10 Celebs Who Are So Overrated (And 6 We Actually Want To See)

Most celebs get tons of attention – some well-deserved and some we're not quite sure why they're showered with such praise. There are plenty of famous folks who are super talented and have that star quality that makes them likable and appreciated, attracting thousands – if not millions – of fans from around the world.

Just like anything else, some celebs are completely overrated. For some reason, even with average talent, looks, and personality, these stars seem to get far too much credit even when not nearly close to what they're getting is deserved. Perhaps, they landed that one role or had that one catchy song that catapulted them into the hearts of desperate fans, or they have a savvy PR rep who knows how to work the system. These overrated celebs get placed on pedestals, land lots of endorsement deals, have a huge social media following, and make the big bucks. They're perceived of as more attractive and talented than they really are, and they get opportunities that would be far better suited for someone else in their field.

On the other hand, there are some celebs who don’t get the credit they ought to. We want to see more of them and hope the public agrees. Let’s shine a light on these talented individuals who need to give those overrated stars a swift kick to the curb. What do you think? Are these overrated stars as good as we’ve been conditioned to believe? And what about the ones who deserve more kudos? Do you see a diamond in the rough?


16 Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West may just be the most overrated celeb on Earth. Sure, she’s very attractive, but with the best plastic surgeons, makeup and hair crew, and perfect styling, anyone can go from ugly duckling to stunning swan. But, OK, we’ll give her the “hot” card for good measure. She's successful – from her businesses to her modeling gigs to her other ventures – but why is she so wildly popular? Is it because she's willing to put her entire life on public display, or do people really find her particularly interesting? She isn’t all that funny or insightful, so maybe people just like to observe her doing her thing. More power to her, but “overrated” ought to be Kim’s middle name. Is there a word that starts with the letter “K” that means the same thing?

15 Jennifer Aniston

There was a time when Jennifer Aniston was everyone’s favorite star from Friends. Heck, we wanted her to be our friend! But that was years ago, and although reruns play over and over, “Rachel” is no longer relevant. The show was a tremendous hit, but was Jennifer really all that special? She acted sufficiently, but she was no Meryl Streep. Her cute layered haircut at the time was all the rage, but it wasn’t even particularly flattering. Of course, when Jen married Brad Pitt, the world went completely bonkers. Jen’s star power rose even higher due to her proximity to such a Hollywood heartthrob. But did it make her acting skills any better? These days, Jen still acts plenty, but her popularity seems disproportionate to her level. Rich doesn’t equal worthiness for such accolades. She isn’t a total hack, but fans seem to worship the former sitcom star as though she were royalty. Where’s the love for Courteney Cox?

14 Britney Spears

Oh, Britney. She started her career as a perky child star and blossomed into a sexed-up lip-sync sucker who's been through the ringer both personally and professionally. Sure, Britney Spears has had some of the biggest hits ever charted, but she really didn’t have much to do with the process aside from being the puppet who was placed in the position to become the biggest pop sensation of her time. She can dance, that’s no question, but her voice is always obviously autotuned, and her personality seems pretty blah. There are far better vocalists in this world and celebs with a much brighter star power. But for some reason, people are completely fascinated by Britney and love watching her go through her many highs and lows. Perhaps, it’s the sparkle of her nude-illusion sequin costumes that has everyone spellbound.

13 Kanye West

Rapper and interrupter, Kanye West is another popular celeb who seems to get far more attention than he rightfully deserves. Whether you believe he's talented or not is your opinion, but this guy seems to be on the radar 24/7. Whether the hoopla is surrounding his music, his behavior, his family, or his musings on other artists, Kanye is always in the headlines, and lots of folks are simply sick and tired of hearing about him. And as overexposed as Kanye is, he always seeks out more attention. Nobody is saying the man isn't a hard worker or hasn’t contributed to the entertainment world, but Kanye overload is just too much to handle. Perhaps, he and Kim ought to live the hermit life for a while. Maybe absence will make our hearts grow fonder.

12 Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is one of the richest fellas in Hollywood, and fans think he's the hottest thing since sliced bread got toasted. But why all the excitement about this actor? Sure, he's been in some successful TV shows and movies, but he’s no George Clooney or Brad Pitt. Not by a long shot. While he can be amusing and comical, so can the guy in the cubicle across the aisle from you at work. His looks are above average, but Ashton’s not a traffic-stopper. Ladies, before you claim Ashton as your “hall pass,” look around, and you'll find a more handsome man at the grocery store or mall. And if you love his acting so much, watch a TV rerun or two and get back to your day.

11 Kate Upton

Kate Upton is one of the most sought-after and popular models of the moment, but her widespread appeal has many of us scratching our heads as to why. OK, she's pretty cute in a girl-next-door kinda way, but since when did being relatively easy on the eyes equal a multi-million-dollar salary? Her sex appeal seems to be disproportionate to how attractive she actually is. Her manager must be a genius to have gotten Kate to the place in the modeling world she's reached. Somehow, she's convinced the general public that her looks are in the top 1% even when she's certainly no Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell by any stretch of the imagination. Sorry, world, but Kate ain’t so great. Hasn’t her 15 minutes of fame elapsed?

10 Katy Perry

Pop princess Katy Perry is one of the top performers nowadays. She climbs the charts and sells out shows. Fans worship her, and she's living it up in the spotlight. Sure, she can carry a tune, but her songs get far more credit than what's due. Just because the music is catchy and the videos are risqué doesn’t mean Katy is diva-level. She acts rather odd when being interviewed, and she gets into mini-wars with other pop stars – Taylor Swift, anyone? Katy is a model for makeup commercials (why?), and she hooks up with some of Hollywood’s leading hunks (also, why… and how?) We’ve been duped into believing that Katy is a queen when she's just another pop tart who got luckier than most. We don’t want to hear her “Roar.”

