10 Actresses Who Try Too Hard For Attention (And 10 Who Don't Need To)

It’s been noted how much social media has changed the world. Even a decade ago, it was hard to believe people could enhance their fame via a half-dozen platforms dedicated to nothing but selfies and videos.

It’s been used a lot by Hollywood stars, people long used to getting attention to promote themselves. True, not everyone uses it, but many do and it showcases how the younger folks are used to how the public wants instant information and this plays into it. Indeed, it seems a bit of a divide as actresses over a certain age barely use this stuff while younger ones are addicted. It can be tricky as a few ladies are more famous for what they do on social media than anything in entertainment and that can backfire. Indeed, a few ladies are learning the hard way that putting yourself out there so much for attention means folks can turn on you fast.

Some ladies are able to avoid this. A few just have an aura that gets attention no matter what. It’s not even the A-listers, some ladies lower on can just captivate without working too hard. Good looks help of course but in other cases, it can be just a combination of looks, talent and a vibe to get ladies attention. Others work way too hard, flaunting themselves too much to the point where folks are annoyed by them.

Even an incredibly beautiful lady can turn folks off by doing too much and it can add to their reps as divas and being full of themselves. There are many in Hollywood who match both of these categories and some just stand tall over others. Here are 10 actresses who try way too hard for attention and 10 who barely have to do anything to get folks into them.

20 Trying Too Hard: Kaley Cuoco

From the start, Kaley Cuoco’s career has been based on looking hot. It began with her turn as the ditzy teen daughter in the ABC sitcom 8 Simple Rules. It was a success but hampered by the death of on-screen dad John Ritter. Cuoco then moved onto the final season of Charmed which often had her in hot costumes. After a bit of plastic surgery, Cuoco landed the role of Penny on The Big Bang Theory which has made her a major starlet. Her work is great on the show which pushes Penny as a hot lady amid the nerds. Cuoco seems to be doing that for real as she’s posting almost non-stop on her various social media platforms. They go from quirky fun pics to showing off in hot stuff and the occasional risqué look. It’s notable that outside of BBT, Cuoco hasn’t done much in movies or such, the show her major claim to fame. Thus, she acts up a lot on social media and pushes herself up even more for attention. True, she’s great with her hot blonde looks but it seems to be going far as Cuoco is inclined to use her looks more than talent for attention.

19 Doesn't Need To Try: Charlize Theron

It’s as if time has stood still for her. Charlize Theron is 42 but looks as hot as when she debuted in 1996’s 2 Days in the Valley. At first, she was stuck in roles enhancing her looks with nude scenes and some bad flicks to bounce around. But in 2003, her turn in Monster rocked critics and won her the Oscar, showing she was a fantastic actress to boot. She is a beautiful lady with various magazine spreads but today, Theron doesn’t go as far as that. She doesn’t need to as she’s at the top of her game, remaking herself into a serious action star. Mad Max: Fury Road got her huge attention as well as Fate of the Furious and Atomic Blonde. Theron is a funny gal and her gorgeous looks never cease to grab cameras and even walking without makeup makes her look like a supermodel. She’s not slowing down and has proven that in any role, Theron doesn’t have to try hard to get folks backing her.

18 Trying Too Hard: Megan Fox

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It’s notable how back in 2004, Megan Fox got her first big job opposite Lindsay Lohan in the comedy Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In 2007, as Lohan began her freefall, Fox took off in Transformers with her stunning body on display. With her lush legs, long black hair and amazing form, many compared her to a young Angelina Jolie. Soon, magazines were falling over themselves doing steamy shoots of Fox in a variety of hot outfits to flaunt her body more. But it soon became clear her acting talent wasn’t that top-notch and led to a slump in her roles. Other issues came up as Fox has seemed a bit happier raising kids and settling into family life. But Fox keeps up on social media with constant posts and pics, most of them rather hot. Some might see it a bit desperate given she hasn’t had a big role for a while and most seeing her as just a flash in the pan in terms of hot women in Hollywood. She can be hot but Fox also seems to be more getting attention for trying hard than anything acting.

17 Doesn't Need To Try: Christina Hendricks

There are some women possessing a look that just sucks in your attention. Christina Hendricks is easily one of them. She had minor roles on TV shows, notably the con artist Saffron on Firefly and always a looker. But it was Mad Men that rocketed her to stardom with her red hair, tough manner and dresses so tight, it looked like she was poured into them. Hendricks was terrific in the role and it led to fame and attention. She has had a few hot photo shoots but for the most part, just going out is something to get Hendricks noticed. Naturally, attention is on that ample bosom of hers that strains any top and never fails to get eyes on it. But her dazzling green eyes also help and how she wears dresses showing off her full figure. Anything Hendricks does never fails to get people watching as some ladies are just gifted with an allure that can’t quit and drive anyone watching mad.

