10 Actors Who Are Going To Ruin Your Childhood (And 10 Who'll Improve It)

There are countless movies that are coming out in the near future that are going to try and harness the power of nostalgia to make millions. Several of them are going to be incredibly successful, and it may be due in large part to some of the A-List actors who have signed up for the ride.

Such as Hugh Jackman who was recently announced to appear in the upcoming Lion King movie or Tom Hardy who is going to get his chance to bring the comic character Venom to life in a way that Topher Grace never could.

Aladdin, Jumanji, and even the Grinch are all getting remakes, but they aren't all going to be great. And when they fail, so will your childhood with it. Many movies that are coming out, such as Super Troopers 2, may also seem unnecessary and we don't even have to talk about the damage that Zoolander 2 did!

Here are the actors who are either going to improve or ruin your childhood.


20 Improve - David Harbour With Hellboy

Several factors have gone into making Stranger Things one of the most successful television series that Netflix has produced. One of the biggest may be the outstanding acting by David Harbour.

It understandably has opened the door for several new projects for Harbour, none of which may be more exciting than the upcoming Hellboy film. There were 2 previous films, one in 2004 and another in 2008, both of which starred Ron Perlman. While it'll be sad to see Perlman go, Harbour is definitely no slouch.

The film will be directed by Neil Marshall who has no shortage of variety on his resume, including directing 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and the horror film The Descent.

19 Ruin - Sophie Turner With X:Men - Dark Phoenix


There is no point in arguing that X-Men: Apocalypse made a ton of money. With a return of over $500 million at the box office, it's only natural to assume that the franchise is far from over.

What was tragic, however, was the awful acting of Sophie Turner who stepped into the major role of Jean Grey. The movie was destroyed by critics and earned a score of 48%; in contrast to 91% for the previous film Days of Future Past and 88% for X-Men: First Class.

Which may make you all the more apprehensive that they're taking on one of the best storylines in comic book history with X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Sophie Turner may be great in Westeros, but she seemed out of her element in Apocalypse and the idea of her taking on the lead role for the next one is something that is worth being plenty nervous about.

18 Improve - Tom Hanks With Toy Story

Do we really need another Toy Story film? If we're being honest, the answer is probably no. The third one ended on a great note and it seemed like Disney was content to let the franchise end there.

But there's no way we're not going to have to go and check out the 4th one when it makes its way to theaters in 2019. While details are limited as of now, it has been reported that it will be centered around a love story of Woody and Bo Peep. Which means that if we find ourselves re-living our childhood in the theater, there will be nobody at the forefront for that reason more than Tom Hanks himself.

17 Ruin - Josh Brolin With The Avengers Franchise


There are many reasons to enjoy the movies that are in the Marvel franchise. But one of the common knocks that people have on the series is that as amazing as the heroes are, the villains rarely live up to expectations and often end up just being forgettable side notes.

Brolin is stepping into a huge role (literally) with Thanos and the stakes are high for Marvel to not only put on an epic film but to hopefully create a villain that is as memorable as the team trying to take him down.

If Brolin fails here, he'll at least have a chance to redeem himself when he plays another part of your childhood when he takes on the character Cable in Deadpool 2.

16 Improve - Jason Momoa With Aquaman

Trust us, we are well aware that Batman Vs Superman was perhaps one of the most disappointing experiences that movie-goers have had in quite some time. But if there is any reason to start becoming optimistic of the DC Universe, it might not be on the backs of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, but some of the "smaller names".

Sure, Superman could probably kick the sh*t out of Wonder Woman, but there is no denying the latter made a far better movie. Which is why we are confident that given the reigns of his own film that Jason Momoa is going to do an outstanding job of bringing Aquaman to life.

While the superhero may be the butt of jokes for many, he was still a major part of many of our childhoods and it's not like Momoa is unfamiliar with playing a bruting badass. We just hope his character is more respectful towards woman than Khal Drogo!

15 Ruin - Dwayne Johnson With Jumanji


Dwayne Johnson was on the top of the world around this time last year after he was announced as the highest paid actor in the world. And while he's had some great movies since that time, he's most recently going to have to deal with bouncing back with the horribly disappointing Baywatch which honestly could have earned a spot on our list if we weren't sticking to upcoming movies.

Instead, we're going to take some time to talk about the completely unnecessary Jumanji remake that is set to come out in the near future. There is little denying that the film at the very least will make you miss Robin Williams and has a very real chance of hurting the legacy he left behind.

