10 Celebs We'd Never Party With (And 10 We Wish We Could)

When it comes to fun ways to enjoy a weekend, one of your favorite hobbies might be hitting up a local bar or club with some of your closest buddies. This is something that is also true for celebrities. Though, unlike you, celebrities often just happen to have their night of drinking publicized all over the internet. Not to mention all the alleged drunken (or otherwise impaired) incidents that they get up to.

When looking at Hollywood, you may instantly think of several celebrities that you'd love to see in your wolf pack for a night out. Maybe you can't think of a better way to improve your night than to have Sophie Turner tag along for the ride. Or once you learn about Meghan Markle's raunchy skillset, you may also get the impression that she definitely knew how to have an amazing time.

But there are also many celebrities who definitely don't know their limit and seem like more trouble than they're worth. And while you're going to love looking at them overindulging, that doesn't mean you'd love them in your entourage. Especially once you hear the ramifications of partying with Lindsay Lohan and which includes her potentially leaving to bump it up with another guy. Though we hope she's better in bed than Paris Hilton who gets reamed out below by Nick Carter for her often drunken inspired sack skills.


20 Would Never Party With - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has one of the more "famous" drinking stories in Hollywood. Following a party in which she allegedly consumed more than 20 martini's while partying with Kris Jenner, she allegedly found herself naked in Kris' closet before the night was over after an impromptu "fashion show".

But don't ever expect a positive interaction if you ever tried to party it up with her. You're not famous! And as Lawrence recently said to Variety Magazine, "Once I enter a public place, I become incredibly rude. I turn into a huge a–hole. That's my only way of defending myself," and we're sure if she was drunk, she wouldn't exactly be kinder with her manners.

Thanks for the heads up Lawrence.

19 Want To Party With - Charlie Sheen


Now, Charlie Sheen is a bit of a rare case. You know he's an absolute mess of an individual, but if you can keep your wits about you, getting the chance to party with the man who possesses tiger blood in his veins (his own claim, mind you!) would be something you'd never forget.

Or you would, but that would probably be because of the substances he throws your way. Sheen is also sure to not party alone and has a long history of bringing some of the most gorgeous women in the world back to his pad. Just don't try and keep up with him!

18 Would Never Party With - Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes at one point in time looked like she was going to have an incredibly promising acting career. But problems away from the set, so to speak, derailed her career as she got older. Bynes knows how to party, but you'd definitely want to stay far away from her when she does. Especially considering she has been arrested in the past for driving under the influence. And as we're sure you don't need reminding, that's a situation that you absolutely never want to find yourself in.

The car isn't going to care that you're someone "famous" when you wreck it by doing something irresponsible. Bynes has mentioned recently that she has aspirations to return to Hollywood. If she does, let's hope she does so in a more responsible manner.

17 Want To Party With - Emma Watson


There's probably a pretty high chance that the Harry Potter franchise has meant a lot to you. And if that's the case, we'd have to hope that you're also a fan of Emma Watson. Though that's not the only time Watson influenced your childhood, as she also portrayed Belle in Beauty and the Beast. For the above night though, it appears the only role Watson wanted to play was that of a partier.

But you can imagine that she'd be a pretty awesome wing-woman to have along for the ride. Daniel Radcliffe may be "cooler" with his role as Harry Potter, but his past addictions to alcohol may also improve your want to make Watson the celebrity you slam shots back with.

16 Would Never Party With - Shia LaBeouf

There are several stars that you may have loved growing up, but as adults, they're actually jerks. Shia LaBeouf is definitely someone who can fall into that category. And fitting for this list, most of his worst moments seem to be surrounded by too much alcohol consumption.

This includes his infamous moment from earlier in 2017 when, following an arrest for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction, he told a police officer that he was going to go to hell because he's black.

LaBeouf apologized for the incident, saying, "It is a new low. A low I hope is a bottom. I have been struggling with addiction publicly for far too long."

15 Want To Party With - Meghan Markle


The world is eager to find out everything they can about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship. This includes digging through Markle's past for any potential information out there.

