Wrestlings Worst Gimmicks Ever


ports fans really love a spectacle; the bigger and crazier the show the better. And this is especially true of wrestling fans. A huge part of the appeal of a wrestling event are the characters, and the gimmicks. Fans want larger-than-life characters to entertain them with their over-the-top costumes and bizarre antics.

Get these gimmicks right, as in the case of the Undertaker as the dead man or Stone Cold Steve Austin as the beer-drinking rebel, and the reaction is awesome. Get it wrong, and well it’s cringe-inducing. While there are many examples of successful gimmicks which catapulted a wrestler into superstardom, there are also plenty of truly terrible gimmicks which totally bombed.

Check out these ‘what were they thinking?’ worst gimmicks in wrestling history.

Gobbledy Gooker

An egg began to appear at WWE events, set to hatch at the 1990 Survivor Series

It was Héctor Guerrero who emerged dressed as a turkey and danced with Mean Gene Okerlund

The gimmick was dropped after a negative response from fans

Isaac Yankem

Glen Jacobs, now known as Kane, played sadistic dentist Isaac Yankem

Jerry Lawler introduced us to Yankem after losing a Kiss My Foot match to Bret Hart

The gimmick lasted two years before quietly fading away


This gimmick based on children’s book The Wizard of Oz had to be Kevin Nash’s worst

Oz was a 7-foot tall silver-haired giant in bright green, with a wizard manager Merlin

Oz vanished from WCW after two years and reinvented himself as Diesel

The Yeti

Wrapped in dirty bandages, the Yeti was the WCW’s version of the hairy mythical beast

The Yeti emerged on Nitro in 1995, interfering with The Giant and Hulk Hogan

The Yeti’s appearance later changed to resemble a masked ninja before being dropped

KISS Demon

WCW’s Eric Bischoff got KISS to agree to a wrestler based on the band

He wanted to have a stable with members representing each band member

The Demon was to be based on frontman Gene Simmons, but was soon dropped


Mike Halac appeared as Mantaur in 1995, defeating Walt Snow

Mantaur was based on the mythological minotaur, with a bull’s head and a man’s body

Mantaur was like a bull in the ring, mauling, headbutting and mooing at his opponents