10 Watches To Satisfy Any Cash King

Hip-hop is still hot and going strong and fans can never get enough of the flashy way these rappers blow large amounts of green on their bling. Over the years, high tech-looking, but classy, time piece models have become a favorite for many of our popular rappers. Jay Z and Lil Wayne have been known to own a few of these exceptional timepieces. With the amounts of money they spend, many, of course, are customized to include more sparkly jewels, so the finished pieces end up to be quite unique.

From what we've heard, the top rappers prefer outrageously expensive watches, whether they are flashy or simply magnificent pieces of jewelry. Sporty, casual, elegant, red-carpet level and more. They are all available from the top brands in the world and in all price ranges. Well, to qualify that; price ranges that start in the tens of thousands and go up to the hundreds of thousands.

Sexy, expensive and intricate, these timepieces are the top-of-the-line in precision. Most of these watches include the tourbillon mechanism which was the epitome of precision in timepieces since invented in the late 1700's by French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet.

In simple terms, a tourbillon is what attempts to counterbalance the effects gravity has on the time piece. Although it is no longer necessary, it is often included on high-end pieces and always exposed on the face of the watch, as it's such an intricate and interesting visual.

Some designers even added more intricacy by including rotating mechanisms that count seconds without a second-hand. Although horology has been around for centuries, it is still a respected art that requires the utmost in skill to assemble these tiny parts, jewels and design.

Rappers who buy these are hard-core watch lovers, with starting prices at almost $17,000. Some just like how these pieces add an element of gentlemen  togetherness to their otherwise rowdy reputations.

We have to wonder if the local watch repair services are up to snuff on these beauties, but hopefully, for the prices, there isn't a thing in the world that could break on them. If the case arises, security guards will have to escort the watches back to their makers for a quick.

Here are some of the go-to watches that rappers go after. They may not be the most blinged-out pieces, but they get the job done for telling time and showing other that you can definitely put your money where your mouth.

10 Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph: $16,900

Bvlgari has long since been associated with top-of-the-line quality. Their time pieces are stunning and bold. This particular model, the Diagono Chronograph, is perfect for a rapper with it's black rubber strap, stainless steel links, a black rubber covered bezel, cool black easy-to-read dial and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Not only is it one of the lowest priced watches, the rubber pieces make it easy to care for.

9 Rolex GMT Master II: $33,250

Who said a rapper wouldn't like a simple Rolex? It is an obvious brand for the most successful and popular high-end rappers. The GMT Master II is made with an 18K yellow or white gold case, which is luxurious and masculine. However, our guess is many rappers might like the models that are four times this price, which sport diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The 18K gold Oyster flip-lock bracelet is sturdy, dazzling and yet a little understated.

8 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad: $36,630

This handsome chronograph watch is made in 18K rose gold with a sexy, contemporary black rubber strap. Three sub-dials display seconds, minutes and hours with automatic movement. Considering it is one of the more affordable timepieces on this list, we think it's one of the nicest designs and can easily be used as an everyday watch. It's understated design is less bling and more about the hardware, but one any rapper would treasure none the less.

7 Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold: $43,600

The King Gold Carbon is one of Hublot's sexiest men's watches around. It's incredibly intricate, sporty-yet elegant, and comes with options. With Hublot, you can select your parts such as the case, dial, strap color, strap material and more to make it completely your own custom model. Hublot has a knack for capturing design and functionality in innovative and contemporary styles. There isn't a man, or rapper, we know who wouldn't kill for one of these.

6 Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon: $116,195

Cartier uses master watchmakers to manufacture and assemble their watches, so you know they are reliable. The awesome thing about the look of the elegant, yet modern, watch is that it has an elongated carriage that allows the balance to make a revolution every minute. Notice the balance, which is the arrow you see on the lower left, that is used as the second hand. This watch is available in white gold.

5 Piaget Altaplano Caliber 1200 D: $151,995

This watch is a rapper's dream time piece with sparkly gemstones setting off all of the working parts. Piaget is known for mastering and manufacturing its exclusive pieces and this incredible-looking watch is paved with diamonds, even on the skeletonized movement with automatic winding. It also has the thinnest flying tourbillon allowing for extra precision in its functionality.

4 Zenith Christopher Columbus: $230,000

Limited edition, as are most on this list, the Zenith Christopher Columbus timepieces was introduced about three years ago and is named after one of our favorite 15th century heroes. It sports a tiny, gold compass in a bubble, which makes this one of the most unique watches available. There are other Christopher models that include stamped profiles of Mr. Columbus himself, but we're pretty sure our rappers would rather have this sleek model with the unique compass feature.

3 Roger Dubuis Millesime Double Flying Tourbillon: $263,000

This design, by Roger Dubuis, is a masterpiece of its kind. With only 88 of these pieces ever made, this watch is one of Jay Z's favorites. The Tourbillon line was designed to compensate for the effects that gravity has on mechanical watches, to ensure accuracy to the most refined performance. Arabic numerals are engraved in pink gold against the black satin finished background.

2 Romain Jerome Titanic DNA Tourbillon: $319,000

Romain Jerome's Titanic DNA time piece is a masterpiece in design, and with only nine total made, our favorite rappers would surely want one. Steel and stain-finished with blackened titanium, black carbon fiber with transversal cross dial and factory-made tourbillon at 6 o'clock. This handsome piece offers two strap options: black rubber or crocodile leather. It's no mistake that the name includes the fated luxury liner, as Jerome designed these limited edition pieces in a style that captures and honors the Titanic.

1 Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Quadruple Tourbillon: $750,000

Greubel Forsey has always been committed to developing and finding parts that will give their customers the most accurate in keeping and holding the time. As mentioned above, it's the tourbillon that makes it all happen, and this watch has "quadruple tourbillon", which was invented after the already popular, "double tourbillon 30". The quadruple tourbillon is, in technical terms, four asynchronous tourbillons independently working to provide its high level of accuracy. Not sure if our rappers care about the mechanics of these amazing watches, as much as the fact that they are tasteful, luxurious and expensive looking.

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