TMZ was clearly up to the task, as they recently uncovered an old cover letter written by Markle. She lists off various skills, but does mention she has talents as a juggler, DJ, and stripper! All elements that may make for an excellent night of partying with Markle, though that last skill may definitely get her in some trouble if she was ever photographed during the act. We suppose that means perhaps it's a 'talent' that is reserved for Harry and behind closed doors.

14 Would Never Party With - Paris Hilton

There aren't many celebrities in Hollywood who seem to have more experience in the world of partying than Paris Hilton. But just because she's experienced, doesn't mean it's going to be a good time. Especially because Hilton has had several nights out where the paparazzi have caught her definitely overindulging herself, much to the dismay of those who attended the clubs with her.

Hilton was also put on blast by Nick Carter for her lack of lovemaking ability, something that was hindered by her partying: “She was a drunken prude who as far as I can see did not really like sex. She relied on drugs and drink to give her confidence in the bedroom and was more often than not too wasted to even perform. I lost count of the nights I had to pick her off the floor and drag her to bed passed out.”


13 Want To Party With - Sophie Turner


Sophie Turner is one of the most exciting actresses in Hollywood. Along with kicking some *ss as Sansa Stark, Turner, she also has the good fortune of reprising her role of Jean Grey in the X-Men Universe. If her professional life wasn't exciting enough, Turner also recently got engaged to Joe Jonas.

Jonas to his own credit is part of the band DNCE. Turner is a huge music fan something that makes Coachella an experience that she absolutely has taken in. The above photo also features JinJoo Lee, who is also in the band. We're sure Joe and Sophie had a great time celebrating their recent engagement and that their future wedding is going to be highly anticipated. Especially considering several other Game of Thrones actors are sure to be involved!

12 Would Never Party With - Tara Reid

Just imagine how awkward it would be to party it up with Tara Reid. If the above photo is an indication, it's clear she has had some moments where she forgot her limit. But on top of that, we're sure you'd try and have some discussion with her about the American Pie franchise. And perhaps talking with her massively failed film career (at least in many people's eyes) may not be as enjoyable as talking to some of the superstars that populate the positive side of our list.

But hey, maybe you're a huge Sharknado fan?

11 Want To Party With - Beyonce


There aren't many musicians in the industry that command the level of respect and admiration as Beyonce. But the level of fame that Beyonce has comes with a cost, as Ed Sheeran recently admitted that she needs to change her email address on a weekly basis.

If you could track her down, we're sure you'd love to party with her though! Especially if she picks up the tab because as evident by the $20,000 bottle of wine she poured into her hot tub for the music video "Feeling Myself", she has a pretty expensive palate. Let's just hope that unlike this night we have featured for you, she'd be able to stay awake throughout all of it.

10 Would Never Party With - Lindsay Lohan

We're incredibly grateful that Lindsay Lohan has managed to clean herself up as of late. Something she credits her decision to step away from Hollywood for. But when Lohan was in the headlines, it wasn't often for positive reasons.

Especially when stories about her drunken escapades could be accompanied with embarrassing photos like the one we've included above. But hey, gravity is hard for some people right? Lohan also reportedly has booty bumped with over 30 notable celebrities (and logically some of them not sober and after a night of partying it up. Which also means that if you start the night partying with her and some of her famous friends, you may be ending the night alone if she elects to ditch you.

9 Want To Party With - Seth Rogen


We don't know if Seth Rogen is going to be slamming back shots of tequila with you at the bar, but we bet he'd still have some ways handy to make for a pretty memorable (albeit hazy) night. Rogen has surely made you laugh hundreds of times before, just imagine how funny he'd be in person? Plus at the very least his characters in his movies know how to party it up.

With such a famed entourage at his disposal, maybe some of his awesome buddies like James Franco would also stop by! Last but not least, he's going to be in The Lion King which garners him some serious bonus points. Just try not to start singing Hakuna Matata at him.

8 Would Never Party With - Farrah Abraham

There is no denying that some celebrities are well deserving of their time in the spotlight. But it's hard to see what on earth Farrah Abraham has brought to the table to offer society since her "claim to fame" of getting pregnant at a young age.

It's clear from her antics, including selling her own line of personalized "bedroom toys", that she just wants attention; which would also be disastrous if you two are trying to party it up. You know the world is always thinking "Umm, what about your daughter?" when they see Farrah partying it up. Would you really want to be alongside her on those crazy nights? We didn't think so.

