Women's Beauty Standards In BRAZIL


Brazilian women have a love of their body, and aren’t afraid to show them off. It’s customary for women to celebrate their beauty, and hit the beach with scantly clad bikinis. But, how do they achieve such amazing physiques? From workouts to plastic surgery, these are 10 unusual beauty standards in Brazil.

With the hot beaches, and even hotter babe, the weather in Brazil can melt your makeup off your face in minutes. It’s because of this that women in Brazil have adopted a “less is more” attitude. Perfect skin is the most desirable here, and women go to great lengths to achieve it. It’s not unusual for women to see a dermatologist once a month to keep their skin tight, and radiant. If you are on a budget, they also have natural tricks that can offer the same healthy skin benefits. Women like to munch on antioxidant rich acai berries, and even use beach sand to scrub off dead skin cells, and keep their skin nice and smooth.

Not only is the smoothness of the skin important, but also the famous golden Brazilian glow is sought after. Women spend a ton of time on the beaches, and love being able to sport a beautiful tan. To achieve the perfect bronze buns, women often sip on carrot juice before hitting the beach. Carrot juice has natural beta-carotene that works with the UV rays of the sun, and promotes a beautiful tan. You can also find an SPF that contains carrot extract to do the trick! Just make sure to keep your skin protected and don’t stay in the sun to long, as it promotes premature aging and that is a complete faux pas in Brazil.

The ideal body shape for Brazilian women is called the guitar shape. It is achieved by having a long toned body, smaller breasts, and a larger bum. Women like to achieve this by working out, and using booty creams. Workouts in Brazil focus on the glutes, and try to stay away from exercises that can make thighs larger. If someone can’t achieve the nice peachy bum shape naturally, then surgery is usually the option. In Brazil the most frequent plastic surgeries are butt injections or a butt lift, so having a great backside is very important in Brazilian culture.

Speaking of plastic surgery, it’s huge in Brazil. There isn’t really a stigma when it comes to plastic surgery in this country; in fact it’s often celebrated. Women here can start having plastic surgery at the age of 16, and it’s not uncommon for women to have several surgeries before their 25th birthdays. It’s estimated that 10% of all the worlds plastic surgeries are performed in Brazil, and it’s not only the women going under the knife; Brazilian men are also getting surgeries done at the same rate as Brazilian women.

Hair is very important when it comes to beauty in Brazil. Having long hair is considered the epitome of femininity, and Brazilian women go to great lengths to score long locks. Women use extensions, Brazilian blowouts, and avocado masks to help hair appear long, straight, and shiny. Another interesting technique is “candle cutting” or velaterapia. Velaterapia helps get rid of split ends and frizz, and has been popular in Brazil since the 60’s. The process involves a hairdresser twisting sections of the hair, and using a candle to burn off the ends that frizz out. Then the remaining hair will go through a deep conditioning treatment. Though this sounds crazy, many hairdressers swear by it. Also, it should be noted that this should only be performed by hairdressers, so please do not try this at home!

If you ever go to Brazil and take a look around, it’s no wonder their beauty secrets usually spread around the world. The women are beautiful, and most of all, comfortable and confident in their own skin, which some can argue is the best beauty tip of them all. What are some of your favorite unusual Beauty standards in Brazil?