WWE's Hottest Cheating Scandals


Life as a professional wrestler isn't always easy. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line day in and day out for ravenous crowds, returning to a hotel room for a few hours of sleep, and then getting up and traveling somewhere else to do it all again the next day.

Despite the incredible amount of travel they need to do, plenty of wrestlers have families or are in committed relationships. Many WWE personalities prefer to date other wrestlers because both parties understand the rigors of the road and they can see each other on a more regular basis. However, some wrestlers have involved with a coworker... while still involved with their partner.

Cheating scandals are nothing new in the worlds of sports or entertainment, and these affairs, spanning from the 1990s to today, have involved some of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. Most of these cheating scandals are ugly, vicious, and sometimes a little sad, and they all rocked the WWE down to its core.