10 Celebs Who Look Like They Smell Bad (And 5 Who Actually Do)

Body odor. It's an unpleasant fact of life for us human beings. We work hard, play hard and through the day to day motions of life, we're active creatures. The more active us homo sapiens are, the harder our sweat glands get to work. Thanks to the way our bodies are designed, any time our sweat glands are hard at work, the more important it is that we hit the shower.

For celebs who have crazy hectic schedules and travel plans, a shower or bath may not always be available when they need it. So it's understandable that there would be a few times in which a not-so-nice body scent was traced back to a celebrity. But some stars have reputations as repeat scent offenders. What about them? Well, those celebs who make people wish deeply for a vial of peppermint oil to save their senses from the celeb in question's horrific essence, they earn themselves a tangy reputation in Tinsel Town. On the other hand, some celebs only look like their very personal fragrance could peel paint off the walls. Sadly, those poor celebs get a reputation as well.

Before we present you with our list of ten celebrities who look mighty suspect – as if they could emit a distasteful body scent – along with five confirmed offenders, here are some dishonorable mentions: Shia LaBeouf, Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Juliette Lewis, Gary Busey, Drew Barrymore, and Mary Kate Olsen.

Now, on with the top ripe contenders!

15 Kristen Stewart - Suspect

If there's one thing that people can agree on about actress Kristen Stewart, it's that she is not a typical girly-girl or a girly-girl at all for that matter. There's nothing wrong with that at all, of course, but Stewart has been known to take things to a new level with her serious disregard for clean-looking clothing, typically sporting an all-around messy appearance. Her dirty look clashes with the character name that brought Stewart fame and fortune beyond her wildest dreams... Bella Swan. Stewart admitted that she often gets nervous and when she gets nervous, she sweats. A lot. As a result of all of the sweat, the actress admits that she frequently smells bad. She also refuses to wear perfume and admitted to having lackluster hygiene habits. Bella Swan would not be impressed.

14 Jared Leto - Suspect

The new and current Jared Leto seems lightyears away from the former teen heartthrob that 90s girls everywhere swooned over every time he, playing heartbreaker Jordan Catalano, appeared near Angela's locker on My So-Called Life. Today's Leto is a man shrouded in mystery. His acting career and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, are both doing very well but looking at recent paparazzi shots of Leto might have you questioning if he is taking as good care of himself as he is of his career goals. He has often been seen with unkempt hair and an overall messy appearance. This could be a mistake, placing this actor and musician on this list but the look seems like it might fit the bill. Then again, who knows? Perhaps Leto's so-called smell is very pleasant.

13 Robert Pattinson - Confirmed!

The person who outed Robert Pattinson's body odor issue is a trusted source on the matter. That's because it was the star himself who offered the information up. He told a tabloid in the United Kingdom that during his Twimania days that his schedule was so chaotic that he was not able to wash his clothes, let alone change them so he would just stay in his clothes until "it gets to the point where even I can't stand the air around me."

The "where even I can't stand the air around me" part of the statement makes it clear that other people had suffered due to Pattinson's vampire-in-a-coffin-for-hundreds-of-years like aroma. In fact, his Twilight co-stars claimed that Pattison drove them crazy "because he smelled so terrible."

12 Ronda Rousey - Suspect

Mama said knock you out! Mama said... take a bath! There is no hard evidence that Ronda Rousey is of the smell offender sort but according to an online poll, people believe that she looks to be the type who might smell pretty bad. We believe that Rousey's career has something to do with this which is sort of unfair since she is an American mixed martial artist and physically challenging herself in the ring will obviously cause sweat which will obviously cause a smell. But like most professional athletes, we assume that Rousey makes use of the showering facilities after practice and after a match. This UFC legend practices judo, which she won at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, making her the first American woman to earn a medal in judo. Perhaps those who think she looks like she may smell should keep their opinions to themselves if they ever see Rousey in public for their own personal safety.

