You Won't Believe How These Former Playboy Models Look Like Today


Only an elite group of stunning women has been lucky enough to pose for Playboy magazine. For many it can be a beginning of an amazing career, but for some it could be the last time they are considered beautiful. From queen of Playboy Pamela Anderson, to Hef’s notorious girlfriends, the Shannon Twins, the women on this list haven’t exactly aged gracefully.

Though ageing isn’t always easy, it can be harder when images of your slimmer former self are all over the Internet. Time wasn’t too nice to a couple of these former Playboy models, but they also have medical excuses. Carnie Wilson has been in the spotlight for over 3 decades. She has been having a very public battle with weight loss the whole time. So, when she got gastric bypass surgery in 1999, it was big news. By 2003, the singer had lost 150 pounds and celebrated by posing in Playboy. The celebration didn’t last too long, because 12 years later she had gained all the weight back, and decided to have another weight loss surgery. Since then, she has still struggled with her weight, but it’s proving to be an uphill battle.

Another ex playboy model, who has let herself go due to medical reasons, is Kathleen Turner. Turner has been an actress and heating the screens since the early 80’s. She appeared on the cover of Playboy in 1986 at the height of her career. Then, in 1992 the star was diagnosed with a crippling form of arthritis. This slowed down her career, and eventually slowed her down physically. Now, Turner is much larger, and is letting herself age naturally. She is against plastic surgery, and she doesn’t mind the weight, and thinks people should just get over it.

The Shannon Twins were all the rage when they are Huge Hefner’s new girlfriends in 2008. Hef then put his busty babes in the special summer issue as playmates for the months of July and August 2009. The girls have since done everything to stay relevant, from admitting to being in a sex tape with Heidi Montage and Spencer Pratt, to appearing on reality shows to fix their botched boob jobs. In October of 2015, the twins were involved in a wreck where one of them was charged with a DUI. They were out of the spotlight until they emerged in early 2016 at a Los Angeles tanning salon. The girls had everyone in shock because they were looking curvier than ever, and had bums that could stand their own against the Kardashians. They were once known to eat burgers on the beach in bikinis, but it looks like the burgers finally caught up with them.

It’s no surprise that Pamela Anderson made this list. She was once the queen of Playboy, and has been posing for the Magazine for over 3 decades. In the 90’s and even into the early 2000’s Pamela Anderson was the most desirable woman in the world. Women wanted to look like her, and men wanted her. Fast forward 20 years, and she has gone off the deep in. Her signature long blonde hair has been cut short, and she is still rocking those super thin eyebrows. Though she is no stranger to plastic surgery, she seems to be letting herself age naturally. She is starting to look way older than she is, and all we can think is that all the years of partying are starting to show.

It’s hard being beautiful, and even harder to age beautifully. These women gave it their best shot, but it can get exhausting to live up to societies standards. Are there any Playboy models that let themself go that we forgot?