10 Watches That Withstand Water

Before you take to the ocean waves you might just want to invest in a stylish diving watch to fulfil all your nautical fantasies. These watches are simply made for diving and you can choose from a number of different depths. They are serious time pieces not to be trifled with and can withstand, in some cases, great amounts of pressure.

In addition to this, there are many watch aficionados around the globe who not only appreciate the design and quality of a dive watch but the intricate engineering involved. Whether you are taking a shower or on the deck of a private boat, aquatic fans everywhere can proudly wear them. Better still, you can still cling on to them in spite of an unforeseen rainstorm.

There are a host of dive watches that are just waiting to be explored which beautifully combine the very best of classic design alongside a wealth of practical functions. It is not surprising that they are on most horological hit lists. Not only are dive watches indispensable, particularly underwater, they are a sign of the explorer that lies within us.

From just thirty metres right down to an impressive one thousand metres, dive watches are multi-functional and can be utilised in a number of different pursuits. This includes the likes of hiking, climbing as well as running. Here is the roundup of the most stylish diver watches around.

10 Bulova Precisionist: $900

This beauty by Bulova has the ability to go to depths of around 300m. It is high-performance and belongs to the watchmakers Champlain Collection. Blending together a fine sporting appeal alongside a more sophisticated look this is a real winner for around $1,000. Its dressy appearance will catch the eye of some and has several subtle functions such as luminous markers not to mention a split-second minute track.

9 Victorinox Dive Master 500 Mecha: $1,600

Thanks to its functional yet highly imposing Swiss Army features that are a part of its makeup, Victorinox have produced the Diver Master 500. It is certainly ingrained in its DNA and offers a 43mm case and a large bezel that captures the imagination. Meanwhile, its functionality is second to none and can even be used if you are wearing gloves. Other highlights include an automatic movement and water resistance that reaches depths of 500m. It is also available in a range of colours from black to orange.

8 Longines Legend Diver: $2,000

The Legend Diver from renowned Swiss company Longines harks back to an original timepiece which dates back nearly half a century. A relatively exclusive watch, it is self-winding and provides a 42mm case made from stainless steel which is also resistant to scratches. When it comes to the waterproof facts you can take this to depths of 300m.

7 Bremont Supermarine 500: $4,100

Considered to be one of the most prestigious watchmakers of the last century, Bremont introduces their Supermarine model. Named after the actual Spitfire manufacturer, it provides an exquisite dial experience and is known for its sheer ruggedness. On the other hand, the case is guaranteed to around 500m and has a lovely sapphire bezel featuring the day and date.

6 JeanRichard Aquascope: $8,200

It is out with the new and in with the old as JeanRichard takes a time out and looks at their previous catalogue. The Aquascope has been revolutionised whilst giving birth to its sharp 60’s style design. It includes a bezel which locks automatically to stop any misuse. Meanwhile, you will be able to choose from either a striking black or blue dial with the look completed by a JR1000 automatic movement. Utilising a calfskin strap it can reach depths of up to 300m.

5 Rolex Submariner: $9,950

A strong contender for the most significant divers watch, the Submariner by Rolex can reach waters of up to 300m in depth. Aside from its unique diving bezel, why not take the plunge for nearly $10,000. You can enjoy the finest steel which can be found in yellow gold for the ultimate bling effect.

4 Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk: $11,000

The Sea Hawk by Girard-Perregaux is more suited to the astute diver. Experience the deep sea diving effect with the finest craftsmanship which has catapulted it into stardom. This sportier version retains a modern look and comes complete with a power reserve meter that is situated on the dial and a date window. However, the Sea Hawk is most famous for its engraved case back and self-winding mechanical movement that has been built to the highest specifications. This particular model has the ability to reach depths of close to 1,000 meters.

3 Blancpain Aqua-Lung: $20,000

Priced at a cool $20,000, the Blancpain Leman Aqua Lung is elegant yet classy with all its whistles and bells. It features an automatic movement that is as precise as they come. This is not ready for major water sport activities, but will be as cool as summer breeze on your wrist. With a 40mm case that can be purchased in Rose Gold it screams pure luxury. Other highlights to this special piece include Arabic time markers and a power reserve of 70 hours. It is even waterproof to depths of around 100 meters.

2 Rolex Sea-Dweller Double: $33,000

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is another hot piece of arm candy from arguably one of the most popular luxury watchmakers on the planet. This fine piece has been specifically created in order to sit alongside some of their most renowned watches during the 1960's. These expert diving watches were originally given the nickname of Double Red and grew in popularity especially among the diving community.

1 Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SED Tourbillon: $132,500

With a price tag of more than $132,000, the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver SED Tourbillon is arguably the crème de la crème of the divers watch league. It can certainly take its place at the top table thanks to its range of features which makes this the ideal dive watch. It is both light and wearable with a diving bezel built in for good measure. You can have the chance to take advantage of water resistance up to 300 meters but it is its sheer size that will genuinely impress you.

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