11 Christina Aguilera - Confirmed!

For someone who had a hit song called "Dirrty" with two R's for extra emphasis, it should not be a surprise that Christina Aguilera is on this list. A musician named Hannah Hooper from the band, Grouplove said that the famous blonde singer smells like hot dogs and always had since she was a little girl. This could be simply chalked up to a lesser known person in the music industry hating on a well-known person in the music industry but Hooper is not alone. A reporter from Arena Magazine once spent some time with Aguilera and had some very interesting things to say afterward. The exact description given was that Aguilera smelled like "a twelve-year-old girl's bedroom on school disco night." What an odd, incredibly detailed and slightly confusing yet embarrassing description.

10 Russell Crowe - Suspect

How did the late, great Joan Rivers think Russell Crowe smelled? Pretty much like a gladiator after an epic battle. Or maybe a whole team of gladiators, according to the dearly departed funny lady. Rivers made her living by talking trash about celebrities so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she made a comment about Crowe's overwhelming body scent but she typically limited her trash-talking to outfits and personal styles, not personal stenches so maybe she felt very strongly about this.

“He has a body odor problem," Rivers said of the actor. "I prefer to sit downwind of him at showbiz bashes.”

Those are some fightin' words but Crowe seemed to be a gentleman about Rivers' open and harsh criticism about his alleged body odor because he didn't opt to fire any shots back at Rivers.

9 Matthew McConaughey - Confirmed!

If there's one thing in the world that Matthew McConaughey doesn't like saying his signature catchphrase, "Alright, alright, alright" to, it's deodorant. He's been saying "no, no, no" to deodorants and antiperspirants of any kind for twenty years! That's an incredibly long time to take a stand on underarm protection. We understand that there are health concerns for certain deodorants and especially antiperspirants that contain harmful chemicals and metal-based properties. But there are also natural, organic deodorants with limited and healthy ingredients and there are scores of D.I.Y. recipes online to make safe deodorants at home. But apparently, McConaughey refused to even try the healthy stuff for his own reasons. When Kate Hudson, his co-star in Fool's Gold, repeatedly asked him to wear deodorant and offered her very own for him to try, he shunned it.

"Women love my natural scent," McConaughey reportedly told her. "I smell like a man. I smell like me."

Pro tip, Matt. Women love the smell of clean over the smell of sweat any day, even Matthew McConaughey sweat.

8 Cameron Diaz - Suspect

Cameron Diaz has been featured in more than a few "embarrassing celebrity photos" articles in magazines. The paparazzi have caught Diaz in dirty, stained clothing with a grubby, makeup-less face and messy hair time and time again. In an interview with Splash News, Diaz said that she sometimes wears the same outfit for up to four days in a row and then instead of washing her clothes, she will just toss them away in the trash. That's not just gross but incredibly wasteful of expensive resources and not good for overcrowded landfills, either. Surely, Diaz can afford a top-of-the-line washer and dryer or dry cleaning services if she's on the go. And all of this can't leave Diaz smelling like a field of roses. We hope that after shedding her four-day-old clothing, she showers and doesn't just get dressed in new clothing. To top things off, Diaz doesn't believe in deodorant.

7 Courteney Cox - Suspect

One of the most beloved couples of the late 90s to early 00s was the coupling of Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Firstly, their relationship began on with one of the biggest horror movies of the 90s, Wes Craven's 1996 hit Scream where Cox's reporter character, Gale Weathers fell in love with Arquette's goofy deputy character, Dewey Riley. Three years after their characters fell in love on the big screen, the actors were married in real life. Though they are divorced now, they share a daughter, Coco, and seem to have a good co-parenting relationship. Their divorce was met with much sadness and shock from their fans who adored this quirky and fun couple. Back when they were together, Arquette gave a statement about Cox that is definitely full of quirk but doesn't sound like that much fun.

"Courteney may be pretty but if she's not on top of it, she smells like a truck driver and I like it," Arquette said in an interview.

That last part, in particular, is kind of alarming.