16 Trying Too Hard: Lea Michele

This may not be too surprising. Lea Michele came to fame with some Broadway musicals, showing a stunning singing voice and great appeal. That led to her landing the role of Rachel on Glee, an overnight sensation that made Michele a star. But as fame grew, so did her ego with reports abounding of Michele not that far from Berry in being a diva. Rumors grew of fights on set and clashes with co-stars to give Michele a bad reputation. She still keeps acting with Scream Queens and the current comedy The Mayor while doing some albums. So it’s not a shock Michele shows off on social media a lot. That includes a few pics on Instagram, including in almost nothing as well as a nude magazine shoot. That’s added onto by Michele getting into some feuds and outspoken in a lot of events to get attention on herself. Maybe being a diva is just part of her personality but it shows that Michele is rising up on her ego more than her great talent to make herself more of a star.

15 Doesn't Need To Try: Jennifer Lopez

It’s hard to believe this woman is pushing 50. A former Fly Girl, it’s been 20 years since Jennifer Lopez rocketed to stardom in a biopic of famed singer Selena. Since then, she has dominated every part of media: Music with numerous best-selling hit albums and tours; movies with hits like The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan and others; and TV with her NBC drama Shades of Blue a success. That’s not to mention judging stuff, red carpet events and more. What makes it amazing is that the woman doesn’t really seem to be trying hard to get attention, it just happens. It’s easy given that astounding body which still looks in great shape and looks that haven’t seemed to age at all. Anything Lopez does gets attention from concerts to just walking to the gym as she can rock a red carpet as well as yoga pants. She shows no signs of slowing down and as hot as ever so without doing much, Lopez can blow away ladies half her age in terms of hot appeal.

14 Trying Too Hard: Hailee Steinfeld

It’s always tricky for an actress to get an Oscar nod at a young age. A few are able to rise up to terrific careers but others can slump badly. So far, it looks like Hailee Steinfeld is somewhat in the middle. She broke out with her part in True Grit, winning a Best Supporting Actress nomination and got big attention. She added to it with the Pitch Perfect movies, able at singing and fun acting with a good humor. However, Steinfeld seems to be a bit too outgoing on social media. As she’s grown up, her photos have become more and more risqué, often in bikinis and flaunting her body a lot more. Her movies are good yet Steinfeld seems to be going the route that it’s social media meaning fame these days and sticking to that more. She is a very attractive young woman and likely to rise up more yet Steinfeld might want to cut back on the media stuff for now.

13 Doesn't Need To Try: Emma Stone

She’s gone from a failed attempt at a new Partridge Family to one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Emma Stone's early roles in Superbad and Zombieland showed her promise but Easy A vaulted her to stardom. She could do anything from Spider-Man films to surviving the bomb of Aloha and comedy came to her easily. While a natural blonde, her red hair is her trademark and she uses it well. She hit new heights with La La Land winning her the Oscar and putting her at the top of the industry. Stone really doesn’t do social media, mostly just her official magazine pics and such. But she comes off warm and fun in interviews and while gorgeous, has a “gal next door vibe” that gets big attention. Stone has shown you don’t need to take clothes off constantly and flaunt your body to be a major attention-getting star and her amazing looks get her more than enough fans to be as popular as she is talented, which is a lot.

12 Trying Too Hard: Nina Dobrev


Born in Canada, Nina Dobrev got attention for the popular teen drama Degrassi and rising up as a real beauty. In 2009, she made a bigger splash starring in The Vampire Diaries as fans loved her turn as innocent Elena and evil vampire double Katherine. This got her huge attention with magazine spreads and Dobrev has continued it with movie roles like XXX: Return of Xander Cage. Dobrev is also showing off on social media constantly, posting pics of everything from flaunting her body to just goofy faces. A famous photo had her with friends like Julianne Hough on a boat, baring their backsides without suits. She doesn’t seem to have much shame as few can go from a red carpet dress to a bikini shot with ease. Dobrev is lovely and talented but also clearly going a bit too far to get more attention when her roles should be doing it. She has an otherworldly essence to suck you in but maybe should cut back a bit from so much biting overexposure.

