance of the teenage beauty that stole Screech's heart is long gone. Lark dropped out of the spotlight at only 19, but continued to work on music videos and film production. This was in 1993, following the last season of the classic sitcom. Photos didn't begin to resurface of Lark for almost a decade. In them, Lark was beginning to look less and less like herself.

For Lark, there was more to it than just plastic surgery. She was much too young to need it at all. Much less, an entirely new look. Speculation began to swirl about why she would do such a thing. She claimed it was Lupus. Meanwhile, her mother said Lark was bipolar. It's apparent that she went under the knife way too young. Surely, this played a role in it somehow. Just how big of a role, we'll never know.

6 Kris Kardashian-Jenner (Too Old)

Kris Jenner has undergone near as many changes as her younger daughters. Although, she did begin a tad bit later in life. Meanwhile, it's hard to figure out who learns the best plastic surgery tricks from who. Maybe, she and her daughters just trade procedure ideas back and forth. Perhaps, there are secret family meetings on who has done what, what needs to be tried, and what procedures to avoid. Hey! That sure sounds like a Kris Jenner plan to me! Did you really think that the Kardashian-Jenner's famous assets weren't planned?

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner has gotten much too old to go under the knife. You can tell by how stretched her face appears at recent events. Plastic surgery might be good to hold off time for awhile. However, "too much too old" brings a whole new meaning to the term plastic surgery. Just take a look above. Kris might look good for 61, but she's beginning to look less like Kris Jenner and more like Jim Carrey's version of the Grinch.

5 Tara Reid (Too Young)

Tara Reid is a perfect example of what can happen when celebrities go under the knife way too young. Tara Reid was probably at an okay age to undergo breast augmentation. However, she was much too young and pretty to have been worried about her figure. Tara was a rare kind of hot. That girl-next-door sweet hot. The kind that could've made up for what she was lacking in the chest department. Plus, she's never been fat. Why would she need a body contouring procedure?

For whatever reason, this was what Tara wanted, and boy did it turn out bad. The results left her breasts, nipples, and stomach deformed. She lost work, too. However, Tara can't blame all of her problems on the botched surgeries. She also had an alcohol addiction that left her career in shambles. She wasn't getting any roles. At least, not until the Sharknado films. She was finally able to get the surgeries reversed, but it was almost a decade later. There is still noticeable damage that will never be repaired.

4 Cher (Too Old)

Cher will always be known as one of the greats. Not just for her acting, but for her music too. Older fans remember her more for the latter. Songs like "I Got You Babe" with Sonny and "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)." For younger fans, Cher makes you think of movies such as Mermaids. Her career has spanned over five decades. It'd be difficult for anyone not to recognize at least one of her songs, or seen her in a movie.

Meanwhile, we'd love to keep those memories of Cher. Not the more recent photos; those photos are of a 71-year-old woman. One that should be beautiful and unique, but instead continues to go under the knife. She's losing her originality. It's sad when older celebrities that are legends opt to try to stay young, especially when the method makes their faces all look like wax replicas. Their smiles are too big. Their skin is too tight and their eyes always look stretched. There's nothing unique or graceful about it. Why not just be you?

3 Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham got her initial fame from MTV's hit show, 16 And Pregnant. Imagine going from being a star cheerleader to being pregnant with an MTV show based on that pregnancy. The show was such a hit that it produced two spin-offs, Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG. You'd think that this would be a great setup for any teen mom—a job, money, stability. Not enough for Farrah Abraham, though.

Oh no! Farrah went off and got breast implants at 19. Then, she used those puppies to jumpstart her new career in the "other industry." Although, Farrah's career went way beyond one "leaked" tape. Her role model appears to be Kim Kardashian-West. Just last year, she claimed that she has "surpassed" the reality queen. In some areas, Farrah feels that she has done "better" than Kim. This also explains that she was much too young for plastic surgery. She's obviously hooked and isn't sure how to get her own style.

2 Janet Jackson (Too Old)

Michael Jackson wasn't the only pop icon in the family. He was the King of Pop, but his youngest sister Janet Jackson was always a few steps behind him. She rose to fame with songs like "That's the Way Love Goes" and "If." Janet was in movies too. She starred alongside Tupac in Poetic Justice. She was on fire. She had her own voice, dance moves like Michael, and was insanely hot.

Now, she's beginning to get the look like the Grinch. It's a look that can only come from one source. That is, unless you are trying to steal Christmas from the Who family. She's 51 and just had a baby. She began experimenting with plastic surgery on her nose at the young age of 16. She's had several surgeries since, and barely looks like herself at all. I guess you could say that she kicked things off too young. But now, she's too old. Just like her brother, Michael, and her sister, La Toya.

1 Kylie Jenner (Too Young)


Kylie Jenner. She's googly-eyed gorgeous, stunning, and seriously hot! However, she's also too young. You've seen her grow up on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kylie was going to be beautiful anyway, but she wouldn't have turned out like the girl that you see up there. Not naturally. That isn't even her anymore. She's obviously had a ton of work done, although she'll never admit it. Sure, she can try to explain away some of her facial changes to growing up, contouring, and heavy makeup. We're not buying it. Meanwhile, her breasts and butt are an entirely different story.

Kylie Jenner has become a glorified doll. Her face is flawless. Her latest trending Snapchat photo is about as scary close to a doll comparison that anyone could ever get. She has a perfect hourglass-shaped body that hasn't been pulled off by anyone else. Nope. Not even Kim. It's unexplainable! Everything the girl touches turns to gold. Now, she's wearing a new fashion item, which appears to be a crop-top sweatshirt. Although, it's more like a sweater necklace. Ripped all the way up above her chest. WTF! Boom! 2.4 million likes since Sunday.

She/They are everything that's wrong, yet insanely right about the celebrities of today. Too young, too old. It doesn't matter. They're all hellbent on going under the knife. Why? 2.4 million likes. Just a guess.

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