What Does Your LIP COLOR Say About Your Health ?


There are many things your body may be trying to tell you when it comes to your health. If you get out of breath quickly, your body is telling you, you need more exercise. If you sweat too much you may need to detoxify your body. But, did you know that your body could also give you health signals through your lip color? From bright red lips, to blue or purple tinted lips, what does your lip color say about your health?

There are times that your lips won’t exactly be their nice rosy hue. If you ever notice your lips are losing their rosy color, it may be time to talk to your doctor. People with pale pink, white, or gray lips may be lacking iron in their blood, which is also known as anemia. Pale lips could also mean you have too much cold energy, or too much yin energy. This could cause a slowing in digestion, and cold hands and feet. To help with both of these conditions, you can warm up your body by eating iron rich foods such as: pork, lamb, and other meats. For all you non meat eaters out there try green dates, pumpkin, Chinese red dates, and raspberries as iron rich and warming food options.

Having pale lips isn’t the only time your lips are telling you to seek medical attention!

Yes, the cold does tend to make your lips turn purple or blue, but it can also mean there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, which is called cyanosis. There are many reasons this lip color can occur, but it mostly comes down to lifestyle and illness. The major illnesses associated with blue or purple tinted lips are: Asthma, Raynaud’s Disease, Croup, and congenital heart defects. It could also mean you are suffering from altitude sickness which could end up being a medical emergency. If you find yourself suddenly having blue or purple tinted lips, you should seek medical attention immediately!

Moving away from the serious medical conditions that can be associated with lip color, there still may be health issues, but you can take care of them yourself. It may be esthetically pleasing to have deep red or black colored lips, but your body might be telling you something. When your lips are a darker hue, your body might be craving a detox. This means that your digestive track may be out of whack, and you need to detox and fill your body with key nutrients. Cleanse your stomach by eating yogurt, congee, and sweet potato. You can also drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon. You should avoid all processed foods, and focus on eating fiber rich veggies, and fruit.

Good news for all of you naturally rosy pink-lipped beauties out there, you are in perfect health! From having a good diet, to being well hydrated, you are taking care of the blood vessels that cause your lips to be pink. Keep up whatever you are doing, because it is working, and your rosy lips are the proof. When you have pink lips, you now have to pay attention to the texture of your lips, cold sores, or chapped lips, as an indicator of health problems.