11 Doesn't Need To Try: Jessica Biel

Once, Jessica Biel sure could have qualified for trying too hard for attention. It began with her role as a tomboy on 7th Heaven, a squeaky-clean family drama. But in 2000, Biel shocked everyone by, at just 17, posing topless for a magazine spread. It got her cut from the show (she later came back) and then later fame. Biel has balanced some movie roles and can be seen as too outgoing, such as going nude for Powder Blue. However, motherhood and marriage have toned her down as Biel isn’t trying as hard to get her name out there. She may have the odd Instagram post but it’s more her family life than showing her body off. Not that her body is bad, as paparazzi shots of her out and about make her look stunningly hot. Biel also won massive acclaim for her role in the USA drama The Sinner to prove her worth as an actress. Thus, while she may have tried too hard once, Biel is good today getting attention just with her smile and acting more than anything else.

10 Trying Too Hard: Sarah Hyland


Like many, Sarah Hyland was actually already pushing 20 when cast as a young teenager. Her role as Haley on Modern Family has boosted her to major fame, fans loving her as the ditzy gal who knows how hot she is and uses it. Hyland seems to have taken to that in real life, showing off a lot on social media and in magazine shoots. That’s often in very hot outfits and showing off her backside a bit in bikinis. Recently, Hyland got criticism by posing drunk at the Golden Globes and adding to her talk of a party lifestyle. Given she’s best known just for this one role, one would think she would be inclined to act properly but instead, she keeps posting wilder stuff. Hyland is a promising starlet and not as outgoing as co-star Ariel Winter but also obviously going a bit too far trying to make herself known outside of the show in ways that may not work for her future career.

9 Doesn't Need To Try: Jennifer Lawrence


There was always something about her that spoke to a woman older than she seemed. Jennifer Lawrence had some minor TV parts and then the teen daughter on The Bill Engvall Show. In 2010, her part in Winter’s Bone got major attention and her first Oscar nod. But then Lawrence exploded to stardom with The Hunger Games, X-Men First Class and winning an Oscar. She’s managed to balance indie films with blockbusters and an ace on the red carpet. Lawrence is usually a private person and doesn’t go out of her way to get attention. That was brought up when she was the focus on the infamous 2014 celebrity hack scandal that released slews of explicit photos of her online. Lawrence handled that well and isn’t really a person using social media. You never see her doing selfies or such and she keeps mostly out of political things too. She doesn’t need to as her amazing talent and beauty lets her stand out without going too far pushing her image on.

8 Trying Too Hard: Lindsay Lohan

A sad, sad case of a woman who had so much going for her only to lose it. When The Parent Trap hit, audiences were introduced to Lohan, bright, funny and very talented. She grew up into hits like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls and then blossomed into a stunning lady. But then came the fall we all know of: Drinking, arrests, meltdowns and more, ruining her career. Today, she seems to be better but still talks of her ego and such. Thus, Lohan is taking a lot more to get her name out there just to remind folks she’s still alive. She got attention for asking for the role of Batgirl despite how she’s been poison to box offices for a decade. She still tries to post some hot photos and red carpet stuff but her body has sadly been ravaged by her addictions to lose a lot of her looks. The woman was once a major name but now a cautionary tale for young actresses and the way she keeps trying to get attention comes off rather pathetic.

7 Doesn't Need To Try: Gal Gadot

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For years, fans awaited the chance for Wonder Woman to hit the big screen. It seemed daunting with her history and backstory and of course, trying to find the right actress for the part. At first, Gal Gadot seemed an odd choice but having a mostly unknown worked out quite well as she put her great stamp on the part. It paid off with a mega-box office hit that won over critics and inspired slews of girls with a heroine to follow. Gadot had experience with the Israeli army and looking terrific to boot. That combination was perfect for Diana, making her part in the films work wonderfully. Gadot herself is great in person, one of those women who looks perfect without makeup and has truly trained hard for the role. Putting on a hot dress is great but Gadot can look amazing in any outfit and dominates a camera easily. If ever there was perfect casting, this is it as Gadot truly looks a goddess to bring this icon to life.

