10 Watches For Any Diva

Some of our favorite divas, such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, love to be adorned in the most unique jewelry, whether it is costume or the finest bling available. We hand-picked this group of ten dazzling watches that we think our top diva's would love to own, if they don't already.

Of course, over-the-top luxury comes with a pretty hefty price tag, as you'll see. However, much like art or other limited edition masterpieces, they hold their value and can be resold for prices close to their original cost. So there is no real downside, right?

While digital time displays have been around for decades, they seem to be reserved for sports-type timekeeping purposes. Almost all high-end watches are analog displays and many still use Roman numerals, which is a very old timepiece standard. Digital times are usually displayed in LCD or LED and just don't provide the same classy appearance, plus they are not as accurate as the other mechanisms.

It's all in the craftsmanship. These specific models are designed and made by masters who understand that every tiny piece must be meticulously weighed, polished and assembled. After all, a typical analog watch has over one-hundred parts and that does not count the finishing touches of gemstones and artistry.

All-in-all, we're sure our favorite divas have an entourage of people who are keeping them on schedule, but these all serve as fine jewelry.

10 Fendi Chameleon Pave: $24,900

Elegantly diva, studded with a diamond pave design so flashy it makes a bold accessory statement. The black lacquered watch face is decorated with two larger diamonds that set off the famous Fendi brand name. The strap is made of a soft black suede and is interchangeable. Like most high-priced, hand-crafted watches, this one is made in Switzerland, the country known for producing the finest in time pieces in all the world.

9 Chopard Happy Diamonds Iconos Watch: $34,340

This unique design is contemporary and elegant and sure to make a fashion statement for our favorite divas. The large diamonds beneath the watch's face actually float around the dial when the wearer is moving, and we're pretty sure our divas don't sit still all that often. So the diamonds would be dancing with the diva. Set in 18-carat rose gold, the concentric circles are all encrusted with small diamonds while the larger diamonds are punctuated with two sparkling sapphires. It's a sensational sizzler, for certain.

8 Rolex Lady Datejust: $37,000

There's something cool about wearing a Rolex. They're a bit manly compared to many of the others, yet some of our divas prefer this more casual look for hanging out, shopping and rehearsals. This Oyster Perpetual Lady-Datejust timepiece is elegant and classy. The unique face has a multi-metal look that sets off the ten diamonds that sit in the number spots. The date and time are easy to read. The yellow gold and diamond accents enhance the overall design. You can almost always spot a Rolex by the bracelet's five-piece links.

7 Bvlgari Serpenti Watch with diamond band: $78,000

This dazzler is a first-class bracelet and watch all at once. Bvlgari's serpent line is so popular, each hand-crafted piece is made to look like a sparkling serpent. The case and bracelet are both made from 18-carat rose polished gold. The face is set off with six diamonds that weigh in at almost .5 karats. The double-twist bracelet has nearly 200 diamonds. A diva like Beyonce could definitely rock a watch like this.

6 Cartier Secret Panther Watch: $157,600

Considered a true jewelry masterpiece, this secret watch with panther decor is gracefully appointed with white gold, emeralds and onyx. It's spectacularly crafted with a secret watch; the dials are concealed in the middle of the panther; you have to look closely to notice them. The emeralds set off the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock. Our divas might love to wear this while they lounge on their downtime sipping cocktails at their favorite Happy Hour with pals. The timepiece is understated, original and highly artistic. No one will guess she is looking at the time when she glances down at her panther.

5 Les Indomptables de Cartier Watch and Brooch: $197,000

Is it a brooch or a watch? It is both! Bestiarire is Cartier's animal line. This Les Indomptables de Cartier watch is so interesting. Although there are a couple different models, this is our favorite. The colors, the scene of a hanging garden of lotus flower done in enamel and the translucent moonstone all add to it's playfulness. However, it's the accents of gold, sapphire and emerald that make each element pop. This quartz dazzler is made with a pink gold case delicately surrounding the scene. The Bestiarire line extends to bracelets, earrings and other pieces that are just as delicious.

4 Pershing 002 Asteria: $230,000

This is both sporty and functional, with a 50-hour power reserve, the Pershing 002 Asteria was created for those moments when our divas might be working out or just hanging with their families and friends. The unusual coloring makes this model stand out. It has 68 jewels surrounding the outside perimeter, in diamonds and sapphires. Of course, there are models with other gems or this one can be customized to meet our diva's taste. The gorgeous case, face and band set this watch apart from the others. White gold sets off the baby blue satin face and the sparkling starfish that sits at the three o'clock position adds just the right amount of that little something extra, don't you think?

3 Piaget Miss Protocole with Diamond Band: $465,000

The Miss Protocole is as bracelet as much as it is a quartz watch. Set in 18-carat white gold and diamonds, this Piaget comes with an interchangeable black satin strap for more casual affairs and events. The face is made from Mother-of-Pearl, as is the dial. It sports two Arabic numbers that are set in diamonds; the 6 and 9. It's scratch resistant, thank goodness, because when our divas rock, we don't want them to have to worry. Of course, with a price this high, we might encourage the body-guard or best friend to hang on to it while performing.

2 Harry Winston Avenue C: $585,975

This watch belongs on the red carpet, it is so magnificent. We've been hearing the Harry Winston name as long as we've been watching the annual Academy Awards. Well this particular model is Harry Winston all the way. It's opulent, glitzy and sophisticated all rolled into one. Starting with its 18-carat white gold bracelet set with baguette diamonds on the hands and more diamonds on the fixed bezel. This is almost as luxurious as it gets. We said "almost" because you have yet to see our Number One choice - but this is a close runner up. We don't think our divas will be using this as an actual timepiece, although we're always surprised by the music world's royalty, so we never know.

1 Hublot Big Bang Watch: $2,770,000

Have an extra three million you don't know what to do with? Our divas do, so don't be surprised if you see one of these dazzling, timepieces on the wrist of one of your favorites. Hublot is known for its ostentatious and glitzy watches and this particular Big Bang model is over-the-top in luxury. This is the ladies version of a popular men's design and while it is studded with diamonds, it's the intricacy of the design that makes this so expensive. It has a white gold case, white gold strap and diamond baguettes embedded on everything. It's simply gorgeous and diva-worthy.

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