10 Watches That Show You're A Connoisseur

Time is of the essence as they say but the way in which we have embraced watches has now seen a growing trend of wearers. Throughout the passage of time itself, these horological models are not only feats of engineering but priceless pieces.

Considered to be the ultimate fashion accessory for both men as well as women, there is nothing better than a glamorous bit of arm candy. Meanwhile, it is much more than something that simply tells the time. From chronograph to water resistant diving watches there are a host of unique luxury timepieces available which stretch into the tens of millions.

In addition, choosing the right one to adorn your wrist is no easy feat. Much discussion and research goes into finding the perfect watch. The decision is a difficult one but we have all become accustomed with some of the finest premium watchmakers in the world from Breguet and Breitling to Cartier and of course Rolex.

Founded in 1905 by Hans Wildorf alongside Alfred Davis, his brother-in-law, Rolex was actually formed in London, England. The initial name is believed to have been Wilsdorf & Davis. However, three years later, Wilsdorf listed the trademark as "Rolex" with the opening of an office based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Rolex has gone on to become one of the leading, high end Swiss brands of its kind. Renowned and celebrated to the world over for its luxury and exclusivity watches can range from just a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They are certainly symbols of status and power among the rich and the beautiful. Famous wearers of Rolex through the ages feature Hollywood legend Marlon Brando, Sir Winston Churchill and has been worn by numerous champions including Roger Federer and Tiger Woods.

The company have been breaking the mould and constantly reinventing themselves especially when it comes to innovation. Rolex have had many firsts attached to their name such as manufacturing the world’s first self-winding watch, the first ever water resistant case and even the first timepiece to display two different time zones.

As official timekeeper, they have aligned themselves to a wealth of the finest sporting events in the world from Wimbledon to the prestigious Open golf championship. Rolex is timekeeping at its best and in its purest form and has led the way in engineering, craftsmanship and design. Check out below just some of the magnificent beauties you should watch out for.

10 Breguet Tourbillon: $65,000

Constructed from platinum, the Breguet Tourbillon enjoys incredible engineering and is powered with a specific Calibre 587DR. Priced at $65,000; it comes with two high end features which include a power reserve lasting five days as well as a tourbillon regulator. This feat of engineering ensures this Breguet’s price is bumped up significantly and is an inspirational part of the watch evolution.

9 Patek Philippe Reference 1436 By Tiffany & Co.: $200,000

This exquisite watch by one of the most iconic makers Patek Philippe is something for the keen enthusiast. Especially created for Tiffany, don’t let the $200,000 tag put you off. It is certainly worth every dime thanks to its intricate split seconds chronograph and high detailing. Its 1960’s design is synonymous with style and provides a genuine wow factor.

8 Ulysse Nardin Triple Jack Minute Repeater: $340,000

Priced at more than $400,000 this particular model by Ulysse Nardin has been produced to high specifications. This includes a bespoke dial made from Mother of Pearl as well as distinguishable quarter and minute detailing. Furthermore there were less than 20 ever manufactured making it a highly sought after item.

7 Louis Moinet Magistralis: $860,000

If you are after striking watches then look no further than Louis Moinet. Costing nearly $900,000 the Magistralis possesses a perpetual calendar and an extra calendar which is dedicated to lunar phases. It even comes with a cathedral melody tune which sounds out after each minute stroke. Other extraordinary highlights include a half hour chronograph counter and a Vallée de Joux calibre.

6 Hublot Black Caviar Big Bang: $1 Million

Swiss manufacturer Hublot is the brains behind this particular timepiece. Costing a cool million dollars, it is sleek and comes with a case made from polished black ceramic. The case itself offers 18 karat gold not to mention more than 300 individual black diamond baguettes. Another exclusive creation, this is certain to turn heads at any glamorous event.

5 Rolex 1942 Chronograph: $1.16 Million

Always a hot contender for one of the most powerful worldwide brands, the 1942 Chronograph by Rolex is simply breath-taking. It evokes power not to mention wealth and you can have both in this particular piece. With less than 15 untis ever made, it costs nearly $1.2 million and features a stainless steel case and split second setting for the finest timekeeping.

4 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak: $1.3 Million

If you are looking to create a real impression then why not look at the Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet. Priced at $1.3 million it is encrusted with more than 115 beautiful diamonds, while it also features a bezel made from 18 carat white gold. If that’s not enough, there are around 100 baguette diamonds which can be found on the watchband in case no one notices.

3 Patek Philippe 1953 Heures Universelles: $2.9 Million

Another Swiss contender, the Heures Universelles 2523 by luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe is a stunning item. Offering both an enamel dial, this nearly $3 million beauty has an intricate drawing of North America on its face. This is what gives this particular watch its unique look and is a tribute to the incredible Swiss design.

2 Piaget Emperador Temple: $3.3 Million

Boasting more than an incredible 200 baguette cut diamonds, the Piaget Emperador Temple also includes a whopping 480 plus brilliant cut diamonds. When it comes to actual dial you can enjoy a wonderful piece made from Polynesian mother of pearl with more than 170 diamonds on it. These both come in brilliant not to mention baguette cut making it really sparkle.

1 Patek Philippe Platinum World Time: $4 Million

The Platinum World Time by Patek Philippe comes in a myriad of finishes such as yellow gold, rose fold and white gold. On the other hand, you can even find this among some buyers decked out in platinum. Made back at the end of the 1930’s, you can take advantage of 24 different time zones across the world so you can keep track wherever you may be.

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