Especially when you learn that instead of a board game, the movie is going to be set around a video game system. While that may be making it more relevant for our current era, how do you mess with such a fundamental element like that?!

Something tells us if instead of rolling the dice, the characters smash numbers à la Mario Party that your childhood is going to feel like it's dying throughout the film.

14 Improve - Billy Eichner And Seth Rogen With Lion King

There are plenty of people out there who may find the voice (and to be fair his laugh) of Seth Rogen to be annoying. But we hope you aren't one of them because his comedic timing with Billy Eichner has the potential to be one of the highlights of the upcoming Lion King film.

The two have previously done a segment together for Billy's comedy series, Billy On The Street, and we're sure they'll bring their lighthearted edge to their roles of Timon (played by Eichner) and Pumbaa (played by Rogen).

But as we all know, there is more to the roles than just having a great voice when they talk. The real question is, how are their singing voices?


13 Ruin - Diego Luna With Scarface


Say hello to your Mexican Tony Montana! That's the angle that the upcoming Scarface is going with as they're allegedly ditching the Cuban heritage and will be basing the story in Los Angeles

Stepping into the leading role is perhaps the fittingly Mexican actor, Diego Luna, who you most likely saw in Rogue One. This film definitely doesn't seem like it needs to be made, and it seems that way, even more, when you consider they're making alterations like that. At least Al Pacino is still around to be able to give his opinion on it.

There is also still tentative talk on who is going to step behind the director chair, making fans perhaps even more uneasy about this upcoming remake.

12 Improve - Samuel L. Jackson With The Incredibles 2

Disney has tons of properties that people would love to see a sequel to. The most exciting of which may be the upcoming film The Incredibles 2. The first one was a huge success and given the prominence of superhero films in the world, the timing may never be better.

There are plenty of reasons to be excited, including the fact that almost the entire primary cast is coming back; with Dash being replaced.

If I'm letting my bias show though, Jackson's character of Frozone was one of my favorites and we're sure he'll get a bigger part to play in the upcoming film. Director Brad Bird has also hinted that there will be a larger role on Elastigirl than in the previous installment.

11 Ruin - Alden Ehrenreich With Han Solo Film


When it comes to on-screen characters and their level of "coolness", there aren't many out there that compare to the badass Han Solo. But while you may have grown up loving Harrison Ford as the character, the upcoming reboot throws Alden Ehrenreich into the lead role.

Ehrenreich is a talented enough actor but the project has recently taken a major hit with the two directors, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, both stepping away with Ron Howard stepping in to finish a project that was set to wrap filming in under a month.

It's clear there are some significant problems with how the film has been coming together and if we end up getting a huge dud, nobody's legacy is going to be hurt more than the character of Han Solo.

10 Improve - Tom Hardy With Venom

Tom Hardy is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. He is no stranger to physically transforming his body for a role, but his dedication to his craft is also evident anytime he gets a script that allows his talents to shine.

We're going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he would not have signed on for highly anticipated Venom project without being confident that it would be a success.

After we saw Topher Grace butcher the character in Spider-Man 3, Hardy may also not have a very high bar to beat. While the idea of a Venom solo movie may be a bit unorthodox, the recent news that even more sadistic Carnage will be joining the fray helps add some strength to the upcoming project.

9 Ruin - Alicia Vikander With Tomb Raider


You would not be alone if you had a massive crush on Angelina Jolie growing up. Jolie had several roles in which she was able to capture the attention of audiences, but perhaps her most captivating role came when she stepped into the lead role of Lara Croft.

Both of her Tomb Raider movies were huge hits at the box office and even if you didn't love them, the video games may have been part of your growing up experience.

The games have recently received a reboot, much to the acclaim of critics and fans, but we don't know if we can get behind Vikander as the lead role. She definitely looks the role of the new take on the character, but she probably isn't going to run around in tight silver latex like Jolie and for that reason, you may find yourself at least a little disappointed with her rendition.

8 Improve - Hugh Jackman With Lion King

Hugh Jackman is definitely familiar with appearing in movies that end up doing tremendously well at the box office. Hell, Jackman is even used to appearing in blockbuster successes that feature claws! But Jackman is going to get to play the bad guy as it was announced he will be playing Scar in the upcoming Lion King.

Honestly, I love the casting call. Jackman has proven his talents as an actor, but he's also a tremendous singer and you know that will play a factor in the film. Not to mention Jackman is an outstanding person off the set, and his presence serves to improve most films he is on; much less a huge project like this one.