6 Orlando Bloom - Confirmed!

According to his ex-wife, there is nothing nice blooming around Orlando Bloom. Some speculate that the actor's body odor issue is so terrible that it led to his break up with Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr. How gosh-dang-awful does one's personal hygiene habits have to be to end a marriage that included one child? Well, dear reader, the story goes that Bloom had the nasty habit of wearing the same clothes for a week (a week!) at a time and Kerr begged him to stop and also frequently requested that her then-husband shower more often. Judging by the outcome of the doomed marriage, we would have to say that Kerr lost... and then Bloom lost his wife who is now married to the founder of Snapchat. Aw snap!

5 Julia Roberts - Suspect

Hollywood Royalty member Julia Roberts fancies herself an environmentalist and is all about saving water. So much so, that she apparently regularly sacrifices her own hygiene in order to go green. The dirty scoop came from one of Roberts' former bodyguards who revealed to the world that the actress will often go for days without showering in order to save water. Roberts herself admitted to not wearing deodorant, rarely shaving and using minimal hot water and soap when she does shower. We know that Vivian Ward, the character that Roberts shot to fame with from her hit movie, Pretty Woman would not approve of Roberts' lack of hygiene habits since the character loved lavish bubble baths. We're all for saving the environment one drop at a time and short but effective showers is a good compromise to satisfy both the environment's needs and the body's requirements.

4 Kirstie Alley - Suspect

Kirstie Alley has long been suspecting of not smelling great but we couldn't find any statements that Alley has given in interviews admitting to poor hygiene habits and the subsequent bad odor so she may smell like a fresh meadow full of daisies for all we know but what we can say is that Alley is one of the top Hollywood players who the general public believes would smell bad, according to online forums. We are not quite sure why but who are we to challenge the internet? Alley has made her battle with weight loss public, being a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig and aside from small blips on the news here and then, she hasn't made big splashes for wild or outrageous behavior, though most recently, the Scientologist managed to lock horns with former Scientologist, Leah Remini over their differing points of view.

3 Brad Pitt - Confirmed!

Ring-a-ding-ding! We've got a confirmed nose offender over here! It seems as though Brad Pitt joins the ranks (see what we did there?) of actors who have offended their co-stars on movie sets with their unpleasant body odor. The scoop goes that Pitt rarely showers and on the set of the 2009 action drama, Inglourious Basterds, Pitt's co-star Eli Roth had to take the time to explain the importance of proper hygiene to Pitt and showed the star how to wipe down with baby wipes in order to curb the bad body odor. Pitt hasn't confirmed this story but he hasn't denied it either and really, who would? It's hard to believe this nasty story about the lovable yet quirky actor that America has crushed on since the 90's.

2 Courtney Love - Suspect

While there have been no concrete submissions to back up the allegation that Courtney Love doesn't smell like tulips and daffodils, we couldn't resist adding the grunge singer to this list. It's not a stretch to say that Love is more famous for her out-of-control antics than her singing career. Those antics include such atrocities such as possibly killing her daughter, Frances Bean's cat, accusing Britney Spears' father of being inappropriate with Britney, shooting heroin at Charlie Sheen's house and setting the luxury townhouse that she was $54,000 behind in rent on fire and that's just getting warmed up. Love's mom has said that when the singer was four years old, her father gave her LSD and Love claims that "freed" her four-year-old mind. It's clear that Love has had a crazy rollercoaster ride of a life so far and as such, it is understandable that maybe her hygiene practices have been in the caboose end of the rollercoaster car on that wild ride.

1 Charlie Sheen - Suspect

It looks like Charlie's bright shiny sheen has dried up and dulled out. Charlie Sheen used to be one of the most attractive, sought-after men in Hollywood - both by women and casting agents. Addiction is a serious thief and it has clearly stolen many gifts from this talented actor. No exes from Sheen's past have given up the dirt on him as far as his hygiene habits or lack thereof but judging from his recent appearances and paparazzi photos, it doesn't look as if the actor is doing so well. It's possible that his hygiene could have taken a nose dive. Then again, he could surprise us. If there's one thing that can be said of Sheen, it's that he is a true wild card, through and through. We wish him the best with his road to recovery.

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