7 Want To Party With - Mark Hamill


There may not be another actor on this list who had as strong a role in your childhood as Mark Hamill. Star Wars isn't just a movie franchise, it's a cultural phenomenon that has pierced every layer of pop culture. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to actually get to party it up with Luke... we mean, Mark?

Adding to his cool factor is the fact that Hamill also was tremendous voicing The Joker in the Batman Animated Series. Though if he ever yelled at you in his Joker voice while drunk, you'd have every right to be terrified!

6 Would Never Party With - Matthew Perry

If you grew up in the 90s/early 2000s, there's a good chance that one of your favorite sitcoms of all-time may be Friends. And while that may make the idea of partying with Chandler Bing (aka Matthew Perry) appealing, the reality would not be a good time. Especially because when Perry parties (or at least, used to party) it was a heavy addiction to various pills that got him through the night.

Perry was clean for years but seemingly relapsed earlier this year when a report by DailyMail revealed that he attempted to acquire pills off of an adult film star. Plus if you got drunk with Perry you know you wouldn't be able to stop shouting Friends quotes at him!

5 Want To Party With - Chris Hemsworth


You may love the opportunity to party it up with any of the prominent actors from The Avengers franchise. But given Robert Downey Jr.'s past addictions, he may not be your top candidate.

Chris Hemsworth, on the other hand, has always seemed to be a stand-up guy who has a tremendous reputation for how he interacts with his fans. Which means if your "interaction" was slamming beer with Thor, we bet you'd have yourself a tremendous time. Not to mention it's possible that his brother Liam and Miley Cyrus would stop by. Just try and resist the urge to smash a glass on the ground and yell "Another!"

4 Would Never Party With - Mel Gibson

Oof! If the photo on the right is any indication, Mel Gibson's night may start with drinking but before long perhaps he is throwing some punches. Gibson's drinking has gotten him into some serious issues in the past, including his infamous DUI in 2006. Which would be a bad enough look if it wasn't combined with him making horrible anti-Semitic remarks at the officer.

Gibson also was the star of many negative headlines during his divorce to Oksana Grigorieva. You'd hope he wasn't sober when you read some of the horrible things he said to her, including: "Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a f *ckin rose garden you c*nt! You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that?" as well as saying he'd burn their house down.

3 Want To Party With - Daisy Ridley


There may not be a more anticipated movie all year than The Last Jedi. And we're sure once the movie ends, the next most anticipated movie will be the following Star Wars film! There are many reasons to be loving the recent franchise, but one of the largest has to be the inclusion of Daisy Ridley.

The casting agents involved should be ecstatic that not only did they bring back some of the biggest names from the franchise's history, but picked young and talented actors to guide the franchise for the foreseeable future.

There's no way you wouldn't be able to contain your excitement when meeting her, but given her alleged tremendous attitude towards fans, we're sure she'd be just as excited to meet someone whose life she impacts so positively.

2 Would Never Party With - CM Punk

CM Punk had many characteristics that defined him as a wrestler. But one of the biggest, his straight edge lifestyle, was something that Punk also translated to his personal life. With an openness to his disdain of partying, drugs and alcohol, it's hard to imagine that Punk would be one of the first superstars you'd call up for a good time.

Though to give him credit, that didn't mean he stopped going to bars or nightclubs. A source spoke to about Punk's lifestyle in 2012, saying, "We have spoken to many people over the last eight years who have been to bars and nightclubs with Punk and/or traveled with him in Europe and the U.S. and Canada, and all report that Punk has invariably abstained from alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco."

1 Want To Party With - Julia Louis Dreyfus


There are many examples of actors who have been unable to have a sustainable career after their primary film or television series ends. That definitely isn't the case for Julia Louis Dreyfus who kicked ass on Seinfeld, then on The New Adventures of Old Christine and yet again on Veep.

Dreyfus was slowed down by a diagnosis of cancer earlier this year, but all signs are pointing in positive directions for a strong recovery. Which means she'll hopefully be having plenty of moments in the future where she can throw out her classic Elaine Benes dance!

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