7 Ruin - Will Smith With Aladdin


There are plenty of challenges that are going to come with the upcoming Aladdin film. One of the biggest was trying to decide who they would cast to play the genie, a character who was iconically brought to life by Robin Williams.

The wait is over, as it was very recently announced that it'll be Will Smith stepping into the role. While we don't want to hate on Smith, it's hard to imagine another big name actor who embodies qualities that are the opposite of Williams.

Sure, Smith is charismatic, but he definitely won't embody the zany qualities we've come to love. Now, this might not be a bad thing. After all, why would you want to do a rendition that would draw any comparisons to Williams when you know you can't compare. But it does mean that your childhood may die a little bit when you hear Smith rapping out "Never Had A Friend Like Me"

6 Improve - Naomi Scott With Aladdin

Naomi Scott definitely holds a lot of power in her hands when it comes to some of your most cherished childhood memories. She recently portrayed Pink Ranger in Power Rangers and did a fantastic job, even if the movie didn't hit with critics as strongly as they had hoped.

So we're going to give Scott the benefit of the doubt and say that our childhood will be safe again when she steps into the iconic role of Princess Jasmine. The movie may still have some issues, but we don't feel Scott is going to be one of them.

Not to mention Jasmine is one of the more desirable Disney princesses, and the idea of seeing Scott in some of the classic outfits is one that is also making fans anticipate the film all the more.

5 Ruin - Harrison Ford With Indiana Jones 5


Harrison Ford has the distinction of not only helping bring the iconic character Han Solo to life, but he's also the man behind Indiana Jones. The series started way back in 1981 and was the most financially successful film of the entire year bringing in close to $400 million at the box office. Another two films were released in the 80s and the dust seemed to have settled on Indy.

But in 2008 the series was resurrected with a much older Ford at the helm, alongside Shia LaBeouf. The film still made a ton of money (close to $800 million!) but it's hard to believe that Ford is going to come back for yet another instalment.

I mean nothing against the guy, but he's 75 years old now! The film won't be released until 2020 meaning that if you think Ford looks old now, he may not be looking much better by then.

4 Improve - Benedict Cumberbatch With Grinch

Benedict Cumberbatch is no stranger to shining on the big-screen by utilizing his physical abilities as an actor, such as his role in Doctor Strange. But Cumberbatch is also an incredibly gifted voice actor with his biggest claim to fame coming from his involvement in the Hobbit franchise where he played the dragon Smaug.

And while the Hobbit books may have been part of your childhood, Cumberbatch is taking an even bigger stab with his upcoming role as The Grinch.

The rest of the cast remains unknown, but Cumberbatch is more than enough to get excited about the project which is set to come out in 2018.

Produced by Illumination Entertainment, we just hope that the Minions don't show up to help him out!

3 Ruin - Guy Ritchie With Aladdin


There are ups and downs that are coming with Aladdin that are touched on in this list. The biggest fault, however, might be behind the director's chair.

Guy Ritchie has had some fantastic films such as Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, but they hardly resemble anything that we should expect Aladdin.

Ritchie is also coming off perhaps the biggest box-office bomb of the year with King Arthur: Legend of the Sword which he also wrote and produced.

Let's hope he doesn't try and overcompensate for his huge errors and end up ruining perhaps your favorite Disney film.

2 Improve - Bill Skarsgard With IT

You are not alone if you grew up with a terrifying fear of clowns. You also wouldn't be alone if that fear came because of the Stephen King novel (and television miniseries) IT.

And if you don't want that fear to come back, we're sure you want to avoid the upcoming remake that will star Bill Skarsgard in the lead role. But if you want a great performance, we're sure Skarsgard is going to deliver.

Though it's not like it is his acting that we are sure you're going to left burned into your brain! In order to really maximize the terror, the upcoming version has officially been rated R for reasons that include violence, horror, and bloody images.

1 Ruin - Jay Chandrasekhar With Super Troopers 2


There is no denying that I would absolutely love Super Troopers 2 to be a great film. I must have seen the first one over 100 times, not to mention all of the other productions that Broken Lizard has put out over the years.

But I was burned so badly with Zoolander 2 that I can't completely buy into the sequel for Super Troopers.

Sure, the main cast is all coming back, but is that still going to be enough to make the film necessary? If you're left devastated with the final product the blame will fall the heaviest on Jay Chandrasekhar who is also one of the writers of the film and the director.

One thing that may help? Rob Lowe is also involved with the project and will play a French-Canadian mayor by the name of Guy Le Franc.

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