What Does Your Lip Shape Say About Your Personality


Have you ever wondered if your physical traits have an affect on your personality? Scientists have determined that our lip shape, size, fullness and even the sharpness of the heart peak at the top, known as your philtrum, affect how we behave and interact with others and the world around us. Would Angelina Jolie be such an incredible caregiver and mother with thin lips? Would Kylie Jenner be as self centered without her new pout? Would Taylor Swift have created so many top hits if she was born with a Goldilocks set of lips?

In this video we will explore what your lip shape says about your personality. Face experts worldwide agree on the fact that lips play a large role in psychological differences and personality traits. Watch this video to find out what your lips say about how you interact with people, how you behave in relationships, your qualities and your faults. Or watch this video to learn a little bit more about the people you know - become a lip expert and read others quicker than they can open their flappers and say “hi.” After you are finished, be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below!