6 Trying Too Hard: Vanessa Hudgens

Just a teen when she came to fame, Vanessa Hudgens was an unknown when cast in 2006’s High School Musical. The Disney Channel movie became a surprise smash hit that spawned two sequels (one in theaters) and made Hudgens a star. After a few films on her squeaky-clean image, Hudgens changed it majorly for Spring Breakers, cutting loose in bikinis and other hot antics. She’s gotten good press for Gigi on Broadway and doing Grease Live just a day after the death of her father. However, Hudgens has also shown she goes a bit far on social media. That gets her in trouble like writing her name on rocks at a national park which had her paying a fine. She also shows off a lot in risqué outfits to get her name out there more. She is a talented star but a shame she’s more famous for cutting loose in a wild way than letting her voice and body do the talking.

5 Doesn't Need To Try: Hilary Duff

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The former Lizzie McGuire has definitely grown up. Hilary Duff came to fame on the hit Disney Channel series as a young gal adapting to life as a teenager and handling the ups and downs of it. She even had a big-screen movie and a variety of other flicks like A Cinderella Story. Duff then took a break from acting for a bit to focus on singing and her education as well as a short-lived marriage. She’s gotten back in the limelight starring in the hit TV Land series Younger but more dedicated to her family life. She hasn’t been a starlet to cut loose a lot in magazine spreads or hot social media postings. Yet something about Duff remains amazingly hot as at just 30, she’s gotten much hotter with age. She’s a popular face for paparazzi going to and from the gym as just a pair of jeans looks amazing on her. The fact she doesn’t try just makes her more appealing as something about Duff just lends itself to some great pics and shows you don’t have to act out to get attention.

4 Trying Too Hard: Ariel Winter


The change in this woman is remarkable. Ariel Winter was just 11 when cast as brainy Alex on Modern Family. For years, she was a nerd character in glasses and bulky clothing and in the shadow of her hotter sister. But then puberty hit and boosted Winter up big time to the point where she needed a breast reduction. As she’s hit 18, Winter has been showing off massively on social media with images that threaten to burn the Internet. She’s also shown off in public, notably when the cast did a public press meeting with them all dressed in normal clothes but Winter showed up in a flesh-baring outfit like she was going to the Playboy Mansion. It can be speculated she’s acting up due to an infamously rough home life and just cutting loose, but it’s remarkable how Winter just acts so much hotter in so many ways. Her show is still a hit and she does well on it yet Winter seems to do too much to get attention.

3 Doesn't Need To Try: Scarlett Johansson

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It’s fun to look back at how Scarlett Johansson was a young kid in early parts like The Horse Whisperer and then Ghost World, a great actress already. She was attractive but not quite a knockout as she rose to fame with Lost in Translation and other films. But in the late 2000s, Johansson suddenly took a jump in sex appeal and hasn’t quit since. It all paid off with her role as the Black Widow in the Marvel movies, her form seemingly poured into that tight jumpsuit and excels in looking hot as hell. Add in finally baring all in Under the Skin and various photo shoots and Johansson is terrific looking hot. She doesn’t need to try, just photographed walking down the street is enough to get major attention and shine so well. Johansson is doing more serious acting to prove more than just a hot comic book lady but it’s hard to do much more when you’re one of the hottest women around and barely trying to show how hot you’ve become.

2 Trying Too Hard: Bella Thorne


She’s hot, yes but clearly also a woman trying way too hard to get her name out there. Bella Thorne came to fame on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up and a few movies for the Mouse House. She’s graduated since then to some more adult roles and the Freeform TV series Famous in Love. But Thorne is also getting huge attention for her various social media postings. She’ll often have images of her in seriously risqué outfits, even a few topless or at least sheer. Some think she’s going too far with it all, trying to get far too much attention. More than one person has made comparisons between Thorne and Lindsay Lohan and not just because they’re redheads. Thorne is talented and funny and a growing sexpot. But she seems inclined to get more attention for her Instagram antics than a movie camera which can backfire so while she’s famous, she could be much better in her reputation.

1 Doesn't Need To Try: Sofia Vergara

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This is an amazing case of a woman who just looks drop dead gorgeous no matter what. It’s that body, obviously. Sofia Vergara had been a knockout from her early days in Columbia, blessed with a body of amazing curves. For a time, she was held back in Hollywood because of her thick accent, often cited as not being “relatable” enough for some roles because of her stunning looks. But she finally clicked on her role in Modern Family which played up to her beauty. As Gloria, she often goes around not realizing how she can render men drooling messes but other times can be amazingly arrogant of her beauty. It’s been played with on how Gloria loves to show off a lot and can’t be bothered to “dress down.” It also plays her thick accent for laughs as well as her nutty past. Vergara just can’t stop looking stunning, even without makeup and so doesn’t have to try to get attention as it just comes naturally to her.

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