Why Kendall And Kylie Are Unlike Any Other Teens


2015 was undoubtedly the year of the Jenner.

From Caitlyn Jenner’s reemergence as a trans woman, to Kylie Jenner’s social media stardom, to Kendall Jenner’s blossoming modeling career, their ventures have proved to be successful, and it feels like the family is just starting to find their footing.

The sisters, who have become young glamorous millionaires, seem to be following the footsteps of their other sisters, the Kardashians. It’s easy to make the connection, yet the Jenner siblings are moving at an ultra quick pace, and when it comes to their youth, it really does feel like sky’s the limit for the young adults.

It’s not like the average teen can resonate with Kendall or Kylie, unless they live the same type of lavish lifestyle. We’ve seen a lot of teen sensations come and go, but the sisters are somewhat unlike any other teen you’ve ever met.

Here are some reasons why the Jenner sisters are so unique and sought after:

Both sisters have already undergone cosmetic surgery at a young age

Just take a look at the lips

A NYC tattoo artist let Kylie work on him with no previous experience

He got fined for letting her use the gun, too

Kylie and Kendall work as runway models

Kendall recently walked this year’s edition of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The talented Jenner sisters also host award shows.

They served as the MCs for the 2014 Much Music Video Awards

Kylie Jenner often wears expensive Cartier bracelets on her arms

The bracelets are valued at $40,000 each

Kylie received a tremendous 18th birthday present from ex-boyfriend Tyga

The rapper got her a Ferrari 482, worth $320,000

The sisters also receive their fair share of negative comments

From ridicule in the media to slut-shaming on social media accounts

The Jenner sisters are really, really loaded

Their combined net worth is rumored to be $11 million