9 Jennifer Garner

Actress Jennifer Garner seems like she's a down-to-earth woman with a good head on her shoulders and hasn’t been negatively affected by the tempting glitz and glam of Hollywood. She's been in a bunch of popular movies and is well-liked by fans… maybe too well-liked. Yes, Jennifer is pretty and talented enough, but why is she so overwhelmingly popular? She does the job, but have you ever seen her in a role where she simply stunned you with her abilities? Probably not. Perhaps, she's more loved than ever since her split with hubby Ben Affleck. Folks tend to take the woman’s side. Nothing bad to say about the brunette mom of three, but nothing to say that’s so great either. Overrated and overhired. Choose a new rom-com cutie to adore.

8 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt went from pudgy to perfect, and along with his physical transformation came throngs of fans who suddenly deemed him A-list material. He’s a good actor, but the way he's treated in Hollywood would make you think the next Clint Eastwood has risen. And he hasn’t. Chris is in many movies that get a great turnout, but is it due to his raw talent or his rock-hard abs? Not that we shouldn’t commend the fella for getting into shape, but acting is a craft, not a muscle-and-fitness competition. Where were the roles for Chris when he had rolls? Now that he's splitting with his wife, he may become even more popular as a bachelor cruising the scene. He seems like a cool dude, but his praise is not in proportion to what he puts out.

7 Adam Sandler

Funnyman (or not-so-funnyman) Adam Sandler is beginning to get on lots of folks’ nerves. At first, he was refreshingly unique and made us chuckle. But the shtick has gotten old. Adam gets paid a ton to act like a doofus, and the only people who are laughing probably don’t get out much. Adam has been in many silly comedies that appeal to teenage boys more than any other demographic. Fart jokes and sexual innuendos may make a 19-year-old roar with laughter, but the rest of the population is over them. Not that he needs to throw in the towel, but a new routine would be welcome. With so many hilarious and innovative comedians out there, why Adam is still relevant is something to ponder. But Adam is laughing all the way to the bank.

We want more of...

6 Chloe Sevigny

Actress Chloe Sevigny is well known, but she's never achieved the level of fame and appreciation that she truly deserves. Her talent is special, and she acts in films that can be obscure and out of the box. She seems like the sort of person who wouldn’t take a role just for the paycheck – she's thoughtful and cares about her image and what she puts out into the world. Chloe is a unique beauty who isn’t afraid to put herself out there and give it all she’s got. Not many of today’s actresses possess her poise, worldliness, and self-assured attitude. We need more of this brilliant actress in the forefront. Silly romcoms and idiotic horror movies are for the simple-minded. Chloe can bring so much more to the screen than one-liners and gratuitous nude shots.

5 Maggie Gyllenhaal

Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is a true talent who ought to be more popular with the public. Lots of people know who she is, but they can’t name a movie she’s been in or what she’s like. That needs to change. Maggie is a natural talent with a knack for making audiences fall in love with her on-screen characters. Her looks aren't “cookie cutter” beauty, yet she possesses that certain something that's hard to take your eyes off of. She seems like she's down-to-earth and not concerned with trends or money as her drive to be a celebrity. More big-budget producers and directors need to get Maggie into their next movies asap. Once more people see how wonderful this actress is, they’ll be kicking themselves that they didn't get to know the talented gal sooner.

4 Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke used to be much more popular than he is these days, but there's no reason he shouldn’t still be at the tippy top of the A-list. Not only is he better looking than the majority of the men his age who are acting, but his talent is a rare gem that not enough people get to marvel at. He's been in many films over the span of his career, and every role he plays is important and meaningful. He has that boy-next-door quality paired with a rugged manliness that makes him approachable and admirable. Ethan is only getting better with age; it’s just too bad that we can’t see more of the talented fella on the big screen. Get rid of the hacks, and bring in the Hawke!

3 Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci is another awesome actor who doesn't get the credit he rightfully deserves. He's always in the latest flick, but he never seems to get the lead roles. We see Stanley in all sorts of genres, and he always delivers a top-notch performance. He nails every role, and we love watching his charm radiate off the big screen. While he may not have the above-average looks that some of the male A-listers are lucky enough to have, Stanley has his own way of looking cool and natural. Where are the leading man roles for this fine fella? He's been in the biz for a long time, and he deserves to shine like the star he is. Watch any film he's in, and you’ll be sure to agree.

2 Woody Harrelson

Everyone knows the great actor Woody Harrelson, but for some reason, he's not among the top A-listers who come to mind when we think of Hollywood’s leading men. But Woody is a winner who's been at his craft for many decades. He's a real pro whether he's in a comedic role or something more serious. He has good looks that don't get their appreciation and acting chops that rival the very best in the business. Woody would be a standout in any leading-man role if only given the opportunity to shine. If you're a big Woody fan, you're sure to agree that this fella deserves much more acclaim. He seems like a super chill guy who hasn’t let Hollywood turn him into a (wood) pecker.

1 J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons is arguably one of the finest actors on the big screen today. While his star power is rising considerably, he's still not at the level of today’s more popular leading men. But have you seen the man act? He's always amazing and truly inspiring. Just watch the film Whiplash, and you'll be hooked on the fella. He has great timing, a natural talent, and a versatile range to allow him to play a wide array of character types in any genre. He's certainly not the new kid on the block, but no matter his age, J.K. gives off a contagious energy and draws in the audience like nobody else. Hopefully, Hollywood will sit up and take notice and give this fine actor more leading roles.

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